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Ask to Join Naruto: Shinobi Road (Role play Thread)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by kyuukestu, May 30, 2019.

  1. Suisentō smirked with an impish grin on her face. A picture of barely contained excitement.

    'Today's the day!!'

    She squealed and giggled in place, rocking the chair she was seated on. The Graduation Ceremony would begin soon —how soon? Nine o' clock! And how soon was that? Well...she didn't know.

    She'd risen early and bolted right for the exam center, leaving her two brothers behind in her excitement.

    The thought brought her to a pause. Then, a panic, "Am I too early? What time is it!?"

    Her head whipped left.

    A set of double doors greeted her. They were made of iron, their sheen a greyish white. Both doors were opened, manned by fully armored men —their swords attached to their hips. Samurai. Their armor was cast from iron, the same, dull, greyish white as the doors. Beyond the doors was a short hallway.

    She'd just come through that hallway as she entered, it lead towards the main entrance.

    Off to her right were another set of doors, these were sealed shut. Laid out before the doors were row after row of chairs, just like the one she sat in. Each chair was made of Iron, and just as colorless. However, Suisentō's eyes lit up. Just above the sealed-doors was a small clock, it's hands pointing out 8:45 am.

    As with everything else in the room, the clock was made from iron.

    'Well...this is the Land of Iron after all.'

    Now that she was less excited, the room seemed awfully plain and boring. Still, she hoped others would arrive quickly, too much dullness would bore a girl to death!

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  2. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Zadol, woke up in the best exitment "Today, today is the .. am i late?" He said, looking at his clock, noticing it was 8h45, he put on his clothes and left out his window, jumping from building to building then tree to tree until he reached the exam /graduation place, he entered and saw a girl sitting down, wich he decided to sit down as well
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  3. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Kentō had risen after her sister but before his brother. He was much more relaxed however and didn't rush like his younger sibling. Instead, he took his time to reach the Graduation Ceremony's location. The Land of Iron was, after all, a new place, there's no reason not to take a look around. However he was disappointed by the large amount of dull snow in the area.

    He went through the hallway into the entrance like his sister before him and saw the rows of iron chairs. He decided to sit somewhere not too close to Suisentō but where he could still see her. Then he waited patiently for what was to come.

    Sura however had been excited for this day and had been doing everything at a rapid pace. She quickly reached the entrance to the Exams and was one of the first as far as she could tell. She observed the other people already there and after sitting down she kept on looking towards where she came from to observe the people coming in.
  4. Walking out of a inn in the land or Iron, a figure wearing a big grey trench coat stood with her hands in her pockets appeared. Shizuka was a freshly graduated student of her village's academy and was now in the process of taking the exam to hopefully get promoted into the rank of Genin. She had made it to the land of Iron after leaving Konoha a day earlier and had stayed over at a local inn.

    Making her way towards the building of the exam site, she silently stared at the giant iron doors leading to the site where her Genin exam will take place. "I got here a bit earlier than I though I would." He thought as she looked around to find no one nearby. "I hope I'm not showing up too early." Walking through the iron doors and to the exam room, Shizuka was slightly relieved when she saw other people had arrived before her.
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  5. So, these are the ninja of the great nations...

    Mako had already been in the room long before the first arrival. "His" dojo's sensei had always been one to preach punctuality and in his eyes one only ever arrived on time when they showed up early. Not that Mako complained on this occasion as "he" had a chance to scout out the competition as they arrived one after another.

    Not merely other aspiring samurai, but also these ninjas in this little joint exam. A first for the Land of Iron as naturally the mixing of ninja and samurai was bound to produce some....interesting results. Mako felt a bit isolated in the room though "his" expression betrayed none of this as the focus was on trying to learn what one could about these strange foreigners. Even if only surface level guesses.

    I wonder how this will work. We will all take the same exams or will they be branched off. Can you even judge a samurai and a ninja the same way, we both use chakra yes but for wildly different utility. The logictics of this just seem dubious at best, but who knows...I am sure that more thought was put into this than I have allotted credit for so I will merely have to trust the Shogun knows what is best.
  6. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Kiyoshi woke up pretty early, and decided it was as good a time as any to go to the where the ceremony was taking place. He ran into a little trouble when he realized he completely forgot where it was taking place. He noticed a girl rushing and realized she must be here for the same reason he was. He watched where she went and saw her go in the double doors. He waited until he saw some other kids going into the iron doors just to be on the safe side and make sure he wasn't in the wrong place. He then opened the doors and found where the iron chairs were along with the five other students that had already arrived. He decided to shuffle to one of the chairs furthest from anybody else to sit at. He made sure he had his water bottle filled and a few ninja tools he had packed. He was both nervous and excited to show off his skills.
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  7. Zentō gently shook his head upon coming to the realization of his siblings’ early departure. To think their eagerness for the graduation ceremony was so great they would live their own older brother behind to oversleep. How cruel!

