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Mystic Ranger Avalon - Season 4: An Ugly Future

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Alex Bock, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Back story: In this alternate world, Mystics have been populating the Earth for thousands of years. Mystics are a race of beings who are half human and half animal. Unfortunately Demons have been on Earth longer and find the taste of Mystics delectable. One day Avalon Is chosen to be a Mystic Ranger. A ranger who Helps Mystics from the clutches of demons and the greed of human bounty hunters. In this fourth installment, Avalon gets wrapped up in a plot by evil scientist who are manipulating the worlds leaders into thinking they're working on a cure for cancer but in reality, They are using Mystic, Demon, and human subjects and are testing them to see if they can come up with the next evolution of mankind.


    Avalon walked slowly to the guidance office, wondering what country they would place her in. "Please be Japan," she thought to herself. Avalon wanted it to be Japan because her parents corporation was there as well as her parents so, if she did end up going, she would request that she stay at her parent's apartment instead of some random family.
    She walked in and saw the instructors. They issued her to sit down on the armchair near the front of the big window out looking the hallway. She did and folded her hands in her lap.
    "Ok now, all you have to do is fill out this placement evaluation sheet," said the man handing her the paper. Avalon stared up and down the sheet, figuring out what her answers would be for the questions.
    "Did you bring a pencil the lady asked? Avalon fidgeted in her pocket but, pulled out nothing.
    "No hehe," she replied. The lady walked over to her office table and picked out a pencil from the tin can that contained many pens, pencils and other writing utensils. She handed it to Avalon. "Thanks," said Avalon smiling.
    "Now answer truthfully," reminded the man. Avalon nodded and began filling out the sheet.
    Fifteen minutes later, Avalon was finished. She got off the armchair and handed in the paper to the lady at her office.
    "All done?" said the women taking Avalon's sheet.
    "Yep!" smiled Avalon. She opened the door and was about to leave when, the women hollered to her.
    "Hey, Pencil," she reminded, holding out her hand.
    "Oh right, sorry," said Avalon blushing. She took out the pencil in her pocket and handed it back to the women. "Thanks," replied the lady and went back to her paper work.
    Avalon left the office and began walking back to her homeroom. "How embarrassing," she thought to herself. "She probably thinks I'm a thief now and, she'll probably send me to a place full of them," she continued uncomfortably.


    2 Days later, Avalon received her placement sheet. She quickly scrolled down the page looking for her answer. Suddenly she saw J then an A and a N. "Oh My God I got Japan!!!!!!!!!" she screamed out load. Everyone in the guidance office and including the hallways heard this and stared at her. Avalon looked at everyone and sank in the armchair, embarrassed on how she couldn't hold in her excitement and that everyone heard her.
    "So then, you'll be leaving next Monday," said the lady at her office table, staring at her with a pencil lodged in her hand.
    "Oh, Ok," replied Avalon.
    "You'll need clothes, and other necessities that will be important for you on your trip," continued the lady as she wiped clean her glasses. Avalon continued to listen intently. "I'll compile a list for you," she finished.
    "K, thanks," replied Avalon, relieved that she wouldn't have to think of things to bring on her own.


    That next Monday, Avalon had to be at the school by 6:30. She stood outside the front of the school, waiting for the bus to arrive. Finally, after 5 minutes it did. The bus stopped in front of her and the door flew open.
    "Are you the student who is on her way to Japan," asked the old bus driver man.
    "Yes I am!" yelled Avalon, making sure that he had heard her.
    "Ok then well, get on!" he replied happily. Avalon smiled and made her way on the bus. She walked up the steps and took a seat near the front because she glimpsed others on the bus as well. She took off her backpack and put it on the floor.
    "Ok everyone we're on our way to the airport," said the bus driver, closing the doors and starting back up the bus. "He was a bit kooky but, at least he had a good heart," thought Avalon, looking at the images whisking by out the window. "Speaking of hearts," she mumbled. Avalon zipped open her bag and took out her magic heart transformer. "Hopefully I won't run into any demon problems," she said disappointedly to herself.
    Meanwhile, the bus driver looked at her through the head view mirror and sneered evilly. Avalon looked up and saw this. Suddenly his face turned hideously ugly and then flashed back to normal. Avalon flinched and began to sweat, holding her quickly beating heart.
    "Are you OK little miss," asked the concerned bus driver. Avalon wiped her face and ruffled her clothes.
    "Oh yeah, don't worry about me," she replied, faking a happy smile.

