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DPPt/HGSS need help with my battle tower team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by 000aj, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. this is my team:

    metagross @ nothing
    Ability: clear body
    EV: nothing

    -meteor mash
    -bullet punch

    gallade @ nothing
    Ability: Steadfast
    EV: nothing

    -rock slide
    -drain punch
    -leaf blade

    dragonite @ nothing
    Ability: Inner Focus
    EV: nothing

    -hyper beam
    -draco meteor
    -dragon rush

    it was good enough for a 21 win streak, but i think it can be better, so help
  2. You have 3 Psychical Sweepers, Fix that.

    Heres my BT Wall:

    1: Umbreon@Lefties
    252 spd, 252 def 6 spdef
    Mean look

    Generic wall and lead.
    I also noticed Hyper beam, and no Set-Up moves.
    Fix that. Lastly, don't have 2 moves of the same type.

    Items: Meta@Lefties Gallade@Life orb and Dragonite@Yache berry.
  3. ty, but I hate life orbs
  4. Fine, try Choice band/Muscle band.

    Also, take Psychic off Metagross.

    It has like, 50 Base Sp atk.
  5. Both of you. Kill the Text Speak. It's annoying.

    And Cynder , write out Baton Pass as the move it self in the moveset. You can use BP if you're describing the stuff to BP around.

    Oh yes, any reason for Speed on something as slow as Umbreon. It's better off using those Speed EVs you gave it into the HP or Other Def stat.

    And Cynder. Metagross has a Base 95 S.Atk. It can use Special Attacks as well. Actually do some research on Pokemon stats before recommending moves. If it had Base 50 S. Atk, it wouldn't be using Grass Knot as a wall breaker move, would it?

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