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Private/Closed Mystica: The Crystal Race - Discussion and Sign Ups

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by TheStargazer, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    (Name of Rp is likely to change as i already don't like it and i just came up with it)

    Alrighty... So this idea came to me a few days ago and I like it quite a lot now so here we are... The idea for this RP is still getting produced so if anyone has any cool ideas or suggestions for it, please let me know.
    My last RP attempt failed horribly so hopefully this'll be better...

    "Travis knocks on the metal door to the bosses private room, anxiously awaiting to tell him the bad news.. After not hearing any movement from inside the room, he makes the decision to check if the door is unlocked. Was that very risky? Yes, but the news was important enough to the boss and his kind that he decided to be confident and not consider risks for once... Once Travis opened the door, his vision was engulfed in darkness, he couldn't see anything in the small, cramped room besides the boss at his desk, on his monitor. Travis gulps, theres no turning back now.
    Travis starts moving closer when suddenly
    "I thought you were meant to be the smart one..." He says, still facing the monitor.
    "O-Oh! Right.. Sorry I-If i'm disturbing you s-sir but I-I have some important news,"
    "Go on then! tell me, what news more important then what i'm doing right now" Travis' boss sternly says as he turns to face Travis.. Travis could see the anger in his eye as he nervously fumbled up an answer.
    "W-well you see..."
    *End of prologue*

    That right there was me actually trying to write properly and it was still pretty meh

    That prologue was more for plot than for the RP... heres a summary of how the actual RP will work...

    So basically, There will be 5 main characters, one of them being mine. All the characters (who are strangers to each other) will wake up in a dark cave and discover that they are trapped in and that they have no memory of how they got in this situation. They learn later that they are trapped on a planet not known by any of the characters, and are told that if they want to escape, they need to partake in a game. This 'game' is essentially a race. Every player is grouped into a team of 5. With each player is a small tablet and a small bag. The Bag is used to collect shards and the tablet is used as a map, showing a x where the characters are meant to go. As the game goes on, less shards will be at each location. If your team makes it to a location and there is not any shards left, your team is removed from the game (which is currently up to interpretation on what that means). Now this game is also special however as each player is randomly given a Mystica, which in this game is essentially a superpower. Mysticas are very useful in this game and your team needs to figure out how to use them in combination with your teams already existing skills to solve problems, face challenges and fight others when encountered. May the best team win.

    So anyway, theres my idea for an RP, If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to ask. If you would like to join, please sign up using the Character Profile Template.

    Note: This sheet may be changed in the future

    if you want to add anything else to your character profile, feel free to do so.

    Full Name (plus nickname if your character has one):
    Hobbies and Interests:

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by to look at this, you're pretty cool... K bye.
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  2. This looks fun!

    Full Name: Allison "Allie" Silverstone
    Species: Human
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She has long electric-blue hair and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'7. She is caucasian and has a slim build. Typically, she wears a white tank top with faded denim shorts and black combat boots.
    Personality: Charismatic and bubbly, Allie doesn't really care what the world thinks of her. She loves adventure and never backs down from a challenge. She can be a bit rash, which has the usual consequences. She's fiercely defensive of friends, whether new or old.
    Backstory: TBD
    Mystica: Cryokinesis
    Hobbies and Interests: Music (both production and listening), art, dance, gymnastics, reading, writing, gaming
    Skills: On-the-spot thinking, agility, speed, teamwork, leadership
    Flaws: Rash thinking, trouble in social conflict, organization
    Fears: Bees or bee-like creatures, being alone
    Likes: See hobbies
    Dislikes: See fears. Conflict, bitter foods, unnecessary violence
  3. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Your Character is pretty good but before I accept her, I will have to ask you to elaborate on Allie's Mystica, Cyrokenesis is a very broad term and i'd like to know more about the limitations for her Mystica and what exactly she can do with it.
  4. Mkay.
    Her Mystica allows her to 1) create ice and 2) manipulate existing ice. She does not require moisture in the air to do so. She can also create things related to ice, such as icy wind.
  5. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    This seems like a promising RP! I think it would be good to join now more than ever.

