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Private/Closed Naruto Orutanatibu (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by ThAtGuY101, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/naruto-orutanatibu-discussion.22859/
    (thought I'd drop the discussion page for quick access...)
    An alternate Naruto world. A long time ago in a alternate timeline far, far away....

    It is a period of relative peace ,but there is tension. With the attack of the ninetails only recently been stopped the people of Konoha attempt to continue their normal day to day lives ,but a storm is coming. The assailant whom was taken into custody ,and believed to have played a major role in the nine tails attack(Obito). The fourth Hokage was swift in apprehending him ,but Obito managed to narrowly evade justice as he managed to escape custody with the help of the Akatsuki. While most of the average citizens live their life blind to the threat of the akatsuki, the higher-ups within the ninja ranks are weary of what to come next.

    In the meantime a few months pass ,and no major threat has shown itself yet. As time continues to move on the students as the ninja academy slowly approach the end of their school year. Most of the kids will go on to become full-fledged genin. Genin are the lowest ranks of ninja-hood. Most genin won't see action on their first missions as being a genin means performing rank-D missions; which are usually risk-free ,and involve more manual labor than actual combat. However with growing threats this group of genin may have to step up if they want to be able to thrive in such a vicious environment. The moment has come and the genin are about to be placed into their teams.

    The homeroom teacher, a man named Kanryō Higaonna, stood in front of the class ,and smiled at most of the students ,and cringed at a couple other students. Knowing some of these students would go on to become genin concerned him. Despite such reluctance, Kanryō called the list of students whom would be advancing to the rank of genin. placing them into teams

    ~Kanryō Higaonna's announcement...~

    Today many of you are going to become full fledged genin! This is an honor for many that go on today to better Konohagakure. I don't know where your missions will take you or lead you ,but I do know with hard work and determination you will go far. I've criticized all of you enough for you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Even though you may be on the path to becoming true ninjas that is no excuse to put less effort into your training.

    (Kanryō took out a scroll ,and opened it. He looked at the list of student names as well as captains of those teams)

    Huh... Is that so... Hmmm... One of these things is not like the other...

    (Kanryō briefly looked at the students on the left side of the room ,and slowly turned his head looking at all the students until his eyes were at the students on the right side of the room before looking back at the scroll)

    Students that called out step forward ,and stand where I point...

    Hisato Kaguya, Nezo Kinshi ,and Dieve Ila! Stand over here. You are now team one! Ryu Shirogetsu will be your sensei.

    Zeren Lihtman, Sayuri Kubayashi ,and Nisako Kubayashi! Stand over here. You are now team two! Kyoko Aburame will be your sensei.

    Shīnkai Myōsida, Junko Shirogetsu, Takumi Kaminari! Stand over here. You are now team three! Minral Stock is your sensei.

    Kanryō listed off the last of the students names. Most of the students were assigned to teams. All but two kids in the back of the classroom had been assigned to teams. Both of them were slackers. Kanryō would deal with them later. For now the now genin would be taking orders from their newly appointed sensei.

    ~End of announcement...~


    Hisato grinned as he heard his name heard, "So cooool! Look at me... I'm gonna become a geni-!" Hisato cheered before stumbling down the steps ,and accidentally performing a cartwheel as he went down the stairs... Hisato could tell by Kanryō's expression he was not amused. "I'm gonna stand over there of course! Where you told me to! Don't mind me!" Hisato said chuckling walking over to his spot. He looked around cheerfully. "Guess we're on the same team! Next up after genin is chunin!" Hisato said excitedly. Kanryō cringed when Hisato said chunin.


    Kyoko stood outside the classroom listening in on who was teamed up with who. Kyoko was visibly nervous. This was her first time being the captain of a team before. She didn't want to disappoint her parents or Konohagakure. She managed to put on a brave face ,and continued waiting, "Soon" Kyoko said smiling.
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  2. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    As casually crossed his arms, looking contempt. The idea of having a group was a little annoying, but he would have to pull through until he can go solo. Then the homeroom teacher revealed the teams, and Zeren blinked, surprised.
    He was in a squad filled entirely with girls?! He almost wanted to ask for a squad change, until he realized who he was with. While he hasn't gotten to know them personally, they were obviously pretty shy. Pretty good, since there were no overly friendly boys who would try to get all buddy-buddy with him. He wasn't sure how his sensei would act, but if she's anything like his dad, he would have a problem.
    Zeren sighed as he went to his spot.
    "Only a little while longer, and I'll become a fully-fledged ninja. And I'm free." he muttered quietly, before subconsciously grinning " Hope dad isn't jealous."
  3. Sayuri bit her lip nervously. Being in a group shouldn’t be too bad, but if she lost control... there was no telling what could happen. And the last thing she wanted to do was hurt anyone. She stood when her name was called, stiff and self-doubtful, but willing to at least approach her teammates.

