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Ask to Join Neil A. Regen High School Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Pokéboy098, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Unlike most ask to join roleplays, I will actually turn people down for this, based on your roleplaying example. However, I will not have a limit on how many players can join. I’m looking for dedicated roleplayers who will not go inactive for long periods of time while the roleplay is going on and will use proper grammar and spelling. Also, if you want to join this roleplay, I would much appreciate it if instead of reporting somebody as soon as they do something you don’t like, you went into the discussion thread and talked it out. Most problems can be solved by a bit of talking (posts can be edited or deleted if need be).

    1. Obey the Pokecharms Rules
    2. Obey these rules
    3. Keep swearing to a minimum. If should be used to show emphasis, not as a normal part of someone’s language in every sentence.
    4. If there's a battle, don't include details. No guts, gore, etc.
    5. If somebody gathers an army, you will not have real control over it other than telling them when to attack and where. However, you will have full control over your character and thus can kill people in other player’s armies. However, you cannot kill their whole army alone.
    6. Winners of battles will be decided by non-biased players on this thread based off of facts and logic, such as the positions of the armies, numbers, equipment, etc.
    7. Please use grammar (Correct punctuation, capital letters, etc.).
    8. Don't put OOC on the main RP.
    9. Feel free to tag a friend!

    Alien abductions were often talked about in the 1950s and beyond, but weren’t so commonly rumored now, in the 2020s. However, when a whole school just disappears, it’s bound to end up in the news. Neil A. Regen High School (which many conspiracy theorists aptly noted was an anagram of green alien), which numbered about 5000 students, mysteriously disappeared one fateful day in the year 2020. Well, the school itself didn’t quite disappear, but the students did. And by students I mean students: when the authorities arrived on scene, they found every adult in the school dead, with no sign of what killed them.

    In this roleplay, you will play a student in the school. These students are nothing special. They don’t have powers and aren’t monsters. They don’t even know how they got where they are. However, they seem to have woken up in a small archipelago on an earth-like alien planet with plenty of thriving wildlife. There is no sign of intelligent natives. It can be expected that at first the students will try to work together, but will soon lose hope of finding a way home and splinter off into groups, most likely following older students.

    Character Template:
    Strengths (the character’s talents and skills):
    Weaknesses (what the character struggles with; must have at least 2):
    Crush (you don’t have to have a crush; if you choose to have a crush on another player’s character, you must ask permission first; if you haven’t seen another player’s bio that works with your character, just write down a description of what your character’s ideal crush would be (obviously mostly personality-wise, not physically):
    Roleplaying Example (please write this about the character you will be roleplaying in this roleplay; if you have a hard time coming up with ideas, do something from your character’s backstory):

