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Nemesis Generation #004 Turmolta

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Welcome back to the Lab! Today, I will be showcasing Pokemon #004 Turmolta!​

    #004 Turmolta
    Fire Type​
    Lava Pokemon​
    Turmolta is another of the Pokemon that I offer to starting trainers, mainly due to the fact that it loves the company of humans. This can prove problematic however, as special glands in this Pokemon's back produce a hot lava which seeps through pores on its' back. Due to this, trainers must be careful where young Turmoltas', who find it hard to control their lava, stand in case they burn the floor or ground beneath them.​

    Turmmolta isn't very fast, and whilst its' attack power is average its' advantages lie in its' defenses, both of which are above normal standards. Being a mainly defensive Pokemon, Turmolta favours neither special or physical attacks and and has been known to often use the moves Ember and Headbutt attacks.​

    Like Florabbits' Overgrow ability, Turmolta's Blaze ability increases the power of it's fire type moves when it's health is low. ​

    Jupon reaching level 14, Turmolta evolves in to tomorrow's featured Pokemon, Turvolca.​

    Thanks again to Rain!

    And now for the Dex entry and original sprite for Turmolta.



Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Nemesis, Jun 19, 2009.

    1. PokemonTrainerKevinQ
      Cool but I like sumurabbit better
    2. Mind Lord
      Mind Lord
      Both are cool but I also like sumurabbit better
    3. Dragodden
      I disagree with both of them! I think Turmolta is adorable! (Why am I always bias towards fire types?) Anyhow, I like how you're making this line unlike other fire starters in the fact that it's slow and defensive. Looking forward to tomorrow.
    4. ulises87g
      You know, I have to agree with Dragodden. I always love fire types and always start out with them (except cyndaquil) and I love this one especially. I really like how you made sumorabbit fast and with high attck and this one slow with high defense. It switches things up a bit, and I would definitely want to start out with this one.
    5. Zurg
      Dont even trip people
      the design of these pokemon are very thought out
      this pokemon is really good-looking ;)
    6. Johto-Master
      i like it but i'm not really a defensive kind of guy. i'm gonna wait for the water starter before i make my pick though
    7. Magpie
      Rain, your artwork is just so epic from all the one's I've seen so far. Turmolta is so cute, and I love the pose you've done him in. Epic work ^^

      Same comments to Nem as well, I've always loved your fakemon sprites and how much detail you give them. The imagination behind some of your ideas is brilliant.

      I do like Turmolta the best out of the two starters so far, being biased towards fire-types. Being slow and mostly defensive, he wouldn't really fit in with my battle style, but meh. His cuteness wins.

      Great work, both of you. I can't wait to see more artwork and 'Dex entries from the Nemesis Generation ^^

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