    Continual sweeps of the building with chakra pulses allowed Sayuri to avoid any collisions with people or objects as she walked to the place where she’d been pointed to. Her generally unfocused gaze unsettled some people, so she’d covered her eyes since she had entered the academy. The genin inauguration ceremony wasn’t any different. She probed the boy next to her, one of her teammates, with chakra, matching his blood-chakra signature to that of her classmate—and now teammate—that was stored in her memory bank. There wasn’t a transformation jutsu in existence that could confuse her when she used her blood sensing. She gave a timid nod in his direction before turning back to face the general area of the classroom’s anterior.
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  4. Ryu Shirogetsu had been standing, spotting Hisato, and started looking for Nezo and Dieve as he heard that Junko was on Minral's team.

    "Hisato Kaguya, if I am correct?" Ryu asked, "I also have to talk with Minral-Sensei about one of his team members, I'll be one moment."

    Ryu had noticed Junko walking over to where Squad 3 was standing and followed to talk with their teacher.

    "Hi, I'm looking for Minral Stock, I need to talk to him about one of his students." Ryu explained.

    Junko looked up to find Ryu trying to find Minral-Sensei.

    "I'll explain further if need be." Junko explained, with the intention of grabbing Minral's attention.

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  5. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Minral looked over to Ryu, who was apparently looking for him. Why now, though? Couldn't he talk later?
    This is completely unprofessional. he thought, before speaking.
    "You're talking to him. What is it you need?" he asked, eyebrow raised.
  6. "Squad 3, huh..."

    Shīnkai sat with her chin resting in her palms, and her legs dangling above the seat below her. She was a bit nervous about meeting her new team, but on the bright side neither of him teammates appeared to be that kid—an overly excited boy, cheering, eager to become the class' first causality, and he'd almost succeeded too, a beat slower, a tad more clumsy, and he would've been the first, legendary victim of the classroom stairs. She pitied his teammates; but, now wasn't the time to revel in the misfortune of others.

    Leaping to her feet, Shīnkai swaggered down the stairs, her rainbow locks trailing behind her. She cleared the stairs with cavalier ease—as a shinobi should—and noticed two older shinobi speaking. She didn't mean to eavesdrop, they'd simply caught her attention as some of the few adults in the room, but she was glad she had as one of them was revealed as her squad leader— Minral Stock.

    A small smile spread across the girl's lips as she drew to a stop. She didn't say anything, but she intently followed the interaction between fully-fledged shinobi.
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  7. "Sorry, I just wanted to let you know that my sister is on your team, and if you have any questions, just let me know." Ryu explained.

    He then headed back to his students, as Junko walked up.

    Junko looked up and then at Minral-Sensei.

    "Sorry, Minral-Sensei, but I have a rare Kekkei Genkai known as Inazuma no Kiryu, only seen in very few people from Dokutsugakure, which is why Ryu walked over to talk to you." Junko explained.

    Junko looked down at the pair of Tantos on the sides of her hips, and then back at her teammates and sensei, noticing a rainbow haired girl.

    "Hi, I'm guessing you are on Minral-Sensei's team?" Junko asked, "My name is Junko Shirogetsu, what's your name?"

    @kyuukestu @Gamingfan
  8. Takumi stood at the mention of his name, that signified his promotion to Genin. At last he'd be a fully fledged shinobi! He took a quick look around for his teammates, who he knew well enough, though they weren't really anything more than classmates, and spotted them already at the front of the class, next to two of the squad sensei's. "So I guess we're all gonna be teammates from now on, huh?" He said rather nonchalantly as he strolled down to them, "I hope we can all work well together! I'm Takumi." He said in a brighter tone. Although he would've rather been in a squad with his friends, he couldn't really complain since he was just happy to finally be out of the academy.

