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Ask to Join Neil's Island RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ariados twice, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. (@AstralDarkrai37 , @Charlespark , @Seal Pup , @Shimmering , and @Forever Frozen are the only ones who can respond to this at the moment. I will allow guest sign ups later.)
    The beached S.S Escargot lay on an island, holes in its sides. Captain Noah Raines, better known as Skipper, woke up and jumped off the boat. Seeing that everyone else, including his first mate Neil, were asleep, he tapped the deck by his first mate. "Neil!" yelled the Skipper. He walked further inland. "Neil!" he yelled again. The Servine woke up and noticed that the Skipper was no longer on board the ship. 'Man overboard!' thought Neil. "I'll save you Skipper!" he yelled. Neil jumped overboard and landed in the sand. "Neil." said Skipper. He helped his first mate get up. "The Escargot's been beached."
  2. Amber, the Albino Gardevoir, woke up. She was face-first, and asleep in her bed. But then she heard the Skipper yelling about the boat being beached, and she pushed her head out of her pillow, and she looked around. The Escargot was beached, and she jumped out of one of the holes in the Escargot. "Well, it looks like we've been shipwrecked? Maybe." said Amber, looking around and grabbing a toolbox out of the Escargot with building tools, but no building materials in it. "I suppose I'll bring my stuff with me if I go anywhere..." explained Amber, scratching the back of her head. "Well, what are we supposed to do? Build a house? Make something? I don't know..." asked Amber, talking to the Skipper.
  3. "Shelter might be a good thing to start with. We should also get an idea about just what's on this island. Neil and I will scout the island. Everyone else should stay here so we don't all get lost." said the Skipper. He started to walk further inland, then stopped when he realized that his first mate wasn't behind him. "Neil." the Floatzel called behind him. "Coming Skipper." Neil called back. The Servine ran over to the Skipper, nearly tripping over his own two feet in the process.
  4. After hearing the voices of some other Pokémon that were still in the boat, Daniel aroused from his rather long slumber only to notice that the Escargot was stranded on the sandy shores of the mysterious island he was on with the others. He glanced around at some of the palm trees that silently danced along with the gentle breeze, as sweat rushed down his head the moment when he watery eyes picked up a slight wave of water rushing against the shores in a back and fourth motion. He glanced down at his pale purple, bat-like body, as he thought, "O- oh my... I thought that it wasn't going to be this high... but I sure as hell ain't wanting to go into that cold water that'll probably freeze me over like that one move I almost got hit by earlier!"

    He emitted an ultrasonic wave from his large, loudspeaker ears to all of the other Pokémon that were out of the Escargot, as it had the vague message of, "Can anyone hear me?"

    He took in a silent, but deepened breath and resisted the urge to look downwards at the bitter seas that seemed bestow fourth terror to his teary eyes. He wiped the tears away in a swift motion and rose his left, lavender wing and then his right a few, intense seconds later. He took in a huge gulp of air and whispered to himself, "I hope I don't accidentally fall like I almost did a few weeks back... here goes n- no- nothing..."