    No. He couldn’t blame them for their actions. In fact, Zentō was just as excited as the other two.

    The young Mugen quickly made his way through the hallway before arriving at the double doors. Once they were opened by the two large samurai, Zentō walked in to see that there were already a few others who had made there way in. Instinctively, he first distinguished his little sister out from the group of children and went over to the iron chair beside her.

    “Looks like someone woke up early. Good morning Suisentō. You and Kentō couldn’t wait to get over here huh.”

    Speaking of his younger brother, Zentō’s eyes wandered over to the other side of the table to find Kentō sitting all alone trying to act cool or something.

    “Uh Kentō, why are you sitting all the way over there?”
  8. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Airi woke up early.. Way too early of course i wake up at 6 when the exam is at 9.. sometimes I am so dumb.. I should get up now and make some breakfast now at least Airi thought to herself.

    After making breakfast and a bit of morning exercise she started moving towards the building where the genin exams were being held and made sure to activate her sharingan a few to times to remember the way.

    When she reached the building she saw two big iron doors in front her. She opened them to see people already there and one older boy she thought was talking with two other people. I should keep an eye on those three. I know they are probably good since amekage-sama sent them here.
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  9. Hitomi entered the room at around 8:45, at the same time a few other applicants had entered the facility. Her expression was composed and serious, as she tried to give off this aura about her as she walked through the room which had taken a bit more concentration than she would have liked.

    Alright, this is it. This is my chance to become a true ninja! I can't mess this up, and given this is a special occasion with other nations and samurai I have to make a strong impression. These are my peers and I have to show them all what I am made of! You can do this, just don't make a fool of yourself.

    Still, so long as it appeared she was this stone cold badass that was all that mattered. Impression sometimes mattered more than reality.

    Not that she lacked confidence in herself to pass this exam, but it was about more than that. It was making a statement to her peers across the globe. And with this resolve she quickly found a seat and would simply wait for things to kick into high gear.
  10. Sokaze had eventually arrived at the great iron doors of the exam center, slightly out of breath from his trip. He'd decided to take on some extra training along the way, but hopefully, he was still early enough that he'd be in before most of the other applicants. It'd make him look a bit better, and let him assess the others. Ideally, around 15 minutes early would work.

    Strolling through the double doors, he walked into a room that already had a fair few budding ninjas scattered around it, and a large iron clock on the wall.

    Ah. Maybe I should have held back a bit with those agility exercises. Well, 5 minutes still isn't that bad, it could be worse. Still, some people had the same idea as me, it's probably safe to assume that these aren't the same people as the guys from the academy.

    Hands in his pockets, he didn't see anyone from his village that he recognized on first sight, so he took a seat by himself, although close enough that anyone else could speak to him if they felt like it. It was good to see what kind of people he'd be against or with, and who he could see as an ally early on. Although considering the almost tangible silence, he doubted anything would come of his efforts.

    From the few people he'd asked, the shinobi taking the exam was far different from those in the academy. These weren't any old overconfident boneheads, they all had at least a speck of talent in them. So it'd be best not to underestimate them.

    "Well, " Sokaze thought to himself with a faint smirk, "not to underestimate them too much."
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  11. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Shihasu, unlike many others his age, wasn't particularly excited for the genin exams. In fact, he was a nervous wreck all week leading up to it. Truth was, he's been stressing all the time throughout the academy, and the genin exams essentially being a final hurdle one must cross before becoming an official shinobi was particularly daunting for him. He ran downstairs to give his father a quick hug. It didn't last long, due to the fact that the Senju found himself running behind schedule.

    "Your going to do great son!" Shihasu's dad attempted to give him some last minute praise, but he thought his son was too far away to hear it.

    I better, cause I dont know what will happen next if I don't.

    The Senju began his long speedwalk to the site of the exams, his hoodie up and his eyes glued to the floor. The boy was hoping not to run into anyone from his village, as most people who he met sucked up to him, hoping to get close to the Senju clan, a process that greatly irritated Shihasu. Fourtunately, in this "Land of Iron" he could be a nobody, just another kid with dreams of becoming a shinobi coming to take a test. Shihasu found that many people around his age were already present and waiting for the test to begin. Like the walk there, Shihasu kept his head down until his could find a place to isolate himself.
  12. Suisento swung her legs, already lapsing back into unquenchable excitement. She wasn't just happy, she was ecstatic, she wasn't just ecstatic, she was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Her eyes, though a calming blue, were anything but calm. For every person who walked into the room, her intensity only seemed to multiply.