    Full Name: Lukas Martin Hoj
    Species: Human
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Lukas Hoj has brown hair and blue eyes. He has a natural serious look on his face, resembling that of his mother's. He wears a fancy, black, formal shirt and jeans, giving off a stern vibe. He wears dress shoes and a brown belt, as well. Lukas doesn't look like the friendly type, always standing straight up like he's in a military camp.
    Personality: Lukas is very, very distant, showing many conscientiousness traits. He is down-to-earth and logical, though lacks aspiration and ambition.
    Backstory: To be decided...
    Mystica: Sound Manipulation, he can manipulate any frequencies of sound to a higher or lower pitch, along with making it go directly into another person's ear, usually resulting in headaches. However, the sound that is being adjusted also goes directly into HIS ears as well, which is why he refrains from higher pitches.
    Hobbies and Interests: Avid train station spotter and vacuum cleaner collecter. He loves ancient history of Norte Chico, always seeming to have the most mind bendingly boring hobbies.
    Skills: Intellect, precision, perfectionist.
    Flaws: Boring, unemotional, self-centered.
    Fears: Being imperfect, heights, turning on a lamp at 4:52 PM, dark.
    Likes: Popcorn, turning on a lamp at 4:52 AM, being one step ahead, thinking, reading, everything staying the same.
    Dislikes: Idiots, being behind, loud noises, anything distracting, change, people interfering with his plans.
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  6. This is a really interesting concept, like an interplanetary battle royale! I’ll write up an actual bio in the morning, but first I have a couple of questions:
    • Do Mystica have any sort of baseline of what they should be (i.e. all have to be some form of elemental/energy manipulation), or are we allowed to just go with anything, provided it isn’t overpowered/has zero limitations (more along the lines of mutants from X-Men, or BNHA quirks to give rough examples)?
    • When you mention that all of the characters have never met before, you also mention that the planet where the “game” is taking place is unknown to any of the characters. Does this mean they’re all essentially coming from different planets/dimensions/etc or am I just… really overthinking this? More importantly, will this matter when we make our characters (I’m assuming not, judging by the fact that everyone seems to have gotten a healthy dose of amnesia)?
    • Lastly, does this RP take place in modern-day? I’m assuming so, but you can never be too sure.
    If any of this is a spoiler you don’t have to answer, I’m just trying to make sure I don’t accidentally mess something up in my character’s profile.
  7. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    As long as her Mystica isn't stupidly overpowered in the RP, Allie is accepted.

    I really like the character but like with eevium's character profile, I would like for there to be more information about the Mystica, more specifically, What exactly he can do with the Mystica and its Drawbacks and limitations if it has any.

    1. No, there is no baseline, however It can't be overpowered and if it is on the stronger side, It would be preferred if it had a limitation or drawback of some sort... (I might make a small list of banned Mystica later)
    2. I can confirm, the characters in this story will be coming from other planets which is why I put species in the Character Profile... If everyone in the Rp makes human characters, I'd say that players are grouped by species but even if we did, some competitors we encounter will be alien like or fantasy creatures.. From other dimensions? Probably not...
    3. Yes, it takes place in modern day... should have probably mentioned that at the start...

    Also if anyone is wondering about my character, I'll write him up within the next 24 hours probably..
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  8. I'll give her power a drawback, just to balance it.
    Her power is heavily based on her emotions. If she's feeling emotional, whether it be fear/anger/excitement, she may lose control slightly.
    Also, after extensive use, she will pass out or be severely weakened.
  9. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Thank you, She is most definetly accepted now. Welcome to the team :)

    Edit: I'm sorry I didn't get my profile out when I said, and now that I'm on a camping trip for a few days, I probably won't be on as much, I'd say don't expect me to have a character until Saturday or Sunday...
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  10. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    I did an edit to my character's profile for the mystica.
  11. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Lukas is accepted. We now need 2 more people before I can start the RP. I'm assuming @Riverrunner is joining and if that's the case then we would only need 1 more person if he is accepted.
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  12. This sounds interesting, I might join.
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  13. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Well, this certainly seems interesting. My character isn't exactly alien, but he's not human either. Does that work?

