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Ask to Join Naruto: Shinobi Road (Role play Thread)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by kyuukestu, May 30, 2019.

  1. Mako watched as others within the room gave their introductions....and others that had more curiously arrived late into the room which caused a sigh to leave the lips. For the most important day in these candidates lives some of them sure seemed to have trouble with the easiest part of it. Still "he" decided now had been as good as time as any to give "his" own intro to the group as she stood up ready to speak as "he" cleared "his" throat.

    "Sora. Hey and yeah...good to go. As I'll ever be."​

    Mako had been cut off just as the first syllable escaped her lips, "he" glanced down a couple rows ahead of "him" at some guy who cut "him" off. He seemed to be of Kumogakure, and his body language seemed a bit slack; his legs resting on his desk and a hoodie covered his eyes which hide his expression.

    This guy didn't even look like he cared, hell he didn't even bother to give a last name, but decided now to get his introduction out. Mako had been annoyed and directed a scowl his direction before "he" cleared her throat again.

    "Mako Kobayashi. Eager and ready." Mako replied as "he" gave his formal introduction making certain to use the more masculine voice "he" had crafted over the years before "he" sat back down.
  2. Suisentō

    "Mugen, Suisentō Mugen, from the Land of Rain! Ehehe~"

    Giggling as she finished her introduction, she immediately slipped off her mask of excitement and replaced it with a pout. This time, the offending brother was Zentō. She gazed intently at her eldest of kin, pinching the corner of his shirt and staring at him with upturned eyes.

    'Ninja Art: Crocodile Tears!'

    Slowly but surely, she created the most pitifully betrayed puppy look she could muster. "...do you have to?"


    Bursting through the door, panting and heaving, Shīnkai, leaned herself upon the nearest chair. Earlier, she'd spotted Sashi's lightning-dash through the streets. Realizing she must've been late, she too took off with all the haste she could muster. However, unlike her fellow shinobi from Kumo, Shīnkai was built not for endurance, but instead for short bursts of activity.

    She'd found herself keeping up with him for a while, but as time dragged on she fell behind. While she finally arrived, she was just as exhausted as she looked.

    "*pant* *pant* Shīnkai Myōsida — Kumogakure..."

    Bleating out her name and village with what little breath she had left, she slumped into the nearest chair, which just so happened to belong to Fumiko.


    Mere seconds after Shīnkai had entered, the doors were once again pushed open. Strutting through the room, clearly unconcerned with her own lateness, Melia took a seat. She crossed her legs, putting one over the other. Leveling her gaze at the others in the room, she scoffed lightly.

    "Melia Kamizuru of Iwagakure —it is your pleasure."

    She spoke with a condescending tone, clearly looking down on the vast majority of contestants. Although she'd arrived late, she'd been just in time to see Fumiko bowing her head to the proctor as an apology. A glint of anger flashed through her eyes, and with a sharp tone, "Yamamoto!", she growled, "Don't let me catch you doing that again! The only one an Iwa-shinobi can bow their head to is Lord Tsuchikage!"
  3. Shuju was not a fan of the Land of Iron, it was too cold and a pain to traverse, especially for him and his short stature. Any normal person would give up in these kinds of weather, but he was not one to stop. After all, he was an Akai! Their motto was 'Short in stature, big in spirit' for a reason, and that reason wasn't 'giving up when it got a bit tough to go on'! He gritted his teeth and continued onwards.

    The short child managed to arrive at the location the exams were being held, and he slipped through the open doors before bowing to the proctor. "Shuju Akai from Tanigakure, apologies for my late arrival." He stopped bowing and looked at the girl who growled at someone called Yamamoto. "Please, save the retorts and insults for when they matter. Good manners are important, and apologising for something is considered good manners." He sat down at an empty chair, ignoring the people staring at him for either his short stature or the fact that he talked to a fellow ninja like that. They bothered him as usual, but as long as he didn't give them any acknowledgement they didn't have anything on him.

    Sayaka looked at the new boy with interest, he had to be too young to compete in this! He looked as old as her younger brother, and he was 9. His size didn't seem to hamper his sharp tongue though, as he already seemed to have antagonised another latecomer. "I don't believe that he is a ninja, just look at his size!" She whispered to Hitomi and Genjirō.
  4. To his surprise, another few ninja-to-be had made the mistake of arriving late as well. One of these late arrivals was a girl named Fumiko, who took it upon herself to make personal introductions.

    “Hi. In case you didn’t catch it earlier, I’m Sashi,” He replied with a warm smile, pushing his wild blonde hair back as to let the girl properly make eye contact, “...and don’t worry about it. Your introduction was about as stellar as my own.” The Kumo-nin added, glancing around the room once more as a few other last minute arrivals found there seats.
    “I gotta say, it’s kinda strange that they decided to hold the Genin exams here of all places. Kinda makes me think there gonna be a bit different than expected.”
  5. Sokaze tried to suppress a smile at seeing the pureness of the girl before his attention was drawn to a gruff-looking man in the center of the room. One by one the budding genin listed out their name and origin, some with an arrogance he'd grown familiar with at the academy, some nervously and some with excitement. Throughout the four years he'd skipped the exam he'd heard that people of all shapes and sizes came from around the globe, and they weren't wrong.

