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Private/Closed Mystica: The Crystal Race

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by TheStargazer, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Lilia suddenly awoke from her cold slumber after experiencing a weird dream. She felt uncomfortable and she had a minor headache. Once she opened her eyes, she immediately realised that this was not her bedroom. She couldn't tell much of her surroundings but she knew it was very dark and rocky from first glance. Lilia got up to check the room she was in even more. After a quick inspection, Lilia came to the conclusion she was in a cave. The rocky walls and floor certainly made it feel like it anyway.
    'Great, i'm trapped in a strange cave by myself... I'm so going to die here...' Is what Lilia was thinking but she then realised she wasn't alone. She saw 4 others lying on the ground. Because it was dark, she couldn't distinguish the people from each other. Out of panic, Lilia quickly ran to the nearest person and attempted to shake their body to try and wake them up, yelling,
    'Hello? please wake up! we're trapped here!' and other phrases along those lines.
  2. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    (Probably a good idea to tag the others here so they know incase they didn't get any notifications. @EeviumZ @Riverrunner @SwiftSwoobat )

    As Zephyr came to conscience, something or someone was shaking him. And then, it happened. One of his arms flew off, and Zephyr became nothing but a pile of bones. His leather armour stuck to his limbs while his robe fell to the ground gently, landing atop the pile, hiding it. Not a second later, the pile of bones rebuilt itself, with Zephyr putting on his robes again. He looked to the girl whom had shaken him into a pile, and his eyes turned from white to light-red from annoyance. " If you could please not do that, that would be appreciated.. " Zephyr sighed, dusting himself off. " I'm pretty fragile, you know. " He said, as his arm crawled back to his body and attached itself again. Due to the fact that it wasnt violently removed, but rather accidentally, it could still re-attach itself just fine. " Now please, quiet down.. you are giving me a headache.. " He told the girl, and started to wander about what seemed to be a cave. His eyes turned back into the same plain white, giving off a bit of light which made him see better. And even then, his eyes were used to the dark, so he had no particular problems adapting to these circumstances. He turned back to the girl, only his mere glowing white eyes visible within the darkness, with a bit of his skull that the eyes were shining light upon. " Now, calm down, please. Imagine if there was a bear or a different dangerous animal here. Shouting will get you in nothing but trouble. Remain calm and think clearly. That gets you through things. "
  3. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Once Zephyr awoke and his arm fell off, Lilia immediately stopped shaking and was taken back by surprise. She watched as Zephyr wandered around the cave, shocked at what she was seeing. She couldn't believe what she was looking at. She almost thought she was hallucinating from the headache or that she was dreaming Zephyr's existence. Once it told her to calm down and be quiet, she immediately did what she was told, not knowing what else to do. She tried getting out her phone and seeing if she could call someone or even just to use it as a flashlight but she quickly realised she couldn't find it. Maybe she lost it? She was starting to get more nervous and wanted to wake up the others to see if they had their phones on them.
    'Should we wake the others?' Lilia asked Zephyr while pointing to the 3 unconscious individuals on the rocky ground.
  4. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Zephyr looked around, examining the three bodies the girl was talking about. " Well... we probably should. Considering that we don't even know where we are, it's best we group up. The more the merrier. " Zephyr explained, walking over to one of the three unconscious people. " You wake the other one. I don't know how exactly we're gonna make a group when everyone but me is a human.. but.. I'm sure we'll manage somehow. " He said, re-assuring himself before tugging at the arm of the unconscious human female.

