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NARUTO! (Spoilers alert! You've been warned)

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Uzumaki Arashi, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. I was actually born on the same day Neji was born, and when I took a Naruto character test, it came up as Gaara!
  2. My friends and I are Naruto freaks. Especially me!! ;D My favorite character is Gaara *blush*
  3. i don't watch it that much but its awesome :)

  4. Gaara and Rock Lee are my favorite characters and if u want to talk about naruto sign up here on this website and sign up on the forums at the top of the page.

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  5. I like Naruto But I prefer his Shippuuden costume I watch it on youtube and other sorces.
  6. I cried when Sarutobi Hokage died...he was like Dumbledore.

    Yes, I used to hate Naruto until I was off work for three days in a row and bored stiff. I thought I'd give it a whirl. After a few episodes I couldn't stop watching. Currently, I've finished all of the original 200 and something episodes and I'm up to date on Shippuuden (and eagerly await it every Friday).

    Goes to show you never know what you like until you try it. I'm out of high school and Naruto was still something for animetards in my High School when I was there. It sucks now because I'm in a town with no one who likes it...except a 30 year old co-worker of mine who kinda creeps me out.

    On a side note, Naruto was born two days after me, and the marital arts styles I use are Hapkido and Dim Mak; both combined would be what Neji Hyuuga uses o_O. Woot!
  7. Linkachu

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    Sounds like my sister. When I originally started reading the Naruto manga in the first Shonen JUMP!s and downloaded the first few fansubbed Naruto episodes, my older sis hated it in so many different ways. From then on any mention of Naruto resulted in her saying "How can you LIKE that show?"

    Now... She and her roommate have watched 190+ episodes (probably all of them by now) and own two of the uncut mini-boxsets - which I took the liberty of borrowing and watching entirely in two days. I'm dying to see the next one since this is about where I stopped reading the manga ;_;

    As much as I love the Naruto Anime thus far, there's one clear thing the manga has over it: no pointless recaps. At the beginning of a new episode, I don't need to see five minutes out of the previous one all over again... It's especially annoying when I'm watching them back-to-back. I basically end up fast-forwarding because, as cool as the scenes are, I just watched them! If someone told me that they stopped doing that in later episodes I'd be very happy, though something tells me it's a Naruto thing I'll just need to accept and deal with... @_@
  8. I could tell you that in Shippuuden the recaps are only 30 seconds...
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Well then, I just need to go 175+ episodes ahead in the series to reach my point of happiness =D


    Dammit all ;__;
  10. A while ago some kid at my school got grounded for watching Naruto ep.1 and 2 he said it had something to do with the Harem Justsu. (When i saw it i was like omg a naked lady :o)

    Im waiting for Naruto episode 235 and I have no idea when it comea out for youtube.
  11. I spent a Sunday afternoon discussing Naruto with two ten year olds and it was pretty darn good discussions too. They're the first two Naruto fans I have met.
    Naruto is the first anime that I don't care whether I'm watching in it in Japanese or English.

    Some people say the English dub is annoying but oh please. There are annoying voices in both languages. Sakura Japanese voice sounds like Hinata's English one to me. But I like Hinata's more. Sakura's Japanese voice makes me want to set myself on fire sometimes. I wonder why I don't mind Hinata's English one then.

    ...one of the great mysteries...
  12. If you watch the japanese episodes from 100 to 220 youl notice that Sakura is a Female ninja that is practly useless. If you go on You tube and find episode that are fast fowarded its actually way easier to watch im mean there is no long pauses.(of corse you have to be a fast reader) and they sound like talking Gerbils
  13. When I watched the fillers I seriously considered skipping straight to Shippuuden. In retrospect, I'm glad I haven't.

    Also, I agree about the subbed/dubbed thing. Naruto is a show where I really have no preference. When mimicking Naruto himself I often use Believe it or Dattebayo interchangeably even though they don't translate congruently.
  14. Dayebatto!!! Naruto Rox!!! ;D My favorites are Gaara and Hinata, I know the Sasuke secret, I watch Shippuden on Youtube, I have the Japanese movies on my PSP, I even have the cards,games,action figures,manga, and I handmade a Naruto Genin Poster!!! 8)
  15. Naruto rocks! I'm waiting for The 15th Shippuuden episode to come out.
  16. It's out now. Actually, yesterday. New Shippuudens get translated by DATTEBAYO! every Friday.