    This was it, any moment now her tiny little heart would give out as she exploded into a dazzling array of confetti and sparkles -or blood and guts, depending on who you asked.

    The first person she saw was Zadol, and she immediately locked onto him, her curiosity overwhelming. He was...beyond plain. Black hair, black eyes, wearing the most commoner pair of pants and shoes she'd ever seen, along with a blue cloak. He appeared about as interesting as any bloke off the streets of Amegakure.

    'Wait, what's that!?'

    Taking a closer look, the symbol on his back was one she recognized. It was the Clan symbol of the...Umami? Uchimi? Ureha?

    ...well, she never paid attention in geography class anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Moving on, the second person to arrive was, but of course, her very own beloved brother. She brightened at his arrival. Unlike Zento, Kento had not been born from the same mother as her and didn't exactly live with them. To see him now, despite only a short time apart, filled her with an unending thrill!

    Beaming, she brushed off the chair next to her, expecting that he would, of course, sit beside her. She was the cutest little sister in existence, how could he not sit next to her?

    'Oh...that's how...'

    Entering the waiting room, Kento sat a short distance away. His buttocks hitting the chair like a hammer on Suisento's heart. Her excitement vanished like smoke, going up in wisps. She stared, dazed and mute. Not noticing a single person that came in afterward.

    When Zento arrived, greeting her casually, she snapped out of her reverie. Silently, her fingers found their way to the hem of his shirt, clenching tightly. She bit her lip, her gaze directed at Kento, filled with a mix of anger and sadness best described...betrayal.
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  13. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    It took a while for the Senju to catch on, but eventually, he decided to find a place to sit. Shihasu hoped that no one noticed how he was wandering around like a lost puppy, mainly due to the embarrassment that would compile onto his already existing stress. He found a place to sit, which was relatively distanced from others, for the moment. Being bored, the Senju decided to leave his seat for the moment to find someone to talk to, while also serving as a distraction from his existing stress. He first noticed a group of people, one of which was getting their vollar grabbed by another...on to the next person. Ironically, he fpund himself wandering again, but rather than looking like a lost puppy, he looked like a person waiting for a friend who'd said they'd be there.
  14. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Kentō looked up from his chair and noticed his older brother had finally arrived.

    "Well it's not like I know anybody except Suisentō and I'd doubt she'd like it if I was always with her like a helicopter parent or something." He looked towards his younger sister to assure his assumption was correct and to his horror he found the very opposite reaction that he had expected.

    T-that look on her face... w-why?

    He realized the consequences of his actions and his face was full of even more dread.

    What have I done...

    He looked once more towards his brother and suddenly his expression went from being broken to determined.

    "Well what are you looking at? Talk to her."

    He stood up and was about to sit next to his sister but he realized someone was already there.


    Nikota had woken up late compared to the other academy students and was tired the entire morning, not at all excited for the Graduation Ceremony. This was because she never liked the Academy as she found it boring. This carried over to graduating from it. She was really slow at everything she was doing, from eating breakfast to walking over to the where she was supposed to go. She walked through the doors not even caring to look around and take notice of her surroundings.

    She found a girl brushing off a chair next to her and thought it must've been for her. She promptly sat there and looked at the girl who she was next to. She seemed like a girl around her age and her most noticeable trait was her blue hair.


    "Thanks for the seat. What you looking at?"

    She followed the gaze of Suisentō and saw a boy with similar hair and eyes, only a different shade.

    "Oh yeah, I guess he does look kinda like you," Nikota said as she assumed that was the only reason she would look at someone so intensely.

    I wonder if anyone else from my village is here...
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  15. Sokaze made a slow sweep of the room with his eyes. After all, he doubted he'd get an opportunity better than this to get a bit of insight into what his opposition was like. Most seemed to be either bored or nervous, with the majority seeming like the quiet brooding type. A vaguely familiar face caught his eye, who's name he managed to dredge up from the many he'd heard in his village. He'd only spoken to kiyoshi a few times in the academy, but he didn't strike Sokaze as the most confident. Not only that, but the few times his name had been mentioned were scoldings of his slow development. At this point, all the kid could hope for was an underdog story.

    Another person that caught his eye was the bluenette sitting a few seats away. In stark contrast to everyone else she had an expression of almost childlike excitement that radiated off her, and with hair that stood out more than Kaze's own clothing made her hard to ignore. As he was watching, that excitement quickly faded to be replaced with a hateful glare, focused on a person across the room he could assume to be her brother

    "Well, hopefully she can keep me entertained until we start."

