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Nemesis Generation #024 Patchkin, #025 Rootkin and #026 Pumpking

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Morning all!

    I'm sure you will all be glad to know that the Nemesis Generation feature here on the mainpage is not dead just yet! However, for various reasons there will be a slight change in format from here on in.

    I shall be showing you the sprite version of the Pokemon, complete with Dex Entries (which can be shown in my sprite thread), but along with that I shall be giving you the ability, attack and background information on each Pokemon as I started to do earlier in the year.

    So, to start of, I present to you three unique grass type Pokemon!

    Patchkin, the Pumpkin Pokemon. Mainly found in large patches, it struggles to move and therefore finds its fun by scaring anyone who may pass by. Their attack range is limited, but moves such as Bullet Seed improve this. Patchkin has the Intimidate ability, to lower the foes Attack stat, which is handy as its own Defense is nothing too special! Patchkin evolves at level 20.

    Rootkin, the Pumpkin Pokemon, is just as confined to its patch as Patchkin, but can stretch using its roots to grab foes. They are very mean spirited, and find pleasure in terrifying others, often for no reason. It is known for using moves such as Body Slam, by flinging itself at foes using its roots. Leech Seed also appears to be a favorite move in its arsenal. Just like Patchkin, Rootkin has the Intimidate ability. Oddly, for a Grass type Pokemon, Rootkin evolves when exposed to the radiation from a Fire Stone.

    Pumpking, the Lantern Pokemon. It's head contains an intense flame, over which it has full control. With this in mind, it is no surprise that it has the Flash Fire ability, meaning that it cannot be harmed by fire type moves, and if the foes tries to attack with them, Pumpking's own Fire moves have an increase in power. This Pokemon takes advantage of this, often using Flamethrower. Pumpking's stats are rather varied, with its Special Attack being the highest. Its speed is rather mediocre, with its defenses around the same point. (Although its special defense is slightly lower).

    That's all for today! Join us again soon for more Pokemon from the new-look Nemesis Generation!


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Nemesis, Sep 27, 2009.

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