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Open Naruto; the fourth great shinobi war

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Killerbunny the god, May 26, 2018.

  1. As the name suggests this is a roleplay about the fourth great shinobi war. And since it's very widespread i won't give any setting and i'll instead leave that to the roleplayers. Anyway, here's the rules:
    • Five characters is the max (pets like Akamaru are included in that. However if you use bugs like the Aburame clan they'll be a part of your character)
    • Depending on how big your summonings are, the amount of them is determined. If they're like Kakashi's dogs you can have 10. However, if they're like Gamakichi and Gamatatsu in Naruto shippuden you can only have 5. And if they're like Gamabunta, you can have only 1.
    • Try avoiding characters that already exist like Naruto and Kakashi among other's.
    • Follow the pokecharms general role play rules.

    And now to the character bio.
    Pets (optional):
    Class: (what kind of a shinobi is this? A sensory? A medical? Also put in the rank here like genin, chunin and jonin)
    Summonings (optional):
    Chakra nature(s):
    Jutsu type: (taijutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu or something else)
    Special Jutsu(s): (which jutsu(s) does your character use the most? If these are Jutsus you came up with yourself, please use the english words to avoid confusion)
    Backstory (optional):

    Although, pets kind of need another sort of bio. Here's the pets bio:
    Age: (don't worry, it's not that big of a deal if you don't say how old your pet is)

    There we go. And now i'll introduce my characters:
    Name: Shiinji Hunoda
    Age: 17
    Gender: girl
    Sexuality: pansexual
    Pets: a fox
    Class: normal shinobi (none sensory or medical abilities), chunin
    Summonings: 6 foxes (like an extension of the one already with her).
    Chakra nature(s): lightning and water.
    Jutsu type: ninjutsu
    Special jutsu(s): Lightning Fox Jutsu, Lightning Shield Jutsu, Shockwave Jutsu, Slicing Water Jutsu and Summoning Jutsu
    Appearance: black long hair, black, somewhat torn hoodie and black torn jeans (yes, she likes black). The symbol is on her left arm.
    Personality: cheerful and friendly attitude to prevent people from figuring out how depressed she is.
    Backstory: will be revealed

    Name: Miiki
    Age: 4 years
    Gender: boy
    Sexuality: gay
    Species: fox
    Appearance: like a normal fox
    Personality: laid back and lazy but very brave when he has to be

    Shiinji and Miiki laid back and waited on the battlefield for the battles to begin. Shiinji was very scared for what would happen in this war but didn't show it. She had to keep Miiki from figuring out she was scared. Every time she was scared, he'd be too. So she couldn't let him figure it out and just stayed calm
  2. Name: Setsumi Yuki
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Pets: White Tiger
    Class: Chunin but can use medical jutsus
    Summonings: 3 tigers
    Chakra nature: Ice
    Jutsu type: Ninjutsu
    Special jutsu's: Mystic palm technique, blizzard jutsu, icicle crash jutsu, Ice release, winter rose jutsu, Ice dome jutsu, summoning jutsu, genjutsu
    Appearence: White hair, pale blue eyes, pale skin, wears a short white kimono with her clan insignia on her back, has a very petite figure, Black leather boots that reach her knees, her long hair is always tied into a high ponytail with a black bow, one eyes is covered by her bangs, and she always has two kunais hidden in the long sleeves of her kimono
    Personality: has a cold facade caused by her father, very polite and has the best manners, very ladylike, cares alot for her friends and family.
    Backstory: her family moved to Konoha when she was just a baby because some things were going on in the land of water, so their clan moved to Konoha to start a better life and before they knew it the Yuki clan became trained assassins sent out by the hokage. Setsumi grew up an only child and being the only child of the clan leader meant she had to be groomed to perfection in order to take her father's place.

    Name: Kirin
    Age: 5 years
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Tiger
    Appearence: is a bit bigger than average female tigers and instead of having orange and black coloring, Kirin has a white body with Black stripes and around the tigers neck is a golden chain with a white diamond in the middle with the Yuki clan insignia carved on to the stone
    Personality: very uptight, overprotective of Setsumi.