    Reaching over, Kaze tapped her shoulder and asked

    "So, what did he do to you?"
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  16. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Kentō decided that just standing wouldn't fix anything and walked over to Suisentō. Nikota looked at him with curious eyes and then heard someone behind her. The boy tapped the girl she was sitting next to and asked her what the guy that was walking over to them did.

    Oh did that guy upset her, then? I guess that might be why she's looking at him.

    Kentō had reached them and cleared his throat.

    "Umm.. I noticed you seem a little upset there... did I do something to get rid of your excitement? I'm sorry if I did so..." he said while looking down.

    This is quite embarrassing... though I guess it's better than if she did a tantrum 'cause of me and then everyone hated me.
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  17. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Kiyoshi watched as more people started to flood into the room one by one. Out of the number of people, new and old, now in the room, there were actually a couple he recognized. While he hadn't spoken much to either of them, he knew them pretty well. Sokaze was to an extent the exact opposite of Kiyoshi. While Kiyoshi was nervous just about all the time, Sokaze was calm most of the time. He also seemed to exude confidence, something Kiyoshi seriously lacked. Not to say he's confident for no reason. He is strong and usually did well in the academy. He also noticed the girl who had walked in not too long ago. If memory served him correctly, she was from the same clan as the lady Mizukage. She was also pretty strong even though she didn't care much about the academy, it was always evident. It also seemed like she didn't care much about the disaster unfolding around her as she seemed kind of oblivious to what was going on. He couldn't believe he was here with strong students like themselves.

    He thought about going to sit next to Sokaze as he did technically already know him and the room would probably fill up with more individuals he didn't know soon, and he didn't want someone he didn't know to try and talk to him just yet. He slowly walked over to where Sokaze was currently seated. With every step, he thought harder and harder about how this probably wasn't a great idea until he finally got there. "Umm hey, do you mind if I sit here. I've seen you around the academy and thought we might want to stick together since we are both from Kirigakure."
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  18. A different person distracted him from talking to the girl for a second, whom he quickly recognized as Kiyoshi. He was asking to sit next to Kaze, and since he didn't have any reason not to, he gave the boy a thumbs-up.

    "Yeah, sounds good to me," he said with a grin, dusting off the seat next to him
  19. As Mako glanced around the classroom and as expected most of the faces there had not been the most familiar to her, which made sense given there were other dojos and of course the presence of the ninja here.

    However, there was a figure she had caught her eye on. A classmate of her own dojo, Suranoha if "he" recalled correctly. Well least there had been one recognizable face, and before the exams would begin "he" made his way over to her.

    "Hello there....Suranoha right?" Mako asked, "his" voice deeper as it had taken talent and lots of practice to adopt a male pitch for her age group but it had been convincing enough to this point.
  20. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    So far, the Senju's search for people to socialize with had remained fruitless, that is, until he saw someone wwho looked vaguely familiar. The Senju may have seen her in the Academy, but that was only one of many possibilities. Still, he was desperatr enough to try and relieve his stress that he thought it wise to mret a new person. With that, the boy decided to take off his hood to reveal his forest green hair, and moved to speak to Shizuka.

    "Hey," That was the first thing that Shihasu thought of saying, the rest currently elluded him.
  21. Ayano woke up slowly. She yawned as she sat up in her bed. Then she looked at the clock and saw that the exams were soon going to start.
    "Oh no!" She exclaimed as she jumped up from her bed. She quickly changed to her shinobi outfit and grabbed some food before she ran out through the door to her assigned room.

    While running through the city, she tried remembering as many landmarks as possible so she could find her way back later. "This would be much easier if i had Airi's sharingan, but i can do this without that" she thought and smiled to herself. The confident girl was amazed by the entire Land of Iron, though she would never admit it.

    Ayano soon arrived at two giant iron doors and figured that it must be the place they were gonna meet everyone for the exam. She had seen a few kids already go into the building so it should be the right place. She entered through the doors to find a bunch of kids already in there. Among them was Airi.
    "Hey, Airi!" Ayano shouted and approached the younger girl.
  22. Sayaka arrived at the Land of Iron a bit later than expected, but she didn't really mind it. As long as she arrived before the exams began she would be content with it. The thing that she wasn't content with was the weather, she was used to searing temperatures and sand that burned your feet. The snow and cold was not what she had expected. The white precipitation was new to her, and although she enjoyed it in the beginning, it quickly ruined her clothes and chilled her to the bone. If I die due to hypothermia, it would be incredibly ironic. She thought as she opened the iron doors.