    He decided now was as good a time as ever to introduce himself, so he waited for the current person, a guy named Sashi, to finish. "Hey, I'm Sokaze, from Kirigakure. Glad to meet you all," he said with a smile, before sitting back in his iron seat to watch the rest of them
  6. Sitting in a seat behind Melia, a boy with a fit build was present. Jōdan had arrived at the exam a bit earlier, much earlier than his two late academy classmates. He saw how Melia was acting like she was above all the others even though she arrived late. “Heh, looks like she’s still the same as ever.” He thought to himself. “Geez Melia, it’s like you’re asking to be disliked.” Said before glancing towards Fumiko. “You don’t have to listen to her you know, Fumiko.”

    Realizing he hasn’t introduced himself to the instructor, Jōdan quickly stood up from his seat and looked towards said instructor. “Oh yeah the introductions. My name is Jōdan Chikarajo, pleased to be here.” He said before sitting back down.
  7. Zentō had lost the moment those crocodile tears began forming on her bright turquoise eyes. The girl’s seemingly distraught expression was that of a betrayed puppy. It was a pitiful look that left him virtually incapable of denying her request. His sister’s underhanded tactics were completely unfair!

    The older Mugen let out a defeated sigh before a small smile appeared on his face.

    “Fine. You win. Let’s go sit somewhere else.”

    It didn’t take long to determine where they were going to sit. There was still some space by Kentō, who continued to keep to himself. Zentō himself would’ve liked to indulge in some conversation with the other participants. However, he prioritized his siblings and didn’t like seeing Kentō in that depressed state. He also saw this as an opportunity for Kentō to redeem himself to his little sister.

    Upon reaching the back, Zentō gave a casual greeting before sitting down beside his brother.

    “Hey bro, what’s up?”
  8. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Fumiko was actually quite interested in discussing the topic with Sashi. He seemed like a good guy and she always loved talking about things like this. It gave her a chance to flex her brain a little. There were a few things, however, that dragged her attention away from him. First was her acquaintance, Melia. She had walked in just after another girl and was already criticizing Fumiko, despite being later than she was. She appreciated Jōdan trying to stick up with her, but she could take care of herself. She decided to be as sarcastic as possible with her reply. "I'm so sorry my queen that I offended you. I didn't realize basic manners were below your queenly nature. Please go on about how inferior the entire population is in comparison to y-." She could have gone on, but she was interrupted by the girl that had come in slightly before "Her Majesty." The girl for whatever reason decided it would be a great idea to plop herself right on top of Fumiko. "Umm, not to be a bother or anything, but this seat is already taken... by me."
  9. The children introduced themselves one by one. Out of the many there, only a few caught his eyes a small group 24 strong by Yamagi's count. Shifting in place, he gave the ground a solid stomp — Thud! That'd get their attention.

    "Welcome to the genin graduation exams. I'm sure you're all bubbling with emotion, anxiety, excitement, reluctance..."

    He paused briefly, gaze sweeping the crowd.

    "All the skills you've cultivated up to this point will be put to the test today. This year's examination consists of two rounds. The first round, a treasure hunt. Below us is a three-floor labyrinth, and on the third floor are boxes of treasure you'll be searching for. Once you've acquired this treasure and returned to the top of the labyrinth, you'll be given a pass to the second round of the examinations."

    What Yamagi didn't say, was that how the got the treasure wasn't important. Robbery and theft were considered valid methods of passing the exam. A returning team would be required to keep their hands steadily on the prize.

    "You'll be placed in random teams of three and deposited randomly across the first floor of the labyrinth. It's your job to explore your way to the bottom floor while overcoming the many little surprises left in place for you."

    Truth be told, when he'd stomped down on the ground earlier, it was not only to get their attention but to trigger the mechanisms of the labyrinth. A series of tunnels lay beneath them, twisting and winding like a rollercoaster. These tunnels led to various points in the labyrinth and all that remained was for the students to take these tunnels. Well...the correct word would be drop.

    "Your exams begin...now!"

    As the proctor's voice fell, so did the floor beneath the group of children. Of course, the seats hadn't moved at all. Oddly enough, the seats and the children seated on them remained suspended in mid-air.

    That was only temporary, as the metallic chains overturned themselves, dumping their occupants into the network of holes below. For those who'd reacted fast enough to clench onto their seats, they would soon find it incredibly difficult to maintain a grip. The seats themselves had been engraved with a sealing jutsu containing magnet release. The seats and their occupants would be like two same-sided ends of a magnet, and as they said 'Opposites attract, but likes repel.'

    With the faintest hint of a smile on his lips, the instructor observed the tunnels the students were falling into. From there, he could already determine their teams.


    Suisentō Mugen

    Turning that frown upside down in a heartbeat, Suisentō beamed at her minor victory. Just as she'd prepared to follow her brother, the instructor began to explain the exams.

    Between her brother and her excitement over the examinations, she chose the exams without a second thought. Zentō completely forgotten, she listened intently to the explanations. She'd been a bit confused about how they were to reach an underground labyrinth, but that was before the floor opened up under her.