    On that note, I still haven't watched it.
  17. Well you should watch Naruto shippuuden 15 does one of his new justsu Oodama Rasengan its sweet ;D
  18. I"m going to watch it now! ;D
  19. The Oodama Rasengan is awesome!!!! I just watched Shippuuden episode 15 today!
  20. Me too, there is a stronger oodama Rasengan that is made out of the Kyuubi Chakara!
  21. Man I love the series Naruto is one anime I cant wait to watch and Naruto Shipuuden is as well I cant wait till the next episode to see what happens.
  22. I cant wait for Naruto Shippuuden 16 the last one ended with itachi being blown up by the oomada Rasengan but itachi was avtually Yuura sush a cliff hanger
  23. Does anyone else watch Shippuuden?
  24. I also love Naruto!^^ My favorite Characters are Ino and Haku and Zabuza XP
    And I also love the theme music, Orange Range is an incredibly good band and I listen to them very often^^ (Orange Range does about 25% if not more of the Naruto Music, lol)
    I get in trouble for talking about Naruto in school, so I guess its safe to say im pretty obssessed with it XP
  25. I quite like Naruto. My favourite characters have to be Shino and Hinata since Shino is damn cool with his swarm and Hinata is just Hinata. Gotta like a sweet shy girl.
  26. And she has the Byakugan!

    Might Guy is hilarious. He's so corny, he's cool. I laughed when he gave Naruto the green unitard. Pervy Sage is well....pervy but it's cool.

    Once upon a time I told myself I wouldn't skip ahead of the English dub with Youtube. But that was then. I couldn't help myself. Once I started watching I couldn't stop.
  27. Rock Lee and Gai-Sensei are the best.
  28. I Used to hate neji soo much because of his meaness.. he kept telling hinata she was a loser and stuff..that made me pissed. And i also have the english uncut box sets, i getting No. 2 after i gradute..i get a sand headband now
  29. I'm behind on Naruto at the moment...But I find the Akatsuki to be most interesting.

    I stopped on episode 160. Haven't had much time to watch it because of school and stuff. But I've been reading some of the Manga following the current episodes. But, they don't directly correspond with the animated series.
  30. Akatsuki's after something big. I won't revel spoilers here.

    Though, you can skip the fillers. They've made Naruto Shippuuden.
  31. I've watched most of the Naruto episodes and read up on everyone on wiki...My favorite characters o\ae Oro, Jiraiya, and rock Lee. One of them...a former favorite, I guess...ANYONE WHO DOESN'T WANT A SPOILER DON'T READ!

    SPOILERI'm confused...does Oro die or does he just get hurt real bad and fail to take over Sasuke?SPOILER
  32. Wow, It's nice to find some people that aren't obsessed with sasuke. I get flamed a lot for hating him >_>. My favorite character is definitely Naruto..
  33. It's my guess is that Orochimaru was defeated by Sasuke, but not necissarily killed. Kishimoto might have another role for the evil Sannin.
  34. okay, i have a question or two. is orochimaru the actual 3rd sannin? i've had a theory that each of the sannin was afflicted by each of jiraiya's "3 prohibitions" (alcohol, money, and women), and since jiraiya has issues with women, and tsunade has issues with money, i thought the 3rd would have issues with alcohol.

    and also, how exactly do you spell sannin? (i've just been spelling it that way because someone else on this thread spelt it that way)

    and please, ixnay on the oilerspay....(HAH! pun. ixnay on the oilers' pay, football team...)
  35. Yes he is. And I think it is spelled 'Sannin.' That's what a website said at any rate.
  36. Yes, Orochimaru is the third Sannin. "San" is three, and "Nin" is Ninja. When people in the show say "The legendary Sannin" they mean "The legendary three ninja".

    It's taken from the story "Goketsu Monogatari" in which Jiraiya fell in love with Tsunade, a beautiful young princess who masters snail magic. His arch-enemy was his one-time follower, Orochimaru, who mastered in snake magic.
  37. Naruto ROCKS! I haven't seen all the episodes, I watched it when it was on Cartoon Network at 5:30 pm weekdays(they should NOT have canceled showing it at that time just when they had gone back to the very beginning episodes which I had never seen!).
  38. i guess sasuke i gonna kill deidara in the manga.................
  39. damn...didnt see that coming :o
  40. Tell me about it!
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