    She clearly was not the first, multiple ninja and even a samurai were there. Her eyes rested on the samurai longer than she intended, before recognising a familiar face. A fellow Suna academy member, and if her memory didn't betray her then that would be Hitomi. She made her way to the girl as she took off her drenched cloak, revealing a mesh shirt underneath. "Water's no good for a Suna inhabitant, next thing you know we'll be rotting just like dried food that is exposed to a lot of water." The young Tomonaga said with a chuckle as she grabbed a chair and sat on it backwards, looking at the only member of the Sanshīkā clan present. "Hey, Hitomi? I have a question. How come that you are part of the Sanshīkā clan, yet your last name isn't that? Don't clan members usually share their last name? Look at my clan for example, every single person in there shares the last name of Tomonaga."
  23. Hitomi glanced over towards what had thankfully been a familiar face in Sayaka, an old academy classmate, as she smiled and gave a friendly nod....though of course tried to keep that cool aura about her.

    "Yeah, but a little rain never hurt anyone. Gotta press on all the same." Hitomi replied, before she heard Sayaka ask that question which had concerned her name, this wasn't anything new for the Sanshīkā member as indeed it had been far from the norm for one's last name to not be tied into their clan. And an explanation seemed reasonable enough.

    "My father fell in love with someone outside the clan. Chiasa Masako. My surname is actually my mother's maiden name I was given as a tribute to her..." Hitomi explained, her voice trailed off there for what seemed to be personal reasons. Though she quickly shook her head to turn back to Syaka.

    "Sorry, must be a bit confusing as a clansmen in your own right." Hitomi said only slightly sheepishly.
  24. "Oh no, don't apologise. Suna has families along with clans, and they have different last names even though they are related." Sayaka stroked a red scroll on her belt. "So, the genin exams. Do you feel as if a snake is writhing inside of you? If so, you either ate a snake and are at serious risk of getting bit or you are nervous. Let's hope it is the latter, although your poison release might allow you to survive the first option too." The puppet user grinned before switching to a more serious tone and whispered.

    "Are you really immune to poison or not? If so, what kinds of poisons? Neurotoxins or hemotoxins or whatever? What kind of poison do you create and would it be possible for me to use some for my little creation? Toxins outside of the clan's database would really be a hidden tool, wouldn't you say?" Sayaka cracked a toothy grin at the last sentence, referencing to puppets having hidden weapons that are often laced with toxins.

    "Man, it's been a long time since I've seen you. Hope you still got your sting, time for you to poison some minds and let them make mistakes. Get it, scorpion? Poison? Ah, I'm clever." The young Tomonaga clan member said as she raised her voice and smiled again., her hand still on her scroll.
  25. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Airi looked up when someone called her name and saw Ayano Oh kami why. Why does she have to scream my name?? Airi was quiet irritated with her screaming her name.

    "Hm yes Ayano? And why are you almost late? How do you think Pein-sama would take you being late to the genin exam?" Airi asked while flashing the sharingan to Ayano.


    Genjirō woke up and looked at the clock "SHIT" he screamed so loud that he was probably heard across the whole Land of iron.

    Why oh why do I have to wake up late to something important as this? I probably stayed up to late reading Up on the Land of iron and their samurais.. Hmm yes that would be the problem

    He looked at the clock to see that he had half an hour to get to the building where the exam was being held. He put his clothes on and ran to the building where the exam was being held.. Or where he hope the exam was being held. He reached to big iron doors and walked in to see a lot of people already there. He looked around a bit to see a similar face in the crowd.

    "Ohayo Hitomi-san, Sayaka-san" Genjirō said after he had walked over there.
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  26. "Hey Genjirō, finally arrived too? Didn't freeze to death on your way to here? Then again, your parents probably made sure you were nice and warm. After all, who is going to rule the village if you die so soon? Just imagine all the vultures ready to snatch at that opportunity!" Sayaka grinned and raised her right hand as a greeting.

    "So, ready for the exams? Don't attract too much attention, you of all people should know that. Just be a doll and act normal. Oh wait, human puppets are illegal. Oh well, regular ones will do." She chuckled, her morbid humor shining through. "When is this exam going to start? I want to see what everyone here can do."
  27. Suisentō's eyes remained on Kentō, who was now engaged with Zentō. Her betrayal manifested as a grim pout, pursing her lips together and puffing her cheeks like bubblegum. She was on the verge of bursting, this time not from excitement. Tap on her shoulder surprised her, distracting her from her brothers for a short while, but more importantly... 'He asked!'