    @Cmeriwether @kyuukestu @Gamingfan
  9. fastt

    fastt Previously fasttypingyay

    "Squad one. Sounds fun," Dieve muttered to himself, moving to the position that he was shown to. Looking around him, he saw one other boy in his squad standing there, Hisato Kaguya. Scoffing, Dieve cursed his luck for being with him, the accident-prone boy that he was. Figuring that he had to make it work, Dieve at least counted himself lucky for not having an incompetent Genin on his team.
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  10. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Nezo listened as Kanryo-sensei told the new Genin their teams and walked over to where his squad members were calmly. He looked at his other two teammates and remembered the abilities they showed while they were in the academy. He felt confident in his new team which caused him to smile softly before he began to wonder where was the leader of their team.

    He probably had something to do last minute.

    He noticed Dieve's scoffing when he looked at Hisato but ignored it as he thought Dieve simply didn't know his teammates well enough and thus couldn't decide whether or not they were good people. Nezo walked towards his squad member and extended his hand out to be shaken as a sign of a greeting.

    "We're going to be teammates from now so I suppose we should get to know each other. My name's Nezo Kinshi and I'm a wind style user. How about you?"
  11. fastt

    fastt Previously fasttypingyay

    The hand now in Dieve's field of view belonged to Nezo Kinshi, Dieve's other squad member. Grinning, Dieve took Nezo's hand shook it. "I'm Dieve Ila, a fire style user. I agree, we should definitely get to know each other. We will be teammates, after all. I look forward to working with you!" Dieve said. He only hoped that Hisato would take the ceremony more seriously, as that was what it was - serious.
  12. "Hey, you must be Hisato, Nezo, and Dieve," Ryu found his students standing at the spot they were supposed to, "Sorry, my sister was assigned to Squad three and had to talk to Minral-Sensei about her abilities."

    Ryu's eyes flashed Silver for a moment before he turned back to his students.

    "Alright state your names, age, and chakra nature" Ryu started off, "I'll state mine, I am Ryu Shirogetsu, Age 19, with Lightning Chakra nature."

    @ThAtGuY101 @fastt @SageNeb
  13. "I'm Shīnkai, Shīnkai Myōsida."

    With the team was gathered and introductions out of the way, Shīnkai figured it was about time she got to know her other teammates. They were in three-man cells because three ninja stood a better chance of completing missions safely and reporting back, or so they'd taught them at the academy, but Shīnkai knew that they needed to work on their teamwork before they could be called anything close to a unit.

    "So...I didn't really pay much attention to you guys back in the academy...if we're gonna be a team, we should probably show each other what we're good at. I'll go first!"

    Shīnkai stepped backward, putting her back to the wall. She wove a quick hand seal and activated her jutsu.

    Ink Release: Camoflague

    The previously flashy girl faded in a matter of seconds, perfectly blending into the walls as her skin, hair, and clothing were dyed the same colors as the wall behind her. When she reappeared, she had moved 5 meters away and was walking back to her group.

    "Cool, right?"
  14. Hisato saw the facial expression on Dieve's face as their eyes met. It didn't really phase Hisato in the slightest as he was oh too familiar with the look he was receiving. He then saw Nezo make his way towards them, "Yep. Teammates for life kinda stuff. Doing all that cool shinobi stuff" Hisato said waving his arm. Hisato heard Ryu say his name for a second time. Hisato turned his head with a blank expression, "Names and chakra nature?... Oh right... That stuff. I'm Hisato Kaguya, twelve years amazing ,and I got wind style" Hisato said.
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  15. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Nezo turned towards his sensei after talking with Dieve and noticed the sudden changing of color in Ryu's eyes but decided not to mention it.

    He's only 19? Wow he must be really skilled to be made a Jonin so early...

    "My name is Nezo Kinshi, I'm 13 and I use Wind chakra," he said as he was told to do to introduce himself. As he listened to Hisato introduce himself he thought it was interesting how his other teammate also used wind style.

    Meanwhile Nisako had also went towards her teammates but didn't say anything to either of them which caused there to be an awkward, tense silence between the three. She kept on twiddling with her thumbs while not making eye contact to avoid her being visibly uncomfortable at the situation in with her team.

    Nisako heard her only male teammate sigh as he walked towards the group which caused her to feel bad that he might've been alone without any boys to talk to. She was placed with one of her clan members which might've seen as a good thing on paper but Nisako didn't really like her clan and the girl she was placed with was someone she very much felt uncomfortable hanging out around... which caused her to feel bad since she didn't want people to know they she didn't like being near them. To add on top of all that her sensei was an Aburame clan member who are known for bugs...

