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NARUTO! (Spoilers alert! You've been warned)

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Uzumaki Arashi, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. Naruto is an awesome show. I'm on episode 227 going to 228 when it comes out in english.If anyone else watches it, feel free to express your views and opinions'. :)
  2. Just look at my avatar and signature. Naruto is my absolute favorite anime of all time. I'm obsessed! People complain about the filler episodes but I don't. One of the best moments of the show so far was Naruto taking out Neji in the Chunin exams. Cliche I know but it was an awesome moment for underdogs everywhere.
  3. yep I can tell your obsessed. do you watch Carlos Mencia on comedy central or do you watch naruto? If you do check this out.
    • http://youtube.com/watch?v=Tz5zLOBBUSY
  4. Unfortunately as of now my computer can't handle videos or other streaming images so I'll check it out on someone else's computer!! Nice Signature by the way.
  5. Naruto is one of my favorite shows. I love the theme songs.
  6. I've heard of it, but I've never seen it.
  7. I completely love Naruto. I have a lil Naruto gang at school. We talk about it alot.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I love what I've seen of Naruto (about 13 episodes or so), but I'm in no way a hardcore fan like some people. Also, I greatly enjoyed reading it in Shonen JUMP while I was still actively collecting it. It amuses me how most people back then were (and still are) gaga over Sasuke. I always liked Naruto better myself :p

    I have a few Naruto songs on my playlist at the moment. Can't help but love SODA YO! ... erm, Haruka Kanata ^^
  9. To quote this. Lol =] Not good at quoting. Sasuke isnt that Ohh lala at all. I find him the most annoying out of any character. My favorite boy char would be Rock Lee. He is Deeply dedicated to his work. And he will always protect the one he loves. And my favorite girl character would be Hinata. She is quiet and sweet. She is cute and shy. It is so sweet how she goes into nervous arrest while shes talking to Naruto.
  10. My favorites are Naruto, Rock Lee(have to love his eagerness), Neji, Hinata, and Shikamaru.

    Naruto proves that just because you may have a demon in you doesn't mean that you're not human. Rock Lee, well, is Rock Lee and I love him for it. Neji and Hinata are both cool and they possess my favorite Kekkei Genkai, the Byakugan. Shikamaru is a genius hidden by his slacker persona.
  11. Yeah.....Sasuke,not that cool to me anymore because......I know a secret about him that people that watch the american series or isn't on the new episodes doesn't know what it is, Dattebayyo!!!
  12. I fell in love with Naruto when I first started watching it, and I actually broke out in tears on episode 19 (the one where Zabusa dies)... However, after that, I just felt like it lost it's spark. I kept watching it though, but not as frequently... I was sorta hoping for another ep. 19 climax, but it just never came. And then, somewhere around episode 80, I just stopped watching it completely. It's a good show, yes, but not good enough for me to watch 280+ episodes of it...

    Also, my friend totally ruined it for me... I introduced her to Naruto, but now, whenever I see her she has to make some comment about how dreamy Sasuke is, how funny Kakashi is with that little book he's always reading or how much she despises Orochimaru... She just never stops!!! *breaks out in tears*
  13. I feel your pain, brotha'! :'(
  14. I know the secret too. I jumped ahead by way of Wikipedia. That secret won't reveal itself until much later in the American series. That's the mark of a good show to me: when I can spoil the ending for myself and still highly enjoy the show. Reading the plot synopsis and watching the show are a totally different ballgame.
  15. Yeah it's a good secret but anyone who likes Sasuke will be crushed/shocked.
  16. It's an awesome show.
  17. I love the Naruto series, I watch Shippuden on Youtube.
  18. Same here!
  19. My favorite group of characters on Naruto are the Akatsuki. I just love how so many different characters are in one group.
  20. shayeGC13

    shayeGC13 Guest

    Naruto RLZ. I'm so obsessed with it I overloaded my computer/MP3/Flash Drive and school folder with Naruto pics and episodes and manga and AMVs. You like the Akatsuki! Me too, one of my fav charactures in the whole series is Deidara.
    Youtube rlz it feeds my want for Naruto and other anime shows ^_^.
  21. Uhhhh sorry to say, I'm part of the Anti-Deidara Fanclub on some naruto forums place.
    But my favorite Akatsuki is Itachi.
  22. Naruto is pretty cool. I especially like how they have finnally made Naruto himself more grown up. Also The Akatsuki PWN! :] Yeah Deidara! >w
  23. Yeah, I hear people that illegally watched Japanese Naruto on Youtube (Not me....) wanted to hear Itachi's English voice badly, and the episode cut off only made it longer, but now we know :)
  24. Yep, all good replies so far. :) :) :)
  25. Itachi is definitely cool. I mean, he brought Kakashi to his knees with one attack. (Albeit one where he controls time and space, but you gotta admit, that's pretty cool)

    Still, my favorite character is Jiraiya. Pervy Toad Sages FTW!
  26. Actually Itachi was a very good ANBU operative and trained alot. He also uses genjutsu to damage his enemies.
  27. Yeah, Itachi did become leader of an ANBU squadron at 13.