    Stunned, she flailed for something to grab, grasping only air. As she fell she shrieked...though, it was hard to tell whether she was scared, or simply even more excited.

    Melia Kamizuru

    Glaring a Jodan, she flipped him the whites of her eyes. "Don't be ridiculous."

    Cocking her head to the other side, Melia gave the Yamamoto a look of irritation and disdain. "Listen, Yamamoto, you can disgrace yourself, but not Iwagakure."

    She paused, before adding more softly "—and good morning to you too, I suppose..."

    Her lack of manners had indeed been her bad, and Yamamoto was an Iwa-shinobi, so Melia wasn't beyond correction. What had set her off was Yamamoto's actions of bowing to the proctor. That was unacceptable.

    Duty above sacrifice, and death before surrender.

    For the fallen Kamizuru clan, especially Melia's branch, their pride in themselves and their country were of paramount importance. For perhaps...pride was all they had left...

    But that was beside the point.

    "You seem...occupied anyway."

    Crumpling her nose in distaste, Melia turned away from the farce before her as some rainbow colored girl had just thrown herself into Fumiko's lap.



    With a strange mix of a sigh and some other...noise, Shīnkai voiced her minor frustration. At the point, she was honestly too tired. She hadn't even noticed that someone was already sitting here before she plopped herself onto them.

    With great effort, she one more pushed onto her feet. She gave a good look at the girl she'd just sat on, noting, with a grimace, that she'd inked over her. Splotches of rainbow and magic now decorated the Iwa-shinobi's uniform.

    "Uhhhh, i-it's not what it looks like!"

    A furious blush made its way across her cheeks. "I-it washes off...I s-swear! S-so sorry about that..."

    Stammering out an apology, Shīnkai shuffled away from Fumiko. In her fluster, she hadn't been paying attention to the instructor's words.

    And so, when the floor fell away beneath her, she was caught completely off guard—


    Her screams echoed into the tunnels as she fell.

    Just barely, out of the corner of her eye, she could see the girl Fumiko was talking to falling into a separate tunnel.
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  10. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Zadol tried to get up before he fell into a maze, when he landed, he searched for his teammates but they hadn't fallen yet, he decided to explore a little bit until his team landed, tho after a bit of walking in circles, he started to feel a little pain to his legs because of the fall
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  11. Hey. What’s your problem? Someone is clearly sitting there.” Sashi spoke up in an obviously annoyed tone, only for his expression to contort as the rude ninja got ink, paint, or....something, all over Fumiko.
    “Alright kid, thats I-“ The Kumo nin was cut off by the booming voice of the exam proctor, who had began explaining the exams rather cryptically.
    “Did he say labryYYNTHHH!” The boys words slowly morphed into a yell as the ground underneath him suddenly disappeared without warning.

    Sashi clung to the walls around him, attempting to find anything to stop his unexpected descent. Upon realizing there were no ledges or such to grip hold of, he attempted to press his hands and feet against the cylindrical tube he’d ended up in to slow his speed.
    This tactic barely worked however, as the tube was big, and he wasn’t ready. Upon reaching the bottom of the hole, the wild haired boy tucked his body into a ball and rolled off his feet to displace the force from his impact. Still, his ankles vibrated from the jolt with the ground, causing him to lean on a large stone wall for a moment to steady himself.

    “What....is this?”
  12. When he says now does he mean....

    Hitmoi's thoughts had been cut off, as she listened to the instructor outline what this first exam would be. Which on paper seemed easy enough for an exam to become official ninja or samurai in the case of the Land of Iron residents. An aspect which had confused her as it likely had done others, but she had no time to dwell on that or the random team aspect to this exam as within a flash the floors dropped open and she had been tossed over as she fell down a dark abyss.

    Naturally, she reacted with the cool composure she had worked so hard to present herself with.

    No no no no no no no! I am gonna die I am gonna die I am gonna die!

    Hitomi sailed through the air, but even with her internal panic she found the fall had not been too deep and she still had basic ninja reflexes to work with as she landed on her feet finding herself alone in a section of what she assumed had been the maze.

    Thankfully, she was the first of her team to arrive it seemed. As such she managed to avoid having her fear-stained face noticed by anyone and managed to work to try and calm herself down while she waited.
  13. ‘A labyrinth with random groups?’

    Zentō knew the odds of being paired with his siblings were low. He was prepared to be matched with the other participants and work with them to complete this exam. What he wasn’t prepared for was the sudden removal of the floor beneath them. They were given only a brief moment in mid-air to comprehend what was happening.

    The young Mugen instinctively clenched his seat only to find it increasingly difficult to maintain a grip as they were overturned. Zentō let out a gasp and maybe even a silent curse as he was forced to let go and fall into the hole. He spent the next few seconds sliding down the steep tunnel and listening to the horrified shouts of his fellow examinees. The highest shriek probably being the one from his sister.

    Eventually, Zentō could see the literal light at the end of the tunnel and braced himself for impact. The tense Mugen burst out of the tube, rolling onto the floor before abruptly crashing into a stone wall. After laying on the ground for a moment to take a necessary breather, he sat up to examine his surroundings and find his teammates.

