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Ask to Join Naruto: Dokutsu Destruction (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cmeriwether, May 30, 2020.

  1. (Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/naruto-dokutsu-destruction.22559/ )

    One month before the Destruction:

    A rather large man wielding a very large sword had appeared, he was wearing a large hat, and wore a black cloak, a plain black cloak. He spotted two Genin, and then made his move, only to be blocked by a fan.

    "I suggest falling over," the man warned.

    "Akiko-sensei!" The Genin called out.

    The man knocked the fan out of her hand and swung his sword, leaving a cut on her right arm, deep enough to cause scarring. A dark brown haired girl, along with a silver haired boy and girl, stood in between the man and the girl.

    "Idiots, thinking you can handle me." The man responded to the three's attempt at protecting Akiko.

    "Shuryu, you don't have to do this." The silver haired girl called out.

    "Junko, stay back!" The silver haired boy called out.

    The man walked closer to the brown haired girl, as she performed hand seals.

    "Ice style, Ice Dragon Jutsu!"

    A Draconic creature made of Ice appeared and gave a roar at Shuryu, who responded by cutting the Jutsu in half. He then made a swing towards the brown haired girl.

    "Don't you dare!" The silver haired boy yelled.

    Haruna screamed when the sword made contact, it was a lot worse than he thought, and she was out of it, but not quite unconscious.

    "Junko, take Haruna and get her, Akiko and your self out of here, Understood?" The boy yelled.

    "Ryu-kun, please don't die." Haruna called out before she left with Junko and Akiko.

    "IT won't let me." Ryu responded, "Trust me."

    Ryu turned to Shuryu, and drew his katana, knowing he would fight sword to sword with this man. Shuryu then performed hand seals.

    "Earth Style: Earth Fist Jutsu!"

    Shuryu's fist turned to stone, and he proceeded to try and attack Ryu with it. He dodged the attacks and put the katana away, drawing the Butterfly swords, and used two hand seals.

    "Lightning Style: Twin Dragon Jutsu!"

    Two dragons made of Lightning appeared this time, not dissimilar to Haruna's Ice Dragon. Ryu sent the dragons towards Shuryu, who made several hand seals

    "Earth Style: Mountain Jutsu!"

    The Dragons were crushed by two giant stones slamming together. Ryu sidestepped the attack as his Kekkei Genkai, Inazuma no Kiryu, activated, he picked the electrical trail to Shuryu, who jumped for Ryu, aiming for his head. Ryu knew this was Salamander or die time. He felt a sudden second flow of Chakra in his body, and was more energized than ever.

    "Well, Grey Salamander, you finally showed up." Shuryu responded.

    "You hurt someone precious to me, I suggest writing your will now." Ryu warned, with flicks of grey jumping off.

    "Akiko's too old for you, Junko's your..." was all Shuryu got out of his mouth as Ryu Shirogetsu swung his swords at him.

    He had to dodge or lose his head, so he kept dodging Ryu's attacks, and occasionally blocked with either Earth Fist or his sword.

    "You've improved since our last encounter. Dragon of the White Moon." Shuryu responded.

    "I've been in the village less than a week, and of all times for you to show up, why now." Ryu responded.

    "I am here to steal the information on the Legendary Salamanders." Shuryu responded.

    The two clashed, well, until Shuryu missed an attack, and Ryu landed a torso hit, with severe damage.

    "This is over." Ryu noted.

    "Ryu," Shuryu Akudo called out, "I have one last question about the Akudo clan, will it live on without me?"

    "Yes, it will, Zenryu and Rumiko are to be married." Ryu answered.

    "I can now die in peace," Shuryu responded.

    Ryu Shirogetsu noted Shuryu's death shortly after their conversation, and led his body to be buried in a plot originally reserved for Mizuko Shirogetsu, but now for Shuryu. After the miniature funeral, Ryu left at top speed towards the Council, passing by the hospital to check on Haruna.

    "Ryu-kun?" Haruna called out.

    "Ren-chan, you okay?" Ryu responded.

    "I'm fine, you need to go to the council about Shuryu." Haruna responded, sat up for enough time to kiss his cheek, then laid back down, blushing furiously.

    Ryu blushed as he left for the council.

    Junko had looked at the two and then asked Haruna a question.

    "Do you like my brother?" Junko asked.

    Haruna was even redder than when she kissed Ryu's cheek.


    Ryu had arrived at the council and found a white haired man wearing white robes.

    "Jiri-ojiisan," Ryu called out.

    "Shirogetsu-san." The robed man responded.

    "Shuryu Akudo is dead, however he wanted to make sure the Akudo clan is safe." Ryu responded.

