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Negau Hoshi

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tunolipede, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. okay so I don't think I've ever posted a story in here before; but here goes! xD
    This is just a story I've been thinking of for a while, and even though the first chapter is sorta short, it'll get longer. And hopefully better :x

    (glossary of sorts:)
    musume - 'my daughter', Japanese term for daughter only used if one is referring to one's own daughter.
    otou-chan - father, or dad (Japanese)
    mago - grandchild, sometimes 'magomusume' or 'magomusuko' but for the most part they don't include the gender of the grandchild.
    musuko - 'my son', Japanese term for son only used if one is referring to one's own son.
    okaa-chan - mother, or mum/mom (Japanese)
    obaa-chan - grandmother.


    Chapter 1 | Wishes and Craters

    Kokoro's eyes drifted absently over her page. She was starting to get a little bit light-headed in the bright sunshine, her drawing pad's pages rustling with the wind. It was a gentle breeze; one of those ones that felt cool but not too cool so as to make you feel the need to put on a jacket or a coat of some sort. Kokoro let out a long sigh as she stretched her arms along the wooden patio outside the front of her cottage. Well, she called it a cottage; it was sort of large for one. Kokoro had lived in this house since she was born; and her mother too. Even her grandmother had lived here for quite a while.

    Before Kokoro had noticed it was beginning to get a little bit darker; the clear blue skies out beyond her house were fading to a more warm pink colour. There were few clouds scattered across the sky that evening, but the ones that floated silently were turning into a mystical purple shade, with a slight yellow hue nearer the West. She hadn't quite noticed, but her eyelids had begun flickering open and shut, and she nearly began swaying back and forth though she managed to stop herself before she lulled over and fell into a deep sleep. Well, she started sleeping the last time that happened, at least. She swiftly picked up her drawing pad from her lap and placed it gently on the step in front of her, as well as her pencil in the other hand. With both arms she yawned deeply and stretched as high up as her 12-year-old arms could take her, and flapped them back down soon afterwards.

    Suddenly the air chilled around her.

    Not only did the temperature suddenly drop; but a cold wind blew quickly through the land. The crops of seeds and grass metres and metres in front of Kokoro's house were blown quickly to the East and the bushes and trees full of rustling leaves and beautiful pink flowers in full blossom rustled very noisily. Kokoro's eyes glittered and the hair on the back of her neck stood up as the hair on her head was tossed strongly with the wind. Even though the sudden coldness and thrashing of wind was quite magical, what happened next was probably the most magical thing that Kokoro had ever witnessed. Quickly and silently a white, shining object flew through the sky, glittering as it travelled serenly and leaving a beautiful trail of sparkling dust behind it. Kokoro was somewhat mesmerised; she was one of the most curious girls that one could ever meet, and just now definitely was not an exception to her usual tendencies. She smiled a slightly mischevious smile before reaching to her right and grasping her hooded cloak. She stood up quickly and within a second or two she had pulled open the door and poked her head through.

    She looked around the lounge which was right at the front of the house for a split second. It seemed no one was there. She shouted out, "Bye-dad-bye-grandma-I'm-going-to-go-walk-for-a-bit-bye!" in one breath and slammed the door behind her as she fllew down the patio stairs. Running at full speed in a straight line she pulled her cloak around her shoulders and clasped the two sides together, pulling the hood quickly over her head. The breeze whipped at her face harshly and she couldn't help but lick her lips as she ran further and further; causing the wind to tingle and stab at her mouth bitterly. Though that wasn't the most pleasant of feelings, she felt rather excited by the prospect of finding that shining star; the one that had so magically appeared just a walking - well, running - distance from her house.