    My Bio/Example Bio:
    Name: Wolfe “Wolfy” Vere Cenric
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Wolfe is a white European male. He is average height and relatively thin, with medium-sized brown hair that is always a mess, especially now that he has no access to a comb. While he isn’t super muscular, he isn’t weak either (about average). He is a very good runner, with a speed of about 4 minutes per mile. He is somewhat pale, but will likely get more tan, as will everybody. He has dark brown eyes. One of his more noticeable physical characteristics however is his nails, which are bitten down to the cuticle, a nervous habit he hasn’t bothered to stop.
    Strengths (the character’s talents and skills): Wolfe is a skilled swordsman, mostly due to practicing by himself at home with different longsword techniques. He is also a fast runner. On top of that, he is extremely smart, with a high IQ, good grades, and extremely good test scores. He is also a very strategic thinker, and can come up with good plans quite quickly.
    Weaknesses (what the character struggles with; must have at least 2): With his high intelligence and OK physical fitness, he is often out in leadership positions, but he doesn’t like being leader. He is also, while strategic, not very creative, and has a difficult time predicting other people’s moves. This may also stem from his difficulty in showing and picking up on emotions, another one of his weaknesses. Wolfe is also quite lazy when it comes to actually doing work.
    Personality: Wolfe is a lone wolf, no pun intended. He doesn’t work well with other and generally would much prefer to be by himself. He is very contemplative, and would gladly spend time solving philosophical problems rather than actually doing work.
    Crush (you don’t have to have a crush; if you choose to have a crush on another player’s character, you must ask permission first; if you haven’t seen another player’s bio that works with your character, just write down a description of what your character’s ideal crush would be (obviously mostly personality-wise, not physically)): No crush. He has difficulty with emotions and thus most likely won’t form one over the course of the roleplay. However, I am fine with somebody having a crush on him. Also, this could section change depending on roleplay conditions.
    Backstory: Wolfe has coasted by most of his classes with little effort to get an A or high B. He goes to school, gets good grades whilst practically sleeping through class, and then comes home to computer games and his stick, which is nicely carved and shaped to the right weight for longsword practice. Thus, he hasn’t made many friends over his school career. He has been bullied in the past, but usually just shrugged them off and told them to go away. If they didn’t listen, he would tell a teacher or run away.
    Roleplaying Example (please write this about the character you will be roleplaying in this roleplay; if you have a hard time coming up with ideas, do something from your character’s backstory):
    Wolfe heard the bell ring, and his eyes opened up, his body coming back to life. Lifting his head from the desk, Wolfe grabbed his backpack and walked out of the classroom. He was already a bit late to leave, being the last one in the room, but he didn’t really care that much. When he left the room, he turned the corner, and “WHAM!” slammed into another student. It was the school bully and his posse.
    “Hey, Wolfy. You feelin’ lucky today?”
    “Yes, as a matter of fact I am,” Wolfe replied, and began to walk past, moving closer to the lockers.
    The bully, a bit surprised that his prey seemed unafraid, responded by reaching out with on arm, grabbing Wolfe’s shoulder, and slamming him into a locker. “Well, seems your feelings are wrong then. How’d you like to get stuffed in a locker?”
    Wolfe quickly concocted a plan, and while saying, “I don’t think I would like that,” he moved his other shoulder towards the bully, freeing the shoulder which was grabbed and swinging his backpack (quite heavy) at the attacker. The backpack hit the bully and knocked his off guard it didn’t actually hurt or knock him down. Some of the bully’s friends began to move in to grab him, but he just started to run, and before he knew it he was in his next class. As soon as he was safely within the classroom, he made sure to tell the teacher that the bully had attacked him. Some might call him a snitch, but he called himself smart.
    Other: There is no password for this roleplay, and I will not be using this section.
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  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Grace "Gracie" Lightwood
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is 5'6", skinny and has a very mature build. She has royal blue eyes and dyed pale pink hair that reaches below her butt in length. She usually wear's it down but puts it in a high ponytail when she does athletics. She has light blue glasses, but usually wears contacts, but she doesn't carry spares so will probably end up just wearing her glasses in the roleplay.
    Strengths: Gracie is very athletic, she competed in many events usually coming in the top 3, she is also very flexible and is well experienced in several medical practices as he father is a doctor and her mother is a psychiatrist.
    Weaknesses: She can't deal with people fighting (she prefers people to get along) and other than medical knowledge she can sometimes be a bit dense.
    Personality: She is very bubbly and kind to almost everyone, if people start to fight or argue it makes her upset and she can get angry. She can be very naive at times. She becomes very serious however if someone is hurt and will instantly start to work on making them better. She is has a fear of being abandoned.
    Crush: The kind of person she tends to get a crush on is usually the kind and supportive type, she doesn't like people who are cruel or rude.
    Backstory: Gracie's home life has been a rollercoaster of emotions from her parents constant bickering about how to raise her to her many hours of sports and academic practice. She has gotten through most of her school life only really doing well at sports and science, she has never been bullied and is considered one of the popular girls.
    Roleplaying Example: A young Gracie sat on the oak stairs of her family's wood cabin. She was watching through the banister as her parents argued in the living room, "The school said that if she doesn't improve her grades she will no longer be allowed to do any of her extra curriculars" her mother said, "well maybe if you hadn't convinced her to join so many then she wouldn't have this problem" her father snapped in response, they continued to argue about this as Gracie rocked back and forth for a few minutes as tears started to pour down her face. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore, she ran into the living room and pushed in between them, at the age of 6 she only came up to their waists, she looked up at them her face drenched in tears and said one word "enough". Her parents stopped and looked down at her and saw how upset she was, "we're sorry, we will have a civilised chat about this in the morning" her mother said, her father then leant down and picked her up, "let's take you to bed".
    Other: N/A

