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My Sprites and Arkore Region-Now doing userbars! Updated May 25, 2009

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by 112% Elusive, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Status of Requests:Open

    Do NOT STEAL. I'll take 3 requests at a time, because I'm slow. :p
    1: Lucario454 - Userbar that says: Lucario is #1

    Please check out the other page/s for other of my work!

    Sprites by:Me, Shado
    Cosplayers transparensized by:DayU

    Coming Soon:​

    You MAY request Sprites that will NOT be used in the region.

    ONE Request PER POST.

    One example follows. check out the other page/s for other works!
    I can do:
    Two-Part Fusions (Please note, if you ask for a specific base, your request WILL be ignored.)
    Team Shots:
    No example yet!
    Pokemorphs [glow=red,2,300]NEW![/glow] (May be low quality, as I'm am new at them:
    Userbars (If you really want them):

    All userbars can be used by ANYONE. Also, if you want to use one, PM me with the one you want to use and I'll give you the code for it.

    I worked hard on these. Spriters Resource is where the Tileset came from. But I made the maps. Thumbnails because they are fairly big.
    [glow=blue,2,300]Open to SUGGESTIONS ONLY for the fake region!!! Also, only the maps will be included in the first post (This one) from this point on.[/glow]

    Pillow Shading:

    Twilight Town
    [​IMG]Route 301[​IMG]Kurisara Town[​IMG]Route 302[​IMG]

    The fire Starter
    Bombar. ([glow=yellow,2,300]UPDATED[/glow])

    A cross breed of the Typhlosion and Gardevoir lines. Cyndalt, Quilia, and Typhoir. shinys on the right, normal on the left.

    A pre-evolution of Buizel, Ringlet.

    A ShadoPikachu, one of the few recolors here.

    Old pokemon making a return to the region (So far):
    Tailow, Swellow
    All first stage fire starters from kanto and Johto but with a %2 chance in a small patch of grass using something similar to the pokeradar (My region, so I can do it.)
    Skroupi, Drapion
    Buizel, and Floatzel
    Scyther, Scizor
    Onix, Steelix

    [size=7pt]Most sprite references ©Nintendo
    All finished works ©Me, Shado[/size]
  2. Dude, that deserves a Shweet!

    I love the sprites and how authentic it looks! And about scratching, try bothering RX if he's not busy. By PM, I mean. He is quite good at that kind of stuff.

    AL Likes It!
  3. The fun of a region is doing most of it yourself, Arceus. The map looks great ^_^ the traditional starter town layout is always good, the route looks pretty good too, im curious as to what are in the buildings :D

    The starter looks pretty good too but the shading is a lil off, try to make the shading more gradual and soft, use more then 3 tones :p
  4. Thanks for the compliments guys. BTW AL that "dude" is female. I'm in the procees of making another map.

    By the way Jeydis, that lil' guy was a shading experiment. I can't shade at all.
  5. Oops. Anyway, another update, and I like Diminix. The idea of another wannabe legendary does aggrivate me, but this time, It looks good! bravo (or is it brava?)

    Plus, I thank you for leading me to the website for sprites. With that, I can mke decent maps! Yay...

    AL has Spoken!
  6. Well Diminix is either a wannabe legendary or a legendary, but the quality is off a bit

    Bombar. Fire type, Blaze

    Bombar hide in little colonies up high in the mountains. You CAN find this pok
  7. One thing I say to almost everyone who sprites fakemon -- if you want them to be convincing, consider the Pokemon aesthetic. DP sprites have an 80x80 limit. There are palette restrictions due to technological limitations. The majority of sprites do not face straight forward or to the side, but a 3/4 view to their left. Employ spriting tactics that are found on real sprites, like selout and cel shading. In terms of actual design, there's a very fine line between something that looks like a Pokemon and something that looks like a Digimon/Heartless/Final Fantasy boss/generic monster. It's still hit or miss for me, and it's obviously pretty subjective, but it might be something you want to consider.

    I think you could come a lot farther with these sprites. Your legendary looks very inconsistent; the light source is everywhere at once on the actual creature, whereas the frame has no shading whatsoever and the background looks like you just googled flames and copy-pasted the result. I'd recommend studying DP sprites, or even just using them as bases until you get a better feel for scratch spriting -- that tends to be what I do. The only example of scratching I have is Diminx, and I looked off of Haunter's sprite for the hands. =p

    Another thing to consider with movesets is balance. Stomp at level six seems to be pretty high compared to the standard Absorb/Water Gun/Ember. Diminix is just completely broken. Giratina and Darkrai's exclusive moves are leery, but the custom moves are just ridiculously unbalanced. Dark Portal... for one thing, STAB is pretty useless on a move with set damage, and for another, it would be downright stupid in a double battle. Diminix targets one Pokemon, gets it to 1 HP, your other Pokemon takes care of the remaining hitpoint. Oh, yay, free KO. :V Protect/Detect would just delay the inevitable Dark Portal beatdown. The only possible counter I could think of would be if one of the enemy's Pokemon used Torment before it died, and that would only work in a single battle, really.
    Dark Blast isn't as broken because of Sturdy, but the existing OHKO moves have low accuracy for a reason.
  8. Well, I'm a junior spriter, and even if they were 80x80 the quality just isn't the same. Mostly because I ultimatly fail at shading, and at making movesets. Chances are very good I'm going to make a new Dark Legend.