    I HATE bugs...
  16. fastt

    fastt Previously fasttypingyay

    Hearing Ryu calling out to his squad, Dieve answered. "Dieve Ila, fourteen years old, with fire style." Also hearing Hisato's response to Ryu, but deciding to ignore it, Dieve faced his captain, waiting for what was next.
  17. Takumi watched with great interest as Shīnkai showed off her abilities to the team. It seemed like her Jutsu would make her a good infiltration ninja, which was something he definitely didn’t have, so he thought it was cool the team had a balance. “I’ll go next!” He said eagerly, at last he’d be able to show off the results of his training! All of his Jutsu were offensive types, so it didn’t really matter which one he picked, though he definitely had one in mind.

    He walked over to a nearby window and opened it before weaving the necessary signs. “Scorch Style: Scorched Fireball Jutsu!” He proclaimed, as a giant, orange version of the usual fireball jutsu fired out of his mouth and into the sky. “Pretty cool huh? I can use the Scorch Release.” He said, rather proud of himself as he walked back toward the group.
  18. ~Hisato...~

    "Another wind style user ,and a fire style user... Cool I guess... The awkward silence though... It's so awkward that if this situation was any more awkward you'd be able to cut it with a shurkien" Hisato thought to himself. The tension was starting to get to Hisato, "So like... What he said! What's next Senei! Ryu Sensei. Got any plans? What do we need to do to be good shinobi?" Hisato asked. Hisato was so excited about being able to fight. He loved using his ostaclast blades. The thrill of moving around with fast aggressive strikes felt exhilarating. Hisato was pretty confident with his swordsmanship since his father taught him to hone his skills with his ostaclast ability.


    Kyoko stood outside the room looking out the window, "I've lead all sorts of missions before as a jonin, so why does this feel so different? I don't wanna walk inside ,but the other jonin already walked inside. Atleast when I was on missions it was with competent chunin or jonin that already knew what they were doing thus didn't need her watchful eye to make sure they were doing what they needed to do. These are just kids! Kids still getting a hang of things... If I don't go in... No... I'm not gonna think about that" Kyoko thought to herself. She walked into the room confidently. She tilted her goggles which caused the light to shine off of them for a brief moment. She then turned to look at the students she would be leading.

    Kyoko noticed a small house fly just casually flying around the room slowly flying towards Nisako. It obviously wasn't one of Kyoko's bugs so Kyoko didn't pay it any attention. She approached her students, "So you guys will be under my guidance? I suppose I can make this work... I've already did my research beforehand. Your Zeren Lihtman, your thirteen years of age ,and have lightning chakra nature. Your Sayuri Kubayashi, your twelve years of age ,and your chakra nature is lightning, earth ,and water. and lastly your Nisako Kubayashi, your also twelve in age ,and you have water and lightning chakra nature. I'm Kyoko Aburame, I'm twenty-two of age ,and I am of earth chakra nature. I will be your Sensei from here on out, any questions?" Kyoko said.
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  19. Sayuri’s impression of how their team would work together came to one conclusion: they wouldn’t. A lone sarcastic guy in a group with two timid girls and a new jonin leader? Nope. Not to mention Nisako seemed to be squeamish about bugs, and her own bats would probably try to eat them rather than try to track an enemy. But still. I can’t give up now. I have to try and work with these people. I have to... have to try and keep control...

    The girl stood at attention when she sensed a new presence walk into the room. This must be Kyoko-sensei. Gotta add her signature to my memory... wait, what? Sayuri shook her head in response to Kyoko-sensei’s question about whether or not they have questions. Nope. No questions here... except that my bats might eat your bugs... but that’s not any different than normal bats, either... so I guess not...
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  20. "Nice, it seems all of us have Kekkei Genkai, let me show you something, Shinkai, and Takumi," Junko responded as her eyes turned silver for a moment, drew her Tantos after she waved some quick hand seals

    "Lightning Style: Dancing Tantos!"

    A small arc of Lightning appeared between her Tantos, as she increased the distance between the blades, it would lengthen the arc, and the reverse for Deceasing. All of a sudden, the arc stopped, and Junko's eyes went back to normal. She looked around, and shook it off.


