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Ask to Join Mythical Beasts

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Hello guys! I'm doing a RP about beasts, great and small! This is based on 'Beast Quest' But it's my little edited version!. Here's the form to fill out!:


    Here's mine!:

    Name: Nuri
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Silver Pelt with red eyes and a Red gem on her forehead and nine tails
    Type: Fire
    Species: Fire Fox, more commonly known as 'Nuri the Raging Flame' by the humans

    Nuri slowly rose from her soft bed made of leaves. Her tails waved around as she swam across the river. Her red eyes gleamed as she made her way to a berry bush. The Fire Wolf heard noises but ignored it because her gem didn't sense danger. Nuri layed down under a big tree and gazed around, smiling. Peace has returned to the forest since Tom freed the beasts in the jungle. Nuri knew that she was gonna go under Marvel's spell again but decided not to put too much thought into it.
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  2. Vagri, the Thunder Owl warrior, was soaring in the sky. He saw a nice tree that looked like it would be a great landing place. Touching down on a tree branch, he allowed the electricity coursing through his talons to discharge into the tree and, thus, into the ground. Preparing to temporarily nest, he crouched down... and saw a Fire Wolf at the bottom of the tree. "Gwoo?!" he said, flapping his wings into the tree's leaves. This shook an apple off its stem, which fell towards the Fire Wolf.
  3. Nuri looked up and caughed the Apple in her jaws. Nuri put the Apple down and looked at the Electric Owl that was perched above her. "Thanks, I guess..." Nuri said and smiled up at the Owl. "What's your name? I'm Nuri, more commonly know as 'The Raging Flame' by humans and beasts" Nuri said to the Owl.
  4. "Vagri." the Thunder Owl said to the Fire Wolf. "The Storm Tamer. I fly any weather. I'm resting now. Hard to find a nice place to rest nowadays, what with all the stupid humans taking our land and hunting us. I'm even considering heading to the Great Plains if this keeps up!"
  5. Nuri nodded "Well I've been chased around many times, but I often attack back" Nuri said as her gem glowed slightly. "Have you been under Marvel's spells before?" Nuri asked Vagri.
  6. "Marvel... can't say I've heard the name before. A human spellcaster, right? I hate those." Vagri said, touching down on a tree again. "Hunting down all of us, JUST for our elemental powers... I swear, if I just had a Link... ah, but I can't be everything. Storm Tamer is good enough to get me out of sticky situations."
  7. Nuri nodded and leaped onto the branch next to Vagri. "I was put under one of the spells of him, turning me evil, that's why when I deliver water to the humans in the nearby village, they scream and run away..." Nuri said as a hint of sadness laced her voice. "Well who wouldn't be? a Wolf that's bigger than a house with Nine Tails and that can breath fire? If I was one of them, I would of definatly run away" Nuri said and looked around.
  8. "Humans run from me, too. No chance of ever making a Link, I guess." Vagri said, wilfing. "Well, you seem nice enough. Do you think you could help me with something? A while ago, me and my friend were chased by humans. We got separated, and this was the last place I saw him. Could you help me out?"
  9. "Sure" Nuri said and smiled at Vagri. Nuri jumped down and looked up at Vagri to show her where to go. "Witch way mighty Storm Tamer?" Nuri said in a happy tone.
  10. Vagri closed his eyes and let his senses feel for him. He sensed some things... trees, a Fire Wolf, a squirrel... he couldn't sense far enough.
    "Last time I encountered a Spellcaster, he placed a curse on me that limits my ability to sense the electricity in all living things. I was hoping it had worn off by now. I don't know where to go."
  11. Nuri nodded and out her muzzle to the ground "This way" Nuri said as she began to run to a nearby village. Nuri looked around warily as she sensed humans nearby.
  12. Vagri flapped his wings fiercely, unleashing a thunderclap. The hunters nearby fled. The owl flapped a bit slower.
