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Private/Closed Naruto AU RP: discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Shen: Ghost Gym Leader, Mar 19, 2018.


First Exam:

Poll closed Oct 4, 2018.
  1. Written exam

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  2. ??? New exam

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  1. Damn, that's good stuff.
  2. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

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  3. Sagiso: *shrugs* next time you're gonna die from that poison. Heh, a joke of course. If you really think about it, the only person I've ever hurt is Kai.
    Wew, that's done sleek drawing. I'll have one of my own soon enough. I've got some drafts that @MegaAbsol drew, she nailed Sagiso.
  4. The lack of notifications is annoying, but that Taiyo art is some clean stuff!
  5. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Give it a minute....
  6. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Taiyo: *sarcasticslly* okay...
    Inner Taiyo: Bold of you to assume that I would poison myself again.
    Taiyo: Why would you play with my emotions like that? You know I'm terrified to you
    Inner Taiyo: Why would you play with my emotions like that? You know Im terrified to you

  7. Sagisō: Well...let's just say you have a track record for self-harm during important fights...
    Sagisō: Does this look like the face of mercy?


    Art courtesy of the @MegaAbsol the Magnificent.

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  8. Oh wow, are those all Sagiso?
  9. that they are. I'm still trying to get one for Azumi made.
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  10. Ah she looks pretty, and sassy XD fitting

    If he’s going to make one for Azumi, i did make some references
  11. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    it looks like our rp's biggest badass
  12. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Inner Taiyo: you make two mistakes and they never let you live it down...*very salty sun boi noises*
    Inner Taiyo:....why are you not only scary but attractive too....*confused sun boi noises*
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  13. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    i feel you...
  14. Want me to initiate the time skip?
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  15. So what? Did Henshina wreck team sound?
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  16. I’m going to post shortly
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  17. So we’re skipping the Cloud and Sound battle?
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  18. No, I’ve been thinking of editing so that this entire Heshina and cloud/sound confrontation would have been taking place during the day the time skips to. Given it’s now how I saw this happening, but it seemed to satisfy Jacob, Kyuu, and Zander
  19. So wait the Cloud/Sound thing is taking place in the future then?
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  20. Suppose it should to make sense. Don’t want this event being needed to wait for everyone else to proceed. Suppose a quick edit of ‘a day later’ at the beginning of team sound’s actions should be required....

    Not the most favorable thing I know, but I don’t want everyone to be doing nothing until we are finished
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  21. Between this and the concurrent flashback post we have going our sense of time here is so distorted XD

    And there is also the conversation between Pakura and the Nadeshiko Kunoichi going on do we give that the same label? It makes sense to me your idea but I just want to iron out details.
  22. Thankfully, it’ll all be cleared up when the timeskip happens. Then everything will be synced up perfectly. Though before then a Kakashi reaction would be appreciated
  23. Give me some time and I will have a reaction up. Sorry still a bit blue so just need some time to let the medicine kick in so my nose clears up. Will be back on ASAP with a reply.
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  24. Sorry for being the worst. Working on finishing my draft reply ASAP.
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  25. Hmmm, guess I could post again. Will run my own side Story with Nadeshiko. @Nukas hows goes the Earthly skillful star?
  26. I mean... do we need to timeskip? Like a lot of us already have characters that are or can be occupied with something during the Sound/Cloud fight. Basically, we shouldn’t have to mess with the time if it isn’t necessary.

    Btw, I’ve mastered the art of patience since I was barely able to do anything during the last fights lel
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  27. Well I just didn’t want to keep everyone waiting is all
  28. Patience is key, but I’ll digress... actually no

    I’m concerned that this might impact more fights in the future. Like if there’s a small, but important fight between two or three people in the future, will we have to timeskip those for the other few who have characters that absolutely can’t do anything? That could also mess with the continuity for the story we’re trying to build. Readers would start to get confused with the timeline alone.

    For example, the little time skip we had in the forest of death. We have a whole group fighting but after the timeskip, their fight continues the same. It was understandable to timeskip back then since this wasn’t that big and could’ve died if it slowed too much. There were also some impatient people (Me :p).

    Now though, I think most of us have the patience too wait. Plus, there should be something for most characters to do. Yes, character interactions are a thing. And yeah, I know we’re not skipping the fight but there really isn’t a need to mess with the timeline.
  29. Ah a convincing case. Suppose we should wait it out then
  30. The only person with nothing to do...is Zander (though there are still character interactions to be had). That being said, @Mystic Zander , your opinions on the proposed time skip?
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  31. My rushed post was done. Sorry for the late reply.

    Honestly I was hoping nights like this could be used for talking and well....character interaction beyond just having our OCs beat each other up the entire arc. Fights are cool but there should be these breaks in the action for our characters to well....act as characters not just fighters so it doesn't become too mindless. I can live with a time skip or not time skip just my thoughts here.

    Ironic considering I am a Dragon Ball fan XD
  32. When you put it like that, it makes me look forward to it actually XD
  33. Just finished my edit to include a Tomiko bit XD
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  34. Hinagiku > Hama
  35. To be fair when I mentioned Hinagiku I meant going to her this time XD.

    *Goes to edit other uses of it*


    I did warn it was rushed XD
  36. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Hamas just trying to set up a group camp so she can get alone time with Kakashi...
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  37. Where your mind goes XD
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  38. He did create Taiyo, so not too surprising he came up with that
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  39. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Sounds right to me xD
    Also @kyuukestu is Hyo just gonna st ay underwater or no?

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