    "Alright, we got two winds, a fire and a lightning," Ryu responded, "We're going to have three tests to determine where each of you are at, first test will be speed and endurance, when we're dismissed, we're going to run to my house, which is on the other side of town. I'll explain the next test when we get to my house, one thing, the yard may be frozen over."

    Ryu waited for Kanryo to dismiss the team.
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  21. ~Hisato...~

    "Speed and endurance?... I guess I'm fast. I dunno... I'm so much faster than my old man, if that counts" Hisato said. Hisato wasn't sure what kind of drills Ryu Sensei would have in mind at his house. Hisato never been to Ryo's house so he didn't know what to expect. He did know that if anyone knew what his place looked like it was Ryu's sister.


    "Bats verse a swarm of mutated flesh eating insects? Interesting..." Kyoko thought to herself. "My bugs may be lacking in size ,but they make up for it in their appetite as well as their vast numbers" Kyoko said adjusting her goggles. Kyoko wasn't sure what to think of her new squad. Being her first time leading genin was different than leading a task force of jonin so Kyoko would have to be extra careful. First she would need to know just how strong her students truly are. "Eventually I'm gonna need to see just how well you excel at your training first hand" Kyoko said.
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  22. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Zeren was surprised, if a little creeped out, by his Sensei's knowledge about them. Ah well, at least it spared him from introducing himself. He shook his head, showing that he had no questions.
    He wondered how he and his squad were gonna work. Even if he wasn't a team person, if they wanted to even get close to passing this, they would need some semblance of teamwork.
    Zeren nearly gagged.
    Kyoko's comment caught his attention. He grinned and unsheathed his katana proudly.
    "Be glad to. Don't hold back on you hear? I've dealt with a sensei all my life." he told Kyoko.

    Minral sighed. So the kids he was stuck with are an Ink Release female, Ryu's special sister, and a Scorch Release male. Quite a band of special snowflakes he had.
    Minral cleared his throat, to grab their attention. "Greetings. My name is Minral Stock, but you will call me Sensei and only Sensei. My affinity is to Earth Release. I hope you all behave appropriately, or there will be problems."

    Zeren gave an eyeroll as he heard his father's introduction. He already sounded angry, although it's not like he could help it.
    I wonder how they'll get along.
  23. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Nezo nodded along as his sensei explained his team's first assignment.
    "I've trained my physical abilities a lot so I think I'll be able to pass this test pretty easily," he said. He decided to head over to Ryu-sensei's house as quickly as possible so he could begin the test.


    Nisako spotted a fly nearby and felt uncomfortable causing her to release a small zap from her cloud to kill the fly. She listened to her sensei telling her teammates about them and herself before saying that they would need to have their skills examined.

    "Um... Kyoko-sensei... I don't really like bugs too much so can you please not make them too big... also I'm not that good at lightning but I'm good at water style and I have this cloud I can use which my parents told me I got because of water, lightning, and wind... but like I said I'm only really good at water," Nisako said quietly and awkwardly trying not to make eye contact because she felt bad about how she didn't really like bugs.
  24. Kyoko looked at Zeren with slight confusion, "we're not going to fight in the classroom. There will be plenty of time for sparring later. I have another training exercise in mind that will test your teamwork" Kyoko said. Kyoko already had prepared in advanced for what she wanted her students to do. She had a location ,a challenge ,and a goal. "I hope you guys are ready" Kyoko said.

    Since the fly was just a random common house fly, Kyoko didn't really bat an eye to the poor short lived little creature's unprovoked execution via electrocution. Kyoko could tell by the tone of Nisako's voice that she was clearly shy. Kyoko wasn't shy ,but the girl kinda reminded her of herself when she was young. Luckily for Kyoko she was older ,and enough time had passed that she had become more socially outgoing. She still clinged to some of her quiet ways ,but she was much less so now, as a fully grown adult. Kyoko adjusted her goggles once more causing the light to reflect off her goggles. She looked at Nisako, "As long as you try your best, Your gonna do just fine. Don't worry about my bugs. They won't bite. Well, at the least, they won't bite you" Kyoko said putting on a friendly welcoming smile.
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  25. A training exercise? I wonder what type? Sayuri’s expression was one of deep thought as she stood by while a fly was struck dead by some subconscious lightning-style jutsu. She could sense the chakra of the bats in the forest outside, shifting restlessly as they awaited her reappearance from the building. Her sightless gaze turned subconsciously to where she knew the window was, itching to get out into nature and do something other than sit around talking. Not that she’d done much talking; she hadn’t said a word to her teammates or sensei since being assigned to their squad.