    Setsumi stood next to Kirin in the distance with a blank expression as she watched the battlefield. The white haired heiress placed a hand on her tigers head before patiently waiting for the battle to commence, "Kirin forever and always will we be by each other's side" she whispered as the white Tigress noded her head before setting her piercing yellow eyes back on to the battlefield
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  3. Shiinji looked around at all the ninja on her side. There was one that stood out a little. A girl with a tiger by her side. She looked familliar. Shiinji thought she had seen her around the village before. She decided to go talk to her. She got up and walked over to the girl.
    "Hello. You seem familliar. Are you from the village hidden in the leaves? I'm Shiinji" She said to the girl and smiled friendly. Miiki approached the tiger and looked up at it. He found it quite big because he was only a small fox. He sat down and gave it a friendly bark
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  4. Setsumi noded her head, "i am from Konoha and it's nice to meet you, I'm Setsumi Yuki from the Yuki clan" the girl introduced. While Kirin layed down on her stomach so that she could look at the little fox eye to eye
  5. "From the Yuki clan? Then you must be pretty powerful. I'm actually the only one in my family who decided to become a ninja. I'm a Hunoda. And this little guy down here is Miiki" Shiinji said with a smile and pointed to the little fox. "Don't let his small size fool you. He's very powerful. Especially when my jutsu is active". Shiinji found this girl to be really nice. Maybe they could stick together when the battling started? It was probably a long time until then so everyone here could get to know each other a bit. Which was good for the morale. And more people who could identify you if need be.
  6. The white haired girl slightly waved down at the little fox while Kirin placed her paw on top of Miiki's head. "I was never going to say your fox was weak just because he's small, I believe that it's not the size that matters when it comes to power" Setsumi stated as she slightly smiled at the girl."also, you don't need to be in a clan to be powerful, people just believe that because in clans they home school their kids until a certain age and so it means during the years of home schooling we are forced to learn jutsu specialized in out clan like for example the Hyuuga clan and their Byakugan and the Uchiha clan with their Sharingan, and lastly my clan the Yuki clan with Ice release" the heiress informed
  7. "Of course. I-i knew that!" Shiinji said even though she actually didn't know. She smiled goofily. She didn't want to be underestimated by anyone because she didn't come from a powerful family and from what this girl said, she wouldn't underestimate her like everyone else did. Miiki growled slightly to show that he didn't appreciate having a paw on his head. He was a bit sensitive that other animals were bigger so he didn't like them showing this by placing their paws on his head
  8. Setsumi slightly giggled as she looked at Shinji and her goofy grin. Kirin took her paw off the little fox's head before making a low growl to show that she wasn't trying to offend him
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  9. "Miiki, come on. It's a tiger. Of course it'll be bigger than you. What's it's name by the way?" Shiinji said. Miiki lifted his left back leg and peed on Shiinji's pants to show that he didn't like what she said.
    "Oh come on! I just washed these pants!" Shiinji exclaimed. She sighed. "Well, i guess it's good to have some of Miiki's pee on me for scent".

    (I actually haven't decided on any enemies yet. Have any ideas?)
  10. "Shinji and Miiki meet Kirin my tiger" the heiress introduced as her white tiger stood back up on its four legs to it's full height which made the white Tigress the height of Setsumis stomach
  11. "Hi Kirin. I hope we'll be good friends" Shiinji said with a smile. Miiki wasn't very interested though. He laid down and closed his eyes.
    "Miiki! Come on! Be a little friendly! Sorry. He usually act like this. He's a bit lazy" Shiinji said. Miiki just opened his right eye and looked at the tiger. He gave it a lazy sigh as a way of saying hi.

    (@Talon_Widowmaker do you have any ideas on any enemies we can face in an upcoming battle?)
  12. The Tigress growled in response before sitting back down. Setsumi patted her beloved tigers head with a small smile gracing her face. "When the battle starts I hope we can look out for each other" Setsumi stated as she looked at the girl with her pale blue eyes.

