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Myself; Yourself

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Rider, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Plot
    19 Year old Noah Sadowski strives to be a famous photographer. But theres only one problem. His family frowns the fact that he wants to become a photograper. His mother and father paid loads of money for Noah to go to medical school. Along the journey of medical school and becoming a photographer, he meets many kind hearted friends.

    Noah closed his apartment door behind him. He threw his keys on a small counter, and hing up his sleek leather coat on the coat rack. Noah let out a sigh of relif. Why can't i just get a car rather than ride the city bus?he thought to himself. Noah ploped on the couch. He turned on his laptop and browsed for jobs as a photographer. None. Noah sighed. He grabbed his camera and scanned through the pictures he had taken. He paased pictures of the sunset, pictures of people shopping, even puppies! Noah went to his bedroom where he drifted off to sleep.
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: This is a bit weak as far as openings go, at least around these parts of the nets. You usually need to have an easy way for another person's character to introduce themselves, rather than lock your character away in their apartment.

    Also, the plot introduction was unnecessary. You could have easily written that into your main post as description and made it longer and overall a better quality. A setting would have been nice as well, as in where are we geographically? What's the weather like? What time of year is it? Also double check your spelling and grammar.

    Despite this, I'm going to wing it and join this as it is. I don't recall ever doing an "in real life" RP before. Since time of day wasn't established by you I'll take the liberty.

    "Feel the heartbeat in my mind. It's the way I'm feeling I just can't deny, but I've gotta let it go. We found love in a hopeless place," Taylor sang along with the radio as he pulled into his apartment complex.

    "We found love in a hopeless place..." his voice trailed as he maneuvered into his parking spot. He sighed as he shut off the radio and pulled his key out of the ignition. He rubbed his temples with his thumb and middle finger. "It's all right, Taylor," he told himself. "The day is done with."

    Taylor Dossett, only twenty-one, opened the door and stepped out of his old, blue Honda Civic. It was fifteen after six and the sky was already dark thanks to it being winter - only a few days before Christmas as well. He buttoned up his peacoat, which covered his work uniform. Taylor was a waiter at a nearby restaurant. He didn't enjoy it too much, but it was a job, and one couldn't be too picky in the current economy. Plus he tended to get pretty good tips.

    Locking his car, Taylor walked a short stretch of sidewalk to the main office, outside of which were the mailboxes. He teased the medium-length fringe of his dark hair a bit with his fingers. He was Caucasian, his skin having a warm glow. He was of an average height and an average build.

    He slid his key into his box and pulled out the contents, sorting through them on his way to his apartment. A couple bills, a Macy's catalogue, a Christmas card, and one other envelope that wasn't addressed to him.

    Noah Sadowski it read.

    "That's my neighbor," Taylor muttered. He had introduced himself to Noah when the younger boy had moved in. They hadn't really spoken since, and that was a while ago. It wasn't that Taylor was antisocial, he just didn't make a habit of chatting with neighbors, or doing other neighborly things.

    Unlocking the door to his apartment, Taylor set his mail on the little glass-top table by the front door before stepping out again. The two of them were on the ground floor, which allowed them to have quaint little patio areas.

    Taylor walked across the little way that divided the building in half, the divide which separated their apartments. Shifting his weight onto one leg, Taylor knocked on Noah's door with the back of his hand, wondering if Noah was even home. The apartments didn't have any letter slots in the doors, which was unfortunate. Taylor could have just left it on the welcome mat, but figured he might as well just be courteous and hand the letter to Noah directly.

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