    @EeviumZ @SwiftSwoobat @Riverrunner
  5. (assuming that you're referring to Allie here)
    When her arm was tugged, Allie seemed to have a bout of sleep-talking. Her voice was slightly slurred, and fairly nonsensical.
    "...Marshmallows! ..campfire.. chocolate.." she mumbled. It was rather obvious what she'd been dreaming about.
    The girl's eyes seemed to flutter, before opening. She seemed to take in the situation around her, before looking up at Zephyr. Most would expect her to freak out... but she didn't.
    "...Oh yeah... am I late for school?" she mutttered, still slurring slightly. It was clear what needed to be done to snap her out of her half-asleep state.
  6. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Lilia nodded at Zephyr and immediately ran towards one of the 2 guys on the floor, tugging one of their arms, similar to what Zephyr was doing. She noticed Allie sleep talking and giggled lightly in response. She continued to tug on the guys arm, waiting for them to wake up.
  7. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Zephyr sighed at the fact that the girl he was trying to wake up was still somehow asleep. He slapped her lightly, which wouldnt even then be that much pain considering how small and thin fingerbones are. " Wake up, you're not just late for school. The principal's about to strike out your summer holidays and put you into camp instead. " He spoke, obviously lying, but just thinking of something on the fly that would make a student creep out of bed if they were to worry about their free time.

    @EeviumZ @Riverrunner @SwiftSwoobat
  8. "Yeahyeah, that - ow!" The girl let out a slight squeak as she was lightly slapped, not really of pain but of surprise. She shot up, slightly miffed.
    "Okayokay, where am I, who are you, and how long was I out for?" she asked to no one in particular, more just speaking into the room. Her blue hair was messy and in her face, which she rectified by hastily running her fingers through it and pushing it behind her ears.
    She began speaking to herself, getting to her feet. Two other people were unconscious on the ground, the one who had woke her up and another girl that she didn't know. She looked rather confused but not scared.
    "Okay, so I'm in a cave, with people I don't know, and I was unconscious... aw, crap, I was kidnapped, wasn't I?" she muttered to herself.
  9. Even before his eyes adjusted to the dark Milo realized he wasn’t alone.

    Three distinct voices seemed to speak in tandem, shaking Milo awake from what remained of his dreamscape. One was soft spoken; quiet, almost serene. The other was sharper, full of a kind of stunned panic. The third was groggy and confused, slurring with the drowsiness of an interrupted slumber.

    The next observation was that the ground beneath him was rough, and bone-chillingly cold. Something that felt like stone was coarse and jagged against the palms of his hands—the entire floor was like that, it seemed.
    This wasn’t where he had fallen asleep.

    The third was the sudden grip of a hand on his wrist.

    That was enough to shake him out of his stupor—he quickly yanked his arm back, jumping to his feet with the liveliness of someone who had been awake for hours.

    Obscured by darkness were, as he'd expected, three figures. One with short, ear length hair, another that was hastily fixing their bad case of bedhead, and a third that—wow, those were some fantastic skeletal prosthetics if he’d ever seen them. They put what he could craft out of liquid latex and cotton balls to shame. He'd have to ask how they accomplished it later.
    A fourth figure lay unconscious at his feet. Good, that meant he wasn’t the last to wake up. He sent a light kick to their ribs for good measure. If he really was fast asleep, it wouldn’t hurt to joke around a bit, would it? Just draw some cat whiskers on his face with the dry-erase marker that he’d kept in his pocket…
    …His pockets…
    They were empty. Nothing but a lollipop wrapper and a bit of lint.

    His heart began to race in his chest as he comprehended the gravity of the situation. He hadn’t fallen asleep here. His phone was gone—he had no way to contact anyone. Who were these people? Even as his eyes began to adjust to the dim light he didn’t recognize a single one of their faces.

    Milo stretched dramatically, faking a smile as he listened to the blue-haired girl’s muttering. “Kidnapping?” he chirped, a bit too loudly considering that thought was likely supposed to be private (not that he cared). “That’s a little bit far for a first conclusion, isn’t it? Usually you go from something smaller, like a prank and then jump to something serious like kidnapping. But you’re just jumping right in—getting to the good part. I can appreciate that.”