    Kokoro almost stumbled over a pebble as she ran straight to the patch of grass that the comet had landed in. Even though she almost fell flat on her face, when she looked up and focused she noticed quite a bright light coming from about a metre away from her. That must be it! The grass around this bit was super high, so she patted down her pockets on the outside of her cloak before pulling out her pocket knife. With a few quick (yet quite weak; Kokoro was a little scared to use it) slices, she chopped down some of the grass that surrounded the extraterrestrial peice of shining rock. Although that's all it seemed to be at first glance, when Kokoro dropped to her knees she studied it a little closer.

    She found that it was, in fact, in the shape of a star. She had her sneaking suspicions that maybe it would be some sort of magical star, but then she realized it would be more plausible for it to be a rock. Or even a smelly old boot with some luminescent stickers attached to it.

    Several spikes stuck out from the shining, rainbow rock, all perfectly aligned and symmetrical. It was quite a spectacle to behold; though it looked sort of white, rainbow whisps spiralled through the creamy rock. Though Kokoro was a little bit scared to touch it at first, as her finger reached out to touch the rock, it was as if the colour pulsed from where she was touching it. She used her other hand to push it over a little bit while still holding one of the spikes. Even though it shone very brightly, Kokoro couldn't help but gaze into the star curiously. With her right hand still wrapped around one of the spikes, she was quite amazed to see letters - words! - forming on the surface, shining even brighter than the star itself. Wish , the word read.

    With a drop of her bottom jaw, Kokoro goggled at the star, amazed. She thought over this for a while in her head. Wish? What could ... what could that mean? Do I ... d-do ... ? She flicked her jet black hair out of her eyes and tugged her cloak to the side a little before clearing her throat and straightening her back.

    "I wish ..." She started, her face looking very concentrated and serious. "I wish for mother-"


    Her eyes flickered away from the star and she listened harder. The voice was faint, it was distant; but she knew she recognised it. "Kokoro! Kokoro, where are you!?" Kokoro stood up straight and patted down her navy blue cloak, feeling back into her pockets for her knife. She was pretty sure that the voice she heard belonged to her father - the quite worried sounding voice, that was. She stood up on her tip toes to see back the direction she came from to find that she was right; her father currently stood on the patio of their house with his hand placed upon his brow. Kokoro sighed a little. She must admit that inside, she wanted to investigate more ... but the thing she wanted to do the absolute least was worry her father too much.

    She quickly kneeled down on one knee and whipped out her pocket knife that she was looking for earlier. Hastily she scraped a circle in the ground around the star and it seemed to glitter brighter than ever. Once more she heard her father call for her, and with that, she stood back up and thrust her hands firmly on her hips. She smiled an accomplished smile and turned in the direction of her home to start jogging back.

    Firstly with her left foot, she stepped onwards. She paused for a little bit. She had heard a noise behind her; a sort of tumbling noise. It didn't continue, however, and so she countinued on as she skipped forward a few more paces.

    And yet, she heard it once more.

    Kokoro looked puzzled. What could it have been? Surely there was no one behind her; at this time anyone around here rarely came out. And as an added bonus; it stopped whenever she stopped. So it musn't be anything but her imagination, right?

    But there it was again.

    She really was beginning to get a little bit agitated. She turned from right to left and back again; there was no sign of movement anywhere. She humphed a little and crossed her arms annoyedly. With a pout she swirled backwards to take a look ... and it was there that she encountered the problem.

    The star-shaped object had rolled behind Kokoro; directly following her footsteps. At first she frowned a little; but then when she realised what had actually happened the feeling of amazement struck her whole body. Her eyes widened, her mouth trembled; even her arms and legs reacted; tightening at the joints a little.

    "It was ... f-following me ... ?" Kokoro asked no one in particular; still staring straight at the star. In her mind it seemed to nod at her; just tempting her to stare at it for longer. But quickly she almost literally snapped out of it; suddenly stamping one foot on the ground and frowning at it. She dismissed it; guessing it was only the wind ... which had, admittedly, died down by now - but she had to blame it on something.