    @LunarSilvally @DevVoid @Willow Tree @EeviumZ @Eeveeon S
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  3. @Shadow_Pup Seems good. You’re accepted. I think I’ll start the roleplay earlier rather than later. If people join in part of the way through, we can say they were there the whole time and didn’t stand out, after all it’s a lot of people on the islands (5000). Maybe start at 3-4 people, including myself? Any suggestions?
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  4. really like the story idea of an entire population just.. going missing. i haven’t been active here in forever, but im trying to bounce back because i miss writing. so! heres my gal >:”)

    Name: Venus “Vee” Langevin
    Age: (just turned) 16
    Female: Female
    Appearance: Vee’s a gangly little thing, standing at a meager 5’1. She’s on the thinner side, with slim hips and a smaller chest. Her hair is a light, ashy blonde mess of wavy strands that stop at her shoulder blades. Her freckled skin is pale, but tattered with marks and bruises. She is never seen without at least one band-aid. Her resting face makes it seem like she’s always displeased, her lips are pursed into a tiny frown almost all the time. She has the potential to be quite pretty, but she doesn’t seem to put any effort into her appearance.

    Strengths: Being as small as she is, Vee is rather nimble. She’s quick on her feet, and is quite a decent runner. While she never really displays it, she’s rather intelligent, and is good at assessing situations.
    Weaknesses: Although she’s pretty swift, Vee is a huge klutz. She doesn’t put very much effort into anything (her appearance, schoolwork), but it’s obvious that if she did, the rewards would be great. She isn’t great at socializing and isn’t very good at interacting with people.
    Personality: Vee’s a snarky person, quick-witted in the sense that she can quip back to almost any statement. This vaguely sassy attitude has earned her exactly zero friends. Although she doesn’t show it, she is quite the lonely girl; often times she’ll watch other people’s reactions with curiosity and a twinge of sadness. Other than that, she’s a bit odd, but she clearly knows when to drop her attitude and to be sympathetic (to the best of her abilities). While she tries her absolute best to be kind, she can be rather blunt at times.
    Crush: Again, Vee isn’t very social. She doesn’t have a type just yet, but chances are she’ll doubt her feelings towards someone who shows her genuine kindness.
    Backstory: Vee grew up as a bit of an oddball. As a young child, she never showed any interest in playing jump rope or going on the swings. She would sit in the grass and watch the bugs, contributing to her immense fascination of nature. She was raised by her father, who taught her how to make pasta and that was about it. Because of this, she can be a bit clueless.
    Roleplaying Example:
    “Hey, Venus! Do you want to come play hopscotch..?”
    Little Vee looked up, her lips patting slightly at the girl’s request. She was Cammie. In Vee’s small hand was a tiny fistful of grass, which she immediately looked to after Cammie’s request. She watched it fall through her open fingers, before looking up at the other little girl.
    “No, I’m okay here.” She stated flatly, diverting her attention to a ladybug crawling on her shoelace. A tiny smile tugged at her lips, and she remained completely oblivious to the upset Cammie walking away.
    “I’m gonna name you Nona.” She whispered to the ladybug, letting it wander onto her finger as she brought it close to her nose, her eyes crossing to study the little creature.
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  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