    (I'm not sure about enemies)
  13. "Me too. Our pets should learn each other's scents so we can find our ways easier if we get lost. Miiki have already learned some of the scents but not all of them. Come on Miiki, please learn their scents too" Shiinji said. Miiki opened one of his eyes annoyed but got up and smelled both Kirin and Setsumi so he could learn what they smelled like. After he had done that he laid down and closed his eyes again
  14. "Kirin please do the same thing", the white Tigress stood up and noded her head before smelling Shinji she then went over to Miiki and smelled the young fox before softly nuzzling the smaller creature. "Shinji I'm so sorry about Kirin, my Tigress has this maternal instinct that pops out when she's around younger animals" the heiress stated as she pointed at her giant cat nuzzling the foz
  15. "It's okay. I understand. Miiki, you can forgive Kirin for this right? But, how does she know Miiki is younger though?" Shiinji said. Miiki looked grumpy but agreed to forgiving Kirin but made it clear that it was a one time thing. He didn't want this to happen again. Then he tried asking Kirin the same thing as Shiinji asked Setsumi; how Kirin could know he was younger but as foxes language is different from tiger's, he didn't know how much of it Kirin would understand
  16. Kirin stood back up next to Setsumi and growled. The white haired heiress sat on the back of her large tiger before replying "Its his scent, an animals scent changes when they get older and so from his scent Kirin could tell he was younger because his scent smells more fresh" Setsumi stated calmly as she looked at Shinji and smiled. "Kirirns sense of smell is on par to none, it's like her senses are a bit more heightened than an average tiger, that's why she's our clans best tracker"
  17. "Wow. That's incredible. That's some scent. Now i know we can rely on you. As long as you don't die" Shiinji said, the last sentence quiet to herself so Setsumi wouldn't hear. Miiki saw Setsumi sitting on the tigress. He knew he was too small for Shiinji to sit on, but she was big enough for him to sit on. He jumped at her, forcing her to hold out her arms and climbed up on the head. From up there he could look down on the tiger with a smile. Shiinji only sighed.
    "He won't change" she mumbled
  18. Kirin growled as she saw Miiki jump into Shinjis arms, seeing the little fox smile down on her Kirin took it as a sign of competition. Setsumi got off her tiger once hearing the cats menacing growls. Noticing that her owner got off of her Kirin stood up on her hind legs as nd placing her two front paws on Setsumi to balance her out, now standing on her hind legs Setsumi was the same height or even a bit taller than Shinji, it was Kirins turn to look down at Miiki and smirk
  19. Miiki only saw this as an opportunity to get even higher and jumped up on Kirin's head. From there, he gave her a smirk.
    "Miiki! Get down from there!" Shiinji said. Miiki just laid himself down and didn't bother Shiinji's order. He laid himself comfortably and closed his eyes.
    "He does this just because i tell him not to. I've tried changing tactics but he sees through it and do it anyway. What should i do?" Shiinji said.
  20. "Well I had the same problem with Kirin when she was only a cub and the trick I used was look them dead in the eye and show them who's boss sense if you show that you won't back down the animal will most probably be intimidated and sense Miiki is very small that would make you more intimidating" Setsumi stated as she prevented Kirin from jumping on her
  21. "What!? But that's so cruel! I don't want to do something like that! Miiki is my friend!" Shiinji said, visibly upset. She looked at Kirin. She felt sorry for the tiger. Taking command over an animal like that is just so mean. She didn't like it at all. Miiki also showed how he felt about it by growling and showing his teeth. That's not something he wanted to experience. He knew Shiinji didn't appreciate some of the things he did but he needed to be his own fox
  22. Setsumi saw the way Shinji looked at Kirin, "Shinji don't give that look of pity if you didn't understand the full story" Setsumi warned. Kirin then sat back down and purred as she rubbed her head against Setsumis leg. "I love you too Kirinie" Setsumi cooed as she used her tigers nickname
  23. Shiinji was surprised at how much they cared for each other. After what Setsumi said she expected Kirin to be afraid of the girl. Not caring for her. Maybe what she did was a good idea after all? But Shiinji couldn't do such a thing. Miiki was a fox and their body language resembles wolves and dogs body language. Cats and similar animals also have similar features but not as much. If you look into their eyes for too long, it's like threatening the animal and they could get scared. Shiinji didn't like that very much.
    "Sorry but, wouldn't Kirin get scared? I know Miiki would. Wolves and foxes have a language that resembles a dog's language. And if you look into their eyes for too long, it's like you're threatening them" she said. Miiki jumped down from the tiger and bit Shiinji in the leg to tell her that he wouldn't get scared but still wouldn't wanna go through that
  24. "Kirin was never afraid, she knew she was doing something wrong and so she backed down and learned from her mistake, you don't really need to scare them all you need to do is show them that what their doing is wrong" Setsumi stated as Kirin continued to purr and rub her head on Setsumis leg
  25. "But... Miiki never do anything wrong. He is who he is and i wouldn't want to change that ever. And he is a curious little fox who often picks fights with whoever is bigger than him. But he knows when it's not worth the risk and act from that" Shiinji said and looked down into the ground. "I'm gonna make it work without telling him who's boss. Not like i could ever tell him i'm in charge anyway, i'm way too kind". Miiki released Shiinji's leg and looked up at her. He thought what she said was lame but didn't bother that. He spiked his ears as he heard something approaching. He couldn't determine a location and he couldn't smell anything yet but he definitely heard something. But... his sense of smell is better than his hearing. How can he not smell whatever it was that approached them?