    Full Name: Zephyr Silverstorm

    Species: Necroids (Basically animated human skeletons)

    Age: ??? (I mean can you really age skeletons? Though he sounds like a grown adult, and was created in the late 1900's, so make of that what you will)

    Gender: Male (Necroids, while they do not have a gender, do have feminine and masculine voices and skeletal structure. They reproduce by a female and a male necroid transferring their undead energy into a dead skeleton, creating a new spirit within it and animating it.)

    Appearance: 6'3ft tall, thick, sturdy bones (merely making them harder to crush to dust), dusty, light-yellow/white coloured skeletal structure. White glowing dots for eyes that change colour depending on moods. Due to how the necroids general theme is the medieval/rennaissance times, most if not all Necroids wear such themed clothes. Zephyr wears a hooded white sorcerors robes with gold outlines. He also wears a steel chain skull necklace, a common insignia of the Necroids. As for footwear, he wears simple black tall boots. He wears no gloves, but he does wear lightweight leather armour underneath the robes.

    Personality: Zephyr is a calm and gentle Necroid, one of the skeletons who just prefer quiet, lonely places rather than crowded and loud. He never goes to any concert who he gets annoyed at the loud noises rattling his skeletal structure, and prefers to go alone, or with shy/mute people, because he likes how quiet they can get. He's basically like a librarian worker, only WAY less strict. He can give some wisdom and advice every now and again, if he feels up to it. He's just a complete opposite of what one would think an animated undead skeleton would act like.

    Backstory: Necroids are a semi-ancient race created on Earth. Originally reincarnated from a Necromancer, these skeletons had their original spirits take over their bodies, driving away the evil magic that possessed them. This made them resistant to the Necromancers and independent, the Necroids revolting against their former cruel masters. They had tried to integrate into society, but were shunned and hunted for obvious reasons. They nested into various caves and created several villages deep underground, and throughout the years remained hidden from humans, pretending to be old bones. Archaeologists would 'discover' Necroids every now and again that were pretending to be dead and brought them into museums. Each time, the Necroid would escape, the humans would blame eachother for theft. But, all along, these skeletons really just wanted to be left alone, remaining underground. Zephyr is one of the more recent Necroids, created in the late 1900's.

    Mystica: Tornado Spin: Whenever Zephyr spins without being able to control his Mystica, there are chances where he'll remain spinning faster and faster. He doesn't get dizzy by this, but can easily lose control and start moving randomly if he can't control the spinning. There are several stages to this power that need to be mastered;
    Stage 1; Minor Spinning, gathers little breezes around Zephyr; minor vacuum, harmless winds.

    Stage 2: Full-on spinning, winds equal to that of a storm is gathered around Zephyr; regular vacuum (equal strength of the pushing power of a storm), winds can cause papercuts if something gets too close.

    Stage 3: Major spinning, Zephyr gathers so much wind so fast that he turns into a small, less deadly tornado. Half the vacuum strength of a weak tornado, winds can cause minor, shallow cuts, winds can pick up lightweight objects (pebbles, sticks, bones, etc) and fling them around inside the tornado. This stage can be used to glide lightly through the air.

    Stage 4 (Final): Zephyr spins so fast that he becomes a full-fledged human-sized tornado. The size of the tornado increases in height and length. Vacuum strength is half of a large tornado, winds can pick up light-heavy - heavy things (equal to; a 2l water canister, lighter weaponry (swords, guns, bows, etc.), larger rocks, etc.) Winds can crush small rocks and do damage to biological matter equal to semi-deep cuts. With this mode, and heavy amounts of training, Zephyr can fly around.

    Hobbies and Interests: Playing with Instruments (Guitar, Piano, Flute), Carving Wood and Stone, Anatomy and Biology of Humans. (He trains to be a doctor, even though noone would want a skeleton to operate on them.)

    Skills: Disease Immunity, can rebuild himself after being hit, only requires calcium-based foods/drinks, faster mobility, sleeps less, can live through crushed bones if the head remains intact, can replace crushed limbs with other skeleton's limbs, no organs (immune to aging, breathing and other basic human functions).

    Flaws: With the Mystica:
    1. The more objects are in the wind stream, the bigger are the chances one of them hits Zephyr and knocks him into a pile, instantly removing the tornado. (Larger objects also increase chance)

    2. He can't exactly control his speed of spinning, in most cases needing to clash against something to stop speed from further building up.