    “What is this place? Also, is anyone there?”
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  14. Mako had been focused on the instructor as he commanded the attention of the class and explained the rules for the aspiring ninja & samurai. A maze trial, an interesting test to say the least but not unwelcomed one all things considered even with the additional twist of mix and match teams. Which given the disparity from what "he" had seen in the room, likely meant "he'd" have to team up with a ninja for at least this portion of the exam.

    Though even as she prepared "himself" for that, "he" had not been prepared for the sudden jump start as the floor gave way and "his" body flopped on what seemed to be some sort of drop or slide as "he" moved down from the classroom and before long ended up in some unknown section of what appeared to be a vast labyrinth.

    The maze, Mako had quickly realized, as "he" glanced around and saw "he" was alone. "He" supposed she'd have to wait for "his" two allies to come in.....whoever they were, perhaps if fortune had been in "his" favor the samurai classmates would end up being randomly picked. But Mako didn't consider luck to swing so favorable if the pit in her stomach had been anything to go by.

    "Well, that is one way to get this party rocking..." Sora mumbled to himself, as he had somehow managed to not be phased much by the sudden drop, as his body hung to the slide as he dropped down with his hands in his pocket. He had not paid the....greatest attention to what the instructor sais, though he felt he had gotten the core elements of it.

    Be paired up randomly with other ninja, and go and solve this maze.

    Upon his arrival down to the maze, he got up and stretched a bit to shake the earlier grogginess. As he did, he saw he had been alone as he figured or assumed they had to be split into their teams. So he was stuck waiting for his teammates, the though to go it alone and leave them had entered his mind while he finished his stretches. After all, while they were all allies and holding hands or what not now, the fact is they were competitors and if he had solved the maze alone and should they be stuck it might knock 2 birds with one stone.

    He eventually decided against it, but not for any moral reason...rather the thought doing that would likely result in a penalty of some sort so he'd rather play it safe as he found a wall to lean against while he waited for his two allies.
  15. Ayano:
    Ayano listened intently to what the proctor had to say. "I hope my teammates are good so i won't have to carry this team" she thought to herself. Right then, the ground opened up and Ayano fell into the pit. She landed on her feet and supported herself with her left hand so she wouldn't hurt her feet too much. She looked around at the new environment. It appeared like she was on a small island with 3 small rivers surronding it. She also saw a boy on this island. Presumably one of her teammates. The proctor hadn't told them who they're teammates were so she assumed that they would be dropped down in close proximity to each other.
    "Hi there! My name is Bakura, Ayano. May i ask for your name?" She said politely.

    Etsuji fell through the floor when it opened up and landed on his side to avoid taking too much damage on any part of his body. Which sadly, didn't work very well. He hurt his shoulder a little but he could walk it off. He stood up and looked at his surroundings. He was alone and he could only see a pathway to his right. There were only walls everywhere else. He sat down and started thinking about his best course of action right now.
    "Alright, i'm alone in a maze with only one way to go. There are probably traps put out somewhere on the ground ahead of us and somewhere on the walls. So i need to be careful while walking down the pathway. However, the proctor said we would have random teams so i should probably wait for my other teammates before i do anything" he mumbled to himself.
  16. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Zadol opened his eyes and saw Ayano "my name is Zadol! Nice to meet you! Now i just need to wait for the last person!" He continued as he looked again at the path he saw, wondering what will happen and if this will be easy. "Man, i sure hope she is good, i could try using my sharigan to find the items or something... that wouldn't be very ... creative , plus i like me a good challenge " he thought as he was confidently smiling, now with a back up plan in mind
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  17. Suisentō


    Laughing, Suisentō tumbled into the room, landing in a heap against one of the labyrinth's walls. She landed upside down and was still a bit dizzy from her joy-ride. Her eyes scanned the inverted room, landing immediately on Sashi...all 5 of him.

    "Hi Hi!! Are you guys quintuplets? I've never met quintuplets before! Is it true that you do everything together!? What if all of you need to use the bathroom, but there's only one available! Oh No!"

    Suisentō felt that life as a quintuplet must be very difficult. More importantly, "Weren't there only supposed to be three of us!?"

    However, just as she spoke the words, she realized her mistake. Obviously, if there were 5 of them, and 1 of her, that made two teams of 3. That meant three of them were... "Enemies!"

    She scrambled to her feet, pulling out two metal fans from the holsters on her legs. Without another word she attacked!

    But there was one problem. All five of them looked perfectly identical, how was she to know which two were her teammates? Struck by confusion, she switched targets repeatedly, eyes darting between the 5 versions of Sashi. Picking the one on the edge, she lashed out with the edge of her fan.

    Needless to say, she hit nothing but empty space, where a combination of forward momentum and dizziness, sent her toppling at Sashi's feet. The world was spinning a bit too much for her liking, and so she did what any respectable ninja would do in this situation.

    "...Wait, time-out!"

    She called for a time-out.



    Unprepared for the sudden drop, Melia couldn't help but shriek. It was a very dignified shriek...obviously, but a shriek nonetheless. Her panic didn't last long, as before she knew it, she was ejected from the tunnel, landing on her butt with a painful smack.