    Itachi aside, I'd say Naruto is the coolest character. In the shippuunden series, everything about his skills gets better-he's stronger, he has better timing with his kage bunshin (shadow clones), and he teams up with Sakura very well too. He's also smarter because he knows just how to trick kakashi when they're trying to get the bells for a second time. NarutoxSakura 4ever! X3
  28. I know Itachi is a bad guy and all but he's still one cool dude.
    Call me wimp but the Episode The Third Hokage..Forever almost brought tears to my eyes.

    One of my favorite characters was Haku. His story moved me too. Even though he only made a brief appearence in the grand scheme of things, he had a huge influence on Naruto. By the way for anyone who doesn't know, Haku is my avatar. ;D
  29. I do agree, I miss both Haku and Zabuza. Later when Naruto and Sakura are fighting kakashi, you'll see that kakashi uses one of Zabuza's moves.

    Hey guys, remember when Naruto yelled "HE'S PRETTIER THEN SAKURA" when haku told naruto he was a guy? XD
  30. I loved the Naruto Marathon on Friday April 6th. It was awesome!.
    I think that Itachi is a god-modded character.
    Its annoying how everyone thinks hes the best.
  31. The thing about the 3rd hokage, was tooooooooo long!
  32. I never said he was the best, just that he's cool. We should have more Naruto marathons. At least two new episodes at a time. But then I guess the anime would catch up to the manga again.
  33. Since we all love Naruto so much, I think this should go over well....

    It's called Naruto: The Abridged Series. It's a spoof of Naruto, and it's hilariously funny.

    The Link to the first episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xxfitqgw4EY

    If you want to see the entire series, you could navigate through the related vids (it should also come up with the next episode automatically after each video) or just click on the creator's username. Episode 10 is missing, but you can get to it through clicking on the creator's name. They are currently in the beginning of the Chuunin Exam arc.
  34. Reply to Carmen Lopez: I almost cried in that epp too. And im a hard ass kid. T_T Hokage.. WHYYYYYYYY. If he woulda gotten him sooner. Instead of wasting time.Then maybe Oorchimaru would stay dead! His arms are purple lol.

    Reply to The Fluffy Weavile: I will check out your series? Maybe i will like it. Maybe i wont.
  35. I Love Naruto! Omg...i think i started with the manga first, yea...i started when naruto was in shonen jump *at first, i didn't like naruto..but i grew fond with it..* I like the haku eps. because that storyline was the BEST ONE EVER! and I'm mad haku died...*boo* and i had the eps. Uncut Dvd box set..so yay..Japanese voice!
  36. My first post on this forum shall be diverted at Naruto. Hence my custom title. You're lucky that you actually CAN have a Naruto gang at your school. Almost everybody at my school absolutely HATES Naruto, because they're probably to lazy to actually watch it and see for themselves if it's cool or not. And on top of that, I'm one of the most un-popular kids in my grade. Well anyway my favorite female characters are Anko and Temari, and my favorite male characters are Gaara and Neji. I also love the Fourth Hokage and I think the Kyuubi kicks butt. I also like Naruto when he has the Kyuubi Chakra, like in the fight with Sauce-gay.
    Haku rules too, and "The Third Hokage... Forever" also made me cry. Don't feel wimpy, cuz that's the first time I've cried in AGES. xD
  37. *coughs* wuss *coughs*
  38. I am dating the number one Naru-tard of the world.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Naruto as well, but I am not as die hard as my boyfriend.

    I first got into Naruto a year or two before the manga was ever released in America. I was on a anime based forum and lots of people there liked it. So, one of them suggested I check it out, and I started to download it.

    I instantly fell in love with Haku and Hinata. I have a Haku keychain attached to my car keys, that I never take off. -It's straight from Japan, since a friend got it for me there- I am making a Hinata and a Haku plushie. And I am making a cosplay costume of Hinata after the time skip... Yes... I like them that much. I am even thinking of cosplaying Haku.

    Then I met my boyfriend... He is obsessed with Rock Lee and is trying to grow his eyebrows to look like his... o.O;;; I threatened to shave them while he sleeps. Even though he is more die hard, I know more of the series then he does.
    And even though I know what's going to happen as I watch the newer episodes, I still enjoy them.

    Though honestly, I prefer the manga to the anime.

    Though for the English version... I am so tired of "BELIEVE IT!"
    My friend's and I use this English catch phrase as an insult now.

    For example: "You're so dumb, not even Naruto can "BELIEVE IT!""

    But over all, the voice panel for English Naruto. The voice actor for Mighto Gai-sensei is my favorite by far. xD When he was at an anime con and someone asked "Who do you see your character from Naruto paired off with?" he took the mike and calmly stated, "Gai-sensei and Rock Lee." Causing many fangirl squeals and laughter.
  39. U should post a picture of ur Haku and Hinata cosplay!
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