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.... My teeth are rebelling

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Doctor Oak, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I don't take particularly good care of my teeth - I shall admit to this. I don't brush them every day like I should, instead only doing it when the thought occurs (rather like shaving, as my fuzzy face will testify to) and I do tend to eat a fair amount of junk.

    I also have taken, rather recently, to drinking vast quantities of Pepsi Max. For it is Godly and you are all owned by it.

    Needless to say, my teeth are unhappy. My teeth are rebelling.

    I already have a broken front tooth - as some may know from photos or meeting me. This comes from a completely unreleated incident when I was a child and decided it'd be awfully fun to see what happens when my face falls into a wall. A few years ago me, my brothers and my mother all visited the dentist for probably the first time since that incident and I came back out with my first - and since we haven't been back, currently my only - filling. Which isn't fun, as I have a rather surprising phobia about people taking big motherfucking drills to my mouth and refusing to heed my pleas of "knocking me the fuck out".

    About 3 months ago, the back molar on the left hand side decided it had had enough and cracked. Causing me to be spitting out enamel shrapnel for about a week afterwards until it had finally hollowed itself out to a level where we would live amicably and I wouldn't have to go pay the "motherfucker with a drill" a visit again.

    Turns out, our ceasefire was merely a ploy for a secondary strike. For today, for the first time ever in my whole life - I have.... Tooth Ache.... And my GOD is it awful.

    Unfortunately, I know not of any 'natural' solutions to this. Short of taking a hammer to the insides of my mouth until the pain eventually gets drowned in blood (which is rather counter-productive as I can just go visit the aforementioned "motherfucker with a drill" to do that for me), that is.

    Basically... this appears to leave me with no other choice....


    HE'S COMING TO GET ME!11!!1!!!!!!11!!
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "Son, be a deeeeeentiiiiiiiiiiist..." (AHEM) Too much Little Shop of Horrors, I guess... >>

    Ouch. Toothaches are... demonic, I hear. I never really had one, but I can imagine. >>
  3. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    I had a toothache once, and I had to go to the hospital to have my lip stitched up before I noticed it. ^^" Plus I was only 7, so I can't really remember it.

    And yes, it looks like the only solution is indeed the dentist. Who I happen to visit regularly. So ha, no phobia for me. :p They don't want to hurt you, and they try their best not to. I guess sometimes it's just the thought of a drill in your mouth that sets your teeth on edge. *ba-dum, cha!*
  4. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Never have I heard such blasphemy, Miss Cinders. Dentists *looks around...* ARE indeed out there to make sure your life is a living heck. My old dentist was the incarnation of evil, refusing to put me out when he had to remove four of my back teeth... Oh lord, that was a day I'd never forget. Then the regular check-ups weren't a pretty walk in the park either. He'd brush your teeth TO DEATH. You'd tell him, "It's hurts." He'd go, "No, it doesn't." and then he'd brush harder. I wished all sorts of evil on that guy... >-> Our new dentist is a bit better, but still evil.

    Either way, I guess I'm not helping Gary that much. I'd advise him to down a bottle of pain killers but then he'd have other problems...
  5. Don't worry, Doc, your not alone! My teeth are starting to deteriorate. :( I need to use the evil minty toothpaste now. :( I hate minty toothpastes.
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Meh. Dentists are just doing a job; a job that I doubt they particularly like doing themselves, especially when their patients have gross teeth (if they aren't doing it for the money alone, then yeah, they're sadistic). How would you like sticking your fingers in someone's mouth day in and day out? It's no wonder that they have such high suicide rates ;p

    My dentist is actually really nice. It's my orthodontist that I loathe. That bastard was just plain rude >.> But either way, I'm having my own teeth-related issues right now... of the 'wisdom' variety. Since all of my wisdom teeth seem to be coming in sideways they need to be pulled. If that wasn't bad enough, though, guess what date they're doing it on?

    My birthday :p

    I kid you not. We even tried to change the date and were told that was the only opening. So YAYZ. I get to have four bloody teeth cut out on my 22nd birthday ^^

    Over the years I've had a few minor cavities, but nothing that had me in pain. Before a certain one was discovered, though, I kept getting this yucky taste in my mouth. Wasn't painful, but it was enough to tell me that things weren't right.

    Alex, consider this: if they won't knock you out for the procedure, heavily sedate yourself beforehand ;)
  7. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Apparently they wont do anything to you while you're steaming drunk.