    “Are we... are we going to train, then?” Sayuri asked, in a way that seemed to say I can talk, I just don’t like doing it. “I... I’m ready for whatever comes our way. Let’s d-do this..!”
  26. Ink Release wasn't a kekkei genkai, but Shīnkai had no time to correct her teammate's statement as their sensei had decided to speak up. He was unnecessarily grumpy and his earth affinity seemed right at home next to his stick-in-the-mud personality. Shīnkai smiled and revealed none of her thought. She silently mouthed 'c-o-o-l' to her two teammates, not wanting to inadvertently provoke their sensei who was probably itching for the opportunity to punish them; but, on the topic of their sensei...

    "I'm Shīnkai," she introduced, "and what are we going to be doing, Sensei?"
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  27. As soon as Sayuri spoke, Kyoko's full undivided attention shifted directly down on Sayuri. Kyoko looked at her ,and adjusted her goggles, "Yes. We are going to train very soon. Is anybody keen to a blind fold? Doesn't matter... Either way, we should head to our training grounds. I already had it picked out just for this exact purpose." Kyoko said.


    Kanryo looked at the various teams ,and let out a small subtle grin. He still glanced over at some of the troubled students with slight concern ,but aside from that he was quite proud of all of them. Even the goofballs that had given him gray hair. "I leave you today in the hands of capable Shinobi. I wish you all well in your further endeavors" Kanryo said. He then sat down gesturing the two students in the back of the class to remain seated. Kanryo then began going over paperwork. He was more than happy to answer any questions had any of the students or Jonin asked.

    ~the maze training grounds...~

    After telling her students to follow her, Kyoko headed towards the training grounds. The maze was a large stone structure filled with many hallways. Large vines, bushes ,and other plant life loomed over the tall walls. These plants were special as they absorbed chakra thus anything living that touched it would slowly feel their chakra slip away. This maze was perfect for testing out the skills of shinobi. However what's worse than the chakra absorbing nature of the plants was that there were various birds called Paramims that reside in the maze which can emulate human speech sounds. These birds would constantly give people wrong directions ,and say all sorts of things to annoy people foolish enough to wander in the maze. These birds can even copy the voices of people they hear, so be careful when listening to a familiar voice as it could be your friend or a bird imitating your friend. Despite their mischievousness nature these birds are docile as they wont attack humans. They only eat fire mice. Fire Mice are mice glow bright orange ,and produce fiery sparks to scare away predators. The fiery mice are mostly docile ,and wont bother people unless they chase them. The cave walls are also filled with a strange yellow moss that glows. Which allows people passing through to see within the maze corridors. Just beyond the exit of the maze is a waterfall which can be heard upon nearing the exit.


    When she arrived she took out her bag, pulled out two pieces of cloth ,and some ear plugs. She then turned to her three students, "You see that maze over there? It's pretty big maze... Remember the blind fold thing I said earlier? Yeah... Who wants to use a blindfold, who to cover their mouth ,and who wants ear plugs?... You didn't think I'd give you guys a simple maze challenge did you? A team needs to be able to rely on one another. A team needs to be able to do what their fellow comrades cannot. When a team is able to overcome their weaknesses they become truly formidable. Theres nothing too dangerous in here ,but I wanted to give you something to test your wits" Kyoko said. She sat the two pieces of cloth and the ear plugs on the table. She stepped back to see what the students would take. "The choice is yours" Kyoko said once more.
  28. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2


    Minral looked at Shīnkai.
    "You all will find out soon." he said simply.
    Once Kanryo allowed them to leave, Minral took his students to a circular clearing in a forest. Once there, he motioned for them to stay at a distance from himself and each other.
    Minral straightened, something he does whenever he has something he's going to make you hear.
    "Listen up, because I'm not repeating this." He held up his hand, showing a singular silver bell being held by his fingers." This test will be a simple one. All you have to do is take this bell from me. I will be honest, normally there's a big catch to this, but I see no point in that. True teamwork does not just happen. We'll build up that teamwork little by little with every challenge. Once one of you gets the bell, you all pass." He gave one of his rare smiles, although this one held no happiness, as usual. "Now let's begin."
    Immediately after finishing, Minral slammed his palm on the floor after quickly making some hand signs.
    "Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm!" he called out.
    The earth underneath him began shifting, then tearing, as it spread out only stopping at the end of the clearing, near the trees. Even once the attack stopped expanding, it continued. The earth around Minral remained shifting, and rolling like dangerous waters.

