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DPPt/HGSS Need Espeon/Umbreon Double Battle Moveset help.

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by halls, May 20, 2009.

  1. I just imported my espeon and umbreon from colosseum onto my Diamond, and now I am in need of movesets for them.

    My friend has a few eveelutions and I'm kinda jealous because they own (as do I, but the eveelutions look cool doing it).

    Can someone please help me think of a moveset for my Mild natured Espeon and my Careful natured Umbreon? pretty please? I want them to fight simultaneously in double battles, so I need moves that hopefully won't hurt the teammate.

    Or you can throw in any other movesets for eveelutions because I don't have any good movesets for any of them at this point. please help? I'll be your best friend... :-* (well not really. just help me for christ's sake)
  2. An idea of the EV spread would help, but nonetheless, for Espeon try this:

    Espeon - Mild
    Calm Mind
    Shadow Ball
    Hidden Power Fighting
  3. Here's a decent Baton Pass Espeon but you'll have to breed for the nature though.

    252 HP / 64 SpD / 192 Spe
    Calm Mind
    Baton Pass

    and for Umbreon

    Umbreon@Chople Berry
    252 HP / 92 SpD / 164 Spe
    Mean Look
    Baton Pass
    Taunt / Yawn / Protect / Toxic
  4. Isnt getting a certain hidden power hard as hell? I mean with all those IVs and stuff?
    Because I know, that on certain movesets a hidden power move would be perfekt, but getting it is weird~
  5. Everyone thanks for the help. I'll consider all three of the movesets once I try them out.

    BTW, I never tried to master how to get a certain type of hidden power, but it can't be that hard. You just have to pay careful attention to the Protein drink things you give it. I gave my Haunter random stuff and I found out it had HP Ice. I got lucky, but I have no idea how to control the type.
  6. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    OK, this is how Hidden Power type works:

    Simply put, your IVs determine your Hidden Power's typing and its offensive power. One thing of note is you can never change a Pokemon's Hidden Power type/power, ever - it's stuck with the first one it gets. As such, the only effective way to monitor Hidden Power is (and you need Platinum for this) to breed a crap-ton of Eevee with the desired Nature, then speak to the blonde-haired guy inside the Veilstone Game Corner's prize hut. He'll then tell you what type of Hidden Power your Pokemon has. Trying to manipulate your IVs to get a specific Hidden Power type is near impossible, so essentially it's just a bunch of coin-flip crapshoots with your IVs every time - and I wish you the best of luck.
  7. Well I did the same with my umrbeon and espeon in to my Diamond but I have

    Moring sun,

    I have changed Psybeam to double team, and Hidden power sounds good so Coufsion will go for that

    Faint attack,
    Coufuse ray.

    I have change bite to shadow ball.

    I would find a way to counter bug type moves but this is good for me.
  8. As a general rule you don't have more than one of any type of move. Espeon gets terrible coverage having three damage moves that are all Psychic team granting you effectiveness over a grand total of two types, poison and fighting.

    Umbreon only has two Dark type attacks but all the same, one would be better. Looking at your Umbreon, Shadow Ball, Moonlight, Toxic, and Double Team might be a good combination to have to be a pest to your opponent, reducing his chances to hit after poisoning him, and healing up any damage he does do.
  9. Umbreon@Leftovers (252 def, 252 sp. def, 6 hp)
    Dark Pulse
    Toxic/Confuse Ray

    >Dark Pulse for STAB
    >Toxic to wear down their HP
    >Confuse Ray to distract them while you heal up
    >Subsitute for protection while Toxic's working
    >Moonlight to heal up Subsitute damage
  10. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator


    For Espeon, GodlessM's set works A-OK. For the hold item, Wise Glasses would work fine, as would Life Orb. If you can't get HP Fighting, Grass Knot can work instead, as can HP Fire.

    As for Umbreon...the only Umbreon set posted here that is even remotely good is Souloux's - all the rest are poor. So, zezzyman, Abnaki_Knight, I suggest you read the Clinic rules very carefully before trying to give anyone else advice - you will be warned if you consistently post poor advice here.

    Here's my Umbreon:

    Umbreon @ Leftovers
    252 SP.DEF if Careful, 252 DEF if Impish/252 HP/6 Wherever

    - Toxic
    - Dig
    - Rest/Moonlight
    - Mean Look

    Toxistall Umbreon. Umbreon's offensive capabilities are...poor, lets put it that way, and the best way for it to slay opponents is via Toxic. Mean Look is key here - the opponent cannot switch out once you use it, forcing them to suffer the full, increasing damage of Toxic. Dig essentially is a damaging Protect here, and is super effective against Poison and Steel-types who can't be poisoned - beware of Skarmory, Bronzong and Weezing though. Finally, a healing move - Rest works best here since after Toxic/Mean Look you probably won't be doing a lot, plus it can't be borked by Sandstorm, has more PP, and recovers your status as well. Either this or Souloux's set will work fine for Umbreon - take your pick.

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