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Mysterious Dungeon Blue

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by kimishiro, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Kimi here. Those 12 hour shifts get really boring so I like to y the DS, or read a book or something, ya know? I'm planning on buying a dvd player tv thing for my car so I can watch the pokemon videos (I'll buy those too ^^), but for now I'm curious about this game.
    that means
    Is it worth getting? It sounded kinda repttive.. Just a bunch of dungeons... Is there a story?
  2. theres a whole big thing to it im gettin later today so ill find out and tell u if anything cool comes up ;D
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    The dungeons do seem to be the center of attention for it (and yeah, they do get a bit repetitive), but it also has a slowly unfolding story as you take on more missions.

    I'm finding it fun, and it wasn't all that expensive, either. $40 CAN (tax included). There's a few interesting things you can do with the games if you have both or know others with 'em, too. The thing about the dungeons is that they can be as short or long as you want since all you have to do to progress is find the stairs. Once you've done that, its up to you whether you head on through or keep searching the floor for items (as I would). You can also do a dash of sorts which gets you through an area quickly, unless you get blocked by attackers.

    Hope that helps a bit. I'd have to play more to give a solid opinion.
  4. lucky me i got mine 4 35$ and yea its all about the dungeons

    i like to do the missions and i like to do that to get the items

    im eevee and my partners name is flames (cyndaquil)

    its cool but i havent played it too long yet

    that and i keep dying
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Heh... I haven't died yet, but I lost a partner once ^^; Too bad it was a mission-based partner, so they vanished and didn't end up in my Friend Areas afterwards =/

    Anyways, I got Bulbasaur, and even though when I initially started the game I chose Totodile as my partner, I ended up changing my mind and resetting to pick Charmander (both times I got Bulbasaur, even if it wasn't intentional). Now I have lots of new team members because I generally spend all my cash on new Friend Areas. I don't really have a solid team yet aside from Bulba and Charmander - usually just pick my third friend depending on which has the lowest level.

    As I said on my definitive game list review for it, for a game that seems so repetitive Mystery Dungeon Blue (and I'm sure Red as well) has a lot to do. Battling rival rescue teams is teh fun.
  6. well ive been playing it 4 awhile and i beat moltres and now i have to battle articuno which kinda sucks

    other wise im doin pretty good in the game
  7. Do you get to pick which Pokémon you want to be, or is it random or what? Cause I have my heart set on being a charmander ;D
    #7 daxx0r, Sep 21, 2006
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  8. u take a quiz but u get to pick ur partner.

    ur partner can be any of the starters

    i picked cyndaquil

    in other news i beat the articuno and now i dont no wat to do
  9. Yawn...this game is incredibly boring. Way to repetitive...subpar graphics, and their is no real guide to help you out with links and other attacks. I found it very confusing in the beginning of the game how to use other attacks without going to the menu. And the writing seems like its from the Anime. lol..err yeah..
  10. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Having already played the Japanese game, it doesn't enthuse me much. It'll be fun to play for a bit, but as has been said, it's a pretty repetitive slog and that's bound to leave me turning it off and not turning it back on after a certain point.

    Worth owning though, I'd say, as it does have it's charms. But it's main appeal is to the younger player really.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Read the instruction booklets when you buy a new game. It told everything about that :p

    Oh snap. lol.

    I think it's safe to say that if it was any other genre but Pokemon I wouldn't like it nearly as much. It is MUCH better playing it in English than Japanese, tho (which I could not read whatsoever XP). At least the text/story gives you something more than dungeon after dungeon, and it keeps getting better as I go.

    Btw - since the game takes hours to point it out, you can do multiple missions at once if they're for the same area. So, if there's a lot of jobs offered for, say, Mt. Steel, accept a bundle before leaving and just do 'em all in one go.
  12. i fing i fun but thats cuz im constanly doing something

    now i have to find the groundon

    which really sucks cuz theres a million floors to get to it
  13. I got the game today. ^^

    I ended up as a Pikachu, go figure, and my first partner was a Squirtle - named Drivy Runn and Drivy Finn, respectively. My team is named Drivy Move, and I've recruited a Magnemite named Drivy Fly, a Voltorb named Drivy Roll, a Rattata named Drivy Fang, and a Nidoran F named Drivy *female sign*.

    See a theme?

    Edit: Also, my roommate picked up Mystery Dungeon Red. Nifty.
  14. *sarcasm* wow wat a great theme

    in other news i beat the groundon and now i have to find a raquaza
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    What's wrong with his theme? I'm almost sorry now that I didn't name my team members that way. When I befriend new Pokemon I usually just give 'em random names or names derived from the species, like Elefun the Phanpy (who's actually Elefun the 2nd, since the original died in combat) ;)

    My team name is Pwnz0rz. Couldn't really think of anything else at the time XP

    Btw - since we've kinda gone off topic, did you ever make a decision on whether to buy it or not, Kimi? I can answer your question better now that, yes, it does have a central plot. It's a while into the game before you really start to see it, though. Otherwise the plot revolves around events in the world, like certain rescue missions n' such.
  16. well w/e

    well kimi like linkachu i think its a awesome game to get and besides my friends who like pokemon r getting it too
  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Do you already own FireRed? If not, definitely go for LeafGreen. If so, I guess it really depends how fun you found FR and if you feel like playing through Kanto again.

    There's really no point to get both Dungeon Red and Blue, so if you're planning on getting a DS anyways holding out would probably be your best bet. I mean, GBA is great n' all, but playing something on DS is always more fun ;)
  18. so true

    but if u dont he fr then go with lf other wise goo md red
  19. Yeah, I have Fire Red. ^_^;;

    I think I will go for Leaf Green. I have a plan all thought out...I'm going to get a Squirtle and trade it into Fire Red, then actually go through the game with a Bulbasaur (the only one I've never done it with before). I figure I can get Raikou from my friend if she ever gets one of those fancy-shmancy GameCube controllers that can hook up to a GBA (so I can steal her Colosseum Raikou). I'll just have to stick with Suicune (who, by the way, I have not run into yet) and Entei. Even though Raikou's my favorite. T_T

    Okay. So Leaf Green it is...maybe I'll get it on the day DP comes out as a "celebration." And a way to keep me occupied so I don't spend all my time checking online for information and spoiling the games for me. -_-;;

    Thanks. >_

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