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Private/Closed Naruto AU RP: discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Shen: Ghost Gym Leader, Mar 19, 2018.


First Exam:

Poll closed Oct 4, 2018.
  1. Written exam

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  2. ??? New exam

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  1. I don't know I'll see, the situation is just the start of the fight between team sounds and Darui right?
  2. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Taiyo: Honestly we live in a universe of giant weirdos, so hes really no different.
  3. Most likely. But she is caught in the crossfire
  4. Shen, I am gonna say for a guy (Zaku) who is supposed to care about Kou a lot he sure loves to place him in dangerous situations as his attack now put him on the front lines XD
  5. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Zaku would be a terrible dad, or big brother.
  6. Hey, Zaku advised not bringing Kou on the mission, but Orochimaru specifically ordered for him to be. If you want to blame someone, blame the snake XD
  7. Orochimaru didn't tell Zaku to launch an attack on Darui when he wasn't looking for a fight now did he?
  8. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Orochimaru is a terrible dad howd he even raise a kid....
  9. Sakon technically ordered it on the down low to attack. He did tell Kou it would be dangerous and didn’t say specifically for him to go out and attack. He assumes Orochimaru does everything for a reason. But even then, he didn’t ask Kou to do anything at all.
    Ask Anko, I’m sure she’d love to tell you how being his apprentice went
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  10. Just saying, Zaku launched an attack without consideration for Kou behind him and if and when Darui responds the peril he'd be in would be on Zaku's head. Just saying not much love being shown for Kou here XD
  11. If your father told you your baby brother would be okay after you dealt with a mugger, would you trust his judgment? That’s what Zaku’s train of thought was
  12. Again him being on the mission is not my main point here Shen, it is Zaku's specific action that I bring into question XD
  13. And again, Sakon ordered it XD
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  14. Nadeshiko:


    Given...tmrw in-RP. I'll reveal the contents of that letter. Baiyan, Sagisō, Amari, and Koki'o will be receiving letters. They all say the exact same thing.

    OH @Nukas , I'll ping you in the Nadeshiko convo in a few moments.
  15. I don't see this as Sakon's fault. He could have told Kou to run or get to safety or something XD. No his response was "yeah time to murder boss!"
  16. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Anko, your master was(and still is) terrible with kids, how'd you survive?
  17. Sakon, I meant Sakon XD
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  18. Looks like your speaking like Kou XD

    If he told Kou that, then the element of surprise would be gone, and the intiative lost. Kou isn’t on the receiving end of the cannons, so it’s fine for the moment
  19. We'll see about that.

    Anyway, lunch. Be back with my post done in theory. Fingers crossed.
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  20. Katsuo: Has one of the best win/loss records in Naruto, a unique backstory and clear talents among our cast.
    Also Katsuo: Doesn't like being seen as "special."

    In truth though that was a fantastic post. I like that Katsuo is scared of the Orochimaru watching him thing, a very human emotion that tends to get glossed over in stuff like this. Good stuff.
  21. Recently caught up to Boruto, poor Iwa. It's like they got conquered by 10 Jonin.

    I also feel like the arc was forced like the whole thing could've been very easily avoided. I digress @Retro Master do you want to fight outside or inside? If you fight inside and the training hall gets destroyed you can expect Hinagiku to hand Kiro some wooden planks and a kit of construction tools so he can fix it.
  22. Okay do I’m curious, what is your character doing right now and what is her name @Nukas
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  23. Her name is Amari, and she's with Koki'o staring at team Pakura who just landed on Island Alpha. They're not too far from each other, but godjacob kinda missed it lol. Worry not though, I'm correcting that with my next Yasu post. Or better yet lemme edit in a Yasu post.
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  24. Sorry, I merely had Pakura focus on her coyote on my last post. Wanted Yasu to chime in there and it was an oversight on my end.
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  25. No worries, you've got a lot on your plate and it gives me a reason to move Yasu.
  26. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    What kyuu said
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  27. Well, prototype of Kia Yuki courtesy of my gf who spent the past hour complaining how bad she is at anime drawings.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Though, I think she's done with this one because she really didn't like drawing it </3

    Well, as a plus, she's agreed to draw Aisha's wolves, Sky and Luna. So @Godjacob , Ima need to collect your requested poses and see what I can reason out.

    Animals are right up her alley, and her last Wolf drawing turned out like this, so expect something somewhat similar.


    Though she tore it up because she didn't like it... Shamelessly bragging about his gf.

    disregarding that though, we should enshrine Kia as the RP's mascot lmao
  28. Amazing wolf drawing....

    Now as for Kia....ahem

    May the drawing Burn forever in the flowing depths of Xeno hell : D
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  29. Requested poses? Is there preferred poses the artist (Whose work is beautiful BTW) for the wolves she typically favors?
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  30. Well, she'll do her own thing if you let her, I just wanted to get some input first.
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  31. I suppose my ideal pose for Luna & Sky would be them standing over a rock ledge of some king (Like Lion King) with maybe Luna gazing at the ground while Sky was howling with his head up.

    The background (If there is a background IDK) would be at a sunset with darkness coming down but some light still there. To symbolize their names in a sense.
  32. Tomiko: Screw it, I'll be team medic. How hard can it be?
  33. Very hard, but Mori carries a small basic medkit. You can use it if you want
  34. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    I mean if you can't keep yourself healthy, who are you to manage other's health?
  35. Tomiko: Ha! I can now actually, I am a walking self-healing tank! I beat up cards but still shut up...
  36. Mori: That still doesn't give you the right to jump off a cliff or fight a walking bomb. You're only human after all.
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  37. I tried a crack at it. Let me know what you think.

    Kiro Audition:
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  38. This is actually amazing, I love it and the background music is fitting as anything.

    Mori: HEY! I am no one's pet!

    Reaver will not be happy if he gets called a pet as well.

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