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NARUTO! (Spoilers alert! You've been warned)

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Uzumaki Arashi, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. Um, should there be spoiler warnings about this thread.?That's currently what happening in the manga only released in Japan.
  2. Linkachu

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    You've got a point, Sonjo. I already spoiled a few plot points for myself by reading this. I don't mind all that much so far, but other people might.

    Gonna edit the topic subject. Hope nobody minds.
  3. This may be a little off topic but I thought this was funny.

    On Cartoon Network, they're at the Tsunade's Decision Arc, you know when Tsunade decides whether to be Hokage or not. So there's this huge build up to her decision to accept Orochimaru's offer or not and there is a commercial break right before. Cartoon Network then spoils it by showing previews of the next episode saying the Tsunade declines Orochimaru's offer. Good job Cartoon Network.
  4. Oh yeah, I was there. Retards. Why don't you tell them Sasuke betrays Konoha, while you're at it? XD

    And did anyone else notice that Tsunade's and Jiriaya's blushes appear in some shots, and then they're back to normal again in the next? XD
  5. lol i never noticed that XD
    [quote author=Trainer Sonjo link=topic=1562.msg25709#msg25709 date=1183002579]
    Oh yeah, I was there. Retards. Why don't you tell them Sasuke betrays Konoha, while you're at it? XD[/quote]
    Good Point.
  6. http://manga.unrivaled.info/index.php?folder=/Manga/

    They post the latest issue every Friday, I believe.
  7. i love love naruto 2 =^ ^= does anyboby want too know a web that you can read naruto chapter to 300 and more with out downlaod go to google and put naruto manga then it will say naruto manga returns click there will be lot of mangas too 1-36
  8. The link I posted has issues 245 and on from there. They have a few other manga on there too, but the other ones on there don't interest me so I haven't really looked at them.
  9. I'm currently waiting for Naruto Shippuden episode 25. I've already seen all the original Naruto episodes in Japanese. I've seen up to 94 of the original episodes on Cartoon Network. The Naruto manga is a tru work of art. As Deidara says: Art is a BANG! ^^ For all you who haven't seen/read Shippuden, you're really gonna enjoy it. ^^
  10. yeah i've seen all of those too, i've even read the manga to see even further i think that they should've killed sasuke when they had the chance.
  11. Cartoon Network just reached the 100th episode of the Naruto anime, and they had a huge Naruto marathon all last weekend. I just heard from a friend that episode 101 was banned...? so maybe CN is skipping to 102...
  12. What?The oone where they take off Kakashis mask?They put a prievew(and a funny one,at that)for it on the hundredth episode!Banned my ass.
  13. Ten bucks says the episode ends the instant before he removes his mask.

    ...Of course, any one who's seen the next episode on something other than Cartoon Network would have he upper hand on me...
  14. ...

    I'm trying not to spoil so bad... XD
  15. I hate the English dubs so bad... the voices are so horrid.
  16. Who doesnt love "Naruto" its an awesome show, probaly my top favorite followed by "One Piece". I love the show but I prefer to see them as they come out english. One thing I really love is the openig themes in fact if you like them too and could use a laugh watch these.
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juaN-auM05Y
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgC9ThS9sIc

    P.S any one played "Battle Stadium D.O.N" its a preety fun game.
  17. Nope, I just saw 101 and it ends with Kakashi removing the mask only to reveal a second mask! I was like :O
  18. [size=7pt]Haha. Gotta love Kakashi-sensei! Luckily I saw his face once! I'm so happy! (Yes, I'm a Naruto fan.) I wonder what is Sasuke's secret? (The one mentioned on page 1) I collect Naru headbands and figures and even stickers. (can't find much ._.) What I find sad about my favorite characters is that they all die at least once TT-TT. Poor Deidara, Sasori (This is the only reason I dislike Sakura and Chiyo), Haku, Gaara, Itachi, Tayuya, Sakon, and Hidan. Woah, I just noticed I had one fav female x)[/size]
  19. Well I love Naruto so much. xD. I guess you could call me an official Narutard. I know many things about it, and watch all the episodes online. Yet of course, there are subtitles considering it is in Japanese xD. Other then that, I am not one of those gaga fans, over Sasuke and all his "emonosity" xD. He is entertaining to watch, and interesting to listen to. Yet I don't have a flailing fan girl moment the minute he appears on the screen xD. I do like Gaara and his guyliner though, that is pretty intense. I can't believe that by sometime early 2008 the manga is going to be on Shippuden. They really went into over-drive these last few months to get all the manga out, three at a time. It is harder to keep up now. Yet I already know everything that happens. So, -shrugs-. Other then that, I really like Shikamaru, Neji, Hinata, and Sakura. I don't know why I like Sakura, I just do. She can be a bit of annoying sometimes, yet, eh, she adds to the manga/anime. Well for now that is all I have to say about Naruto, until sometimes triggers my Narutard inside of me xD.​
  20. I love Naruto. My favorite character is Neji. My sister likes Orochimaru. I spoiled myself by watching the sercond season.(After the timeskip) I also like Deidara, Sasori, and Zetsu of the Akatsuki. (Yah, Me and my sis have this thing for evil guys) Its on tonight in about 4 hours where I live.
  21. Meh. I used to watch Naruto. I started watching Shippuuden, then just stopped, it got too spread out :/

    Still, it's not too bad. People complain about it being retarded, but I think it's mainly the insane "LOLZMG" fankids that do people's heads in :p
  22. I have had a lot of free time on my hands lately, so I've been reading the japanese manga on youtube. I caught up in a few days. I also watch the anime. My favorite characters would have to be the leader of Akatsuki, Kisame, Neji, Temari, and Shikamaru.
  23. Naruto is fun - just don't get ridiculously obsessed over it.
    I'm on the part where Sasuke is about to kill Itachi! (Around about) Chapter 384! I love saiyan island.
  24. [quote author=Luigi777 link=topic=1562.msg42808#msg42808 date=1199150638]
    Naruto is fun - just don't get ridiculously obsessed over it.
    I'm on the part where Sasuke is about to kill Itachi! (Around about) Chapter 384! I love saiyan island.
    If my sister saw that post she would have likely gone into a concussion.

    Edit: Removed a quote
  25. She would suffer sudden head trauma? Well, from fainting, I guess, but I think you mean "Convulsion."
  26. My sister is psycho about it.
    Plus, they add a new chapter to it every Friday - NO MATTER WHAT!!!
    So We WILL see Itachi dead this Friday! (that's actually kind of sad...)
  27. I started watching the anime again xD

    Shippuuden is so weird, I'm on episode 34...I think. SAI IS SO AWESOME ;_;
  28. if im true than the next naruto has to be the big battle with Naruto and Sasuke in i want to see it!
  29. I hate naruto. D:
    The only thing I like about it is Shino Aburame.
    My favorite anime is Higurashi No naku Koro Ni.
  30. KoL

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    Topic locked for gravedigging, and might I ask why you would post in a Naruto topic if you hate it? I've already issued a warning for gravedigging to you.
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