    K, so this for people to get acquainted with the Mystic Ranger universe I've been creating since 2005. Enjoy ^_^ and expect more chapters to come.
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  2. Chapter 2: Calling all rangers

    The bus driver looked at her suspiciously then went back to staring out the front window. Avalon could feel the hatred in his eyes. "He's definitely a demon in disguise," she thought to herself. "Either that or I'm going delusional," she chuckled. She poked her head over the bus seat and scanned the area. "There are too many passengers," she mumbled. Avalon didn't want to put their lives at risk, but if she didn't do anything, who knew what these demon's plans for them would be. She decided to hold off and wait until everyone got off the bus.

    Avalon couldn't feel comfortable through out the entire bus drive. She kept peering at the bus driver coldly and when he glanced to check on her, she quickly turned away. "He's on to me," she thought angrily.

    One by one people started filing off the bus. All of them certainly were characters, this one Persian man's cell phone kept going off every second. The weird thing was he kept answering it in a whisper, which was a little suspicious but didn't compare anywhere near the bus driver's secret. These two other teenage girls on the bus were the equivalence to a parrot and it's reflection, their on going bickering actually managed to drown out the Persian man's cell phone. Meanwhile at the back of the bus was this emo guy, who looked completely emotionless. He was listening to his I-pod and seemed to block out everyone and everything.

    It turned to evening and, Avalon was the last one on the bus. Coincidence I think not. The suspense was practically killing her. She pretended to be busy by writing scribbles on a piece of paper, making it look like she was indulged in important work.

    "What kinda language is that," came the bus driver's voice. Avalon froze. Her hand that was carrying her pink pen kept in place but was twitching violently.

    "How did he know," she stammered defensively. Avalon immediately took action. She jumped off her seat into the aisle. "Ok demon, you're toast," she threatened. The bus driver just kept driving, like he didn't even hear her at all. Avalon‘s head flew back in shock at his reaction. She slowly started to creep forward, then ran beside his seat. "Now don't…." she started but when she got there, the bus driver was just sitting like a lifeless rock. Avalon retracted her hand from him in terror and stepped backwards. "What's going on?" she asked out loud. Suddenly the bus' interior began morphing into the inside of a creature's body, fluids came gushing in out of nowhere, knocking Avalon off her balance. "Ewww!" she screeched, looking at her fluid covered hands. Huge curving bones, shot out of every seat one by one, forming a giant ribcage. The aluminum walls and roofs started decaying off, showing flesh and muscles. Organs came spilling out of the ceiling, suspending themselves in the aisle way. The heart hovered above Avalon's head, pumping wildly. She looked up dumbfounded at it then screamed in terror, quickly trying to crawl away through the thick fluid. Avalon looked to see how the bus driver was handling this monstrosity but, in his place was a lung. Avalon understood clearly now. "So the bus was the demon all this time," she sneered coldly. On the outside, the buses metal haul turned to flesh and the wheels turned to coiled up legs that unraveled and started sprinting down the road. Avalon managed to stand back up but then got flung backwards, smashing into the demons muscles. Avalon knew she had to get out of here fast before the metamorphosing completed itself and she became digested lunch.

    Avalon sprinted to her backpack and got out her magic heart transformer. She firmly grasped it in her hand and raised it in the air "Magic love heart, fuel the passion…" she started but then got knocked off guard as the demon's heart came swinging down and body slammed her from the side. Avalon spun around like a rag doll and fell back into the fluids dropping her magic heart transformer. "Oh crap!" she growled. Avalon stood back up, holding her wounded arm. She winced in pain as she bent over, trying to look for her transformer device. Do do do…..do do do came her cell phone. Avalon groaned annoyingly and took it out of her vest pocket "Hello, I'm a little busy," she said still fidgeting around for her transformer.