    And after a few more strides, she stopped again. It was true that it wasn't a sudden breeze that had decided to carry it along to follow her, but instead it was seemingly rolling along of its own accord. Heaving a heavy sigh, Kokoro reached down and picked up the star. It was incredibly heavy; and the many points made it quite awkward to carry, but nevertheless she lugged it over inside the circle she had scraped with her pocket knife. What a twelve year old girl would do as she carried a pocket knife in her cloak pocket wouldn't be incredibly obvious; but it did have its advantages.

    Kokoro turned around again, now running back to her home; and yet, through the sounds of birds flying away to sleep in their nests overhead and the rustling of her hair and the grass in the wind; she could still hear that constant thumping behind her. Eventually she skidded to a halt. She found she just couldn't have the star following her to her house ... just because, well, what was it? She would have to research it, or ask about it ... and if it were to be something bad, she couldn't risk bringing it to or near her house. She kneeled down in front of it again and stared at it a little.

    In her mind she thought her plan out; she would take out her pocket knife, cut a smaller point off the star so she could carry it under her cloak without arousing suspicion and investigate it in secret. She even planned where she would hide it; her mother had given her a small painted wooden box when and she kept precious things inside there. Or things that reminded her of her mother - she had recieved it just after her mother had ... well, just after her mother left.

    She had continued staring deeply into the star comet as she thought about it; and without her realising it, a ring had appeared and began glowing brightly around one of the points. When Kokoro noticed she was rather surprised; and so gulped unexpectantly and almost choked a little inside. Slowly she leaned forward and placed her knife on the star; lining it up exactly with the glowing ring. She began trying to cut into the star; but the surface just wouldn't budge. At all. She sighed and frowned a little. Maybe her plan wouldn't work after all. But really, truly; Kokoro wasn't one who would just give up like that, oh no!

    Or so she told herself.

    She frowned even more a few seconds later. The star would just not give in. Pleadingly, she whined, "Oh, pleeeaase!"

    And, within moments, the star was easily cut by her blade. "Huh. Just goes to show that manners do work~" Kokoro whispered to herself cheerily; although deep inside she was really quite flabbergasted and - over all - intrigued. Happily she bounced up and skipped along the path to her house; quite shocked to find that the star was no longer following her. In fact, as she looked back along her trail through the tall grass, the star had actually appeared to roll back to its original landing place!

    Within a minute or two, Kokoro had escaped from the jungle of grass and ran up onto her patio. Her dad still stood there, looking a little bewildered with his jet black hair - just like Kokoro's - all messed up and his red-rimmed glasses sitting on the very tip of his nose. Granted, nowadays, this was his usual appearance. As she neared him, she ran into his arms and wrapped her right arm around him in unison with both of his arms wrapping around her. Unexpectedly her eyes widened as she accidentally put her left hand (the one that gripped the star point so tightly with her slightly sweaty fingers) to close to his body. He laughed a little awkwardly as she pulled away and smiled in an even more awkard way.

    "You okay, musume?" Kokoro's father asked with a polite smile. "You pulled away a bit abruptly there. You're not hiding anything, right?" To this, Kokoro just shook her head. "Where were you just there, anyway? You know I don't like you being out by yourself when it's dark like this."

    "It's okay, I'm okay!" Kokoro grinned up at her father. She shuffled on her feet a little but soon ceased to do so when her father raised his eyebrows a little at her. "I was just out walking - you know, investigating! And you shouldn't be outside by yourself either, otou-chan."

    "I guess so," her father chuckled a little before he opened up their wooden door and stepped inside their sizely house. Kokoro immediately scuffed her shoes on the rug as she stepped in, and muttered a quiet "your shoes, otou-chan," at her father. He frowned silently and done the same shortly after Kokoro. "You'd better go to your room and get ready for dinner, musume."

