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Name your team as of... Right Now!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Arkydan, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. As the title implies, I'm interested in hearing what Pokemon other trainers are doing around the world of Pokemon. Tell me about them! Do you love your Pokemon? Did you EV train them? IV breed them?

    State their levels and names, if they have one. ♥
    Mine always do. >w<

    My team right now on Pokemon X:

    Lucy the Lucario, level 50. Obtained in a link trade with my best friend. Outstanding potential, best Special Attacker out there. ♥

    Rah the Leafeon, level 67. Bred from his parent Leafeon, Sin and Syn. Born Otarah, the 13th Eevee. Decent potential, but that doesn't matter. I love him either way. C:

    Hex the adventurous Absol, level 44. Bred from her parents, unnamed. A well edged killer herself.

    Eclipse the violent Gardevoir, level 62. Born as OathEclipse the Ralts. She will Moonblast her way into fame.

    -Katana, the level 1 Mawile. She was bred to be a killer.

    Swuggin', the level 1 Scraggy. Name says it all. ♥

    Your team?
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  2. I named all my Pokemon (with a few exceptions) after something French dedicated to the game being set in France-ish.

    Maurice the Flygon (lv 55)- caught as a cute Trapinch on that one red clay route. I love his all mighty Hyper Beam.
    His name is a French boy's name.

    Fletcher the Talonflame (lv 64)- caught as a Fletchling at the very beginning of my journey in Pokemon X. While being Fire/Flying he has no Fire attacks. All the Fire-type moves are from my Simisear and Charmelon. His name fit with the Pokemon, I'm unsure if it's French or not.

    Gibbs the Gabite (lv 60)
    - caught as a Gible along with Maurice. I count them as "brothers" because they've always fought side to side. And they're both Dragon. I haven't let him evolve because I don't like how Gachomp looks in XY. His Dragon Rush attack is a sight to see. His name fit with the Pokemon, an exception to the French theme.

    Pierre the Vaporeon (lv 56)- my surfer pokemon I caught when he was just a Eevee. I chose to evolve him with the Water Stone because at that point in
    my game to get to Coumarime Town. He's my water boss. His name both means "stone" in French, is an actual male's name, and is a brand of water (with an added "i").

    Feu the Simisear (lv 59)- the only female on my team. I met her also in the beginning of my journey. Her Fire-type moves and single Flying move "Acrobatics" are a life saver. Her name means "fire" in French.

    Noix the Chespin (lv 61) / Yume the Jigglypuff (lv 53) / Jean-Jacques the Charmelon (lv 60) / Myrtilles the Riolu (lv 58)- I haven't decided who my sixth pokemon will be yet. I'll decide once I see the Elite 4's types (almost there! Just gotta get through Victory Road!) For Myrtilles (blueberry in French), I haven't let him evolve because the same reason with Gibbs, Lucario just looks weird in 3D...

    • Noix's name means "nut" in French and since he is based off a nut.
    • Yume's name is actually Japanese for "dream", because it's one of my dreams to have a Wigglytuff. Just looking for a Moon Stone.
    • Jean-Jacques's name is a French boy's name.
    • Myrtilles's name means "blueberries" in French and I named him this because I wanted to name him after something that's blue.
  3. Y:
    Melissa the Froslass(Lv. 64, Ice Beam Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Destiny Bond)
    Petra the Goodra(Lv. 56, Draco Meteor, Strength, Blizzard, Muddy Water)
    Countess the Gardevoir(Lv. 59, Future Sight, Focus Blast, Moonblast, Calm Mind)
    Hercule the Hawlucha(Lv. 38, Endeavor, Fly, Flying Press, Aerial Ace)
    Lady Daisy the Florges(Lv. 100, Petal Blizzard, Grass Knot, Moonblast, Toxic)
    Kero the Greninja(Lv. 100, Ice Beam, Surf, Dark Pulse, Night Slash)

    Littlefoot the Aurorus(Lv. 61, Avalanche, Ice Beam, T-Bolt, Light Screen)
    Quagsire(Lv. 30, Surf, Sludge Bomb, Mud Bomb, Amnesia)
    Countess the Gardevoir(Lv. 60, Future Sight, Return, Magical Leaf, Calm Mind)
    Yamcha the Lucario(Lv. 34, Power-Up Punch, S-Dance, Quick Gurad, Bone Rush)
    Noivern(Lv. 59, Whirlwind, F-Thrower, Fly, Hurricane)
    Krillin the Chesnaught(Lv. 70, Giga Impact, Pin Missile, Hammer Arm, Spiky Shield)
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  4. mhairigood

    mhairigood Likes Trains

    Shiny Starmie [Shuriken] - LVL100
    Shiny Vaporeon [Riviera] - ♂ - LVL 100
    Shiny Hitmontop [Galux] - ♂ - LVL 100
    Lapras [Nessie] - ♀ - LVL 100
    Mawile [Lai] - ♀ - LVL 100
    Scizor [Kairos] - ♂ - LVL 100
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  5. Mawile Lvl 100
    Iron Head, Play Rough, Stone Edge and Ice Fang