    Jiri Namikaze couldn't believe his ears that Shuryu was dead.

    "Ryu, there's new information concerning the Akudo clan, Rumiko Inuzuka, the one to marry Zenryu, is pregnant with his child." Jiri responded.

    Ryu was surprised to hear that, not as bad as when he said Shuryu was dead.

    "Ryu, due to events in the last year, and the Rescuing of two of our top Genin, you are hereby promoted to Jonin."

    Ryu was utterly shocked, he hadn't been expecting that.


    Haruna had recovered from the shock of Junko asking such a question and responded with a whisper, "Yes."

    "I knew it!" Akiko and Junko called out.

    "Shut it, I know you're in love with Kai!" Haruna called out.

    Akiko was redder than her haori.


    "There will be a Promotion Ceremony in one week, you can bring one other person with you to the ceremony and there will be a festival in honor of your promotion." Jiri continued after Ryu recovered from shock.

    "Thank you, I know who I will ask!" Ryu responded.

    "Now go and ask the older of Seichiro Watanabe's daughters." Jiri responded, teasingly.

    "HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT I HAVE A CRUSH ON HER!?" Ryu yelled questioningly.

    "You two are so obvious." Jiri answered.

    Ryu left the council building and ran towards the hospital, hoping to find Haruna there. Haruna had walked out when Ryu got there.

    "So, there's a promotion to Jonin going on, and I wanted you to come with me, Haruna." Ryu asked nervously, a blush forming on his face.

    "Whose promotion?" Haruna asked, really hoping it was either hers or Ryu's.

    "Mine." Ryu whispered into Haruna's ear.

    At that moment Haruna backed up, and Yanked on his cloak, kissing him. Akiko giggled as Junko walked up to them.

    "Uhh guys," Junko called out to them.

    They separated immediately after being called out.

    "So, you going or not?" Ryu asked.

    "Of course I am." Haruna whispered.

    The girls immediately took Haruna to look for formal clothes, as she was the promoted Jonin's plus one. She was looking around, trying to find something that would represent her, along with Ryu.


    Ryu had gone home, finding his promotion Hakama, but he needed it adjusted for his current size. He had dropped it off at the tailor's and went to the graveyard, finding a certain tombstone.

    "Kuro, it's been a while." Ryu started, "just wanted to let you know, I'm to be promoted to Jonin next week, and I'm taking Haruna to the Promotion, that's all."

    He left a flower at the monument to Kuro Yuki, and then walked back to the Tailor's when one blue haired, Spear wielding young man of several inches taller than Ryu appeared.

    "Hey Ryu-chan, heard you're getting promoted, and a girlfriend." The blue haired man told the rumors on the street to Ryu

    "Kai?" Ryu asked then realized what he just said, "You saw that?"

    "You had to be standing in front of a stone wall not to see that." Kai responded as he got a hug from behind.

    Ryu was embarrassed, but Akiko saved the day.

    "Hey Kai, turn around." Ryu called out.

    Kai turned around and found Akiko Todoroki in front of him.

    "What're you doing here, Akiko no Kimi?" Kai asked aloud.

    Akiko suddenly went really red, and a puff of steam appeared around her.

    "Kai-kun!" Akiko called out, embarrassed, "why'd you say that?"

    "You look really cute right now." Kai whispered into Akiko's ear.

    Ryu facepalmed at his cousin's attempts at being romantic.

    "I have a tailor to see." Ryu explained as he walked off.

    He then arrived at the tailor's and found his promotion hakama ready to go, it had brown tabi, grey Hakama, Black Haori, and a white inner shirt. Haruna had been wearing a blue kimono, with a white obi, a black obijime, a grey obi dome, along with tabi (socks) and zori (sandals). Ryu was utterly stunned when he accidentally saw Haruna.

    "Onii-san!" A girl yelled, "What are you doing here?"

    Ryu snapped out of his trance like state responded with, "I was here to pick up my Promotion Hakama."

    Haruna had gotten out of the kimono and back into her normal clothes by the time Ryu answered Junko.

    "Ryu, let's get going, we need to talk with Jiri about how this is going to happen." Haruna whispered.


    One week after the death of Shuryu Akudo and three weeks before the Destruction:


    Ryu Shirogetsu had woken up to seven different Dokutsugakure Jonin in his house including Seichiro Watanabe (Uchiha), and Kai.

    "What the!?" Ryu swore, startled by seven Jonin in his house.

    Four of them left, leaving Kai, a man who looked like Kai, someone somewhat familiar, kind of looked like his teammate Kuro.

    "Ryu," the one who looked like Kuro responded, "You ready, besides you have Haruna with you."