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  6. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Haha, well, thanks for the mention. There are things here that does strike my interest, but these days I'm just so busy I don't even have time to reply, and one of the rules here is to not dump the rp halfway after all.
    I can consider, but not guarantee I'll join, but since it's the weekends here, I might just make a bio for my side of the characters.
    If LunarSilvally joins tho, then there's a more likely chance I'll join, seeing that my characters tends to hang around hers.
  7. I am interested @Shadow_Pup I will make mine soon and see if I qualify
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  8. Name: JC Wolfa
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is a light-skinned Puerto Rican young lady that stands at 5'3 in height. She has a well feminine build with a slightly attractive look to her even though she doesn't know it. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail with light blue eyes, right side is almost blind which her bang covers to not reveal it. She wears a shirt that only covers her left shoulder leaving her right shoulder exposed as her black tank strap is visible on her right shoulder. On the front of the shirt it says "No Judgemental Comments" in light red, light blue, and light green coloring with black skinny jeans and flats on her feet as the straps wrap around her ankles securely. She wears glasses upon her face with a silver and black cross necklace around her neck. She wears bandages on her wrists and ankles to hide her scars placed there and around her stomach.
    Strengths (the character’s talents and skills): She has trained in Martials Arts so she is able to protect herself very well. She also has trained in swordsmanship with a Katana. She even knows how to use a bow and arrow for protection as well. She is artistically creative so if you need something sketched out or drawn, she is the person to go to. She also knows how to play the violin and flute.
    Weaknesses (what the character struggles with; must have at least 2): She can be difficult to handle if you don't know her as well like others do which can lead her to becoming a lone wolf which in reality she doesn't seem to mind even though it can sometimes be a bad thing. Socializing isn't her strong suit sometimes due to her trust issues, she will only interact with others if she wants to unless she knows you well.
    Personality: She is quite distant to others she doesn't know as she prefers to be a lone wolf unless introduced to new people properly. Her stubbornness can be a pain to handle which frustrates a lot of people since they can't figure out how to handle it properly. Despite her stubbornness, she is a gentle and very understanding young lady who will judge no one no matter who they are. She only acts brave to hide her fear. She has a strategic mind which can be useful in difficult situations. She has trusts issues due to being emotionally and physically hurt in the past but if you can gain her trust completely, she will protect you as if her life depends on it.
    Crush (you don’t have to have a crush; if you choose to have a crush on another player’s character, you must ask permission first; if you haven’t seen another player’s bio that works with your character, just write down a description of what your character’s ideal crush would be (obviously mostly personality-wise, not physically): No crush. You have to gain her trust completely first before you are able to get this far from her. She stubbornly denies that she has strong feelings for someone even though she does like him.
    Backstory: As a child, she lost her father at a young age in a house fire who rescued her. Due to this incident, she lost her vision almost in her right eye. She fell into serious grief after the death of her father but her mother and older brother Shadow was her support system to get through the grief. She eventually got better at a slow pace with the support of Shadow and her mother. Her mother invested on adopting a white Siberian Husky named Dove to help support her when Shadow or her mother wasn't around. As she got older, her personality started to shift and only grew tighter when her heart was broken emotionally and Physically which lead her to develop trust issues with relationships.
    Roleplaying Example (please write this about the character you will be roleplaying in this roleplay; if you have a hard time coming up with ideas, do something from your character’s backstory): She sat alone away from others as she was sketching in her sketch pad she held in her hand, with a pencil on the other hand. She generally prefers to be a lone wolf since a lot of people don't seem to understand her. Many of the students thought she was difficult to handle due to her stubbornness being a pain to figure out. She seemed to realize that herself in a way but there was nothing she could do about it since that was how she was. She looked up occasionally from her pad as her mask rested on the side of her head before looking back down again to continue to sketch. In her mind, she thought of Shadow and Dove and of course, her mother Sherri. She had airpods in as well listening to music in her own world at the moment.
    Other: She has an older brother named Shadow and a white Siberian female Husky named Dove. She often wears a white wolf blue-streaked mask on her face as she would occasionally wear it to not drag attention to herself.