    Meowstic Lvl 100
    Fake Out, Psychic, Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball

    Linoone Lvl 100
    Rock Climb, Belly Drum, Shadow Claw and Play Rough

    Floatzel Lvl 100
    Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Crunch and Power-Up Punch

    Swellow Lvl 100
    Facade, Steel Wing, Fly and U-Turn

    Bellossom Lvl 100
    Dazzling Gleam, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb and Infestation
  6. dragonite lvl 100
    draco meteor,outrage, hurricane and surf

    dramanitan lvl 100
    fire punch,flare blitz,fire fang and super power

    breloom lvl 71
    spore,grass knot, mach punch and SKY UPPERCUT

    sharpedo lvl 71
    water fall , aqua jet , night slash and earthquake

    thunder, discharge , charge beam and fly

    raticate lvl 45

    bite,crunch , super fang and hyper fang
  7. NN: Youkai- Shiny Weavile- Lvl 100 - favorite pokemon *wish there was a mega for it though*

    NN: VarephnaGarchomp - Lvl 100 - in party since late diamond good attacker all arounder for me, might look for a new one soon

    NN: Shiva - Charizard - Lvl 100 - in party since Fire Red it will mow down any with his sharp Flamethrower

    NN:Tohil -Kingdra - Lvl 100 - in party since Soul Silver best with a focus energy and sniper ability XD

    NN: Khezu-Electivire - Lvl 100 - in party since platinum , people will doubt if he's good or not but if your caught with a wrong matchup your gonna have a bad time

    NN: Tengu- Greninja- Lvl 100 - In party till after finding out his hidden ability and he is a nice touch in battle and he looks awesome
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  8. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    slow bro (100) got this from a trade for a septile.
    Heal pulse, trump card, psychic and amnesia.
    Milotic (100) got this for a meowstic
    Ice beam, hydro pump, recover, and surf
    Shiny Porygon Z (100) got this for a talon flame
    Toxic, ice beam, recover, and psychic
    Gallade (71) caught a rats in the wild, and trained it.
    Leaf blade, night slash, psycho cut, protect
    Diggersby (82) from GTS
    Bounce, earthquake, dig, and rock smash.
    Shiny butter free (72) from gts
    Quiver dance, hypnosis, aerial ace, bug buzz
  9. 012


    My team in X right now is(And please dont hate me just cause I used cheats to catch these Pokémon's since I love just legendaries):
    Mew always with me just like in other games and also my starter in Kalos region using Mew as starter cheat code Lvl 100 with moves Psychic, Transform, Iron Tail and Aura Sphere
    Zygarde my first catching Kalos Pokémon using cheat code Lvl 100 with moves Outrage, Land's Wrath, Earthquake and Dragon Pulse
    Xerneas my second catching Kalos Pokémon using cheat code Lvl 100 with moves Megahorn, Geomancy, Moonblast and Horn Leech
    Yveltal my third catching Kalos Pokémon using cheat code Lvl 100 with moves Sky Attack, Oblivion Wing, Phantom Force and Dark Pulse
    Diancie my 4th catching Kalos Pokémon using cheat code Lvl 100 with moves Stone Edge, Diamond Storm, Moonblast and Dazzling Gleam
    Hoopa my 5th catching Kalos Pokémon using cheat code Lvl 100 with moves Psychic, Hyperspace Hole, Phantom Force and Shadow Ball

    PS. I always use cheat codes cause I want to always use same team as in my dream of own Pokémon anime where the main character would be me and my partner Mew.
  10. This is my current team for Alpha Sapphire, and I'm pretty happy with it, although I really would love a Feraligatr.

    Jango - Sceptile, Level 60

    Careful, somewhat stubborn

    Held item: Sceptilite

    Mega Drain
    Leaf Blade

    Makit - Hariyama, Level 57

    Brave, likes to thrash about

    Held item: Quick Claw

    Close Combat
    Force Palm
    Heavy Slam

    Kyogre, Level 54

    Bold, alert to sounds

    Held item: Blue Orb

    Aqua Ring
    Ice Beam
    Origin Pulse

    Metagross (Shiny), Level 61

    Bashful, takes plenty of siestas

    Held item: Metagrossite

    Iron Head
    Hyper Beam
    Zen Headbutt

    Seaf - Ludicolo, Level 48

    Impish, highly persistent

    Held item: Expert Belt

    Tetter Dance
    Rock Smash

    Lugia, Level 55

    Modest, somewhat vain (What?)

