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Ask to Join Naruto Rp The new Dawn

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Thomas the trainer, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Discussion thread-
    Thomas was at the school when a influx of kids began arriving he was surprised by the large amount and from their headbands seemed to be from different villages. He heard from his teacher that today would be important but he still wasn't to sure. When every one had gathered a bunch of jounin walked up onto a stage. One stepped forward "are you ready for your Chunin exam!" He shouted to the children now Thomas now understood what his teacher meant. "As many of you would know if you impress us Jounin." The Jounin told the crowd and motioned to his fellow shinobi you will become a chunin allowing you to do higher level missions And let you be more independent!" The announcer told the students. Another Jounin stepped up who was a girl.
    "One more thing this is new but to strengthen the villages bonds we decided the shinobi who becom chunin will then become their own team." She told the crowd. This caused muttering and murmering in the crowd. Thomas hadn't made any friends os he didn't really mind.
  2. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Shaj didn't really care about his speech "i can work alone, i don't need them" he thought, seemingly not impressed by the speech given , he yawned and waited for anything else
  3. "Well first you'll do some one on one fights you win you advance to the next round. next there'll be a surprise course, and finally there'll be more one on one fights and then we'll do decide from there who becomes chunin, and remember just cause you don't win a fight that doesn't mean you won't become a Chunin, and vice versa." the loud Jounin told the crowd. The femae jounin stepped forth.
    "You have an hour to warm up and mingle." She told the kids and left the stage. The loud jounin went up to Thomas and Shaj and gave them both a big hug
    "Im going to miss you two I'm sure you'll both become Chunin as long as you try hard your both amazing." He told the boys letting go.
    "Yes Sensei Sada." Thomas said to him.
    "Well I gotta go guys but Ill see you later, good luck." He explained to his students and left the room. Thomas started thinking.
    "About a plan but he was stumped on techniques that he could do that he had enough chakra for.
  4. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Shaj was surprised by the sudden hug, but didn't give much mind to it, he needed to train, so , he left and started having a stretch, ghen unleashed a fireball jutsu
  5. Lucinda heard the announcment and looked at the rest of the people in her squad and scoffed "there all entilted brats them." She thought. She took out her katana and unsheathed it and let the light shine on it prepare to get some blood Kanashimi." She told her sword. She resheathed it and sat down outside waiting for the battles to begin.
  6. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    After unleashing his move Shaj noticed someone else outside, "of course, theres always that one person that thinks their better than everyone" he scoffed before sitting down

    ((Sorry @Thomas the trainer for not responding for so long))
  7. The rounds will begin now I will pick up two pieces of paper with names on them if your name is called you will go to the arena and battle the other persons whose name was called you lose your out you win you move onto the next round. Th first 2 contestants are Lucinda and Meindo. Lucy walked down into the arena. The fight began and Lucy did her hand signs and created a glass shruiken. Meindo dodged.
    "That all you got..." Meindo was interrupted as the shards cut into his skin. "What the hell!" He screamed holding his bloody arm.
    Lucinda ran up to him and kicked him onto the ground. She unsheathed her sword and pointed it in between his eyes. "Okay okay I give up." Meindo screamed.
    "The winer is Lucinda she moves onto the next round." The announcer shouted
  8. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Shaj watched as the fight ended as quickly as it started, he winner left with a bloody arm, "what are the chances " he mumbled, hoping to get this over with

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