    Did my best
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  9. @LunarSilvally accepted. I understand if you end up wanting to use shadow as well, and if you do you can make a bio for him. I’ll probably start (make the thread at least) sometime tomorrow.
  10. Oh..alright thanks I just put her for now just in case but if you are alright with it then I will put him as well
  11. Name: Lily Argon
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Standing at the above-average height of 5'7, Lily has long, very straight dark hair and emerald green eyes. Her skin is remarkably pale, and she has a very athletic build.
    - Survival: Being an outdoorsy person, she's no stranger to living off the grid.
    - Physical Strength: She has remarkable physical strength. She's also experienced in some forms of combat.
    - Leadership: She has a natural sense of leadership and strength.
    - Intelligence: She's not stupid by any means. She knows what she's doing.
    Weaknesses (what the character struggles with; must have at least 2):
    - Anxious: Often, when stressed, she can have any range of mental symptoms - anything from minor irritation to full-on mental breakdowns.
    - Socially Inept: She has trouble making friends with others, especially in difficult situations. She isn't difficult by any means, but she often has trouble understanding people's emotions.
    - Rash: It's not a stretch to say that Lily's a bit of a hothead. She rushes into things without thinking a lot.
    She's sarcastic and headstrong, with a good sense of humor. However, she has her tender moments, and really tries hard to socialize - although she isn't very good at it.
    She is easily stressed, but throws herself into danger despite it - which usually leads to more stress. On the other hand, she's bold and courageous, with a lot of skill to back it up.
    She tends to be very hard on herself. At least for her own endeavors, nothing short of perfect is good enough for her. She won't stop until the job is done.
    Crush: She's not super interested, and doesn't really have any preferences. She won't be initiating anything even remotely romantic unless someone else does first - then she'll be open to it.
    Lily's had a relatively normal childhood. She's always been a sporty kid, starting with soccer when she was four and eventually graduating to things like swordfighting and boxing. Her father was a very outdoorsy person, and imbued this passion for nature in Lily at a young age.
    Roleplaying Example:
    A drip of sweat ran down Lily's face, the sounds of her punches resonating through her parents' large garage. Which, to her, translated to "the exercise room".
    She was punching a punching bag, a pair of black boxing gloves on her hands. Despite her exhaustion, she kept going, landing blow after blow on the ever-steadfast bag.
    Finally, she stopped, panting. She nearly fell over, sitting on the ground. She'd been going at the bag for nearly an hour now, with very little in the way of breaks. Her breathing shallow, she groped for her water bottle, eventually grabbing it and taking a long, long drink.
    Feeling refreshed, she stood, leaning against the wall. She wasn't even near done. She still had so much left in her training regimen. She wanted to make the state championships, and she was not going to get there by slacking - even though her definition of slacking was a lot different than most people's.
    Her face red, she walked over to her set of weights, and began to lift. It seemed she'd be in there for a very long time.
  12. Name: Shadow
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is a light-skinned Puerto Rican young male with a well masculine build. He stands at 5'8 in height with jet back hair that is slightly long in the back. He has Heterochromia colored light blue-gold eyes. His bang covers his gold colored right eye. He wears a plain buttoned down shirt with a black tank underneath with black skinny jeans and comfortable shoes on his feet. He only wears a bandage on his right wrist with a black watch on top of it. He wears a black cross necklace around his neck.
    Strengths (the character’s talents and skills): He knows how to build things from scratch even mechanical wise so if you are looking for someone to do that for you, he is the one to go to. He plays the violin just like his sister JC and does a lot of research so is very intelligent with information.
    Weaknesses (what the character struggles with; must have at least 2): He is a bit hot-headed when it comes to his overprotectiveness over his sister and can get out of hand sometimes. He will often complain when someone is dating his sister about not asking permission of him first so his sister tells him before hand so that his complaining doesn't start right away.
    Personality: He is a brave young male with a gentle heart as he is a good listener to a lot of problems if you are willing to talk with him about it. He will show no mercy to others that have harmed his sister emotionally and physically as he will do anything to keep her safe from harm.
    Crush (you don’t have to have a crush; if you choose to have a crush on another player’s character, you must ask permission first; if you haven’t seen another player’s bio that works with your character, just write down a description of what your character’s ideal crush would be (obviously mostly personality-wise, not physically): No crush. He acts like his sister in a way as if to gain his trust first before accepting but if he sees your not going to hurt him then he does mind a relationship.
    Backstory: Same as his sistee
    Roleplaying Example (please write this about the character you will be roleplaying in this roleplay; if you have a hard time coming up with ideas, do something from your character’s backstory): He was on his way to look for his sister but wanted to look at some research he had on his mind. He was in a book as he walked with one hand in his pocket as he occasionally pulled it out to turn the page. He had always seemed interested in mechanics so learned more about it in every detail. He closed the book after awhile as he looked around be spotting his sister alone sketching in her pad.
    Other: He has a young sister named JC