    "I am." Ryu responded.

    "Let's get you ready." The man who looked like Kai noted.

    Ryu got dressed in his promotion Hakama and Haori, and waited for Haruna.


    Haruna Yuki woke up in her bedroom, in her home to Junko, two other girls, Akiko, and her mom.

    "Wake up, the ceremony's in three hours, you need to get ready!" Junko yelled, "Yukari, Mizuko, help Haruna!"

    The two helped Haruna get ready, after that was done, she donned her new Kimono, and was ready to go.


    Jiri Namikaze was sitting in the Council Office, in the center of the village, with assistants running around finishing up some office work when he realized two young someones needed a bodyguard.

    "Hisato Kaguya! Junko Shirogetsu! Kioseju Makakiro! Ogata Sarukaze! In my office!"

    Junko had heard the call from across the village and told Yukari and Mizuko to get Haruna to Ryu, as she sprinted across town to Jiri Namikaze's office.

    "Junko here, what did you need?"
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  2. Kioseju Makakiro looked out over the village of Dokutsu with contentment. He liked to watch the sun be birthed in the sky from absolute darkness, and so each morning he would climb to the top of his apartment building with a cup of coffee in one hand as orange and yellow light would slowly filter into sight. He kept quite where he went, visiting a friend here or there throughout the morning but mostly just wandering.

    He liked to take in the streets of the village one step of a time. Born and raised and sure to die in Dokutsu, Kioseju thought about his parents and how he hadn't seen them in over a month. They always made sure to disparage his ninja profession, preferring to fear for his life than celebrate his accomplishments.

    All the while throughout his routine the large man's odachi swung and battered against his back, the maple wood sheath clacking against the minimal armor on his torso. Some had taken to calling him the "Metronome Man" because of the deep rhythmic beat of his sword.

    Some called out his name and he'd wave back. Kio, though one of the larger men of the village before his eighteenth birthday, was not a distrustful or distasteful man who kept away from the citizens he swore to protect. Instead, Kio had started to introduce himself to some, and was further cultivating those relationships even if just a word or two were shared. Wordlessly, he found his way over to a fruit stall, mulling the differences between two kiwi before picking one, paying for it and moving on.

    He hadn't forgotten the promotion ceremony today. Kio felt he could have made Jonin, had he tried just a little harder. But that was a title Kio hadn't been ready to assume, and he let the exams come and go without nary a thought to participate. Maybe another year.

    Crowds gathered in the center of the village in preparation of the ceremony, and Kio let himself blend into them as best he could. Their energy and movement carried him all the way to the Council Office building, where he was supposed to report. As if by divination, the moment the barefoot ninja stepped into the office, he heard his name called by Jiri Namikaze, and made himself available to the higher ranked ninja in only a moment. Another ninja he had only passing familiarity with - Junko - was there already when Kio walked in.

    "Reporting for duty, sir," he said, standing attentive, one hand on the odachi on his back and the other casually resting on his hip.
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  3. "Kioseju Makakiro, meet Junko Shirogetsu, you will be attending the ceremony as her bodyguard, her brother Ryu is amongst the promoted." Jiri responded, "Normally I'd send Enomoto, but he's away on an A-rank mission with Daichi, make sure nothing happens to her."

    "Ojiisan!" Junko was embarrassed, she was a wielder of the Inazuma no Kiryu.

    She was still just a Genin, and waited for further instruction, but not before turning to Kioseju and giving him a small wave.
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  4. Making a fist of his right hand and holding his left vertically - palm open, fingers together, thumb to him and pinky to Junko - Kioseju put them together with a gentle tap and bowed his large frame so low his forehead could have hit his knees.

    "It is a pleasure, Miss Junko," he said, "your brother is more formidable than I could ever hope, and I'm sure someday I'll say the same of you."

    With that, he picked up his heavy chest and head, his hair flying back like an uncontrolled beast's mane. Kioseju looked back to Jiri and returned to his initial stance - right hand on the hilt of his low-hanging odachi, left hand on his hip, right foot curled up on tip-toes, left leg holding most of his weight.

    "Is there anything else or should we be off to the ceremony?" He asked, his voice more casual than his intention.
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  5. Ogata felt a bit daunted by the thought of her village being destroyed, but at least she wouldn't die in the destruction. The village she hailed from couldn't just disappear, right? She sighed with despair, looking around at the place. Ogata was shocked to hear her name being called by Jiri Namikaze, but it was probably a bodyguard thing... She sprinted as fast as she could to her Office, though of course was late due to her rather slow speed. " What- what do I have to do...?," she panted, obviously out of breath. She hadn't been taking missions lately, so she was a bit out of shape. Ogata felt a bit embarrassed herself, she should not be out of breath nor should she be so frantic about the situation.
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  6. As Lin sat in the shade she had already completed her nessisary test requirements to become Jonin. Since the ceremony was yet to start Lin had more than enough time to tinker with on a new prosthetic arm as she enjoyed making spares and improving them along the way. Luckily her arm was mostly finished and only required touch up and polishing up.

