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My World-Diary Entries

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by HighKickin, May 16, 2009.

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  1. Ian
    16th June, 2010 (Pokemon world date)

    Man, its been hectic today. First day at my new school, Hearthome High. New school year for everyone. Its been rough, since 7am this morning. My younger sister seems to be even more annoying than ever. She woke me up, jumping on my bed with me sleeping in it, at 7am.
    "Jodie, both of our schools start until 9!" I said.

    "Ya, but you need to be ready for Hearthome High, so im getting you up early." she snorted, still dancing about on the bed. "Ok, just dont do it again." I mumbled, then got up. When I had my new uniform on (Green jumper, black trousers), Silver was there to greet me. Silver is our ever-obidient Electrike. He is a great pet. Anyway, I sat down to stroke him. I love him to death, right from when we met. Dad was still here, he hadnt gone to work yet.
    "Hi, Ian, your just in time for one of my omelettes!" he said. Dad was a great cook. He once had to cook a three course meal for the mayor of Saffron when we lived back in Kanto. But dad was now a working on the Sunnyshore gym's revamping. He is a worker. It might sound crappy, but he actually gets paid a fair bit. So its good. Anyway, I wolf down the omelette, then see that its 8:45. OMG, Ive got to go! I fly out the door, and speed to Hearthome.

    School is really rough here. All the teachers are VERY strict, and like to make the children do tests. On the first day of the school year. That is so unfair. And the headmaster expects all of the students to be super smart. The good thing is though, that my best friend from Kanto, Jimmy, moved to Sinnoh aswell, so im able to hang out with him at school. Yay. But, im doing a lot of running around the school to find one person, because Jimmy has a crush on the most popular girl in school: Sigi Shariuba. He is crazy over her. I also happen to be her friend, as she sat on my table at lunch, and we had a chat. She is actually cool, because she isnt as arrogant as the other popular girls. Ao its been a pretty hectic day. Anyway, its late, so im off to bed. Bye!
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Irrevocable proof that Carmen rocks. You're the second person to try and copy her idea. Plagiarism is not tolerated well I'm afraid =( You are going to have to be banned.
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