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Name a Movie Game!

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Mystic_Suicune, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. I came up with this last night. I'll start off my putting an actor's/actress' name, and the next poster puts a movie that that person has been in (even voice acting counts), and then puts another actor's name. AN optional part is putting which character they played/voiced for. Example:
    Quinton Flynn
    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Reno)
    (Actors name)

    I'll start:
    Robin Williams.
  2. Alladin (Genie)
    Robert DeNiro
  3. True Confessions

    Johnny Depp
  4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Jack Black
  5. I'm suprised you didn say Pirates of the Carribean...Um...

    King Kong

    Bill Engvall.
  6. The Bill Engvall Show (I have no clue who the hell he is Bill Engvall is)

    Elijah Wood
  7. Spy Kids 3: Game Over (I bet you were expecting Lord of the RIngs, huh? If you want a good movie with Bill Engvall (whos a comedian) watch Bait Shop)

    Owen Wilson
  8. (Actually, I was expecting Spy Kids 3. :p I love that movie.)

    Marley and Me

    Queen Latifah
  9. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (Elly)

    Jesse McCartney (Don't say Kingdom Hearts, please. That's too easy. Plus it's not a movie. I let the show name slide since you didn't know who he was.)
  10. (Jesse McCartney was in KH?)

    Horton Hears a Who! (Jojo)

    Jim Carrey
  11. (Yeah. He voices for Roxas.....Damn, I knew he was in Horton, but the movie I was hoping someone else would get is Alvin and the Chipmunks. (Theodore).)

    The Mask (Stanley/ THe Mask) "Ssssssssmokin!"

    Haley Joel Osment.
  12. Artificial Intelligence

    Will Smith
  13. (I was thinking Jungle Book 2, Pay it Forward, or The 6th Sense...obviously he's in the Kingdom Hearts games)

    I Am Legend

    Bill Murray
  14. Ghostbusters

    Veronica Taylor (xD)
  15. Pokemon: The First Movie (EASY!)

    Yuri Lowenthall (Hint: He's a voice actor)
  16. Naruto (SASUKE, NO DURR)

    Ashton Kutcher
  17. (Well, if you count the Ben 10 ALien Force season finale as a movie, you coulda said that. He voices for Ben)

    What Happens in Vegas

    Dane Cook
  18. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    The Replacements, if that counts as a movie.

    Mike Meyers
  19. Shrek

    Orlando Bloom
  20. Easy, Pirates of The Caribbean

    Rupert Grint (Dont U dare say Harry Potter)
  21. Okay, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone! :p

    Grey DeLisle
  22. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    Does Danny Phantom count as a movie? Stop naming TV actors.

    Kyle Gass
  23. Charlie and the Chocolate factory.
    If you count anything that tv sees as a movie (Like Bill and Mandy's Big Boogie Adventure, which is another thing with Grey DeLise) counts. Name voice actors, if they're in movies.

    Johnny Yong Bosch (and he doesn't just voice for Ichigo in Bleach. He played in a live action show and movie..guess)
  24. Code Geass (Lelouch)

    Jerry Trainor
  25. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    iGo To Japan

    Martin Scorsese.
  26. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    Vin Diesel
  27. Fast and Furious

    Matthew Perry
  28. "17 Again"

    Sean Schemmel

    Here's a hint for those who cannot place their finger on it: [​IMG]

    AND NO IT IS NOT MEW. Kōichi Yamadera and Satomi Kōrogi voice Mew.
  29. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    He plays Lucario in Lucario & the Mystery of Mew.

    Pamela Anderson
  30. Run fatboy run

    Ray Romano
  31. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    Ice Age

    Jennifer Aniston
  32. Marley and Me

    Jack Black
  33. School of Rock

    Ryan reynolds
  34. X-men Origins - Wolverine

    David Suchet
  35. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Wing Commander! ^^ Been ages since I saw that one.

    Kyle MacLachlan
  36. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    Blue Velvet

    Kyra Sedgwick

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