    3. He can't control who the tornado hits or what it sucks in; friendly fire is sure to come the bigger it gets.

    4. If he didn't practice enough, he'll start moving randomly while spinning, causing his accuracy to drop immensely.

    With his species;

    1. Brittle (If something knocks anything off of him, his entire body will fall into a pile of bones. The more he is knocked into a pile like this, the longer it will take for him to rebuild. If his bones are crushed, he can't come back. He will also be disintegrated almost immediately if he comes in contact with attacks consisting of holy energy)

    2. Weak Physical Strength (He's a skeleton. He can't exactly hit hard.)

    3. Bone Decay (The longer he goes without consuming things with calcium in them, the slower and more immobile he becomes. He also can't consume too much calcium or else his bones will shatter from trying to grow.)

    4. Easily incapacitated (If he becomes a pile, he can't move or do any action until he rebuilds himself fully. His rebuilding process can also be interrupted by knocking him into a pile again.)

    5. Skeletal Properties (This can be both a flaw and a skill; being an animated skeleton, a human skeleton at that, can certainly scare alot of people, as those types of skeletons are usually described as evil spirits, demons, undead, etc. to which Necroids are only the latter of the three, as they certainly aren't alive.)

    6. Slow limb replacement. (While he can re-attach limbs of other skeletons onto his own body, it takes some time until his energy spread through it, allowing him to use it fully. This process can take from 1 hour to a full day. If the limb is knocked off mid-regen, the process is reset.)

    Fears: Cynophobia (Fear of dogs, though he fears any animal that is related to dogs), Theophobia (Fear of God, although here it's more generalized to holy things, such as angels.)

    Likes: Calcium-based Foods/Drinks, reading, drawing, drinking coffee alone in silence, paying respects to the dead by placing flowers on their graves.

    Dislikes: Loud noises, being knocked into a pile, seeing desecrated gravestones, graves or corpses, fools.
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  14. Sorry for the delay! Anyway, here’s my finished character bio:
    Full Name (plus nickname if your character has one): Milo Mallari
    Species: Human
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Milo stands at about 5’6”, with straight black hair that brushes just above his chin. His skin is a warm beige, a spattering of freckles dotting the top of his nearly sunburnt cheeks. His face seems to be near permanently flashing a mischievous smile, but it never quite seems to extend to his dark brown eyes. Currently, he sports a white tank top worn beneath a red and white letterman jacket that disguises his bony frame. Worn with this are a pair of sweatpants and (thankfully, considering the scenario of the race) a pair of athletic sneakers. The pockets of his jacket seem to have been completely emptied, bar for a pack of snap gum and a single stray candy wrapper.
    Personality: In a word, Milo is lackadaisical. It’s not that he has a lack of energy—quite the contrary, judging by his endless supply of terrible jokes and even worse solutions to problems. More accurately, he seems to vehemently refuse to take anything seriously, at least so long as things seem relatively in his control (which, in his eyes, is a vast majority of the time). He‘s always upbeat and is very easily impressed. At the same time, he tends to over-estimate both himself and others, leading to a string of rash consequences spawned by pure recklessness. His inherent lack of patience doesn’t help at all.
    Backstory: TBD
    Mystica: Mimicry—Milo is able to copy another person’s mystica with a full-hand touch for a period of about five minutes. During this time, the person whose mystica has been copied will be able to use their ability normally. “Stealing” any ability related to basic anatomy—such as multiple arms, enhanced muscle strength, or poison-spitting fangs—is impossible. There does not appear to be a limit to how many abilities he can copy at once—at least hypothetically. In practice, however, copying multiple abilities results in an incomplete copy, meaning that he only has access to a weaker and/or more limited version of said mystica. Copying any more than two results in (to varying degrees) loss of coordination, migraines, damage to himself, total loss of consciousness and complete inability to copy another mystica for up to an hour after the five minute limit. When this ability is not active, he has no powers whatsoever.
    Hobbies and Interests: An avid collector of old electronic toys and writer of mediocre space operas, Milo’s interests can be described as ever so slightly eccentric. Despite his general lack of patience, his interest seems to override that—as of now, his tamagotchi has been kept alive for a total of 431 consecutive days, although unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have come with him. He’s been in theatre for a few years and has become fairly good at acting on a stage, although he wishes he’d chosen to play an instrument instead.
    Skills: Acting, repairing small devices, thinking on the fly
    Flaws: Recklessness, high expectations, lack of patience
    Fears: The unknown, loss of control, mice/small rodents
    Likes: Sweet candies, old electronics, acting, aliens
    Dislikes: Anything sour, mystery novels, board games, cryptozoology, drawn-out tasks
    If his mystica is too overpowered, let me know. I tried to give it a good amount of drawbacks, but I feel it still might be a bit much.
  15. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Accepted. And i find it so hilarious that hes afraid of dogs

