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Ask to Join Neil A. Regen High School Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pokéboy098, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/neil-a-regen-high-school-discussion.22012/#post-835510

    Wolfe slowly opened his eyes to a very bright light. Squinting, his eyes slowly adjusted and he got up off of the ground. He appeared to be just at the edge of a beach, near a rather large jungle. There were a few other people from his school around as well, but he decided to explore alone for now. Walking into the jungle, he saw a lot of plants he didn’t recognize. In fact, it seemed more exotic than the tropics; there were colorful plants and huge trees all about.
    “Where am I?” Wolfe wondered. Even as he walked into the jungle, he could see more of his classmates getting up in the jungle. It seemed they were all spread out. What had happened to them, why, and how was beyond Wolfe’s understanding. Suddenly, he heard a voice call out from the beach. Following it, he soon exited the jungle and saw a crowd slowly gathering around some of Wolfe’s classmates, a jock and his friends.
  2. As someone who kept their room rather dim, Venus seemed especially grouchy waking up this morning. She woke up to harsh sunlight, glaring down on her, as well as a bed that was particularly crunchier than she remembered.
    Wait, no. This is sand.
    Vee sat up, disgruntled by the brightness, running her fingers through the sand she awoke on. Surely she would’ve remembered falling asleep on the beach..? Her mouth felt dry, and her hair, previously somewhat messy, was tangled and sandy. She shook it out and ran her fingers through the mattes, smoothing it out just barely.
    Begrudgingly, she got to her feet, only for her brow to furrow as she surveyed the scene, perplexed. It wasn’t just her who was waking up on the beach; it seemed that there were other people from her school waking up around her. She looked around, before catching sight of a lush jungle. She didn’t recognize any of those plants. Briskly, she trotted over to the edge of the jungle, running her fingers along the flat leaves of the nearest plant. It was a vibrant shade of indigo, stemming from dark purple roots. She looked on, fascinated, and was beginning to convince herself that this was some fever dream. For a jungle, the scene around her was rather dry. Just as she was about to step further into jungle to investigate, she heard a loud, deep shout. She recognized the voice, and judging by his tone he was talking to a large group of people. Peering over some more bright shrubbery, she caught sight of him and his “crew”; the varsity football players. Even someone as antisocial as Vee recognized them by name, and figured that what they had to say was important. That in mind, she meandered over, to where a small crowd of familiar faces was beginning to form.
  3. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Gracie woke up groggy, she rubbed her eyes and stood up, she looked around "oooh, pretty!" she exclaimed. She heard voices nearby and walking past the many other students who were waking up around her she made her way to the voice. She saw the owner of said voice talking to a large group, she knew this guy, they had dated for a short time but he had moved on to someone smarter or something, not that she cared or anything, she wasn't ready for a serious relationship anyway. She looked around and saw that other students were being drawn to the voice, he really was quite loud.
  4. She placed a hand on her head rubbing it as she looked around confused. She was sure that she was on her bed sleeping but that wasn't the case. She stood up before hearing loud voices somewhere as she was looking around for her brother Shadow. She didn't see him anywhere so had to look for him on her own which...was a pain... "Hold on wait...where am I exactly?" She asked herself as she began to walk to the voices she was hearing as she looked around cautiously.
  5. Once a relatively large crowd, probably of about 100 students varying in age from 14 to 18 has gathered, the boy in the center of the crowd shouted, “Nobody seems to know where we are or why we are here! If you do speak now! Since none of you do, we, the strongest people here, will protect you! I say the first order of business is to gather some good strong stick for weapons. We don’t know what is on this island.”

    A lot of people agreed with a shout, but Wolfe didn’t, and shouted in reply (he figured he was rather anonymous in this crowd), “We don’t even know where we can find good sticks. And if we did, we should use them for fire or shelter. We should send out a scouting party to explore our surroundings!”

    Of course, Wolfe wasn’t as anonymous as he thought, and one of the football players spat back at him, “We have more than enough people to get sticks and send out a scouting party! And if you are so smart, why don’t you lead the scouting party into the unknown and possibly dangerous land while we get the weapons to protect you, Wolfy?”

    Wolfe was quite surprised that any of the jocks in the center had picked him out from the back of the crowd, but quickly realized it was his old bully, Cayden. While Wolfe didn’t want to lead a bunch of people (he was frankly uncomfortable with the idea), he wasn’t one to turn down a challenge. Thus, he replied, “I don’t need a party. I’ll do it myself,” and he began to walk off along the beach.
  6. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Gracie watched the confrontation between the two and thought, Wolfe was smart, he must know what to do in this situation but as one of the more popular girls, he 'place' was with the jocks. She sighed and jogged after Wolfe, catching upto him easily, "um hey you shouldn't wander off alone, you could get hurt, I know a little about medicine and stuff so I could be of help to you, would you mind if I came along" she asked him, looking around as she did so, she wondered whether others would join them. @Pokéboy098
  7. She had finally arrived as she was watching a man named Wolfe who had appeared to be smart as he was suddenly being followed by a young girl. She was going to follow them both until she heard her name being called by a very familiar voice. "JC!" He said as she turned around to see it was her older brother Shadow which was the person she was looking for. "Shadow!" She said running up to him hugging him. "Thank goodness your alright" she said before letting him go. Shadow followed his sister as she was following a male and a young girl to somewhere
  8. Vee tuned in to what the jocks said, although she didn’t pay much attention. Around the time they offered their protection, she turned around, pushing past a few people. She stopped for a brief second as a particularly familiar voice, maybe someone in her year, shouted out from the crowd. That sticks were not to be used as weapons, but should instead be used for fires. While she mentally applauded him for his boldness, she stayed silent.
    Neither of them are necessarily right or wrong. Fire and shelter should be high priority, but we’re also going to need weapons for food and protection. Who knows what’s out there.
    Upon reaching the edge of the jungle, she meekly stepped in, picking up the occasional branch and tucking it under her arm.
    Better to be alone and have nobody against you then be bound for rebel.
  9. Wolfe replied to Gracie, “Sure you can come along, I guess. What’s your name?”