    (I think all those Zetzu's should come up from the ground)
  26. (Why don't you fight me lol? Also I see you're picturing the battlefield as a wide open space with shinobi charging at each other, I'm envisioning a clearing in a more forested area so that it's small enough to capture the interactions between our characters.)

    Name: Kyomu Eiran
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Class: Jonin, with a sensory jutsu
    Summonings: 10 vampire bats
    Chakra nature(s): Lightning, Earth, Explosion.
    Jutsu type: Ninjutsu
    Special Jutsu(s): Beam Lightning Jutsu, Stone Clone Jutsu, False Memory Jutsu, Summoning Jutsu, Chakra Surge
    Appearance: Silver hair, red eyes, 5'10," lean to muscular build, fair skin, wears a light brown poncho-like garment that rests on his shoulders and covers a triangular cut of his torso. Under this he wears an Iwagakure flak jacket with red sleeves, pants, and sandals that any shinobi would wear. A scroll is carved into his forehead protector rather than Iwagakure's symbol.
    Personality: Loud and obnoxious, prideful, arrogant, and foul-mouthed.
    Backstory: The earliest memory that Kyomu has is of falling from the sky and into a forest near Iwagakure 5 years ago. Upon making it to the village, he was approached by people who claimed to have been awaiting his arrival for a long time and pledged their loyalty to him. More of these characters came out of the woodwork as he visited other shinobi villages. He had no memory of these people, but his followers insisted that his reason for being here was to amass enormous amounts of chakra. Excelling at ninjutsu, Kyomu completed his formal training in Iwagakure before he grew tired of taking jonin missions and finally accepted the larger mission of which his followers informed him, which gave him a sense of purpose. He became a missing-nin and allied himself with Tobi and Madara, wanting a share of the chakra absorbed from those caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. But he has his own ends and prefers to take it all for himself by consuming the chakra fruit. There is much about his backstory that will be revealed as the story progresses.

    "Oh God, would you shut the hell up already!" Kyomu suddenly appeared on the limb of a tree. "The two of you spend at least ten minutes going back and forth about how to raise your pets in the middle of a battlefield? Are you two even kunoichi?" he mocked them. "And I thought I'd have to ambush you, but you made this so damn easy with your chatter." Kyomu's stone clones emerged from the ground behind the two kunoichi and grabbed them tightly. "Those are some pretty faces, though, not gonna lie!" he smirked.

    "The stone clones, that is."
  27. Setsumi glared in the direction of the male. "Hey, we're trying to have a conversation her, why don't you bother other shinobis who give a crap about what you have to say" Setsumi stated as she patted Kirins head while the tiger growled.
  28. "Oh, you can continue your little conversation, while I drain your chakra," Kyomu retorted. He drew some of his blood and marked a summoning scroll with it, then pressed his palms to the ground. "Summoning jutsu!" he called forth his ten vampire bats. Five of the bats attached themselves to the white-haired kunoichi and the other five to the black-haired one, proceeding to drain their chakra as Kyomu's stone clones maintained their tight grip.

    "Yeah, keep running your mouth, girl. Stay just like that. Makes my job a whole lot easier," Kyomu mouthed off. "And as for those other shinobi I should go bother, the Zetsu can take care of them for me." As he spoke, a horde of White Zetsu emerged from the ground and occupied the remaining Allied forces.