    "Oh, hey it's Trevor we're here to give you some back up!" he said. Avalon stopped looking around and a confuse look crossed her face "Back up? Wait how did you know I was in trouble," she asked.

    "Because we're right above you," he yelled happily. Suddenly a giant blast came, exploding a hole into the demon's back then a suspense ladder fell down in front of her. Avalon saw it and began climbing up. As she ascended out of the demon, she saw a helicopter flying over head with her partners Naomi, and Gretchen in the window. They helped pull her up into the helicopter. Gretchen fetched a towel for Avalon and put it around her.

    "Thanks but, I'll think I need more then a towel to get this gunk off," joked Avalon.

    "You can get it off later, right now we have bigger problems," said Naomi looking out the window at the flailing demon. It jumped and kicked in agony at the pain that was inflicted on it.

    "We have to destroy it!" hollered Trevor from the control cock pit.

    "Ok, I'm on it!" replied Naomi. She went over to the supply cabinet and took out a long grappling hook. She spun it around a few times then tossed it onto the demons back. She handed the end attachment to Gretchen. "Here, go attach this on the grappling handle near the eject hatch on the floor," she told her.

    "Right," replied Gretchen determinedly. Naomi took firm hold off the rope and peered over her shoulder "ready?" she asked. Gretchen bent down on the aluminum floor and clicked the end attachment on the steel handle. She turned to Naomi and gave a thumbs up "ready!" she answered enthusiastically.

    "Ok!!!" yelled Naomi and as she slid down the rope, she landed on the back and gripped it's skin, desperately trying to hold on and not fall off. Naomi then brought out her wand. It glowed an immense light blue and metamorphed into it's secondary battle weapon, a long blue ribbon with daggers on each end. She threw one of the ends and, it automatically wrapped it's self around the demons entire body then tightened. Naomi quickly pulled back on the ribbon, trying to halt it's excessive thrashing. It cried and roared out in pain but, eventually stopped. "Now Gretchen!!" yelled Naomi up to the helicopter. Gretchen nodded and took out her magic weapon. It was a small handled scepter with a big spike ball at the end. The ball was attached to a string that uncoiled and recoiled like a yo-yo when swung powerfully. The ball began shining a bright violet, storing up Gretchen's magical energy.

    "Go!" she yelled and wiped the ball at the demon. It smashed into it's body and it exploded into a million pieces.

    Naomi climbed back up to the helicopter just in time. "Wow that thing was pretty strong," she complained rolling her head and shoulders. Avalon stared disappointedly out the window, her hands pressed firmly against the cold window.

    "My magic transformer was in that demon," she whimpered with big tearful eyes.

    "Oh don't worry about it Avalon, besides Nanafushigi is giving us upgrades on are weapons," came Trevor's voice. Avalon brought herself away from the window.

    "How did you guys know I was here?" she asked suspiciously with slighted eyes.

    "Well the transmitter on your magic transformer, well, your use to be magic transformer," piped up Gretchen, handing her a cup of raspberry tea.

    "Ok then, what was your main purpose in coming here," said Avalon glaring over her cup of tea.

    "Oh, stop whining! We're here to bring you to Japan!" said Naomi with a detest full face. Avalon sprayed her tea everywhere.

    "Excuse me!!!! If this is a mission I won't have it, I'm going to Japan for a student exchange as a day off!" she snapped. Naomi winced then glared angrily at her. Avalon and Naomi never really got along with each other because they mixed as well as fire and ice.

    "What a little whiner, you turn 16 and this is the attitude you are displaying? Grow up and start fulfilling your responsibilities," said Naomi with her arms crossed. Avalon just closed her eyes.

    "Fine in return for your generosity for taking me to Japan, then I will help the organization solve this mission," she finished re-opening her eyes. "What is it anyway?" she asked dumbfounded.

    "It seems there has been strange occurrences of odd looking demon in all of Japan" rang Trevor's voice over the roar of the propeller. Avalon stared at them with a worried look on her face.

    "Strange demons?" she repeated. Naomi took a sip of her tea.

    "Yes that's right, they're unlike any natural demons we've ever encountered," she said. Avalon took her tea and went to the window again, looking at the scenery displayed below.

    "Oh Kenta, where are you?" She whispered
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