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DPPt/HGSS Need help with my Platinum Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by POH!KEMON, May 14, 2009.

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  1. I've been trying to beat the Eliete Four, but I always end up losing to Cynthia (darn her Garchomp >:(). Here's my team:

    Houndoom: Dark Pulse, Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Toxic (sortta forgot)
    Crobat: Poison Fang, Fly, Confuse Ray, Defog
    Empoleon: Surf, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, Waterfall (he holds a quick claw)
    Lucario: Aura Sphere, Rock Climb, Detect, Iron Tail
    Luxray: Thunder Fang, Protect, Magnet Rise, Thunder
    Giratina: Shadow Force, Ominous Wind, Dragon Claw, and I accidently forgot the last one. It holds a Cleanse Tag.

    You have any advice or suggestions? I want my team to be stronger (and finaly beat that friggin Garchomp!).
  2. Well... it doesn't help that you have 4 pokemon that are weak to ground. They beefed up the AI in Platinum so they usually go for the SE hit if they have one. If you can get Empoleon to live through the round, it should be able to murder Garchomp with Ice Beams. And it never hurts to level up a bit more if you having that many issues.
  3. Well I am hoping that my Empoleon's quick claw will soon function. If that doesn't work, should I switch it to a focous band (or sash)?
  4. Shuca Berry.

    I had the EXACT same problem and I had to retry once when I taught my Empoleon Blizzard (In your case, Ice Beam will do nicely) and attatched a Shuca Berry. If you don't have one... Well, You've tried sending out Giratina first?

    Otherwise, I'm hardly any good. :p

  5. Problem with Giratina...if it's sent out, Garchomp just busts it down with Dragon Rush. Perhaps I should bring in Crobat instead?
  6. If Crobat's fast enough to get a one hit KO in, sure, but if it doesn't Garchomp will rip right through it in general. Have you thought of using a Froslass instead of something else on your team? It's certainly fast and powerful enough to get the job done, but if not, you'll have to rely on Crobat, and put on a more powerful move, like U-Turn, as then you could switch to one of your ground weak ones after attacking, and he won't be using Earthquake that turn.

    Plus, if you're lucky, you can switch Crobat in next turn and Garchomp may use Earthquake, which wouldn't hurt it. And then you can repeat with U-Turn.
  7. Thanks for the advice, It has helped me won.

    As of now, TOPIC LOCKED!!! *celebrate*
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