    "Separate them from the group, divide and conquer," Kyomu bragged in his head. "That's how I do things. And if they really think that there's time for long, drawn-out conversations in times like this, then what the hell are they doing on the battlefield in the first place? I don't care, I need whatever chakra I can get."
  29. "Well your not gonna get any from me, I don't have alot of chakra to give so you should just leave now, your not gonna get any from me" Setsumi lied as she angled herself so that the man wouldn't see her clan symbol on her back. Setsumi quickly and sneakily did some hand signs which made the temperature in the area drop drastically
  30. "Hey! Get off me pervert! Well, Setsumi. Seems like this guy uses ground type ninjutsu. That will be weak against my lightning style! Shockwave Jutsu!" Shiinji said when she discreetly had made some handsigns behind her back too. This should cause the stone clone to be destroyed and the vampires to be electrocuted. Hopefully the bats wouldn't die as she liked every animal and they all deserve to live even though they're not on her side. Miiki prepared himself and waited for Shiinji to use her Lightning Fox Jutsu so he could transform
  31. "Shinji don't waste too much chakra on this man" Setsumi stated while Kirin calmly sat next to her owner. Setsumi then looked at Kirin then Shinji and then up to the sky which was getting darker and darker. The Tigress got the hint before growling to Miiki as if saying to let Shinji know to warm up because Setsumi was going to cause a blizzard
  32. Damn, that white-haired chick really pisses me off! Who does she think she is?! Kyomu thought. His bats were scattered by the lightning chakra and disappeared into smoke soon after. The five that were on Shiinji, at least. She couldn't electrocute the other five on her friend without electrocuting her in the process, after all.

    While the stone clone restraining Shiinji crumbled, the one on Setsumi held on tight. "Pull her arms apart so she can't weave hand signs!" Kyomu shouted to his clone, not wanting to make the same mistake he did with Shiinji. He felt the temperature drop and the sky get darker. Good, vampire bats thrive in the darkness and absorb chakra twice as fast. And if she tries anything, she's only using up more of it. Wow, you're really digging your own grave here, but with that pale skin and white hair you look like you died last week!
  33. "Miiki, help Setsumi while i take care of him! Don't worry Setsumi. I got enough chakra" Shiinji said and made the Lightning Fox Jutsu to get him to take care of the stone clone. Miiki growled to try to tell Shiinji to do as Kirin told him. Shiinji nodded. She already knew and was planning on warming up as good as she could. It was at this time she was grateful she wore a hoodie.
    "As this guy is able to use stone clones, we're gonna need reinforcements. Summoning Jutsu!" Shiinji said, made the handsigns and bit her thumb for the blood needed so she could summon her foxes. She sent two of them to help Setsumi and the other four to back herself up. "We haven't seen what kind of Jutsus this guy can use so we need to be careful until we know what we're up against" Shiinji thought to herself. Miiki began attacking the stone clone as he was now surrounded by electricity while the other two foxes began attacking the bats
  34. Setsumi placed a hand on the stone statue that was holding her and made the figure freeze before crumbling to the the ground. The heiress then did some hand seals and a violent blizzard surrounded the area. Setsumi could stand the cold for days but she had to keep in mind that Shinji and Miiki might not survive so she had to make this blizzard count. Setsumis plan was to freeze the bats so that they wouldn't be a burden during the fight. "Shinji for your safety I can't keep this blizzard up for long, make every attack count" Setsumi yelled over the roaring winds
  35. The blizzard hit like... a blizzard. "This must be Setsumi's strongest Jutsu. And she tells me not to waste so much chakra. This must take a huge amount of it" Shiinji thought to herself. Miiki looked up to Setsumi and smiled while his fur sparkled with electricity. He then turned to the boy and growled. He made sure to keep himself warm by using the electricity as heat source and therefore didn't have to aimlessly move around and waste energy to stay warm. But Shiinji would have a harder time with this problem. Or so Miiki thought. Shiinji used her Lightning Shield as a source of heat. It would keep the blizzard away even. Although, this took quite a lot of chakra and she couldn't attack the enemy now. But this was her best chance
  36. Crap, didn't expect a sudden weather change. The bats might not make it even with the fresh chakra they're getting, Kyomu thought. "Alright, bats!" he shouted through the storm, then sighed before throwing away any decency he had left. "GET IN HER CLOTHES AND CONTINUE DRAINING HER CHAKRA!" Kyomu blushed a bit as the bats did as they were told.