    Which is surprising, considering I can't really imagine any other occasion where you'd decide "Hey, I know, let's go have all my teeth turned to shrapnel by a madman with a Black & Decker!"
  8. well my dentist is on the nice side and is a little afraid of the pointy thing *really*. shes a tiny asain girl who u cant undrestand the entire time. i got this crap painted on my teeth so i (hopefully) wont cavities ;D the only part i hate is the ungodly friggin lines!!!!!!!!

    i hate my orthodontist too. i think hes out to destroy my teeth . i was 6 and he wanted to give me braces because my baby teeth werent perfect, and now that ive got the permanent they r almost perfact and still wants to shove those friggin braces on me he suck.

    this reminds me of a story wen i was 3. (for all of u who dont care i like to make up random stories but in this case its real.) oly god knows what i was doing and i no i jumped off somethng and my 2 front baby teeth went strait thru my bottom lip . sounds painful but i dont remember. my mom held those ice pops on my lip for hours. and because she did that no dentist no doctor and no scar. and the best part is i dont remember anything

    so yea thats it
  9. I had an evil dentist for years, he refused to refer me to an orthodontist because he was convinced my jaw would widen with age and my teeth would sort themselves out, then last year one of the new dentists that replaced him turned to me and said "why weren't you referred to an orthodontist, your teeth are practically an omega sign!

    So now Im the only guy in my year at school that has a plate in my mouth, and I have to widen it myself every couple of days, and that hurts like hell! Also the plate makes my teeth bleed on occasion, its not particularly nice, have to go to the orthodontist tomorrow morning actually... so yay I get to drive across town during rush hour. Oh and I have train tracks to look forward to... If I can't drink alcohol with them on there will be hell to pay, I have way too many festivals planned for next year, oh and my 18th in 2 months...
  10. Ah, one of the rare chances I get to bask in the benefits of my routine hygiene. I have never been to a dentist for anything but a good ol' routine checkup and have *nothing* wrong with my teeth.

    All gloating aside I have never understood the "evil Dentist" phenomenon, they seem like decent people to me. Maybe it comes from old horror movie cliche where the mad scientist wears one of those white coats, who knows? All I can tell is that those blood draining people freak the freak out of me. Gah! I'm shivering with repulsion.
  11. Well, I don't generally take good care of my teeth either. I go to the dentist every year and I'm still scared to death of him :p. Last year I noticed one of my fillings had fallen out for some reason, and left a huge black pit behind. When I later went to the dentist he was astounded by the fact that I had never had a filling in that spot. It was simply a HUGE cavity. The weird thing is, I never had any toothache from it. From the things I'm hearing here I guess I should be pretty thankfull I don't have so much pain that hammering out my jaw seems like a logical solution.
  12. never had a cavity......

    just plaque do to my amazing *sarcasm* toothbrushing skillz

    to bad i forget everytime how much i hate my orthodonyist (hes evil)
  13. I am so lucky I have never had a cavity even though I never brush my teeth and all I eat is junk that should rot them away and yet somehow no cavities though i have had four baby teeth pulled because they didn't fall out on their own and that wasn't that bad the worst part was having a needle stuck into my gums and I don't like needles being poked anywhere.
  14. my teeth dont like me :p at least no cavities.....

    and no braces yay!!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D
  15. Oh sure keep gloating lunareon...

    I had my plate tweaked yesterday because one of my teeth has moved in the wrong position, so now i have a springy piece behind it, and that hurts like hell... Grr evil orthodontist... but at least I wont have braces in Japan, ill still have my plate in though... got another appt couple days after I get back, probably will have to have train tracks put in after that one =S
  16. well like i said before ORTHODONTISTS R EVIL!!!!!!!!!

    well mines evil at least.......

    in other news im abusing the word rebelling and my computer is dying a slow death

    that was todays news come back next time!!!!! dadadadaaaaaaa!
  17. Well, I have goof oral hygiene and have never had anything serious wrong with my teeth. I used to have a few fillings, but that was when I was younger. My mum used to be a dentist, so she checked my (and my sibling's) teeth every so often. I think we used to go to her surgery twice a year for a proper check up. She stopped doing that when we were older though and when she trained to be an orthodontist. She didn't want to put my braces on because she didn't want to hurt me, so she sent me to one of her friends. He was a bit weird and never told me what he was doing to my brace, but he did put all the pretty colours that I wanted on!

    I had my brace tightened the day before my birthday and I had to eat really slowly on the actual day. It was kinda tedious but everything still tasted good. I had four teeth taken out too, before my brace was put on, so they would all fit in. It wasn't that bad since the dentist guy numbed my mouth first. It didn't hurt one bit but I had to eat mushed up food that evening (mashed potato, mashed up fish fingers, sweetcorn and peas, thankfully not mashed up).

    I have to wear my retainer every night now, but it doesn't matter too much if I leave it out for one night by accident. I don't have a metal one though, it's like a plastic imprint of my teeth which I never brush. It's all scummy and icky now, but I still can't be bothered to brush... oh well. I'll brush it in a month or two....
  18. Okay. No denying. Your a theatre junky. JOIN THE CLUB.

    Anywho, Ive been a good boy with my teeth...Never had a cavity EVER.

    But I have had tooth aches which pretty much SUCK. ALOT. I feel for you.
  19. oh this reminds me of something my friend said recently

    "sorry cant do it cuz i have to go to the orthodontists because my braces are now comfortable so my doctor has to make sher it hurts."

    thats not exact but i think its kinda funny

    herres todays news : mr rogers won the ultimate showdown with a blood stained sweater thank u that is all

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