    She cursed as pain lanced through her back-side. That would be sore for a while.

    "Ahhhhh. Why was no one there to break my fall?!"

    She slowly got to her feet, massaging her aches and pains. It looked like she was the first to arrive.

    "Tsk, these peasants can never get anything right..."

    Grumbling under her breath, she realized she would have to...wait. She didn't like waiting. That's what peasants and servants were for.

    But since she had no choice in the matter...she might as well look around the room. To her surprise, she was not the first to arrive as she saw another boy in the room, standing there like a daft.

    "You! How inconsiderate could you be!?"

    Her discontent now provided a target, she pinned it on Zentō.


    Slipping and sliding, the ink on her body making the procedure no more enjoyable, Shīnkai passed through the tunnels and great speed. The tunnel had been slicked by her ink leaving almost no friction between the passage walls and her body. Fortunately for her, the exit for her own tunnel came from a wall, rather than the ceiling.

    She shot from the tunnel, tumbling through the air in a rainbow-colored blob. "Hnnnggg."

    A grunt of exasperation was emitted before — Plop!

    Landing within the large river circling the room, Shīnkai floated to the top, face down. Her ink slowly began to spread into the water, dying it with all the colors of the rainbow...and a few that weren't.

    For appearance's sake, she looked like a dead person.
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  18. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    The Senju noted Shizuka's response, but decided not to continue the conversation. This was for two reasons; the first being that the stiffness in her tone suggested that she wasn't in the mood for conversation, and the second being that the proctor had decided to stomp on the ground loudly, for reasons unbeknownst to Shihasu. The reason was soon revealed to him, to activate the mechanisms that gave way to the underground maze that was below the exam room. The desent was quick and unfourtunately, painful.

    "Ow..." The Senju dusted himself off and decided to take some time to do some recon of his surroundings, which was admittedly hard to accomplish due to yhe low light levels. Eventually, Shihasu's search had led him to find a humanoid figure near him, likely another exam taker.

    "H-hey..." He was hesitant on attempting to seek help from a complete stranger, but ay this point, any help was better than no help at all, "You planning on going solo or do you need help?"
  19. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Kiyoshi listened intently to what the proctor had to say, but he was not prepared when the floor suddenly disappeared beneath them. He slid down the long twisting tunnel and landed on the ground, barreling passed a girl and straight into a wall. He thought it would have been nice for hydrification to have kicked in so that he didn't get hurt, but sadly no such luck. He got up and looked around the room. One girl had already landed so he could assume she was his teammate. It also seemed there was a group in the center of the room they were in. He made a note to try and avoid a fight with them if possible. He decided to introduce himself more properly than in the introductions, now that he had a team that he felt like he should trust. "Hello, my name is Kiyoshi Hozuki. I suppose we will be working together for the foreseeable future of these exams."

    Fumiko was a little shaken by what now seemed to be... ink all over her. She was more than a little distracted and upset because of this, but the girls seemed to not have meant to do it. Either way she was not at all focused on what the proctor was saying, when she clearly should have been as the floor was taken right from underneath her. She tried to hold on to her chair, but couldn't get a good grip because of the rainbow ink all over her. She fell down into a tunnel and landed on the ground. She rolled so that the impact would not affect her as much and saw a boy in the passage in front of her. "Umm excuse me but I missed what the proctor had said before, would you mind explaining what just occurred and where we seem to be?"
  20. Sayaka shifted her attention from the newcomers to the proctor, listening carefully to the proctor. A labyrinth? Where was it hidden? As she was trying to figure out where the labyrinth was, she fell down as the floor disappeared and the chair threw her off. "Aaaaahhhh!" Her screams echoed as she fell down, swallowed by the darkness.

    The trip down was dark and far from comfortable, as her kusari-fundo and her scrolls had to be kept on her person. Thankfully her tunnel ended from a wall, not the ceiling. Landing on her feet yet unable to keep a steady footing for long, she fell forward onto the ground. "Way to make an entrance." She said as she got up, looking at the two people who were already in the room. "So this is where the labyrinth is hidden, atleast we're already buried underground when we die. Sayaka Tomonaga, you are Shihasu Senju and Sora Yotsuki right?" She said with a grin.


    Shuju didn't fare much better during the start of the exam, he tried to use his bo staff to keep him from falling but missed the chair by a hair. Curses, if only I was a bit taller! With that thought still in his head, he fell down, doing his best as to not scream. Why, he didn't know, but he had a strong suspicion that he would get ridiculed if he screamed. Eventually he reached the end of the tunnel, although his landing was less than graceful. "Ow." He said as he rubbed his backside before noticing a girl in the water. He quickly ran over towards her and pulled her out of the water, resuscitating her soon after. The colors in the water behind him were troubling, but this girl was his priority for now.
  21. Sashi stood dumbfounded as his apparent teammate proceeded to make a fool of herself, not quite sure how to react.
    “Enemies?!” The Kumo nin jumped at the mention of a threat, glancing around for a moment, only for the realization to kick in that this young girl had intended to attack him.
    Without a moment of hesitation, he brought both his arms up in a defensive position, ready for anything....or so he thought.

