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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Ghosty, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Hi there, Ghosty here to start up a sprite tread here is what i can do

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    Trainer Sprites(will not be taking requests on these)
    Costplays(Not my strong point)
    Over world(trainers and pokemon)
    Colour Revamp
    look and compare, the first is the normal one and the second is the colour revamp
    Evo Fusions
    King of the pack

    1. Must comment on my work before requesting
    2.You may not request if list is full (Only 3 at a time)
    3.No request from someone being watched

    Request List
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  2. These are pretty good! I like the Trainer Sprite!

    EDIT: I fail at reading.
  3. Recolors are not against the rules, posting a thread which ONLY has recolors is.

    On topic, these are pretty good starting sprites, I would suggest maybe trying some non-black outlines in some areas to make them a little smoother. Areas of strong lighting like the top of the head on a trainer are a good place for those. Also when you recolor don't forget to recolor the outlines as well, your Starly's outline is still dark blue/grey base where it should be in a more orange tone to match its new plumage.

    Hope the tips help and keep it up, your looking good.
  4. I think you need to work on the cosplays because I cant even tell what pokemon it is meant to be... But I think the trainer sprites are reasonably okay I would like to see more in the near future.
  5. thanks jeydis i will consider that and costplay ment to be midicham like i said i am not good at those and thanks for commplement and here is my elite four for the Kamilo region
    in order Paul of water,Niki of grass,Ian of steel,Rath of ghost
  6. These are really good can't wait to see the champion! I would like to make a request also. Could I have a fusion of Lucario and Chatot please?
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Just a note. I changed the topic title a bit. All caps is annoying.
    #7 Sem, Nov 12, 2010
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  8. Hey well Done.. .I think you are capable of going on by yourself now.. I'll keep an eye on you and give you tips every now and then. Just remember shading in the right places.

    Alos Your wrote futions when it should be fusions. :p
  9. here you go
  10. These are amazing sprites! Can I please request a camerupt and sharpedo fusion?
  11. here you go
  12. here is my first gym leader Gavener of the poison types
  13. Here is number two lizzy of the electric types
    and heres her over world
  14. Wow, these are really good! Just one question: Lizzy's hair, is it supposed to be that short? Whether it is or not it's really cool. I'm going to try and see everything you do here, it's really cool!
  15. Yer her hair is ment to be that short and thank you why dont you make a request
    and here is the professer of the region profesor Mind
    3rd gym leader will be here soon she is warm hearted cold lady
    she is nice (warm hearted) and of the ice types(cold lady(the lady is a person of power(she runs the gym)))
    and over world
    Next is A hard mad!
  17. Did you use the parasol lady from diamond and pearl and remove her umbrella and then recolor her?
  18. (and added a few features like the belly shows)
  19. number 4 is here
    he is hard because he is the ground types (the base is ovious also wait till you see gym leader 7)
    this might shrow you
    she is a firey chick
  20. Hi there Ghosty!!~
    I think all of your work is very good~ You certainly have a gift for spriting!

    I agree with Luke, and say that your cosplay sprites do need a little bit of work, but since they aren't your strongpoint you already know that you need to improve in certain areas : D

    Could I please request a Pokemon Fusion of Gengar and Umbreon please~?

    K xx
  21. Thanks I appreciate the comments and here you go,
    Also you used my favroite pokemon and my 5th favroite (gengar first umbreon fith)
  22. Two gengar fans! I ♥ a competition
    Your sprite work has improved alot since you first started and you offer alot of different verieties of sprites which is always good!
    Could I have a lineless lucario pleasey?
  23. Here you go
    And did you have to choose a pokemon with so many lines?
  24. For a pokemon with so many lines that was extremely quick! Thankyou!
  25. number 5 of the dragon types ITS DANI!
    [​IMG] (the things in her hands are spray cans, they are the two colours of salamance)
    shes fiery because dragons breathe fire
    and i have another go at a costplay (its rydon)
    This old mand lives to far in the past
    (try and guess the type)
  26. I bet he'll use fossils, so Rock.

    And your arts are all very good!

    EDIT: Okay, Magpie definetily hates me, and editing my previous post, I'll explain what I meant by "It's good!" and "but not that good". I really liked your sprites, and you can be a professional spriter someday. On the other hand, your sprites are only good on low standards. A really good spriter would be able to do more than that. Okay, gave my opinion better than I though I could, happy Silver Magpie?
  27. LOMG~<333
    Thank you he is so adorable!!
    And yes~
    I really love Gengar, but always wanted a fused sprite of him and Umbreon~

    Gengar fans FTW ♥

    You're newest additions to the Gym Leader lines I love~
    Especially the Dragon Gym Leader with her cans of spray paint ^3^

    You are certainly really good at designing Gym Leaders that's for sure ://D

    Thanks so much for my sprite!! <33
  28. thanks for the comment shes one of my best and sentrobe you are close just its not rock but you were skimming the edge of what it is
  29. First of all, it is the awesome Snetonobre. And I am guessing Psychic type, because they travel trough time, and you are much better at spriting than when I first saw you. Keep up the good work. :3
    #30 Louie Forest, Dec 3, 2010
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  30. Before thinking of fossils I though they would be psychic, but it would be too obvious. And thanks for calling me awesome, the first time you said I was awesome I though you were just trying to calm me down.

    But yeah, I dunno, if it's not rock I don't know what it is. Psychic and Steel are the closest things I can think, but I can only imagine these if he uses respectively Celebi or Dialga.
  31. its not realy a type its more of a specification
  32. I'm guessing he has fossil Pokemon!
  33. Well done you win nothing but you got it correct!
    he shall be dilivered soon
  34. and here he is rex of the ancient types
    the dark lord will rise
  35. the shadow lord will arrive in two days wwwhhhhoooo
  36. is he a ghost or dark user? :-\
    #37 eward990, Dec 18, 2010
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  37. well it cant be ghost because theres a ghost elite four on page 1
    and correct it is dark
    also new thing to request


    Trainer sprite in the sleigh:(e.g jessica)
    Colours of the sleigh:(e.g red with yellow rim)
    Pokemon:(e.g glacion)
  38. Here's santa everybody
    all done my me (exept the pokemon) the sliegh done by me, santa done by me, backround done by me.
    Sam of the dark types
    he is based on my freind at school who loves dark types

    number 8 riddle: you have seen him before but not like this

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