    With all her spare time she even went ahead to fix up her puppets from the combat she had been in during the exams. She took the opportunity to switch out the poisons from her spider puppet Yorokobi with some more potent ones. She was so excited to see how her improved puppet would do that she almost forgotten to speak with Kai, "ah man! Almost forgot... earth style shadow clone jutsu!" Lin said. Two clones appeared. Lin left her room leaving the two shadow clones to happily continue tinker away. She made sure to find Kai herself, "Whens the ceremony supposed be here anyways? I wanna finish this quickly so I can get back to tinkering! Even got a willing volunteer to experiment on" Lin said grinning.


    Hisato sat under a tree slowly drawing his osteoblade from his arm before retracting it. Hisato had finished training that morning ,but made sure to dress in clean clothes to watch the ceremony. If anyone was going to be the joke of the ceremony it wasn't going to be him. He made sure to head down to see if some of the others were ready.
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  7. "Ogata Sarukaze, I'll be assigning you to a special Mission, you're to protect Haruna Yuki during the ceremony from a distance, only interfere if something bad happens." Jiri explained.

    At that moment Ryu appeared in the office with Haruna.

    "Ahh, just in time, Ogata, the girl wearing the kimono is Haruna Yuki, of the Yuki Clan." Jiri called out.

    "Hi, I'm Haruna," Haruna responded, "I've heard bits and pieces of you from Raiga and my sister Aki."

    A boy with tomato end hair walked in the room at that moment.

    "Raiga Nara reporting for duty!"

    "Ryu, Haruna, take Ogata with you, I have to talk with Raiga." Jiri announced, "Kioseju, take Junko to the ceremony."

    Junko turned to Kioseju and responded with, "Nope, let's get going!"

    Junko headed out the door of the office as Ryu and Haruna headed out as well.


    Kai Shirogetsu had been wandering around town when a person had called out to him and Akiko, who was with him.

    "Lin, in about three hours will be the ceremony, you're amongst the promoted, along with my cousin," Kai explained, "I was your proctor for your evaluation and trust me, you're ready for this."

    Akiko held his hand as he explained, "Kai, we need to get going."

    "Lin, get ready, I'll see you at the ceremony." Kai responded.

    The couple headed towards the square for the Ceremony.
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  8. In casual passing, Kio offered Ryu and Haruna quick bows of recognition. Some of his peers had suggested Kio take the jonin exam, but he had refused, steadfast. He knew he wasn't ready, and seeing Ryu in action only strengthened that belief. Kioseju would have his time.

    For now, as he and Junko walked along, he said to her, "Since I'm supposed to be watching you, I'll let you lead the way. If you want, I'll stay out of sight and out of mind."
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  9. "You've... heard of me before? That's... a bit unsettling," she replied," I will try and keep a distance while protecting you at the same time." She then followed Ryu and Haruna outside of the Office. On the walk, she started to fret over if she could successfully protect them, trying to recall certain tactics her father taught her. Ogata was a bit curious about the ceremony, but she still had to keep a sharp eye out for any potential foes.
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  10. "Raiga's your fellow clan member, and my sister's around your age." Haruna explained.

    "Aki is not one to mess with, though." Ryu responded to Haruna, then turned to Ogata, "We should get going, We need not to be late."

    Ryu and Haruna headed towards the ceremony site.


    "Keep close, there are bullies on this street, I'll let you know when to keep your distance, but first I need to get my kimono." Junko responded to Kioseju.

    She led Kioseju to her house, and told him, "Wait at the door, my father would kill you if you walked in."

    Junko was right, Akakiru would probably kill anyone who intrudes. She got changed into a light green kimono, with a white obi. She then walked out, and turned to face Kioseju.

    "You ready?"
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  11. "Hey Lin? Do you think I can swap my leg with one of these?" The first Lin clone said. The second Lin rolled her eyes, "You know darn well we can't. Were clones remember? As soon as one of pit legs come off we dissapear. You know darn well you can't switch legs" the second Lin said. The two clones continued happily working on extra legs.