    Zeren visibly deflated, although he looked irritated.
    " I meant make the challenge as hard as possible, duh. But if you want to spar I won't argue." he explained. He tilted his head, curious at her blindfold comment, but shrugged it off.
    Zeren's shoulders sagged.
    "A maze? Aww man, I was hoping for a battle or something. SOMETHING that requires fighting."
    He shook his head, before running over and taking a cloth for his mouth. He wasn't excited about this, but he would need both his hearing and vision to get past this maze. Maybe he could do some sort of exercise.
    How would the other's pass? Eh, they'll figure it out.
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  29. Barely concealing her grin, Sayuri took the second cloth, tying it around her eyes on top of the other assorted items already concealing them. Welp. This shouldn’t be a problem. As soon as the genin had exited the building, several bats had come out of the trees and started circling her, before the majority of them flew off and one settled on her shoulder.

    At least... she had thought it shouldn’t be a problem. As soon as Sayuri’s chakra pulses that allowed her to “see” came into contact with the hedges, they vanished. The hedges absorb chakra? No way... I’ll have to rely on my bats alone, which shouldn’t be too bad... but I won’t be able to tell where the obstacles are. That could be a problem. Actually, scratch that. This will be a problem.
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  30. "A bell test huh... seems simple enough, but it definitely won't be easy. Even if there are three of us, and only one of us need to get the bell, it's not gonna be that simple, taking something from a Jonin-class ninja." Takumi wondered aloud, "it's probably best for us to keep our distance for now and see what he can do by attacking from afar, and then Shinkai can try and grab the bell from him while he's distracted by using her Camouflage Jutsu. I'll be the distraction, since pretty much all of my attacks are well suited to offensive roles. Junko, you have a Kekkei Genkai that's sorta like the Byakugan, right? If you can, use it to warn us if he's about to use a Jutsu by reading his chakra signals. You should also come with me when we go to distract him, since I doubt taking him on alone will end well." Takumi wasn't so confident that the plan would go smoothly, but at least it was a pretty solid one.
  31. "I can tell he's has an Earth Chakra nature, and it's making the ground look like a stormy sea." Junko warned both her teammates.

    "Lightning Style: Dancing Tantos!" Junko whispered.

    Junko had pulled out her Tantos and prepared to watch for movement from Minral-Sensei. She used the Dancing Tantos as a predetermined approach to detect his Chakra usage.

    @kyuukestu @Pinch
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  32. "Got it, we'll hit him from multiple directions. I need you guys to distract him first though..."

    Shīnkai agreed with the general plan Takumi had outlined but as their Sensei began his earth-release technique, turning the ground inside-out, Shīnkai found herself retreating to the treeline. She didn't want to get caught in any potential earth-release technique, and the clearing provided no place to hide.

    "Then...I'll have to go above."

    With a push, Shinkaī took to the trees and swung onto a thick branch. She reached into her ninja pouch, pulling out a pair of smoke bombs and flung them into the clearing. Taking advantage of the smokescreen, she pulled out a few kunai with steel wires attached to them.

    If Junko's ability was like the Byakugan then she would be able to easily see through the smoke in order to coordinate attacks from herself and Takumi.

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  33. As the smokescreen from Shinkai's smoke bombs spread through the clearing, Takumi had to slightly rethink his strategy for the distraction. A pinpoint attack would be no good now, unless he could traverse to behind Sensei, but he doubted his ability to do that in this thick smoke. Junko had her Kekkei Genkai, so she'd be fine, and she'd also be able to help coordinate attacks.

    Takumi decided the best thing for him to do would be to create an opening for Junko, so after weaving some quick signs, he cast his Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu through the smoke in Minral's general direction, hoping Junko would be able to spot it through the smoke and use it as an opportunity to attack from his blind spot.
  34. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Nisako smiled softly at her sensei's message to try and ease the young girl. Even tho she didn't think she would feel comfortable around bugs she decided that it wasn't like they were going to annoy her. She glanced at Sayuri when she said that she wanted to train and nodded in agreement, getting more excited.


