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Need Signature Advice/Comments

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by halls, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. i just made these signatures today. my first try using gimp. comments and advice would be nice; feel free to say what you want. i don't care about harshness since its my first time and I want to do better. Both of them look a little too big to me, and the color of the ground on the garchomp one looks a little weird. i wanted it to match the color of his skin.

    unfortunately, this is not a request shop, but maybe it may be in the future if I get good feedback. but I kind of like those cute little fanbars that jeydis and teh purple one make. they're smaller and the get the same point across as these.



    new: [​IMG]

    this one's for da ladies! ;) :-* this is where my manliness gets to shine. didn't come out the way i had hoped, but it got the job done. unfortunately, i already finished before someone suggested for me to try smaller ones. next one i promise will be smaller. next one is charizard! even though he's not in my team... hold on to your pokeballs! *eww* this one's gonna be my best one!


    ok so i lied. not the best one. probably my worst one. but this one is smaller. let me know if you like this size better people.


    ok this was supposed to look like blood but ended up like tar or black paint. and the font got a little messed up. enjoy. here's targar the gengar.
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  2. LOVE IT! I agree with you 150% about how they get the same point across as mine and Jeydis' bars. You should make a shop of those, except use a different topic. It just seems more professional.
  3. ok thanks! what's your opinion on the size of them? you think they should be smaller?
  4. Size wise, they look great! You look like a complete pro at them.
  5. wow ok! i'm gonna start a request shop soon when i finally master it. just a little more practice. im workin' on a few more example ones now. i'll edit my first post with more when they're done.

    edit: forgot to say that once i start taking requests, you'll be able to choose what kind of font you want and the background. won't that be sexy? :-*
  6. A black bg might suit the Blaziken one better. These seem pretty decent for a first try particularly using GIMP. Nice work.

    PS: they are a lil big though you will have to use just that in your sig area with pretty much nothing else.
  7. yea i knew they were a little big. :'( your'e the pro. how much smaller do you think should i make them? should i cut them in half or somethin'? thanks for the help people. ;)
  8. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
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    I love them, especially the Garchomp one - the colours and background work so well together!

    They might be a little big, but to be fair I think the size works well on them - maybe just a little smaller. I love the fan bars because they're small, but I like these because they are big, if that makes sense. Great first try! I look forward to more ^^
  9. The latest ones you did are much better size wise. Keep at it, just watch it with facy fonts and complex backgrounds, it makes them hard to ready at times.

    PS: Wierdly I started off having a signature shop like this one and it never took off :( bad timing I guess.
  10. thanks. yeah i felt so bad when i posted that lame-o signature with the font that was too fancy. it was what he requested, so i couldn't really say no. maybe i'll fix it up and make another one with a different font for him.
  11. Cool awesome pictures how did you make them?
  12. epic revival! i make them using the gimp. its a program that creates and edits images.first i download the brushes from deivant art. then i get the sprites from gtsplus.net. and thanks for sayin theyre awesome. ;) ;D

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