    Luckily for Lin she made sure to dress nicely before meeting up with Kai so when she arrived at the ceremony. She made sure to follow Kai. She wasn't about to mess up last second. Lin paused for a moment, "three hours?! I have tons of time to get things done... I could have already had that guy's leg amputa-... Stretched! Stretch his leg in a normal excersize fashion. Nothing unethical! Nope!" Lin said.
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  12. He awaited the young Junko with a stoic patience. No way in hell he wanted to meet her father anyway. The young girl didn't take too long in the house before popping back out and asking if he was ready. For some reason, her question didn't sit entirely right with him. But he ignored that feeling for the moment.

    "Yes, of course. I go where you go." He said with a tiny smile.
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  13. As Hisato sat he looked around vacantly. Training was more fun than sitting around waiting for a ceremony ,and the worst part was Hisato had a gut feeling that the ceremony itself would be arduous and mundane. Wanting a little excitement Hisato decided to look around. After spotting a boy and a girl; The girl was shorter than himself though she appeared to be around the same age. The boy a tall imposing man whom seemed more older and experienced. If he were any taller Hisato might just assume he were two regular people, One sitting on the others shoulders to give off the appearance of great height. Not wanting to sit and stare into space any longer he decided to break his comfort zone by aproaching them. With no ideas of how to interact or communicate with them he cleared his throat, "Its really happening real soon. I wonder what's going to happen during the ceremony. Have either of you seen a Jonin ceremony before? Do you know what to expect from these things?" Hisato asked saying the only thing he could think of. Hisato was definitely out of his comfort zone ,but he stood confidently enough that maybe they wouldn't notice. Perhaps one of them might have seen a Jonin exam. Though it wouldn't be unusual if neither of them had as Jonin exams were such a rare event.
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  14. "I actually went to one three years ago for my cousin, I have a question for you, Have either of you ever heard of the Dragon of the White Moon or Spearman Kai?" Junko asked as she turned to the new boy, a little taller than her, and suddenly became a little shy.


    "You need to be there in an hour, my cousin and his girlfriend probably beat you there." Kai responded.

    Kai immediately took Akiko's hand and headed towards The Ceremony.
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  15. "I've been to a few," Kio waited for Junko to respond before he did, though before he'd even gotten the words to fall from his mouth the young girl had kept hers running with a question that spun off in quite a different direction. Looking to the newcomer, who seemed familiar though Kio could not place a name on the boy, Kio turned back to Junko and said, "of the White Moon Dragon I've heard bits and pieces, though I lack clarity of the full story. Spearman Kai, I must admit, sounds familiar, though I can't recall any of the finer details of it."
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  16. "Dragon? White moon? Kai? uuugh. No. I'm also unfamiliar with that name" Hisato said. Hisato looked to Kio, "What are they like? Are they long?" Hisato asked hoping to probe some information out of him. Hisato had a bad feeling it would be a tedious event. ""I guess I should be happy its not me going up for Jonin testing. All that stuff sounds complicated and lots of protocol stuff. I wonder what my jonin exam will look like when I reach that level?" Hisato thought to himself. He then remembered he didn't introduce himself yet, "Oh. I'm Hisato by the way. Hisato Kaguya, nice to meet you" Hisato said.
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  17. "The story of the Dragon of the White Moon was started only six months ago, when my brother Ryu, who we passed on the way here, was assigned a mission to protect a Daimyo's pregnant daughter, the daughter's husband Died a week before their arrival. Ryu had been on alert for the mission." Junko explained, "Spearman Kai is my cousin, how he got the title is unknown."

    She then turned to Hisato, "I'm Junko Shirogetsu, of the Shirogetsu Clan, my brother is Ryu, one of the promoted today, and the Dragon of the White Moon."

    Junko looked at Kioseju, then back at Hisato.
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  18. "I assume it's because Kai is quite handy with a spear," Kio said with a smile, looking to Hisato. He offered a quick bow, "My name is Kioseju Makakiro. It is a pleasure."

    Then he added with a laugh, "And yes, these ceremonies are quite arduous. A lot of grandiose statements, loud music and cheering. But it's exciting. You'll enjoy it. Shall we continue on?"
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  19. "Huh... that's quite the story... white dragon..." Hisato said. He was still a bit confused, but didn't bother to ask. Simply smiling and nodding. Kio then introduced himself, and even giving a bow. Formal huh? Hisato not wanting to be rude or look any more awkward than he already did exchanged bows. The man had confirmed Hisato's fears to be true. This was going to take forever, and Hisato hated singing. He didn't have a great singing voice. It wasn't awful ,but he didn't want to none the less. Hopefully singing wouldn't be something he'd have to do. "Thanks" Hisato said thanking him for sharing information about the jonin ceremony. "Absolutely!" Hisato said ready to get the ceremony over with already.
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