    "We need to find a storm soon." Vagri said. "My energy's running low. I'll need a recharge soon."
  13. "H-Hey, if you don't mind me asking, how did you get that Scar?" Nuri asked looking around for any more humans. Nuri jumped into the sky and landed down, hard, making the earth shake, Chasing some Hunters that thought they were smart. Nuri snickered silently before she waited quietly, for Vagri's response.
  14. Vagri flapped his wings, landing on a tree. He closed his eyes and huffed.
    "This scar is the trademark of our clan. The owls are divided into six clans, each representing an element. I am part of the Lightning clan. Upon hatching from our eggs, we are marked with the symbol of our clans. This guarantees that, even if we lose our powers, we shall be recognized as a member of our clan. Such is the way of the owls."
  15. Nuri nodded before she got pierced on the side. Nuri yelped as she was driven backwards. "N-No!" Nuri said as she was at the edge of the border. A man threw a spear and Nuri jumped backwards, falling into The Plains. Nuri landed with a thump as she slowly got up and looked up at the cheering humans. Nuri whimpered and stood up "Vagri?" Nuri asked as she looked around.
  16. The owl had been caught in a net made of wire.
    "A metal net to hold a Lightning Owl? Now I KNOW these humans are getting stupider every minute." Vagri said. Releasing his electricity, he electrocuted all nearby humans and tore up the net.
    "RUN ACROSS THE BORDER!" he shouted, hearing a carriage coming.
  17. Rainbow heard the carriage, she ran as fast as she could on her small feet. She stopped when she reached the border and saw an owl and a fire fox. "Hello!" she called to them.
  18. The Fire Fox turned her head and smiled at the Rainbow Horse. "Hi..." Nuri said unsure that this cute thing was the reason that nobody came back from The Plains. Nuri's eyes darted around as she looked for any other danger except the Unicorn that suddenly appeared.
  19. (Thought Nuri was a wolf.)
    Vagri flew across, releasing electricity behind him to scatter the humans.
    "Nuri, we have to move! I hear a carriage coming, and that means reinforcements... and probably spellcasters! Our only chance is to try and flee to the plains! No humans ever go there!"
  20. Nuri nodded and began to flee to the plains. Nuri's eyes darted about as she jumped over the wire fence and stampeded along in the plains.
  21. Vagri flew straight over, dodging an arrow from the reinforcement's archer. Soon, they were far into the long, orange expanse. Vagri looked at the Unicorn, confused at why it was following them.
    "Aren't Unicorns an endangered species? I thought that most Unicorns preferred staying hidden over being exposed to any humans who just happen to walk by."
  22. Nuri growled and used Flame Blast, creating a line of fire, going directly at the people. Nuri panted as she continued, her paws made light thumps as the Fire Fox looked up and down to see any danger.
  23. Rainbow moved her hoofs back and forth and suddenly shot a rainbow light, and soon nyan cats began attacking the people. "Yup, I summon nyan cats."
  24. Nuri looked at the Nyan Cat "Wow, what a beautiful specimen" Nuri said with sarcasm. Nuri jumped into the air and closed her eyes. Her gem glowed brightly as her mind was travelling to the future. There, Nuri saw a Weird Hyena growling, it's fur was a normal colour but it's eyes were purplish-pink. Nuri's eyes snapped open as she landed on the ground, flat on four paws. Nuri immediately started to run again, this time, more scared. "Do you think that we will find links?" Nuri asked the Unicorn and Vagri.
  25. "Possibly." Vagri said. "None have crossed the expanse of the Plains and returned to tell the tale. There's a fair chance that danger will be waiting to kill us at any moment. But my question. I thought most unicorns hid underground, as that their species has practically gone extinct."
