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Ask to Join Naruto: Shinobi Road (Discussion & Sign Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Joelkjn Ōkami, May 28, 2019.

  1. Joelkjn Ōkami

    Joelkjn Ōkami Previously Joelkjn the fox




    Clan (If any):

    Nature Affinity:

    Kekkei Genkai (If any):

    Skills (kenjutsu, shurikenjutsu, etc.):



    Age (9-13):

    Name: Genjirō Kazekage

    Gender: Male

    Village: Suna

    Clan (If any): Kazekage

    Nature Affinity: Wind and earth release

    Kekkei Genkai (If any): Magnet release

    Skills (kenjutsu, shurikenjutsu, etc.): Ninjutsu, kekkei jutsu and taijutsu

    Appearance: Genjirō is tall for his age. He has red hair and is always seen wearing brown shinobi pant with a fishnet shirt and a black jacket over that.

    Personality: Genjirō is always seen smiling and playing jokes. He loves his friends but he can go in to his “shinobi mode” where he becomes serious

    Age (9-13): 11

    Name: Airi Uchiha

    Gender: Female

    Village: Amegakure

    Clan (If any): Uchiha

    Nature Affinity: Lightning

    Kekkei Genkai (If any): Sharing

    Skills (kenjutsu, shurikenjutsu, etc.): Genjutsu, kenjutsu, Ninjutsu

    Appearance: Is almost always seen wearing a medium long skirt that’s black and purple in colour she also wears a crop top with the same colours. She wears plated finger gloves that’s black with standard shinobi boots which are also black. Her head band is purple (if she get’s one). Long black silky hair

    Personality: Airi seems cold towards everyone but that’s just a mask she makes up to put up with past traumas. When and if you become close to her she is a lovely person. She tries to treat all her friends with respect and kindness. She also love playing pranks when she can

    Age (9-13): 9

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  2. Plot Summary:

    "A Shinobi's life is not measured by how they lived but rather what they managed to accomplish before their death." — Toad Sage, Jiraiya.

    For every ninja, their life is a journey fraught with peril and danger. But like all other journeys, theirs must starts at the beginning...

    Step 1 — Graduation.

    Just like the Chūnin Exams, the Graduation ceremony has gradually grown to become an event where the most skilled budding new shinobi come to present their skills to the world. Held, this year, in the Land of Iron, the Graduation ceremony will be a test of all a shinobi's main skills: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Wit, and Combat, to determine if they're ready to for the shinobi world...

    The Graduation ceremony is made of 5 parts:

    • Ninjutsu Display:
      • As the name suggests, a simple display of ninjutsu. Your pick, clones, fire style, water style, earth style, just prove you know your way around a set of hand seals.
    • Genjutsu Display:
      • You'll be required to break a genjutsu placed on you by an examiner.
    • Taijutsu Display:
      • A short 5-minute spar between two OCs.
    • Display of Wit:
    • Combat Tournament:
      • A simple series of 1 vs 1 matches that.

    • This AU takes place 13 years after the Nine-tails attack on Konohagakure, the same time as the beginning of Naruto Part 1. However, neither Naruto nor Sasuke were born.
    • We're starting out at Graduation, so our Ocs will be fresh out of the academy. Keep that in mind when creating and using them.
      • No academy student starts with three nature transformations, top-tier taijutsu, a developed dojutsu, and all the shazam. *Throws Boruto out the window.*
    • The first four parts of the graduation ceremony are mainly just to show off your character's skills.
      • Example:
      • If their strong point is ninjutsu they should have a good time with the Ninjutsu display.
      • If they're bad at taijutsu, well it won't be as good a time for them.
      • Match your test results to what your character is good at.

    • 3 Main Ocs maximum
    • Ships are allowed, just remember the age of the cast.
    • All Global Rules of Pokecharms apply.
    • If you've read the rules add MUGEN, to your Character sheet somewhere.
    Clan (If any):
    Nature Affinity:
    Kekkei Genkai (If any):
    Skills (kenjutsu, shurikenjutsu, etc.):
    Age (9-13):

    Just in case you missed it the first time ^w^

    • If you've read the rules add MUGEN, to your Character sheet somewhere.
    Accepted Characters:

    • Team Leader: Yasami Inuzuka
    1. Zadol Uchiha
    2. Shizuka Aburame
    3. Shihasu Senju
    4. Hagiwara Kurama
    Land of Iron
    • Team Leader:
    1. Mako Kobayashi
    2. Suranoha
    3. Etsuji Fujiwa
    • Team Leader:
    1. Airi Uchiha
    2. Zentō Mugen
    3. Suisentō Mugen
    4. Kentō Mugen
    5. Ayano Bakura
    • Team Leader: Chōzu Eitsumai
    1. Sayaka Tomonaga
    2. Hitomi Masako
    3. Genjirō Sabakshiō
    • Team Leader:
    1. Sokaze Koto
    2. Kiyoshi Hozuki
    3. Nikota Terumi
    • Team Leader: Kazuma Hikoto
    1. Fumiko Yamamoto
    2. Melia Kamizuru
    3. Jōdan Chikara
    • Team Leader:
    1. Sashi Chiratsuki
    2. Sora Yotsuki
    3. Shīnkai Myōsida
    • Team Leader:
    1. Shuju Akai
    2. Takuma Chikawa

    Original Map & Color Coded Map Displaying all the Shinobi Villages


    View attachment 722576

    • 5 Great Shinobi Villages
      • Brown — Iwagakure
      • Red — Konohagakure
      • Yellow — Sunagakure
      • Blue w/ Silver border — Kirigakure
      • Black — Kumogakure
    • Minor Shinobi Villages
      • Green — Kusagakure
      • Ice Blue — Shimogakure
      • Red w/ blue border — Yugakure
      • Indigo/purple — Tanigakure
      • Blue — Amegakure
      • Orange — Ishigakure
      • Silver — Uzushiogakure
      • White — Land of Waves
      • Cream — Otogakure
      • Pink — Takigakure
    • None Shinobi Nations
      • Grey — Land of Iron


    • Shuju Akai
    • Sayaka Tomonaga
    @Retro Master
    • Zentō Mugen
    • Nikota Terumī
    • Kentō Mugen
    • Suranoha
    • Kazuma Hikoto
    @Killerbunny the god
    • Ayano Bakura
    • Etsuji Fujiwa
    @Joelkjn the fox
    • Genjirō Sabakshiō
    • Airi Uchiha
    • Sora Yotsuki
    • Mako Kobayashi
    @Mystic Zander
    • Sashi Chiratsuki
    • Chōzu Eitsumai
    • Hitomi Masako
    • Sokaze Koto
    @Hungry Badass
    • Zadol Uchiha
    • Kiyoshi Hōzuki
    • Fumiko Yamamoto
    • Takuma Chikawa
    • Yasami Inuzuka
    • Shihasu Senju
    @Grand Master Koop
    • Shizuka Aburame
    • Jōdan Chikara
    • Suisentō Mugen
    • Shīnkai Myōsida
    • Melia Kamizuru
    • Hagiwara Kurama

    Link to the discord Server:

    https://discord.gg/jKt2Ead (Join the Naruto AU but not the real name Discord Server!)
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  3. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Sup. I have my character bio almost done but I need Kekkei Genkai name.
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  4. Is the Kekkai Genkai just a sense or is like eyes?
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  5. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    It's not like eyes cuz then it'd be a dojutsu and that would've been mentioned.
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  6. Kekkei Genkai refer to any 'blood-line limit'.

    There are several types though:



    Nature Release:

    Ice Release
    Boil Release
    Lava Release
    Storm Release
    Explosion Release

    Body Changing:

    Kimimaro's Shikotsumyaku
    Sakon/Ukon's Kekkei Genkai

    It's really just unique ability that is genetically inherited.
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  7. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    The way you say it reminds me of quirks from MHA.
  8. Lol, they are pretty similar after all.

    Other than the sparring to test combat, what tests do you wanna have for:

  9. Target Practice
    Dummy Beatdown
    Taming a wild beast
    Walking on hot surface
  10. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

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  11. That... doesn't fit a category presented by Kyuu. Its just a general thing.
  12. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    It's a combination of all of them.
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  13. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    With what you're saying we can do the entire exams in one post :/
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  14. Target practice does sound good for Ninjutsu.
    We can have various targets, objects, of different sizes to test the strength of ninjutsu.

    I was actually thinking more like the Taijutsu matches they had in the academy flashbacks.
    Though you'd be set to spar for about 5 minutes or something nice and easy like that. No one should fail this exam after all xD

    Hmmm, I'll jot that one down. You're not Actually supposed to do amazing at all the exams though. They're more so to display what your character is good at. E.g. my Character will probably fail that beast taming exam because she isn't focused on genjutsu.

    Will jot that last one down too.
    The last exam for combat is a tournament.
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  15. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    lel totally thought that was gonna be shurikenjutsu. ninjutsu is supposed to be like... regular clone jutsu and transformation jutsu.

    I prefer that.