    He strained to see the black-haired girl and her foxes through the blizzard. A Beam Lightning Jutsu should take care of the foxes, but I have to make sure it doesn't hit the girl. As much as I'd want to, I'm not trying to kill her, he thought. When lightning strikes, it follows a path of least resistance in the air. That's why it appears crooked. Kyomu's Beam Lightning Jutsu forces lightning into a straight line and suppresses its tendency to bend. But forcing electricity into a desired path creates pressure as it tries to resist his influence, so when the attack finally hits and Kyomu suddenly releases control, the target explodes. But he needed to take her alive so he could drain her chakra later.

    As he wove signs he moved his hands in the desired directions that he wanted the beam lightning to travel. Controlling electricity even while it is in the air, away from its chakra source, was a difficult technique that required the utmost mastery of the lightning nature. "Beam Lightning Jutsu!" he again shouted through the blizzard, and sent a straight bolt that turned and caused all four foxes behind the black-haired girl to disappear into smoke as soon as it pierced them. He finished by directing the beam toward her shield and blowing it up. The blizzard was getting to him now, and Kyomu realized that he might have to use that jutsu.
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  37. Shiinji couldn't uphold the shield after that strange lightning. "Hmm. So he uses lightning style too. This won't be easy" she thought. Four of her foxes dissapeared. Not good. She wouldn't be able to summon them for a while. Atleast Miiki and the two other foxes were still there. She needed to come up with a strategy quickly. If she could distract him she could slice him with her water Jutsu. She had the two foxes to help Setsumi with the perverted bats and requested Kirin's help. She wanted Kirin and Miiki to distract the opponent so that she could slice him. Although, she had to be quick about it and everything needed to go just right. Which it probably wouldn't. This guy did seem like a very good shinobi so her plan would most likely fail. But with a backup plan she could win. In order to dodge the attack he would have to jump and leave himself vulnerable as he wouldn't be able to dodge anything and only deflect. Although, she had already thought of where she needed both Kirin and Miiki and couldn't change it. She had no choice but too let Setsumi handle herself for a while. The guy was the bigger threat
    "Setsumi. I'm sorry but i'm gonna need those two foxes and Kirin's help right now. Can you manage on your own?" Shiinji said
  38. "Go for it Shinji" Setsumi yelled as she forced herself to make the blizzard continue. Kirin ran up to Shinjis side ready for whatever task the dark haired girl had for her. The heiress groaned in pain as the blizzard continued "Shinji please hurry, I don't want to end up killing myself" Setsumi screamed as she continued to let the storm drain her chakra, she knew at this point she would collapse but she still stood tall and kept her eyes open scanning the area, to help Shinji the white haired girl altered the winds a bit so that it would mostly hit the man and distract him
  39. (Since they need to do this rather quickly i hope it's fine that i auto Kirin a little. If not, i'll change @Talon_Widowmaker)

    "It won't take long, i promise" Shiinji said and told Miiki and Kirin to position themselves on two different locations around the boy so he would be surrounded and to attack on her signal which would be her handsigns. She also made sure to tell them that they were not really engaging him but they were leading him upwards where the two other foxes waited on two different locations. They were to attack simultaneusly so the boy wouldn't have time to hit them both. Miiki made sure to position himself where he was instructed and waited for Kirin to do the same. When all three were in place, Shiinji made the handsigns of her Slicing Water Jutsu. The only reason she went all out with this attack was to make the decoy believable. There was a risk that he wouldn't jump straight up where the other two foxes were hidden and just jump out of the way. But the two other animals did as they had been told and faked an attack against the boy when Shiinji released her Jutsu; a mid-distance water Jutsu that could cut through stone
  40. (Go ahead and use Kirin)

    Setsumi's chakra continued to deplete which made the roaring winds slow down a little but the heiress pushed pass the pain and used up more chakra which made the blizzard become even more dangerous and hostile which could lead to uncertain events. "Please be careful Shinji...." Setsumi whispered as she closed her eyes and focused her chakra on creating the blizzard more stronger

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