    Also Accepted, I was debating banning this kind of Mystica among others but I think it should be alright in the Rp and I think you've balanced it enough.

    Why am i so obsessed with flaws in powers and characters...... I just really hate overpowered Characters that have no right to be and I don't like Mary Sues (Even though i've probably made some myself so i'm kinda a hypocrite)
    anyway moving on...

    Now that we have a team of 5 once I actually finish my character:'| ....

    Sign Ups for this RP are now closed for the foreseeable future.
    Hooray, we are getting really close to starting the RP. Once I finalise my character, I will start the Rp and have a link to it on here.
    Sign Ups might open up again for side characters and other teams but for now that is not the case.. Thanks to everyone who has so far shown interest in this RP.

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  16. Am I in this? Cause I only said I might join.
  17. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    No, as you didn't sign up a character and only expressed interest in the rp.
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  18. Alright, I'll be off then. Thanks for having me.
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  19. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    After too long, here she is, now the rp can finally start...

    Full Name
    : Lilia Rachev
    Species: Human
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Coming in at 5'3, Lilia has very fair skin and a rather skinny build. Lilia has Short brown hair in the form of a bob cut and bright blue eyes. Lilia also has lots of freckles on her face. Her attire consists of a grey hoodie with denim jeans.
    Personality: Lilia is a very dependant person while being rather shy and timid but she is very sweet and genuinely cares about the safety and wellbeing of others.
    Backstory: TBD (Honestly I would have done it but this is already so delayed so)
    Mystica: Levitation - She has the ability to propel her body into the air and levitate as well as the ability to glide.. As she has only just received this power recently, she is quite pathetic when it comes to controlling where she goes and how high up she can go. She can only levitate at a height of 3 metres above a surface (so if the surface she is levitating over disappears, she will fall). She also at first cant levitate fro more than one minute however this will quickly go up and up. When Propelling herself into the air, she can do it at any speed (it depends on how much force she puts into it) however she can only propel herself a little over 3 metres and the faster she goes, the less control she has of herself. She can also glide and use it to cross wide gaps and land without injuring herself from falling. She can't turn around quickly.
    Hobbies and Interests: Art, Reading, Lilia has a weird obsession with stories involving crimes such as murder mysteries
    Skills: Creative, Good at following orders,
    Flaws: Physically weak, easily frightened
    Fears: Bugs, Failure, Loneliness
    Likes: Painting, Writing, Photography
    Dislikes: Isolation of any kind, Maths, Sport

    EDIT: the RP has now started, sorry for such a long wait

    Link to the RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/mystica-the-crystal-race.21609/
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  20. Allie Presents: How to make yourself look like an idiot 101!

    On a more... related note, I'm super excited about this. This is an awesome concept and I'm glad to be here. ^.^
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  21. I’m also glad that this is finally up! I can’t wait to get the main story!

    On a more important note, I noticed that @SwiftSwoobat mentioned on their profile that they probably won’t be on Charms for at least a month. Should one of us control Lukas until they get back?
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  22. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    We could, I'd like for us to all get out of the cave relatively quickly and for that to happen, everyone needs to be awake. Unless theres something else we can do, I guess someone can control Lukas. What i'm worried about is he going to return or not. because then that might raise issues...

    Edit: I have a solution, We are gonna keep going without Lukas and he'll be introduced when he comes back (also just so everyone knows what is about to happen, we are about to be introduced to the race and our Mysticas and then the race will actually begin.)
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