    Hundreds of possibilities flooded through his head as the girl went on the attack, all revolving around how this battle may play out. But nothing had prepared him for the girl to lash out at the air four feet to the right of him.

    “Hahahha! Did you hit your head when you fell or something?” He asked while looking down at the confused yet energetic girl.
    “My names Sashi. I suppose we’ll be working together. Not to push my opinions on you, but I think that means fighting me would be a less than stellar move.” He added with a small grin, holding his hand out to help the strange little lady up onto her feet.
    “And your....Suinsento, right?”
  22. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    The Terumī listened to the proctor's explanation of the exams with a calm expression on her face but inside she had very different feelings.

    What?! A labyrinth?! I can't believe they'd endanger us so! That's gonna take so long to figure out how to leave! Are Samurai that inhumane?! Hmph, at least I'm going to be in a team. That would make things better.

    Nikota finally calmed herself but then out of nowhere the floor beneath her disappeared. She could only look at her situation in utter shock as her own chair betrayed her and sent her to a tunnel underneath her. She screamed until she reached the bottom. Nikota landed face first and after a while stood up and dusted her clothes.

    "I can't believe they tried to ruin my clothes!" she yelled out loud not realizing there were others nearby. Once she noticed them her face turned red for a moment but then went back to normal. She then gave an nice, innocent smile at her new teammates.

    "Hi there, it seems like we're partnered up to get a treasure from this labyrinth. I hope that we get along," she said, trying to be friendly.
  23. As Zentō stood up, he heard a shriek coming from one of the tubes near his location. Out of that same tube burst a girl wearing a black and yellow dress. She landed hard on the ground with her backside and immediately shouted out a complaint. He then watched in amusement as she got up grumbling something about peasants.

    If Zentō’s memory of the introductions was accurate, the girl was Melia from Iwagakure. Was she echoing the feelings of one the great nations or was this just the thoughts of some stuck up girl? As expected, Melia soon directed her irritation at him. Zentō quickly wiped the growing smirk off his face and morphed his expression into a more regretful one before he replied.

    “Oh, I was supposed to catch you? My bad. I hope you can forgive me.”

    The Mugen effortlessly masked his sarcasm with an innocent tone, sounding as if he was genuinely apologizing. After all, he wasn’t trying to turn his partner into an enemy just yet. Speaking of allies, Zentō heard another scream before a girl dressed in a blue dress landed face first before them. She remained prone for a minute before sitting up.

    ‘What’s with these girls?’

    Zentō questioned to himself as he listened to the red-haired girl’s complaint as she was dusting off her clothes. However, Nikota seemed to realize her blunder once she noticed the both of them and was quick to calm down. After Nikota greeted them in a rather friendly manner, Zentō took the opportunity to start discussing the exam with his two comrades.

    “Nice to meet you Nikota, Melia. I’m Zentō. Anyways, now that we’re all here, we should probably start moving. Any objections?”
  24. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Airi was usually proud of her surveillance skill but not even she was ready for the sudden drop down a floor. She straighten herself out mid fall to be able to land "okay". With okay was not upside down on a wall but rather lying down on the floor. She quickly stood up when she realized her teammates were already there and put on her bored face facade. "Hn. I am Airi" She said simply.


    Genjirō was exited. A MAZE! He loved those. But he was not sure how to feel about random teams. He was not good with new people in the beginning.. And then the floor suddenly disappeared.
    What the shit? The floor OF ALL THINGS?
    Genjirō landed in front of what to looked to be a girl. "Ehmm sorry..." Genjirō quickly stood up "Names Genjirō Murai" He said with a big grin.
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  25. Mako turned as "he" saw someone who "he" assumed was one of "his" teammates drop by in the most literal sense. He introduced himself as Genjiro Murai as Mako had been quick to prepare "his" voice before a reply was given.

    "I see. My name is Mako Kobayashi." Mako said, with "his" more masculine voice and a bow. "Seems we are short one...if I recall the team structure correctly."

    Sora noted as someone, the Senju if he recalled correctly, arrived not soon after he had and asked if he was gonna work alone or part of a team. At which point Sora had a sigh.

    "Well, normally as tempted as I have been I think that isn't an option. We are assigned to teams if I remember that lecture, so I think a penalty risk doesn't benefit either of us." Sora explained to Shihasu before another figure dropped down with them. One who asked about their names as Sora was thankful he didn't need to wait long for the squad to form.