    Here is Shadow @Pokéboy098
  13. By the way, if you need to control any of the NPC’s you can.
  14. @Red Gallade you busy? If you aren’t, would you be interested in this RP?
  15. Part of me is tempted to join this RP, while I think of a char, would you mind telling me what's happening within the RP please?
  16. So far, not much. Our characters have awoken on a strange land, and most of them have begun to gather sticks/explore the beach. Also, some of the athletes (NPCs) have claimed leadership because they are the strongest (in theory).
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  17. Sounds kinda familiar, gimmie time to think up a char and I'll see if I can take part (at the latest I'll have my char done tomorrow.)
  18. Name: Derek Henderson
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Derek stands at 5'9" with rather Pale skin due to preferring indoors than outdoors, his eyes are Hazel colored and has Dark blonde chin length smooth hair, his body build appears to be slim with faint signs of muscle.
    Strengths: He is said to be a great runner with a good amount of stamina and have 'reflexes like a cat'; always able to take note of anything or anyone around him in seconds and use whatever he can to his advantage. He is somewhat adept at improvising and can be very sneaky if he wants to be.
    Weaknesses: Despite how well he's able to run, he doesn't exactly have enough strength to hold his own in a fight; mainly relying on dodging someone's attacks to tire them out. He has a habit of overthinking things.
    Personality: Very calm and serious, wouldn't hesitate to talk back to anyone even if they were stronger than him. He tends to be a smartass to those he doesn't like but is very friendly and supportive to anyone who befriends him. Tends to blush whenever women compliment him.
    Crush: None (Yet)
    Backstory: Derek was what he liked to see himself as an "information broker" at the school, doing what he can to learn about everyone at school so he knew the best ways to approach them whether it's their personality, hobbies etc. Over time, a few of the more popular students tended to ask Derek to give them info on any potential rivals and Derek slowly turned his hobby into a little business. His grades at school seem average to say the least but is said to have gotten a Gold medal once or twice in P.E when it comes to running.
    As everyone outside of the school enjoyed the warm weather during their lunch break, Derek sat on a bench in the boys' changing room with a rather tall student nearby. Derek knew this student was a type of bully, but they seemed to be in the same place for a different reason, a reason Derek knew about already. "So, you come to me of all people to help you with a little errand, hm?" Derek asked nonchalantly. "If I know you, I highly doubt you trust me at all."

    The bully laughed. "You're right: I don't trust you. But I heard about what you do and how you're a man of your word, I brought you here because I want you to help me get a bit of info about one of the new girls who recently started here, she seems hot but I feel like she wouldn't like me." He said as he handed Derek a photo.

    "So basically, you want me to learn about a girl just so you can easily sweep her off her feet, is that right? Won't you worry if I steal her from you?" Derek asked in a joking tone. The room was briefly filled with silence only to be broken by the pair suddenly burst into laughter. "Oh please, I heard a lot about you and they say you never break a promise." The bully replied mid laughter. "You're right, what business man would I be if I break the promises of my clients. Getting dirt on this girl won't be cheap you know." Derek said more seriously.

    "Get me the info and I'll see you paid by the end of the month." The bully said sternly. "Very well then." Derek said as he stood up and went to shake hands with the bully.

    "Let's get to work."
    Other: He has a few pet cats.
  19. @Red Gallade accepted. Keep in mind that you don’t have to wake up near everybody else’s characters, because the students are all spread out on the island (in fact there are other islands nearby you could wake up on). Of course, it’s your decision.

    My general plan for the roleplay is that they students will have to survive, causing a few hundred students to die, then they will find other groups of students. The leaders of the groups will argue over who will lead everybody, start a war, and cause a few more students to die. Of course the war experience with people who they actually know will probably traumatize the player’s characters. Eventually, they will unite, discover why they are there, confront the aliens, steal a ship, and go on the run in the ship to get home. Don’t know where to go from there.
    Of course, plans can and will change in roleplays, and I don’t really expect to stick with this one if the roleplay goes in a different direction.
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  20. Lemmie try to think of a post, not trying to be a gary sue or anything but I was wondering if my char could be known via school rumors.
  21. I don’t think that makes him a Gary Sue, and I don’t see a problem with it.
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  22. I don't think I'll have Derek be in the same location as everyone else, maybe I'll have him start his own little group that mainly focus on scouting and info gathering.
  23. @Shadow_Pup I can’t really continue until you respond.

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