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Nemesis Generation #023 Woolmare

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Welcome back to the Lab! Today our Pokemon is Woolmare!​
    #023 Woolmare
    Dark Type​
    Black Sheep Pokemon​
    See! Never trust the cute ones! Where as Sheamy would never use its powers out of spite, and in some cases don't even know they have them, Woolmare is the complete opposite. As in its previous form, its wool can send others to sleep just by being close to them. However, Woolmare can also fire balls of it's sleep inducing fleece from the cannons on its shoulders. This way it can target those it leave in a slumber, and prey on them. ​

    Of course, when I say prey I don't mean it in the traditional sense, it is still a sheep after all! Instead, Woolmare feasts on dreams, or rather, nightmares. It has been known to attempt to scare innocent victims before putting them to sleep so that they have bad dreams, which help to fill its vast appetite. It then attacks them with Dream Eater to drain them whilst unconscious. Woolmare are known as very greedy Pokemon, and even their trainers must be wary! ​

    Ability wise, Woolmare no longer has Sweet Dreams, as humans and other Pokemon are unlikey to be drawn to it like they would be to Sheamy. Instead, it has the Sleeping Fleece ability, which has a chance of sending the foe to sleep when they make direct physical contact with Woolmare. As you would expect from a Pokemon which mainly uses Dream Eater as its form of attack, Woolmare's highest stat is its Special Attack. Both Defenses are above average, with its speed just above those. It's HP is just below average whilst it's Attack is rather poor. If you like to immobilize your foe, and no doubt annoy the opposing trainer, Woolmare may be the Pokemon for you! As long as you don't mind nightmares of course! ​

    Join us again tomorrow where I will be introducing Pokemon #023 Patchkin! ​


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Nemesis, Jul 29, 2009.

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