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Name that Laptop competition!

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by MoonStruckDragonLass, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. I"M SO LAME! :D

    Okay, for those of you who don't already know, I name all of my electronics.

    I'll be getting a new Laptop soon, and I am up-in-arms about what to name it. So I figured I'd ask for some help ^^'

    I'll name the laptop my favourite name from here, okay? :D And maybe i'll throw in some gift art because I need practice. Just list some names for me. I'd prefer it if the names were witty. . . Something clever that'll make me chuckle.

    It's going to be a duel processor and work with a fellow I call Sven. I don't know much more then that about it, but if you can use it to come up with something, the more power to ya.

    Comment as many times as you like, but please, keep it all in one post. Edit, people!!! :D

    Thanks so much for your help! Here's hoping I'm not violating some form of rule! ^^ I'll lock this when I get the laptop and i'll let you know what it's named.
  2. The only name that comes to mind at the moment is Inkypoo, which I think is the name of the machine John Henry beat.

    Luxana, I believe, is the name of Deanna Troy's mother in Star Trek: the Next Generation, played by Majel Roddenberry. She also was the voice of the ship's computer, which is why I gave that name to one of my computers.

    Lyoko is the name of the super computer from Code Lyoko, I think.

    Andromeda is the name of both the ship and its AI on the show Andromeda, and her android avatar is named Rommie. Both are played by Lexa Doig.

    Holly is the name of the ship's computer AI from Red Dwarf, and his evil back-up AI is named Queeg. The android on the show is named Kryten.

    Computadora is the Spanish word for "Computer," contributing to the myth that Spanish is just like English with different suffixes. It also sounds like a girl's name to me.

    The printers at my college's computer lab are all named after Disney cartoon ducks (Huey, Dewy, Louie, Scrooge, Fenton).

    The computer I'm on right now is "Destroyer of Worlds."
  3. I feel obliged to be the first person to say this...

    "Larry" the laptop would be a very silly but fitting name..

    Otherwise I've always been a fan of the names Zhane and Karone, I'm not sure if you'll want to call it either of them, but heck you never know...

    EDIT: I don't mind being egotistical every now and then... Call it Rupert... Just cause i'm THAT awesome :p
  4. Blue Lion! Blue Lion!

    I wiki'd Sven and ended up rediscovering my ultimate, favourite, childhood cartoon, which is none other than Voltron! A strange topic led to something even stranger for me it seems.

    Just to clarify, Sven is the name of the pilot of the Blue Lion. But heck, give the laptop whatever name you want. I'm just overjoyed to actually learn the names associated with those awesome images in my mind.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Two words: Fluffy Sr. =D

    Of course, that's an inside joke, and not even a really good one, but whatever XD
  6. Blauhörnchen! ^^

    I usually just make up names for my computers, but my brother has a very neat system you might want to consider. He's decided to call all of his computers after cartoon mice (i.e. speedy, jerry, mickey etc.) Next time I'm getting a computer, I'm gonna rename them all in a similar fashion :p
  7. Put a label on it somewhere naming it as Rodney, and only ever refer to it as Dave.
  8. I didnt see any type of name other than witty, yet makes you laugh, thats hard for me, I'm alittle serious for that O_o But I do specialize in Demon Mythology and nameing, maybe some will catch your eye?

    Rentia (Rench-ah)
    Cyptis (sip-tis)
    Arithius (Are-ith-e-us)
    Scythiest (Sc-ith-e-ist)
    Hyzolis (Heyz-oh-list)
    Shmeil (Sh-meal)
    Mamon (Mah-Mon)
    Kellamandra (Kel-ah-man-draw)
    Fenrir (Fen-rear)
    Lucifer (Kick yourself if you cant pronounce this)
    Sesiyrus (Ses-e-rus)
    Setosith (Set-o-sith)
    Metheus (Me-the-us)
    Sparda (Spar-duh)
    Sefiros (Seph-e-rus)
    Faustious (Fost-e-us)
    Leviathan (Lev-eye-a-thon)
  9. ^I Love it.

    And if the laptops a japanese make such as sony orsomething call it :


    "arigato Lappy-San"
  10. ...Hal. :B

    I dunno, I never really named my machines. My DS gets to be "my baby" and this ancient computer is occasionally referred to as "the beast," but that's about as close as it gets. XD

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