    As for genjutsu it should be dispelling genjutsu like having a d-rank or c-rank genjutsu cast upon you and you have to figure out it's a genjutsu and dispel it. That's my idea.

    For wit I don't know but I don't get how walking on hot surface helps.
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  16. It's basically to test power, speed of ninjutsu.

    So you can shoot one at a target or do the clone jutsu and the like. It's your choice really, just show off some ninjutsu lol.
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  17. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Name: Zadol Uchia

    Gender: Male

    Village: Konoah

    Clan (If any): Uchia

    Nature Affinity: Katon ((fire))

    Kekkei Genkai : Sharingan ((one pupil/tomoe))

    Skills (kenjutsu, shurikenjutsu, etc.): Ninjutsu? Altho he still needs training and Taijutsu
    He prefers and trains more in long ranged combat

    Appearance: he is a black haired, black eyed boy , he wears a light blue cloak with the Uchia symbol on the back, regular pants and shoes

    Personality: he is a nice boy, even though he is quiet, he shows more emotion with his facial expression

    Age (9-13): 12

    Me: ohhhh i forgot to say MUGEN, welp. There , i said it

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  18. Name: Mako Kobayashi
    Gender: Female
    Village: Land of Iron
    Clan: None
    Nature Affinity: Wind
    Kekkei Genkai: None
    Skills: Kenjutsu & Bukijutsu (Archery in particular)
    Appearance: A fair skinned young woman with black hair tied in a ponytail with some crudely cute bangs and a pair of dark green eyes. Has a slender but athletic build and stands at about average height for her age. Wears a white shitagi underneath a black kosode & hakama tied together by a white obi or sash. Wears a pair of white tabi along with a pair of brown waraji.
    Personality: A reserved and quiet individual, who keeps up a guise of being a man due to her father's overly....traditional views even in a changing landscape. Such tradition causes a honorable trait to shine through as she is respectful and polite to newcomers. She is studious and disciplined, with a strong determination though at times can be quite stubborn. Eager to prove herself whether faced with challenges by her instructor, classmates such as Mugen or her own mind causing her to at times act out on rash impulses making a clash of her ingrained disciplined she was taught. Faces an identity crisis as she tries to be the persona her school and father "accepts" for her desired path in live versus who she actually is as well as keep those "gentle" sides suppressed to public view. Has a love and passion for the arts and loves to paint.
    Age (9-13): 11
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  19. You mean Tomoe?
  20. Alright, so there are a few things that you're missing from your post.

    Read through the rules one more time and you should pick up on it.

    Also, we're starting with a low bar. Academy Students. So at most you should have 1 tomoe.
  21. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    I forgot what the heck a tomoe was...
  22. Custom clan?
    Where's that?
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  23. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    custom: no
    Land of fire
  24. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    1. You copied me on the discord.
    2. That's mean.
  25. You didn't get it did you
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  26. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Does it matter if you know what he meant?
  27. I do but still want to joke
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  28. Annnd, accepted of course.
  29. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    How ironic i really want to eat ramen now..wait.. thats what I'm eating today...
    I edited my post a little, gonna change more in a little bit
  30. Hope it's delicious.

    But there's only two thing I actually need you to edit.

    1. Lower that 2-tomoe to 1-tome.
    2. Look through my post again, and you'll see that you're missing something.
  31. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    FOUND IT, at the end of the post , i added it there
  32. Alright, thanks! Accepted.
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  33. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Couldn't get in dragon ball,
    Got in Naruto
    Heck yeah
  34. Name: Zentō Mugen

    Gender: Male

    Village: Hidden Rain

    Clan: Mugen

    Nature Affinity: Lightning Release

    Kekkei Genkai: Benzaiten (Grants members of the clan extreme perception to chakra, and their bodies a higher than normal affinity to its effects)

    Skills: Basic Bukijutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu

    Appearance: Has a fair skin tone with short blue hair and sapphire colored eyes. Wears a navy blue sweatshirt with grey sleeves and a black t-shirt underneath. Also has regular black colored ninja pants and blue sandals. Has two weapon pouches attached to his sides. His height is average for his age. Though Zentō is on the thin side, he does have a slight athletic build as well as early showings of muscles.

    Personality: Older brother of Kentō and Suisentō. Usually carries a calm but playful demeanor when around family and friends. Feels he must have a sense of responsibility due to being the oldest of the three siblings. When things get tense, he can switch to a more serious and focused attitude.

    Age: 11
  35. I see a lot of words and I don't understand what they mean. It's probably gonna take a fair bit of research before I can get a bio up

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