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Nemesis Generation #021 Dandylyon

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Welcome back to the Lab! Today our Pokemon is Dandylyon!​
    #021 Dandylyon
    Grass Type​
    Flower lion Pokemon​
    A little less cute now, isn't it? It may have changed in appearance, but it's loyalty to friends, human and Pokemon alike, is still as strong as it was as a Cotlyon. Seeing one, or even more, stalking out of a dense forest is truly a sight to terrify even the toughest of trainer! However, unless you really anger it there isn't much to fear as these Pokemon are herbivores who love nothing more than feasting on lush bushes. ​

    The flower that grows around its head needs a large amount of sunlight to grow properly. It is easy to judge the strength of a Dandylon, as a weak one will have dull, wilted petals compared to the large and vibrant ones of a healthy Pokemon. It uses the left over energy that it absorbs to fire powerful Solar Beams from its mouth. This technique is used to fight from range, where as the vine ike tails are used to hold the opponent down for close combat.​

    Once it evolves, Dandylyon keeps the Leaf Guard ability to heal its status problems in the sunlight. Because of this, and its love of Solar Beam, many trainers have their Dandylyon learn Sunny Day. They just have to make sure they are not facing a fire type! Special Attacking is Dandylyon's forte, although it's move pool is rather shallow. A commonly seen strategy is combining Nasty Plot, Sunny Day and Solar Beam for a powerful Grass type attack. This lack of versatility is unfortunate, but does not mean that Dandylyon can't be a useful member of a Pokemon team!​

    There may or may not be an update tomorrow, but stay tuned for Sheamy!​

    Thanks again to Rain!
    And now for the Dex Entry for Dandylyon



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