    He placed his shivering hands back into his pockets, flashing his smile to the rest of the room. “So, what did I miss?”
  10. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Well... where you are and how long you've been out, I can't say. But I can say who I am. I'm Zephyr Silverstorm. A necroid, who somehow got mixed up in this mess. " He answered, standing back up and dusting his robes off small pebbles from the ground. Then he looked around, looking to the male who just woke up. He approached them, making it more visible to him that he, Zephyr, was literally nothing but bones. " Well, nothing much, really. We just.. kind of awoke here. Noone's got anything that can help us contact the outside world. But, we should probably keep quiet in here. We don't know if there's an animal with us or not.. for all I know, we could be inside a bear family's den... " He spoke, with a worried tone in his voice.
  11. “Bears? I wouldn't worry about it, Bones.” He completely disregarded the necroid's advice, speaking loud as ever. “This time of year, they'll all be hibernating. I think. If there were bears in here you’d probably hear something, right? Bears are huge, so that means they probably snore really loud. Maybe. Either way you’d have to actively try to wake them up.”

    As he rambled pointlessly, the skeletal figure approached, giving Milo a close up view of—wait, there certainly didn’t appear to be any kind of black fabric supporting those bones like he’d previously thought. And the sorcerer robe the 'necroid' was wearing… it did look extremely authentic…
    Curious, he stood on his toes and stuck a hand through the space where a human neck would be.

    He snatched his hand back, taking an unconscious step backwards as the realization that he was in fact talking to an animated skeleton began to sink in.

    Absolutely terrifying. But awesome.
    He had so many questions, but it was probably best to save them for later.

    “Anyway, bears seem a little bit extreme—the only thing in here that’s hibernating is this guy.” He gave the figure at his feet another unceremonious kick in the ribs. “You said that no one else has anything to contact the outside world, right? That makes it harder… but there has to be some way out, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to get put in here in the first place. So there has to be some way out… maybe it’s some kind of puzzle? Y'know, like an escape room! Just… a really convoluted one, I guess.”
  12. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Well, if there's no animals in here.. hold on, let me just look around for a bit.. I can see better in this darkness because I'm used to living below the earth.. " Zephyr explained, walking away, into the darkness. He looked around a bit, his eyes giving off a bit of light. He could feel the ground beneath his next step suddendly vanish, and fell into a small pit in the ground. Beneath were rows of stalagmites, sharp enough to pierce up flesh on them. However, because Zephyr was just bones, he fell apart upon impact with one stalagmite, scattering inbetween the rows of spiked stones. After one and a half seconds, his bones began rattling and he rebuilt himself. " Hey, don't go over here! " He shouted out at the group, attempting to climb out of the hole he fell into. " These stalagmites in here look like they could pierce you up real good, even from this height. " He finished, making his way back up the hole.

    @EeviumZ @Riverrunner @TheStargazer
  13. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Lilia was worried about Zephyr, wondering if he'd be able to climb out of the hole, however, they'd be seeing each other shortly. Suddenly at that moment, most of the floor slowly moved down, pretty closely to the level at which the pit was. The only part of the floor in the cave that wasn't moving down was around the area of the sleeping boy. Lilia was startled at first but quickly realised she wasn't in any real danger. When the floor stopped dropping, Lilia quietly asked,
    'Is everyone ok?'
    Quickly after she said that, a part of the floor in the centre of the cave opened up, revealing a television like structure rising from the floor. It was turned off and it looked like it had no method to turn on.
    'Guys... I-I'm pretty sure this isn't a bear cave...' Lilia stuttered, confused at everything that was happening to the group.
    #13 TheStargazer, Oct 26, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
  14. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    As Zephyr finally climbed back to the top and went back to the group, he could feel that something was wrong. Either he was shrinking, or... the floor was sinking. It did rather seem like the floor was sinking. Or atleast going down. Zephyr crouched, trying to hold himself up in order to not fall apart again. He was beyond confused by this. Clearly, this was not a natural cave. So, what was this then, instead? A simulation of a cave? A giant mechanical construct? He looked around, spotting a TV-like structure rising up from the ground. He approached it, looking at it from every angle. There seemed to be no way to turn it on. At all. Maybe someone was about to remotely turn it on and tell them something. Zephyr walked back around and looked at the black tv screen. " Definetly not anymore. Does anyone know what to do with this.. thing? " Zephyr asked the group, pointing to the structure.
    @Riverrunner @EeviumZ

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