    At the same time, Kentō himself also walked over and apologized. However, more than this, 'They asked!'

    Eyes brightening, pupils flashing, her excitement and betrayal transformed into a storm of irritation. Taking a deep breath, Suisentō began. Her tone a perfect storm, sharp as lightning, heavy as thunder, and dreary as rains.

    "A little upset...just a little? Idiot! You ignored me! I saved a seat for you and...and you ignored me! First, you don't wanna live with us, now, you don't wanna sit beside me...Y-you...You hate me! How could you!? I'm telling Mom!"

    Enraged as she might've seemed, Suisentō hadn't taken it to heart. Kentō had, after all, apologized.

    She ducked behind Zentō, peeking out over his shoulder to give Kentō the stink eye and a stuck out tongue. Giggling, she retreated, hiding behind Zentō's back.


    "Rowdy little buggers, aren't you..?"

    Gruff and grizzly, a voice came rumbling from the sealed Iron doors. The steel barriers grated against the roof as they were pushed open. From behind them came a single man. He was built with a back like a tiger and a waist like a bear, clad in a full set of plate armor, much heavier than even those worn by the Samurai around him. In fact, he towered above them easily eclipsing 2 meters.

    His armor was a matte grey, light disappearing onto its gnarled surface. Everything darkened with his appearance, the room itself seeming to cower before him.

    Step after step, clink after clink. He was at the room's center in all but a few strides. Just like his armor, his face was weathered, filled with wrinkles foretelling age and experience. Completing his look, was a chin like solid bedrock spruced with the beard of beards. So majestic was its cut, so refined its edges, that it seemed it alone could awe a foe to surrender.

    But, if the beard didn't do it, then maybe his blade would. As large as two children stacked atop each other, and a thick as one's waist, strapped across his back was a monster of a heavy sword.

    Shuffling in place, the man crossed his arms.

    "I am Yamagi Shēkāno, Taisho of the Land of Iron."

    He glanced at the clock behind him —5 minutes remained.

    "Oh don't stand there gawking all day, didn't you learn to introduce yourselves in the academy?"
  28. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    The uchia was surpirsed by the sudden appearance , Zadol stood up , "my name is Zadol Uchia, a member of the uchia clan!" He said firmly, he sat back down, hoping he had a good first impression
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  29. Ayano:
    "But i'm not late. So there is nothing to worry about. And due to the influence of my clan, i don't think Pain-sama would do a lot to me if i were late. We are still younger than most others that have made it to the rank of genin" Ayano said with an almost condescending voice. "Airi's just 9 years old, she wouldn't know this" was what Ayano usually told herself, and sometimes she was right but sometimes not.

    Etsuji quickly sat up in his bed as he woke up. He looked at his clock and noticed he was about to be late to the exam. He jumped out of the bed and hurried over to his closet. He quickly put on some clothes and took out a small piece of armor that he had been allowed to have for these exams. It wasn't as big as the adult samurais armor, which made him more vulnerable but also more agile than the adult samurai. After he put on his armor, he ran to the kitchen and grabbed some fruit to eat on the way before rushing out through the door.

    Etsuji knew exactly where the exams were being held so he ran straight there and thankfully he managed to get to the doors with 4 minutes to spare. He entered through the doors and looked over the room for anyone he recognized. There were two kids that he recognized and he walked up to them. (Mako and Suranoha).
    "Ohayo. I think i recognize you two, but we've never really talked have we? Anyway, i'm Fujiwa Etsuji. And you two are?" Etsuji introduced himself politely.
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  30. "Uh..." Hitomi replied, as she was just hammered with question after question from her academy classmate, though before she had the chance to sort out some answers another academy classmate appeared before them in Genjirō who came over to greet them as Hitomi returned with a small smile and a nod.

    "Hello there Genji. I see you made it to this exam?" Hitomi asked, with a reference to a nickname she referred to him as, though before much conversation between the three had a chance to begin, the instructor for these exams as introductions had been called for.

    Quickly, and assuming her "confident" stance she had practice one too many times she was quick to reply with her own intro. "My name is Hitomi Masako, member of the Sanshīkā Clan!" Hitomi called out as she gave her introduction and thankfully had managed to avoid a stutter.

    So far, so good.
  31. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    "I'm Sarunoha, but you can call me Saru," she said in response to Maka's and Etsuji's questions. She watched as Zadol introduced himself and then a girl called Hitomi did as well. She decided to do the same as her peers and stood up.

    "My name is Sarunoha from the Land of Iron," she said in the most polite manner she could before sitting back down.


    Kentō watched and heard his little sister as she did a small rant and then mocked him behind his older brother. He looked very sad at this and looked down again.