    "Indeed I am. Seems our little trio has form and given we have a lot of ground to cover....I think we should get moving." Sora replied, hands in his pockets all the same as he somehow managed to mix boredom and excitement in his tone over what is to come.
  26. As the floor opened up to drop the examinees into the labyrinth, Shizuka had been processing what the instructor had told them and of course, wasn’t ready for the drop what was awaiting her. “Huuuuuuh!?” She shrieked as she fell off her irony chair and into the tunnel slide bellow her. “Whaaaaaaa!” Shizuka was panicking, she’s never had any experience like her current situation before. The Aburame landed on her behind and bounced off the ground for a few short hops. She was clenching her chest as he heart was beating out of her chest, she breathed heavily. “That was terrifying.” She said to herself. “But... also strangely fun.” She thought as the corners of her mouth rose the slightest bit,

    Jōdan sighed as he looked at Melia. “She hasn’t changed at all.” He thought. Right as he finished that thought, the ground below him opened up. “Huh?” Jōdan fell down. “Oh sweet a sliiiiiiiiiiide!” He shouted in excitement as he slid. Jōdan landed on his feet once he reached the bottom. “Oh, I was expecting it to last a bit longer.” He said out loud.
  27. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    "Hey! Our last teammates here, let's!" Zadol said with a huge smile, now leaving this small empty room, when he entered the maze, all he saw was walls, a but of water, and more walls, now he was feeling nervous "soo, uh, any chance one of you two are good at mazes? I'm terrible at mazes" He explained, kind of ashamed but not really . Now waiting for the two to follow him. "Probably should've trained with the sharigan more. ." He grumbled
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  28. Hitomi would not have to wait long however, as soon enough another of the hopeful ninja landed in the same area as herself and introduced himself as Kiyoshi. Hitomi thankfully managed to (mostly) get her composure down by then so she was able to greet him with what appeared to be a well composed expression to keep up the "cool" factor.

    "Indeed it appears so. Masako. Hitomi Masako." Hitomi said as she introduced herself to Kiyoshi. Just as she gave her introduction, another of the academy nin landed beside her...the one named Airi who seemed to be almost bored with this sudden turn if her expression had been anything to go by.

    "Hello....Airi. My name is Hitomi and this is Kiyoshi. Well, since we seemed to have gathered together I think it is best we move out." Hitomi advised, as they had quite the maze to clear. From her limited view, it seemed that there were two main directions they could go...north and west, as the north direction seemed to lead to another room and west seemed to have a corner that turned into though what had been on the other room or around that corner was unclear. She'd turn to her two teammates.

    "So, which direction do you guys want to start in?" She'd ask, as she figured deciding as a group would be best just to get second opinions rather than just travel aimlessly.
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  29. Soon enough, the third member of what Mako presumed "his" team was arrived as an Aburame flopped on the butt though seemed okay otherwise. Now that they had formed, Mako knew introductions were in order and walked over to the girl.

    "You alright there? My name is Mako Kobayashi. Seems that we are a team." Mako said as an introduction was made but "he" also gestured towards Genjuro to let the Aburame know what their team of three looked like. Naturally, "he" waited for the Aburmae girl to give an introduction of her own though that time was spent scanning their section of the maze to begin mapping the best place to begin their venture through.
  30. "Fine by me, let's get started then! Be wary of traps though, That proctor didn't exactly make it a secret. Let's hope that we find the treasure before we turn into a human dango. Watch the walls, ceiling and floor, I'll take the walls if everyone's okay with that. Since there are two ways to go, which one do you want to go? The one nearby or the one on the other end of the room?" Sayaka's grin faded as her eyes surveyed the walls. "I see nothing out of the ordinary yet."
  31. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Sura was paying attention to what the proctor said but was confused on what she had to accomplish. Thus she prepared herself for anything and stayed calm as she was sent sliding underground to the labyrinth. She managed to land on her feet and looked around, spotting two other people nearby, with one trying to help a girl stand up. She walked over to them and watched waved.

    "Hi, weren't you the one that was late? And this girl, you said she was Suisento. I guess we're teammates, so we should probably try and get this exam done together."
  32. Sokaze made an attempt to listen to Yagami, he really did, but the speech about bringing together everything he'd learned was one he'd heard many times before. All he managed to remember was something about a maze and finding treasures before the floor fell down.

    That wasn't something he expected.

    He grabbed onto the chair purely out of instinct, but the symbols he'd assumed were decoration flashed and flung him downwards with a jutsu he'd seen his sensei use before. Something to do with magnets, probably.

    In an instant, Sokaze righted himself and buffered the landing using a small wind release seal, lightly touching down upon the iron floor and glancing around him.

    "Two people. So a team, I presume? Well, I guess I can work with them. Let's just hope they can carry their own weight." Out loud, he added a brief "'sup?" in greeting, mostly out of habit more than anything
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  33. Suisentō

    Suisentō barely managed to keep down this morning's lunch, the good bit's of which she'd snatched from her brothers' plates before they'd woken. The savory taste of the Land of Water's Kirin nectar still lingered in her mouth...was a shame her brothers couldn't taste any.

    Rising to her feet, she brushed the dust off her dress. She leveled her gaze, cheerily responding, "Yep! Suisentō, Suisentō Mugen!"

    She angled her head towards Sashi, "What happened to your brothers? How did they vanish so fast!?"

    She scanned the room, carefully searching for Sashi's four brothers. Stone walls surrounded them, boxing them into a reasonably sized room with only two exits, one to the east and one to the south. She saw no sight of quintuplets. Not one to give up so easily, she began to scrutinize the room, looking for sliding doors, fake walls, or suspiciously human shaped rocks.

    Finding none of the above, she applauded Sashi. "You're good..."

    Rubbing her chin thoughtfully, her eyes drifted across the room and- "is that a tail?"