    Rain Dance
    Hydro Pump
  11. *deep breath*
    Flame the Cyndaquill
    Hooter the HootHoot
    When you haven't played in so long so you only remember the first two pokemon you caught in johto.
    A ruby hack with kalos 'mons:
    Flicker the Fenniken
    Weeble the Wurmple[not even sure if wurmple is in kalos or if it was just a lazy persons job to code the 'mons]
    Rlo the Riolu[yes Rlo,i thought the lowercase L was actually a I and ment to name him Rio]
    i don't remember the rest of my team,its been so long since i played this hack.
  12. Yay! I have wanted to do this.

    Buddy-Lvl 100
    The very first Pokémon I ever had, obtained by Professor Juniper

    Boss-Lvl 100
    My favorite Pokémon, as well as a pretty good shiny. Obtained by catching it in Pinwheel Forest

    Charles-Lvl 100
    A good Pokémon, but my least favorite as I like a bunch of unused Pokémon, and Krookidile is UU tier. Caught on Route 4 as a Sandile.

    Nijima-Lvl 100
    On of the coolest Pokémon designs I have ever seen and it has broken abilities. Caught at the Desert Resort.

    Frosty-Lvl 100
    Another amazing looking Pokémon, I wish I could hug it. Caught in Twist Mountain.

    Samuel-Lvl 100
    Yet the 2nd most awesome shiny in the universe. Caught on Victory Road.
  13. Hhh I'm late
    I don't careee
    Here's my Moon team

    Osha the Samouratt, Lvl 100
    Originated: White2
    My beautiful child and first Pokémon

    Stubbs the Arcticuno, Lvl 100
    Originated: Wonder Trade
    Surprisingly useless, sorry buddy

    Boxhead the Type: Null, Lvl 100
    Originated: Wonder Trade
    I have a sneaking suspicion he's hacked

    Azu the Shiny Gardevoir, Lvl 72
    Originated: Alpha Sapphire
    This beautiful girl is my favorite of my shinies

    Lola the Vaporeon, Lvl 30
    Originated: Moon
    Shipped heavily with Mike

    Mike the Jolteon, Lvl 30
    Originated: Moon
    Shipped heavily with Lola

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  14. UniverSoul

    UniverSoul Previously SoulDemon

    Torra: Incinaroar: lvl 95
    Morris:Hariyama: lvl 89
    Decidu: Decidueye: lvl 88
    Donna: Primarina: lvl 88
    Raiye: Raichu-Alolan: lv 76
    Nebby: Solgaleo: lvl 89
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  15. Well, since I've only played the gen 3 games since I never got a DS, here's my Pokemon Ruby party
    Level 63 Pikachu; It's a little Pikachu. Can I keep him?
    Level 100 Blaziken; I love the look of all 3 evolutions of this Pokemon, but I'm not that all sure about the look of the Mega evolution.
    Level 100 Salamence; I like fire types, and this looks pretty cool
    Level 53 Flygon; I kinda like the look of this guy as well nplus more fire types
    Level 49 Azumarill; It's cute but mine knows only water HMs and rollout
    Level 49 Ninjask; It could learn flash and looks neat when it evolves
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  16. FearfulNights

    FearfulNights Previously StarrySkys

    Moon Game
    MoonLight: Primarina Lv81 (She hasn't left my team since the start)
    MilkDud: Milktank Lv56 (Lots of people don't keep one of these on their teams, So I did)
    Caramel: Golbat Lv63 (Since all my Pokémon are girly. I wanted to shock them by throwing out such a scary and annoying pokemon)
    Sherbert: Granbull Lv 68 (Its meh doggy)
    Flora: Lurantis Lv 63 (I gave up on evolving her at first, but them I somehow evolved her by accident)
    Egg (I left the pokemon who had the egg in the daycare for 4 MONTHS. and they didn't even level up)
  17. ScorchPlayz

    ScorchPlayz Previously Nebulix

    wait you caught me?
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  18. Omega Ruby

    Psymurai (Ralts) Level 19, Male

    Okeh (Cosplay Pikachu) Level 25, Female

    KFC Chicken (Combusken) Level 27, Male

    Ghosug (Nincada) Level 17, Male

    Shroomi (Breloom) Level 25, Male

    Cool (Tentacool) Level 14, Female

    im almost to that gallade, also

    Black 2

    Wounce the Azurill: Level 5, Male

    Grasnake the Snivy, Level 10, Male

    Catnerd the Purrloin, Level 6, Female

    birb the Pidove, level 9, Male

    Risk the Riolu, level 5, Male

    beautiful team names
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  19. Pokémon Ultra Moon(Still early on.)

  20. I'm only gonna list off my UM team because I forgot the levels for my other games:
    Hemlock(Decidueye), Lv. 65. Max EVs, but not competitive.
    Dusk(Lycanroc), Lv. 71.
    Sharp(Sharpedo), Lv. 67. Bred to get a jolly nature.
    Kadabra, Lv. 24. Currently replacing my zoroark because I'm shinyhunting Moltres
    Volca(Volcarona) Lv. 67. Bred because synchronise failed to get it be timid
    Stinger(Naganadel) Lv. 69.

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