    He jumped off of one of the holes that the Escargot had to offer, as he helplessly flailed his wings in an desperate attempt to at least gain a sliver of lift while freefalling in the midst of pure air. After a few seconds had gone by, he fell onto the sand face first after failing at his ineffable attempt to make at least a single glide down towards the sandy shores that a typical flying Pokémon could surely do with ease. He attempted to conceal the tears pouring out of his eyes like the nearby waterfall, as he thought, "I can't do it... I can't even fly like my other friends can... am I really worse than a baby from what he said?"
  5. Mika lifted her head up and twitched her ears, she had heard some voices and assumed that everyone was up. She got up and walked to the side of the boat closed her eyes and felt the breeze. She opened her eyes and walked to the beach. "So, what happened?" She asked facing her eyes on the boat while not feeling the slightest of concern about it.
  6. Neil walked over to Mika. "The Escargot's been beached. We're shipwrecked. There's no way we're getting off the island with holes like those in the sides." the first mate said. He gestured to the holes in the sides of the S.S. Escargot. "The Skipper and I are gonna scout the island to see what's on it. He wants the passengers to stay by the boat so they don't get lost." Neil continued. The Skipper stood some distance away, patiently waiting for the Servine to finish explaining their situation to the passengers so they could scout the island.
  7. "Oh okay." Replied Mika as she walked away and put her front paws in the water, bored as she always is. 'I should have stayed home, nothing ever happens wen I'm home' she thought to herself, wondering how she would stay nice and happy around those she hardly knew. Her fur gently pushed by the breeze as she gazed at the ocean lost in thought.
  8. After Amber listened to what the Skipper said, she walked away, as she was trying to get an idea of what exactly was on this island. She picked up a few large leaves and twigs, and decided that wasn't enough materials to make a decent shelter. She gathered more, and when she was finished, she pulled a picture out of her tool box of a friend she had, which was a picture of a Teddiursa. She held the image, and then scrambled to find the skipper, or his first mate. She ran all over the place, and ended up dropping it somewhere close to the beached Escargot. "Where are they..." said Amber, trying to keep hold of the large leaves and twigs.
  9. Neil figured that the holes were self explanatory, so he returned to the Skipper's side. The two nodded to the passengers that were awake, then started to walk further inland. Eventually they came to a very tall palm tree. "You could probably see the whole island from the top." the Skipper said. He gestured to Neil, then the tree. "You want me to climb up there?" Neil asked. The Skipper nodded. "Oh boy." Neil said. He reluctantly started to climb the tree. Once he reached the top, the Servine realized that the Skipper was right, they could see the whole island from the top. He then looked in the direction of the beached tour boat and noticed something. "Hey Skipper?" Neil called down. "Weren't there five passengers?" "Yes. Why?" the Skipper responded. "Well, there's only four over there right now. I don't see the Albino Gardevoir anywhere." Neil said. "She must've gone looking for us or something. We'd better go find her." the Skipper said. Neil came down from the palm tree, nearly knocking over the Skipper in the process. Then the two began their search for the lost passenger.
  10. The Doctor woke up on the floor. He was on his side and his right blade was extended. "Ouch..." he exclaimed as he grabbed his back. He looked out his rooms window, and only saw sand. The Doctor stood and walked off the ship. "It seems we've been beached." The Doctor observed.
  11. "I guess I should do something to help..." Mika got up and walked to her room, once in it she grabbed a box and headed out of her room again, heading towards the water. She put her hewad under water and slowly opened her eyes, seeing if she could see anything edible. She went a decently long way out with the box, as she stayed as still as she could she bent her head down into the water, opening her eyes once again. But this time she saw fish, she slowly used her tails to grab the box and slowly tried to pick them up, then the fish scattered as she acted fast and scooped up what she could. Only catching five fish, she swam to the beach and walked to her room and sat the box down.
  12. Amber stopped running around and started setting up a shelter farther inland, away from the Escargot. The Escargot wasn't far away, though; but once she finished, she had created a small house, out of those leaves, twigs, and logs. She was rather proud of what she finished. "Welp, that was a lot of work." said Amber, sweating. She walked around, went to the nearby waterfall, and caught some fish, smashing some of them with her hammer.
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  13. "Oh... great.. second boat shipwrecked... this happened before.." the strange voices in Jinava's head said to this mind. He got out of the boat, grabbing his package which included small snacks and water. He then saw some fish he'd enjoy to also eat, but of course they were raw. He'd have to cook them somehow, maybe a fire.. At least he had snacks, but they weren't filling much at ALL. He dug a hole in the ground as his shelter, and made a little trapdoor and a secret way to get back in. It was really dark, so Jinava dug little holes to give off light. He wasn't finished for now.
  14. After searching in several other directions, the Skipper and Neil started to head in the direction of the S.S Escargot. After a while they came upon a small house with a familiar albino Gardevoir nearby. "Looks like we found our lost passenger." the Skipper said. He then turned to the house. "And it appears that she has the shelter situation covered, though its probably only big enough to fit one. It's a good thing we have someone with her skills with us on this island."

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