  26. Nuri shook her head and laughed "No! My Best friend was a Lunar Unicorn Hehe! They only hide when they sense danger, I don't know why this one didn't!" Nuri said and barked happily. Nuri bumped into something warm and furry. Nuri looked up to see the burning purple eyes of the Hyena that was In The Future. "T-The Agility Hyena, SpikeFang" Nuri said and gulped as the Hyena showed his razor sharp teeth. Nuri showed hers, matching him. The only Difference between the two is their size, gender and Element otherwise, they are a perfect match. "Nuri, The Raging Flame, it's a honor to see you again" He said, his teeth still bared. "Long time no see, buddy" Nuri said, matching the Hyena. The two dogs gave a growl before Nuri jumped on SpikeFang's Back and bit the back of his neck. SpikeFang reared and thrashed around, trying to escape the mighty grasp of the Fire Fox. Nuri easily clung onto him, her teeth about to sent hot magma into his body. SpikeFang ran to a tree and hit his side on it, trying to shake Nuri off, but to no avail. SpikeFang started running around and slamming into things in hopes to shake the Fox off his back. No impact touched Nuri's body as the Hyena slammed into multiple things, knocking some over.
  27. "Well my family hides underground, but I'm a bit different than them." Rainbow said as she shot another rainbow blast.
  28. Vagri flew towards the Hyena, launching waves of electricity at it. He carefully made sure that they wouldn't hit Nuri.
    "SpikeFang, surrender now!" the Thunder Owl hooted, charging his talons with volts of electricity.
  29. SpikeFang snickered and jumped into the sky before he landed on his back, AKA, Nuri. Nuri yelped and let go of her toothy grip. Nuri layed still, not wanting to move a muscle so no more pain comes. SpikeFang launched himself at Vagri, scraping a claw down Rainbow's back in the process.
  30. The Thunder Owl allowed himself to be tackled by the Hyena... or not, as "Vagri" was merely a static-produced after-image.
    "SCREE!!!" Vagri screeched as he soared onto the Hyena's back, sending 30,000 volts right down the beast's spine. The owl flew away again, losing energy.
  31. Nuri opened her eyes and slowly stood up. Nuri raised her head and howled, she knew this would drain most of her power but she needed Vagri to have full energy. SpikeFang howled as he collapsed, fainted. A storm came in, lightning striking Vagri on purpose so he could get power. Nuri trembled and she collapsed. "No...more..." Nuri said as she rested her head on the gravel.
  32. Rainbow ran over to Nuri, she looked straight in her eyes, and then turned to Vagri, "What are we gonna do know?" she asked him shifting her rainbow hooves.
  33. "Need fire....by lava pit..." Nuri managed to gasp out as she pointed the direction where to go. Nuri slowly stood up and began to slowly walk to the lava pit. A long cut that was now bleeding, opened up on her back. "We...need...Lava..." Nuri said, unable to say the proper sentence. Nuri pace quickened as she felt the lava nearby. Nuri looked down at the lava out that was inches away from her. Nuri jumped into the lava pool and all her pain and wounds subsided. Nuri poked her head out and looked at the two Beasts "The perks of being a Fire Fox!" She exclaimed as she smiled at them.
  34. Rainbow looked at the cut on her hoof, it was fairly small and could be treated later. "That's pretty cool!' she said to the fire fox.
  35. Vagri absorbed all the electricity, and power coursed through his veins. His small injuries fused together, and Vagri was back in top condition.
    "I say we figure out what to do with him." the thunder owl said, looking at SpikeFang.
  36. "Well we can either throw him in the lava or let him go." Rainbow said with a bonuce, even though she was a fairly cute little thing she could have a very dark mind.
  37. Nuri climbed out of the Lava pit "Don't try to land beside me, or ontop of me, both of you, you will get burned to a crisp" Nuri said and walked over to SpikeFang before she threw him in the lava pit. "Sorted" Nuri said as she started to run again.
  38. "Wait up!" Rainbow called dashing after Nuri.
  39. Vagri closed his eyes... and immediately opened them again.
    "My Shock Vision... my Shock Vision works again! The curse... Nuri, that thunderbolt must have destroyed the curse. Thank you."
  40. "Your welcome!" Nuri shouted over her shoulder as she continued to press forward. Nuri closed her eyes and inhaled and exhaled. "I've never felt so alive before..." Nuri said and smiled before she opened her eyes.

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