    "Sui I don't-"

    He was cut off by the proctor looking appearing which caused him to feel even worse as he immediately felt immensely inferior when he looked at the proctor's extraordinarily manly appearance.

    "K-Kentō Mugen, sir. From the land of Rain... sir."

    He timidly began walking over to his previous seat after introducing himself awkwardly and sat back down having a terrible mood despite him about to take part of the exam that would finally allow him to become a ninja.


    Nikota watched the scene between the two siblings which allowed her to finally realize they were siblings. She giggled at the actions of the girl she sat next to while covering her mouth with her hand. She rolled her eyes at Kentō's awkward introduction but waited for him to finish before she introduced herself.

    "My name's Nikota Terumī from the Terumī Clan of the Hidden Mist Village," she said in a proud manner.
  32. Sayaka looked at the proctor, not sure if she was supposed to look at his face, beard or sword. This man was clearly a seasoned samurai, and even she knew that she shouldn't piss him off. She stood up and spoke with a crystal clear voice. "My name is Sayaka Tomonaga, member of the Tomonaga clan that resides in Sunagakure, sir!" The girl sat down again, satisfied by her steady voice and performance.
  33. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox

    Airi looked at Ayano with a cold look. "Yes you weren't late but and he doesn't care about what clan you are from. You know that right?" Airi asked Ayano while tilting her head a bit to the left.

    The genin exam protector came in shortly after she asked Ayano the question and raised an eye brow towards him. He want's us to give out information in front of everyone? And people actually listens without a problem with it? Wow the new wanna be genins are not really thinking are they.. Like the chick from the Terumī clan. We can almost guess what her jutsus will be based on by just knowing her clan. Hn Airi thought to herself. "Hn. I am from Amegakure. That's all I am gonna say about that." Airi said so everyone could hear her but in a bored voice.
    "Hai Hitomi-san. I just woke up not to long ago so it was a close call." Genjirō said. Right after he answered the "question" he heard the protector telling them to introduce them self which made him exited. He was proud of his family and gladly told others about himself. "I am Genjirō Sabakshiō. From suna and son of the Kazekage" He said with a happy grin.
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    sSoul Previously Swirled

    The boy went completely pale when Yamagi entered the room, demaning introductions from each exam-taker there. Shihasu hated mentioning his lineage, and now the whole room was going to know, may as well get it over with.

    "Well, if you must know...the name's Senju, Shihasu Senju, to be specific," It then dawned upon him that he forgot to say something afterwards, "Sir!"

    Wincing due to how awkward his introduction was, Shihasu then proceeded to shrug it off and turn to the person he attempted to talk to, wondering if she heard him at all.
  35. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Kiyoshi was glad that Sokaze said he could sit there, even brushing off the seat for him. He said "Thank you." Kiyoshi then realized that Sokaze probably didn't even know his name because they had barely talked to each other before today, and he usually tried not to bring any attention to himself. "Oh I'm sorry, I'm not even sure if you know my name. I'm Kiyoshi Ho-" just then is when the bearded swordsman came in and demanded introductions. He saw a few people eager to stand and loudly state who they are. Then there was one kid in front of him who seemed to have a good idea here. She decided to only give away her village so that people wouldn't know what to expect. Kiyoshi stood up a little less confidently than the others in the room. "My name is Kiyoshi and I'm from Kirigakure." He decided not to tell anyone his clan, not to keep them from knowing his abilities, but to keep them from knowing what abilities he lacked.
  36. From the look on Kentō’s face, Zentō could tell that his brother was a bit hurt by Suisentō’s words. Of course, it was his own actions in the first place that got their little sister upset. He was pleased to hear his brother apologize soon afterwards. By the sound of Suisentō’s giggles and playfulness in her actions behind him, Zentō could tell that apology alone was enough for the girl.

    However, it seemed while they were dealing with their own situation, the other kids had already gone ahead and introduced themselves to the giant, bearded samurai. Once Kiyoshi finished his introduction, Zentō spoke up.

    “I’m Zentō Mugen from the Hidden Rain! I also apologize for any commotion that might’ve been caused Sir!”

    After giving his introduction, as well as a genuine apology for the actions of his younger siblings, Zentō figured he should sit down like everyone else had. He looked left, then right, and finally down with a petrified expression on his face. To the young Mugen’s horror, the seats beside his little sister were all taken!

    On one side there was the girl, Nikota, who had taken Kentō’s seat. The other seat beside his sister was now occupied by the older boy, Sokaze, that had tapped her shoulder. Though Sokaze’s actions towards Suisentō felt a bit weird to Zentō, he refrained from making any comment.