    Kokoro nodded and done as she was told quickly, dragging her fingers along the walls on either side of her as she trotted through the door on her left and through another door to her right. As soon as she stepped into her bedroom she flung herself at her bed; hastily pulling off her cloak and reaching underneath her cluttered bed to find her wooden keepsake box. Before she even touched the clasp on it, she ran her fingers over the top. She marvelled at the beautifully intricate patterns on the lid; the wondrous swirls and curves that vaguely resembled a huge red fish in a wooden ocean with blue waves - obvious enough to be able to see it; but vague enough for it to look pretty and symbolical. With a very delicate touch, Kokoro prized the box open and sniffed a little when she saw the contents. A shining white-gold chain glittered temptingly there; a beautiful red gem hanging on the bottom. There were multiple other bits and peices in the box; but at the very bottom there lay an old photo of Kokoro sitting on her mother's knee with her father standing beside the pair. It was one of the only photos her family possessed where all three of them were posed together, all facing the camera, all smiling, and most of all - looking the happiest they ever had. If anything, this was Kokoro's most prized possession.

    Smoothly she lay the seemingly fragile point of the star in the box; laying it perfectly still and right in the middle. She smiled at it, a little bit in awe, for quite a few long seconds before her father called through to her.

    "Musume! Dinner!"

    With a wipe of her tearful eye, Kokoro closed over the box and slipped it back underneath her bed.
  2. Tun, your story ♥.
    I know you gave me a sneaky peek at it earlier this week, but I really am warming to Kokoro now~
    I can picture her house, her family, her everything perfectly! Certainly write more ^^
  3. .... D'awww. c:

    Very Kiki's Delivery Service at the beginning, which is a good thing. I love the interactions with her family and the vivid detail you give everything. I'll be looking forward to more updates and chapters ^^
  4. Chapter 2 | Two Little Children

    Kokoro poked at the rice on her plate half-heartedly. Recently most foods had began to feel more boring and uninteresting, so for the most part she had given up on eating all of the necessary courses. She had still made sure to eat every day; but it just didn't feel as interesting or needed as it usually did.

    "You should eat up your dinner, mago," Kokoro's grandma said. Kokoro's bored gaze shuffled from her plate to her grandma; who seemed to be getting worse and worse by the day, too. She was a very nice grandma, the nicest Kokoro could have ever wished for, but she was seeming more grey and dreary than she used to be. Much like Kokoro's food, she seemed to fade more and more every day ever since her daughter, Kokoro's mother, was taken away.

    "She doesn't need to eat lots if she prefers not to, okaa-chan," Kokoro's father replied. It was seeming very quiet and slightly awkward at the dinner table; these past two sentences had been the only ones spoken the whole time. They just sat and stared at their food and beverages, occasionally consuming some, and otherwise sitting in silence. The only noises they really heard were the scraping of cutlery against the precious china plates and the occasional chipper from a bird outside.

    "It would be better if she were to eat some, musuko," Kokoro's grandmother replied. Kokoro's eyes drilled harder and harder into her plate, she was trying to take her mind off of her grandma's and father's passive-agressive argument, but it just wouldn't do. Although she refused it inside her head, all of her negative thoughts and annoyances were gradually building up and piling inside of her. She tried to find a way to channel her silent aggression out, but she couldn't find a way to allow herself to do it without - well, without breaking something.

    "Maybe she would eat something if a certain relative of hers wasn't pressuring her into it," Kokoro's father retorted, emphasising every few syllables. It was obvious he was getting angered by his mother-in-law's quips, and Kokoro was getting angered by her guardians' constant arguments. Every few days or so they would argue constantly, then for the next few days it would be silent all around the house. A day in which they wouldn't either not speak a word or only speak negative words was rare nowadays.

    "And maybe that someone would cease to 'pressure', as you may say, if Kokoro-chan had a less laid-back and uncaring father," Kokoro's grandmother replied, turning her nose up at her son-in-law.

    It wasn't certain; but Kokoro was quite sure that her grandma had pulled the final thread.