    Eyes glittering, Suisentō immediately made to seize Suronoha by the tail.


    Little spurts of water squirted from her mouth as she was dragged from the pond. She didn't twitch at first, mostly because she hasn't been paying attention, but soon after, she began to struggle. "H-hey! Watch where you're touching!"

    For Shīnkai, her entire torso was an off-limits zone by personal preference. Both a matter of her scars and the fact that she was simply very ticklish.
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  34. Shuju stopped touching her torso and reached her his hand. "So you're not dead, great. My name is Shuju Akai, and I presume that we are teammates for this exam?" Even though the girl would be bigger than him once she stood upright, he still wanted to help her. "I promise I didn't do anything except some resuscitation, what were you doing in that water anyway? You looked like you drowned."
  35. Be mindful of traps? A cautious if not overly simplistic captain obvious stance to take but Sora made no comment on the matter raised by Sayaka other than a nod as he heard mention of which path they should take; the one that was nearby or the one that had been on the other side of the room.

    It had not taken Sora long to make up his mind, as he began to walk to the opening close to them and reached into his pocket.

    "Figured since we have no idea where we are going starting off close will save walking energy. Got a lot of ground to make up." Sora replied before he pulled out what appeared to be a lone Shiruken....one he'd gingerly toss towards the opening that led into the other room.

    If there was a trap, Sora was gonna be sure to try to trigger it before he risked his own legs to walk through.
  36. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    "We're all here! Wich means , we can now start the maze exploration! "Zadol said, as he noticed they we're surrounded by water. He looked around and water was really everywhere! "Alright... this is nothing, we learned that in the academy!" He explained as he made a handsign, chakra was concentrated into Zadol's feet, now he started walking over the water. Taking small breaks when there was a little land. When he arrived , he waved at the two teammates. But now he had to wait for them. As now he had stopped because no he finished his little trip on the water
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  37. "Smart move, but pressure plates might only be triggered when enough weight is put upon them. We need to be careful, clones won't work as they have no weight. Unless one of you knows a jutsu that creates clones with actual weight behind them, we need to tiptoe around. I doubt that my little friend will be heavy enough to trigger some." Sayaka noted, hestitant to enter the room.

    "Wait, do you hear that?" She froze and began to whisper, listening intently to catch the sound again. "It sounded like a human voice."
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  38. (@Hungry Badass, you know you could've just edited your old post right?)

    Ayano rolled her eyes. Both her teammates seemed childish. Considering their age, that was to be expected. But she still didn't like it. She offered the new guy a handshake just to be polite.
    "Hello. I'm Bakura, Ayano. May i ask for your name?" She said to him. She looked over at the other guy too.
    "I think we should come up with a strategy first. Without a strategy, we could be killed. Even if this is only the genin exams" she said defiantly. She never thought about coming up with strategies. She was often the one to run ahead but she disliked her teammates so she wanted to defy them with evey suggestion they had.

    A girl landed close to where Etsuji sat on the ground. He stood up to greet the girl. He offered a handshake.
    "Hello. My name is Fujiwa, Etsuji. May i ask for your name?" He said as polite as he could. He gave her a good glance and raised an eyebrow at all the glitter over her but didn't say anything about it.
    "To answer your question, the proctor said that we're supposed to walk in this maze and find hidden treasures along the way. There will be traps too, which is one of the reasons i haven't left here yet. I have no idea about the other teams but i would look out for them. I have no idea where they are or if they will have intention of stealing the treasures we find, if any" he said. As he finished his explanation, another guy landed on the floor as well. He made the same procedure with him, offered his hand, introduced himself and asked for his name.
  39. Sokaze accepted the handshake with a grin. "You may. I'm Sokaze, but you can just stick with Kaze if you feel like it." Glancing towards the doorway, he continued, "and yeah, that sounds good to me. I don't doubt they've booby-trapped the shit out of these corridors, so we'd better stay alert. As for treasures, if we see another team, I say we either go by peacefully or fight them. Avoiding them will only take longer."

    Kaze had considered the possibility that other teams would try to steal treasures. Hell, if he saw another team with a treasure he wouldn't lose any sleep over taking it. But he'd heard good things about the applicants of the exam and he just had to hope they could fight for themselves. If not, he was sure he could at least get one treasure by himself if things went south
  40. Sashi awkwardly lowered his hand as Suisento chose to examine there starting room for some unseen presence.
    “I uh...don’t know what you really mean by quintuplets, I’m an only child,” He noted under his breath. However, before he could question the somewhat confusing little girl, another body dropped through the tube, presumably there last teammate.

    “Yeah, I arrived late, wasn’t my intention,” He commented in a somewhat sour tone to the newcomer, quickly scanning both pathways available to them, “We’ll have to finish introductions later. Right now I suggest we choose a course of action.” He added whilst dipping his head into the east hallway, listening intently for the sound of any potential mechanisms.
    “I suggest we take this pathway as it appears to lead into a larger opening than the other. The more space we’ve got for mobility, the better.” The young Kumo-nin assessed the situation with about 95% certainty, ushering for his teammates to follow slowly.
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