    Nisako listened to the instructions and nodded, along. She was going to reach for the cloth to put on her mouth but before she could Zeren took it for himself. The kunoichi looked dumbfounded for a moment before reaching for the ear plugs glumly and putting them on.

    "I guess we're all ready for the maze then."
  35. "Now that your all ready for the maze, you'll be expected to make your way through the maze as a team. You will be expected to be the eyes and ears for your teammates. If you remember anything I say, then remember you are a team and communication is important" Kyoko said. As she said that she written it down so that Nisako could know what she was saying. "I'll be waiting on the other side. Remember to stay cautious. You never know what your going to face" Kyoko said. She stood by the entrance, gesturing for her students to begin.
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  36. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Zeren shrugged.
    "Try to keep up." he told the girls, or at least, tried to. His voice wasn't even muffled, it was almost as if he didn't speak at all. So, to communicate his readiness, he spread his legs, bent his knees, and held his katana boldly in front of him.
    His eyes seemed to flash as he dashed the second the gesture to begin was done, speeding down the maze .
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  37. As soon as they were told to go, Sayuri sensed Zeren’s presence take off at a fast pace. “Wait, what the— Isn’t this a team exercise?” She rolled her eyes as she took off after him. There wouldn’t be much teamwork if they were separated. “How does he even know which way he’s going?” she muttered to herself. “We should’ve waited, come up with a strategy, have my bats scout out the area or something. But nooo~ The big, strong man of the group had to take off at the speed of light and leave the poor, helpless females behind. Ugh. Nothing we can do about it now.”

    The girl shook her head and kept running, whistling for more bats to come and scout the maze. Zeren was running blind, looking for a way out with no plan whatsoever. Hopefully her bats would find the right path soon, before something bad came up and ate them alive. Or at least before Sayuri accidentally ran into a hedge and got all her chakra absorbed. That was an equally bad outcome.
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    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Nisako watched as Zeren took off swiftly and left the group, surprised for a moment before frowning sadly. She would tell Sayuri she agreed with her, if it weren't for the fact she was deaf due to the ear plugs. However instead of just standing there awkwardly she chased after him, not willing to be left behind.

    "Hey, wait up! Sensei said this test is about teamwork, if you leave us you'll surely fail!" Nisako wouldn't be able to hear Zeren's response but she was still able to speak. Unfortunately none of her jutsu could help her in the maze since they weren't made for sensing or movement, so she could only rely on her sight and teammates.
  39. A giant fireball went flying by at Minral-Sensei.

    "Lightning Style: Lightning Clone Jutsu!"

    A clone of Junko appeared nearby as the real one went right, arming her Tantos as she prepared to watch for Minral-Sensei's next move. The Clone had used hand signs for a very basic Lightning Style Jutsu in an attempt to distract Minral-Sensei.

  40. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Minral was surprised, They had only been together for a bit, and they're already in sync. Scorch Release looked like a natural born leader, making up the plan and already going into action. The other's weren't slacking either.
    Minral's rose his palm, stopping the raging earth around him, and made another sequence of signs.
    "Earth Release: Rock Pillar Spears!"
    The earth around him moved again, this time shaping into sharp edged pillars that spread around Minral. One eliminated Takumi's fireball, and another stabbed Junko's clone, with another stopping in front of the real one.
    Minral wasn't done, however, and made more hand signs.
    "Earth Release: Moving Earth Core!"
    The floor underneath him rose, going higher until it was taller than the trees around. The spear pillars remained, creating a sharp ring around Minral and his pillar.
    Minral crossed his arms, staring down at his students, both figuratively and literally.
    "Really? You're going to attack an earth user, by spreading? Did you not see how his first jutsu spread? Do you WANT to get killed?"
    His voice was a little faint, thanks to his height, but the condescending tone was in full force.

    " Just follow me!" Zeren called out to the girls, before realizing the obvious.
    Huh, this might be more detrimental than I thought.
    Nevertheless, he kept moving, although he slowed his pace, so that the other two could catch up, and so he could conserve his stamina. He realized running without a plan wasn't the best idea, but he was more of a split-second thinking guy. It helps keep his reflexes sharp.
    Besides, who knows what this maze has? He could only hope the other's are competent enough to survive.
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