    She was a little scared to look up, but she could just sense that her father had snapped. The air around her suddenly turned cold and uncomfortable, she squirmed a little in her seat. After a few seconds, she looked up - she felt it the tiniest bit safer to look now than before, so she did. Her father's glasses had steamed up and it seemed his cheeks had too, and he stared angrily straight ahead; obviously trying to channel his anger as he took very deep breaths. His lenses glittered when his eyes flickered to Kokoro, and he bit his lip and continued to stare just above her head. Within a few minutes he and Kokoro had slowly placed their cutlery very steadily on their plates and Kokoro's gran stood up and gathered them in.

    The three family members sat engulfed in the awkward silence for a few very long minutes. This was broken only by Kokoro's father's next words, which just so happened to trigger many after it.

    "So, musume, how was your day?"

    Kokoro's head bounced and her eyes perked up. She smiled energetically and replied, "Oh, it was good! I was just sitting outside, drawing, and then I ..."

    "Then you what?"

    "... I, oh, I went out for a walk. And I thought about stuff, too, I guess!"

    "What sort of stuff, huh?"

    Kokoro smiled nervously. Her heart was thumping harder and harder even though the arguments had stopped and the obvious tension had dropped. She wiped the sweat off her head as she answered, "Just, um, stuff. And I was thinking about ... well, I heard about this thing. I'm not sure what it's called."

    "You ought to give me more information before I think about it, too," Kokoro's dad said, smiling pleasantly at his daughter. Though he seemed much more calm and collected, his fingers still drummed hard against the table. He peered up to his mother-in-law for a second as she paused to listen to the conversation at the dinner table. Kokoro looked over too as she ran the thoughts over in her head. She could talk about the fact that the thing fell from the sky, or that it said wish, or that ... she couldn't think clearly. Instead she just stared dreamily around the room; the warm wooden walls and flooring, the homely blue and white plaid curtains that hung loosely over the honey-coloured window frames. The room's smell even made Kokoro a little bit day-dreamy. She inhaled deeply, taking in the warm, friendly smell of her family, the fresh smell of the wood all around her, the strong yet gentle soap that her grandma currently scrubbed her little blue sponge away at. All that Kokoro really wanted to do at the moment was fall asleep and forget the bright object, her family's tension, her mother's illness ... just for one ... little ... minute ...


    Kokoro jumped up in her seat. Her eyelids felt a little bit heavy, she had clearly just wandered into sleepiness without realising. She cleared her throat uneasily before continuing. "Oh, sorry, otou-chan. It was, um, there was this thing ... it was like a star. I think. It fell from the sky and it shone really brightly, like a billion little lights with hundreds of smaller ones following it through the sky."

    Her father looked a little taken aback. He swept his slightly greasy black hair back with his right hand and coughed nervously. He attempted to smile back at his daughter across the table but it turned out to just look like a slightly bemused pout. "Did you see this thing, musume? Where did you hear about it?"

    "O-oh, what?" Kokoro choked a little, thumping her chest to try and clear her throat - and her mind - so she could actually utter some words without sounding really silly. She didn't like sounding utterly silly, but sometimes - hey, sometimes she was. Or maybe that was a silly thing to think? Instead of debating silliness with the voices within her head who perfectly echoed herself for any longer, she continued, "No, otou-chan, I didn't see it. I heard someone talking about it, I think. And then it just sort of ... stuck in my mind. And, um, I was just wondering about it? It seems cool, I -" she yawned, "I g-guess. But I just thought ... do you know anything about it?"

    Kokoro's father pulled back his chair and turned to face the other way. He silently walked over to Kokoro's gran and picked up the plates she had already washed, reaching down for a tableclothe to dry them. As he scrubbed all of the glittering bubbles from the china plates he smiled amusedly. He knew that his daughter was strange - she wasn't the shiniest coin in the purse, but she wasn't the grungiest either. She was more ... she was more of the coin that got misprinted and gave the queen two noses. She was a rare one, but she was a good person.