    “Uh Sui, I think I’m gonna have to sit somewhere else…”

    Zentō whispered to his sister, hoping she would understand his plight.
  37. Ayano:
    Ayano looked up at the proctor of the exam. Then she decided to follow the lead of Airi but giving more information about herself since everyone else did.
    "I am Bakura, Ayano from the hidden rain village, sir!" She said and gave a polite bow. Then she sat down beside Airi again.

    Before talking more to the two kids he had infront of him, Etsuji figured it was for the best that he introduced himself to the proctor.
    "I am Fujiwa, Etsuji, sir!" He said and like a girl that had also just introduced herself, he bowed before he turned back to the two kids he was talking to.
  38. Shizuka was nervously shifting around in her seat as a multitude of different groups of people began to converse. “A lot of people are gathering up. Well, I suppose that’s normal considering this is an exam site.” She thought to herself. Shizuka was fine with no one coming to talk to her, until a boy suddenly started talking to her. The sudden appearance spooked her a bit, she turned around to find Shihasu. “U-uh, hey.” She stiffly spoke. “That’s the Senju boy from the academy. So he’s taking this exam as well.” Shizuka thought to herself.

    Without the chance to add anything else, the Aburame was surprised by the sudden appearance of Yamato, their exam instructor. His intimidating presence only added to Shizuka’s anxiousness. When he asked that the students introduce themselves, Shizuka stood up in a abrupt motion. “S-Shizuka Aburame! Pleased to meet you!” She shouted before sitting back down. Her voice came out a lot louder and gruffer than she intended. “Ah darn, I hope I wasn’t being too loud.” She though as she looked down.
  39. Sashi Chiratsuki sprinted through the snowy streets carved into the Land of Iron, a frantic look upon his face, as he barely managed to round the corner of a large concrete building, two double doors now coming into full view.
    This young Kumo Shinobi had been on his way to the Genin exams, quite the exciting occasion.....at least, it would be if he were not two minutes late upon bursting through the iron doors with a loud sigh, likely drawing attention to himself.

    “Serves me right for accepting Grandpa’s special ‘last minute training,”
    The sandy haired boy thought to himself as he looked around the already packed room, his mind still lingering on his Sensei’s advice.

    “All these young ninja nowadays bragging about there fancy high tech gear and unique bloodline traits, pft. There all fakes and show offs. Being unique doesn’t make you superb, hard work and dedication does. And Sashi, you’ve worked yourself harder than any other new age squirt I’ve seen. You’ve got what it takes, now go make us proud boy!”

    These words had been burning in the back of his mind. And if it weren’t for the awkward silence that now filled the air, he may have just remained lost in thought.
    “Uh....” The boys mind checked by into reality, his gaze locking onto the most intimidating figure in the room, a Samurai who likely doubled as the exam proctor, “Sashi Chiratsuki. Pleasure to be here.” He finally spoke up, a hint of overconfidence in his voice.

    “Hope that wasn’t to much...” He thought to himself while sinking into one of the last available seats, his gaze immediately shifting to the floor due to sheer embarrassment.
  40. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Oh god oh god oh god OH GOD!!! Fumiko was dashing out of the inn she was staying at the night before through the snow-covered Land of Iron. She was furious at herself for sleeping in. She was severely regretting her decision to stay up all night reviewing everything she'd learned at the academy. She probably would have been fine if she had just stuck to useful things like techniques, stances, and hand signs, but she also reviewed things like the history of Ninjutsu and different clans throughout the nations when that stuff probably wouldn't even be featured in the exam.

    She arrived at the two iron doors, barreled through them, and rushed down the hall where she saw everyone gathered. She was a little less than graceful as she rushed to sit with the other kids. She was a little embarrassed at the scene she just made, but hopefully not a ton of people noticed. It seemed everyone was introducing themselves to the Bearded barbarian and since there was attention already on her, she thought she should introduce herself as well.

    "Uh, Fumiko Yamamoto present and accounted for." She bowed at the lowest angle possible as she said this. trying to be respectful despite her rude entry. Luckily it seemed there were still others entering as she noticed another kid that must have entered not long before her as he was on his way to sit with the other student when she barged into the room. She decided to do the same, she looked around for some of the other Iwa kids to sit with when she realized there was no one from her village there yet. This was troubling because it either meant she was the only one or they were all later than she was. Either way, it couldn't reflect well on their village. She would just have to make up for that by passing the exam with flying colors. She chose to sit next to the person she saw sit down before. "Hi, my name is Fumiko. Oh, but I guess you already knew that from my poor attempt at an introduction."
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