    Meanwhile, he continued to walk along the beach, since the jungle was thick and difficult to travel through. He figured the beach would be a better route for scouting, because he would be able to determine if they were on an island or not. As he walked along, he saw many more students, and pointed them in the direction of the main group. “I wonder how many of us got brought to this strange place,” he thought to himself, “I’m not even sure how many students there are in the school...

    Wolfe hadn’t noticed JC or Shadow behind him, since he was a bit ahead of them.
  10. The siblings continued to follow Wolfe and the young girl but had acted that they were paying attention to something else. JC or Shadow didn't want to think they were stalking him for an awkward reason. "Brother...do you know exactly where we are at?"she asked him. "I am just as lose as you are sis" he said looking to her.
  11. Vee, having already collected a considerable amount of sticks and stones of various sizes, emerged from the jungle onto the beach, dumping the materials onto the sand. She looked up, catching sight of the kid who shouted his oppositions, being followed by a girl named Gracie; a little ways behind them were two others, who didn’t seem to had been discovered by the original pair just yet. Deciding that they deemed unapproachable (maybe she was afraid of the pretty girl), she looked away from them, beginning to get to work.
  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Gracie had been looking around, lost in thought, when Wolfe addressed her she jumped slightly, "oh, my name is Grace, but everyone calls me Gracie, and your Wolfy right at least I think that's it, I used to see you around school back when I was dating that idiot jock, anyway so what's the plan then" she asked looking. She examined some of the plants, "what country do you suppose we're in, I've never seen these plants before...ooh do you think it's like Africa or something, that would be so cool" she said getting all excited and being just a little bit dim.
  13. “Yeah, I’m Wolfy,” Wolfe replied, “My plan was to walk down the beach as far as possible to see if we are on an island or some foreign continent. Then I will leave something where I made it so as to make sure I know how far I got, and gather wood on the way back. They can do whatever they want with the wood I guess.”

    Wolfe pondered on where they could be before saying, “I don’t know whether being stranded in Africa would be cool, but I guess it could be worse. Anyway, I haven’t ever seen a picture of Africa that looked like this. These plants are so exotic. I figure we must be somewhere in Asia or the Pacific.”
    Then Wolfe thought to himself, “Or maybe we are all just dead, and this is the afterlife...
  14. Derek was more used to the darkness of his room where he could either sleep, study, learn about people or just enjoy the peace and quiet... but something didn't seem right, unlike his soft and comfortable bed that he always made sure to keep nice, it felt like he slept on something else, but he couldn't tell what it was until he slowly woke up. "Wha..." Derek said weakly as he was still in the state of someone who struggled to wake up and get a good look at his surroundings.

    But when he woke up, he discovered that what he slept on appeared to be sand that blanketed a golden border between a forest and the vast ocean waters. "What the hell?" Derek wondered with clear confusion as he slowly stood up and turned to see a few individuals see themselves in the same situation, people he immediately knew thanks to his years of 'gathering information on student.' "Anyone got the faintest idea where we are?!" Derek called out to the other people who looked at him and all shook their head, clearly as oblivious as he was.
  15. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Gracie looked at Wolfe "oh, oh yeah that makes more sense actually doesn't it, your quite smart aren't you Wolfe" she said as she continued to follow him, she brushed her hand against the flowers as she went, to be honest she was a lot less worried about all this than she probably should be, someone would get them right so why worry. She turned to Wolfe "how do you suppose people will find us, do we write SOS on the beach or something".
  16. “I suppose that we should make SOS on the beach, or maybe a signal fire,” Wolfe replied.
    He had walked at least a mile now, and there seemed to be no end of the beach in sight. However, after a few more minutes, he saw the sand slowly disappear until there was just a cliff of rocks. The waves seemed tougher over here, and the rocks were large and would be difficult to climb over. So, Wolfe said, “Gracie, I’m going to try to climb these rocks. If you want to go back, you can.”

    Wolfe went to the forest and grabbed a sizable, thick stick. Using the stick, he hoisted himself onto the first rock. He continued to do this until he was three rocks in.
  17. A little over an hour later, Vee had a decently sized campfire pit, as well as a stick she'd sharpened to a rather dull excuse for a knife. It wouldn't be enough to slice, but it could maybe break skin if she tried super duper hard. She had a few sticks scattered in the pit, but no logs or anything to sustain the fire. She frowned slightly, and knew she ought to continue, but she was feeling rather bored, so instead she sat down and pondered. She heard people crying in the distance, and some others making plans, and others trying to get to know each other. She hummed softly, letting the breeze hit her face. She missed her father, but that was the only thought she'd managed to conjure.
    Just get yourself out of this situation, and you can go home. Easy as that.
    She sat herself up, looking around. There were some familiar faces in the distance, but she wasn't too keen on the idea of approaching them.

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