    "I think I do, musume," he said after a while. Kokoro swivelled around curiously to face her father and grandmother's backs. She rocked quietly back and forth in her chair, her hair getting tossed forwards and backwards. She noticed that her ribbons had come undone; she usually tightened them every few hours but nowadays she was getting lazier and lazier with things like this.

    "I think the thing you're talking about are things called Negau Hoshi," Kokoro's father explained, "That means 'Wish Star'. They are said to fall from the Gods' hands every few hundred years or so. I don't know that much about them, but I can tell you a little story."

    Kokoro's mouth bounced into a grin almost immediately. "Ooh, yes, otou-chan! Tell meeee~!"

    Her father chuckled. He put the plate he was drying back down onto the faded blue drying rack and walked over again to his right. He carefully untied the purple silk holding the curtains back and tugged the curtains over the window. Kokoro's grandmother done the same, then drying her hands and trotting out of the kitchen and through into one of the other rooms. She patted Kokoro's head as she did so, ruffling her hair a little. Kokoro smiled and placed her hands on the table to signal for her father to start his story.

    "Well, the last time a Negau Hoshi was found ..." he started, sitting down on his previous seat. "It wasn't far from here. A few miles East, I think. Anyway, there was a travelling merchant who found it, and he took it with him around every city in this country, chipping off tiny, tiny peices and selling them for hundreds of peices of silver. Hundreds of rich people came from all corners of the world to buy a tiny peice as the merchant claimed that each shard held a million wishes.

    "Within weeks he had become a millionaire, and when an incredibly rich man asked to buy the whole Wish Star the merchant was amazed. The rich man offered more money than the merchant could have ever wished for, but still he refused. In secret he wanted all of the wishes for himself. Even when the rich man told his story of his dying family who had a horrible disease that could kill them at any time, the merchant denied the man's money.

    "When the rich man finally left the merchant, it was said that the guilt welled up in the wandering merchant's heart and he was driven to take his own life. Well, that's what the stories said anyway, all that was known was that the man had disappeared without a trace. The money he had earned was nowhere to be found, either. Now that the star had to owner - not as if its past owner was its rightful owner, anyway - millionaires and billionaires flocked from everywhere to nab a peice of the star.

    "By this time, the rich man who had once asked to buy the star had lost his money ... and his family. He was a low-life now; living on the streets and taking up dirty jobs like being a dustbin man or a janitor in filthy shops-"

    "But what happened with the rest of the star?" Kokoro butted in, her eyes glittering and her mouth almost hanging right open. She grinned at her father and swung her legs back and forth exitedly. "Hey, well, I'm getting to it," he replied, before clearing his throat to start again. "so, anyway, a kind woman married to one of the millionaires found a tiny shard of the star and gave it to the now poor man. He took it and was filled with ecstacy, hugging the woman happily before running back to his old house on a hill where he used to live with his family. He wished, with this tiny shard, to go up to the heavens and be with his family, and his wish was granted as he disappeared in a puff of shining smoke. That was the last that was seen of the poor man and the millionaire's wife, as she retired to her husband once more."

    "Ooh, ooh, did anything else happen? What happened to the other people that had bits of the star?" Kokoro squeeled, almost climbing upon the table. Her father reached across the surface and patted her head down to get her to sit.

    "The other rich people who bought bits of the star weren't so lucky. They had been very greedy, asking for even more money, bigger houses, or even silly things like peices of clothing that cost millions of pounds. Not one of them wished for something useful, like food for poor people in other countries, world peace, or cures for illnesses. The fact was that the Star did not like this. It punished these horrible, greedy rich people by taking their wealth and banishing them to another world, a world ruled by mean deities who kept the greedy people from the nice people in the our world."

    Kokoro breathed in and out deeply. "So ... you need to wish for something heartfelt for it to work?" she asked in awe, drumming her fingers on the tabletop. "Like, something that benifits other people as well as you?"

    "Aha, well," her father chuckled, "there's more to it than that. If the poor man with the diseased family had just bought a peice and used it, it would fail. The truth is that the woman who gave him the shard of the star, the rich man's wife, was a witch. She was a fully-fledged witch who had heard of the Wish Star before and knew how to use it. Only people who are trained in the magical arts can use the star properly, and that means that they must have magical blood and they must attend a magical school, or get magical training of some sort.

    "But, that's another story," he smiled. "That's all I can say I know about the star-"

    "Do I have magical blood?" Kokoro queried loudly, her eyes widening and shining hopefully. "Could I use the star?"

    Her dad paused for a second. He leaned back on his chair and mulled it over in his head, possibly contemplating why in the world Kokoro would jump to ask this. After a few seconds of thinking, he leaned forwards again in interest, his arms down on the table and his hands clasped. After clearing his throat he nodded towards his daughter and said, "well, I guess this would only matter if you ... if you had the star." He raised one eyebrow, edging Kokoro ever closer to answering him. She gulped a little and leaned back to fidget quietly. "Musume ... do you have the star?"

    Kokoro avoided eye contact with her father at all costs. She continued to play with her fingers and tried to mantain a straight face, but after a while she burst out with, "You won't punish me if I do, will you!?"

    Again her father paused. His eyes widened but the rest of his face stayed still. He let out a long breath and stretched his arms. As he scratched his head and smiled, it was clear that he was really quite amazed. He had thought that maybe one of Kokoro's friends around the neighbourhood had said they'd found it or something, but he needed to be sure. Or maybe Kokoro just thought that she had found it; maybe it was something similar to the Wish Star? Either way, he felt he needed to query his daugher on the subject.

    "I would only be able to answer that if I knew that you had a Wish Star," he reasoned, smiling intelligently at his daughter. He continued, "so, do you have the Wish Star to show me?"

    Kokoro gulped. Not only could she feel her heart thumping off her chest tensely, but it was as if it was jumping around in her head too. Her hand twitched and her mouth blubbed around a bit, and eventually she just decided to push her chair outwards and leap through the thin doors to her room. As she did so she passed through the sitting room where her grandmother sat, reading one of her books that she kept in her private bookshelf. Kokoro had always thought of these books to be extraordinarily boring ever since she was little, but they were the only thing that her grandmother seemed interested in lately. It was as if her feet had effortlessly carried her into her bedroom to swoop the star piece out from under her bed and drag her back into the kitchen. The whole walking process had pretty much blurred in front of her eyes apart from her grandmother glancing up from her silly book once or twice to smile at her. She widened her eyes a little bit when she realised she was once again in the kitchen, but pretended to ease up a little as she smiled at her father and thrust her memory box in front of him. He smiled in return and took it with one hand, admiring the elegant paterns on top. He too teared up a little when he opened up the box to see memories of his wife inside, but he was taken aback by the shining object that lay amongst the other priceless objects inside.

    "You sure this is real?" he said as he flipped the Star piece over in his hands. It looked quite genuine. He ran his hand up an down the smooth face of the star and placed his finger gently upon the tip. The glittering light mesmerised him too, the pulsing strands of colour looked very pretty in the semi-transparent star. Without any prior warning, it hummed deeply and vibrated a little. He noticed some letters taking shape on the surface of the spike and when it hummed louder and pulsed light, he accidentally threw it across the table in surprise. Kokoro, standing in front of the kitchen table with her hands clasped behind her back, looked surprised too - not surprised enough to flail and throw things across tables, but surprised enough. "What's it doing?" her father asked in quite the stunned voice.

    Kokoro leaned over the table and squinted at the Star spike. She tilted her head and attempted to read the letters, which she decided read as "Wish".

    "Oh!" she exclaimed happily. "It's asking for a wish. Shall I give it one?" she almost sung, clapping in front of her chest. She looked over to her father who still sat with a slightly scared and amazed look upon his face. His lip quivered a little bit. Kokoro just smiled at him and waved her hands rhythmically as she started, "I wish for-"

    "Musume! No!" Her father shouted quite loudly. He put his hand out, his palm facing Kokoro. Her head bobbed up a little bit and she stopped immediately, pouting in a rather disappointed matter. Her hands dropped to the sides and swayed there a little bit as her father put up one finger to signal for her to shush. "Don't do that! You're not a fully trained witch, you couldn't make a wish without something horrible happening. Plus, what if someone else finds out that you have the Wish Sta-"

    "What's going on in here, musuko?" Kokoro's grandmother asked as she trotted into the room, her book in her hand. She sniffled a little as she looked at Kokoro and then to her son-in-law. She didn't look very happy - she didn't usually look happy, or so Kokoro gathered, but she did wish that sometimes her granny would just smile for once. To make up for it, Kokoro beamed at her.

    "We were just-"

    "Nothing," Kokoro's father replied quickly as he clasped his already outstretched hand over Kokoro's mouth. He moved his free hand over and swooped the memory box and the Star piece on to his lap, out of Kokoro's grandmother's sight. He glared at Kokoro sternly before smiling at the old lady in front of him politely.

    This old lady rolled her eyes impolitely.

    Kokoro scrunched up her eyes and her nose at her father. She tried to pull his arm down to get his hand off of her face, but it didn't work. Instead, still glaring at her father, she licked his hand - she had a feeling it would work, and as luck would have it, her father pulled his hand away instantly. Kokoro giggled mischeviously and her father couldn't help but chuckle too, while wiping his daughter's slabbers off of his hand. He wiped his hand on his leg ... without stopping to remember that the Star spike rested there. He accidentally shoved it off of his lap and squeaked a little bit as he and his very fast reflexes reached down to grab it back up, but even so he clattered around a bit against the table.

    Kokoro's grandmother looked at the pair in front of her with one eyebrow raised. She looked Kokoro up and down; her only granddaughter, who she always remembered as a devious yet kind little girl - who was, in fact, growing to be as tall as her. Her eyes then swivelled to the man sitting across the table from the girl, her son-in-law, who looked very anxious. "What've you got there, musuko?"

    "N-nothing," he answered, kindly nodding at his mother-in-law. He scratched his head nervously, and continued to smile awkwardly. He tried to look the other way, but before he knew it the old lady had reached over and grabbed the Star peice out of his grasp. He scrabbled to get it back, but in the end she held it tight in her hands. Both her granddaughter and her dad waited nervously for her to break the silence.

    Even she was astounded. "So this is ..." she started, but stopped to roll the Star spike around in her hand. "This is ... this is a Wish Star. It is, isn't it? It can't be ... is it?" She glared at the two immaturely awkward people in front at her before repeating, "is it? Can one of you two children answer me?"

    "It is - isn't - it ..." both of the people answered in unison. They shot a look at each other before sighing at the same time and replying, "It is."

    There might be a few typos (I just edited one out >>) because I'm super tired, but here you go :>
  5. Ehehehehe, this chapter made me giggle at the end ♥
    The... troubled relationship between Kokoro's father and grandmother made me shed a tear, though. Particularly when they were eating. (In a way, it reminds me of my family, only with swapped personalities.)
  6. Teehee, Kokoro and her Dad are silly at the end ♥
    The uneasy presence at the dinner table really emphasised the absence of Kokoro's mother also.
  7. This is a really good story Tun~

    I noticed a Typo in there somewhere, where it said 'to' instead of 'no' but I can't find it...

    Eh, who cares. I love this story a lot ^^
  8. Okay, since Tun (kinda) made me post here, here I am :p
    The fic is really good. I like the way you put the Japanese honorifics into use ♥ It really adds to the flavor (I sound like Cilan :p)
    The story looks great so far, and I wonder what will happen next. My guess is that Kokoro's grandma is a witch, and Kokoro is going to be just like her.... Now I begin to wonder what will they wish for? Maybe the return of Kokoro's mom?
    Anyways~ I love it and can't wait for moar ♥

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