    [​IMG] Floatation Sac. (When Aqua Ring is in effect, Ringlet recover a little HP each turn even if it is not the one using Aqua Ring.
    Ringlets live in colonies of up to 10, with a Buizel mother. They are very supportive of each other.
    -- Tackle
    -- Growl
    5 Bubble
    8 Water Gun
    10 Water Sport
    11 Quick Attack
    15 Whirlpool
    18 Swift
    20 Bubblebeam
    22 Aqua Jet
    27 Agility
    30 Slash

    My First Part Splice, part scratch fakemon. Fits the 80x80 dimensions as well.

    Route 302[​IMG]
  9. Schweet! Ringlet is quite cute!

    And on Route 302, I didn't see the point of that mini-rock hill thing. Until I saw the dark dot... clever. And thanks again on helping me find the website.

  10. Thanks for the kind words.  I'll probably start route 303 sometime tonight, or later today.

    Edit: New Stuff! A fusion line found in the Arkore Region. Shiny on right, normal on left.

    Cyndalts (I always put in that s.), Cyndaquil Ralts Fusion
    Quilia, Quilava Kirlia Fusion
    Typhior, Typhlosion Gardevoir Fusion

    Movesets tomorrow most likely.
  11. I am glad to see Bagon returning into your region. I always had a soft side for tiny-to-huge evo lines.

    And the mixes are pretty cool. I take it that that happens when you breed together the two original pokemon? For example a Typhlosion and Gardevoir?

  12. You could do that, or catch a Cyndalt in  Route 302 with a 5% chance.


    Pokemon and apperence rates so far.

    Twilight Town


    Pokemon found here:
    Tailow lvs. 2-4 50%
    Route 302[​IMG]
    Pokemon found here:
    Bagon (after national dex) lv. 3-4 7%
    Larvitar (after national dex) lv. 3-4 7%
    Cyndalt lv. 3-5 5%
  13. Very interesting things you have here, your region is coming along very nicely.

    I absolutely LOVE the ShadoPikachu, do you think I could use it for my fan region? Of course, credit will go to you for the idea and creation.
  14. All permission Granted. Some info on ShadoPikachu:

    Not thinking of making a ShadoRaichu anytime soon. >>

    I lied.  No movesets yet.

    ShadoRaichu's bright ears, feet, and hands serve as a warning to other pokemon Not to step on it.  If it is stepped on, it will be very angry and will shock you, and essentially give you a bad hair day.  It is a nocturnal pokemon.

    ShadoPikachu evolves at night with almost max to max friendship. If Max friendship, it will take on a few Dusclops attibutes.
    I used Dusclops' Color Scheme, by the way, for both ShadoPikachu and ShadoRaichu.
  15. Great! Thanks a bunch. I love the ShadoRaichu. Keep up the good work.
  16. I won't get route 303 done anytime today. Due to my sis' day on the laptop, which my maps and tilesets are saved on. >>
  17. Well BUMP. (I asked to see if I could post in a month+2 day topic without getting a warning.)

    Changed to general sprite thread as well

    Mewzelf-General Fusion

    Edit of Umbreon-To test my scratch and shading.
  18. You should rename the topic to your sprite page. I dont think recolors/fusions really count for a region. :p
  19. The Arkore Region-and my Sprites

    Read? I changed the title on the first post.
  20. ouch, sorry, I just went but the latest topic on the forum main page so the whole title didnt appear just the Region bit. My bad.

    Nice work on the new stuff btw, I like your winter umbreon ^_^
  21. I got bored the other day, and did some revamps of the Gold Sprites to try and make them a bit like the R/S/E, and Fr/Lg sprites, shading wise.


    Most happy with the Dratini and Ariados. I like them all really. but I'm most pleased with those two.
  22. Bumpy.


    Revamps Sheet 2


    Female Artist Trainer and Dusknoir cosplayer.

  23. Very nice. The shading looks incredibly close to the R/S/E and Fr/Lg sprites. All of your sprites look very nice as well. Nice job!
  24. Very nice, Shado.

    Personally I find your best work being the Pokemon fusions, which are much better than the ones I have tried over the years. And I'm very happy to see I'm not the only one who gets bored and revamps the older sprites. Although the last time I used a revamp was to make a cosplay.

    Little piece of advice within my words: Using a revamp when making a cosplay does help make stuff small enough to fit on the trainer.
  25. I love the revamps! I agree with Plapti's opinion with the shading. I think you should have chosen a different pic of Ditto than that one. That one sorta makes it look like... well, very thin poo.

    Maybe this picture instead? But that's my own, unimportant opinion!

  26. AL: All my Revamps were Gold sprites, so blame Nintendo for it looking like thin poo.

    New Stuff!

    A random Trainer I named Mika
    Cookies of Doom to whoever knows which 3 Sprites went into her! They are all Emerald Sprites. On the second pose, there are 4 different Emerald Sprites.

    A Pikachu Cosplayer
  27. Ah, they are very poo-ish...

    Very good trainers. Although, if they are edited, I believe that the legs on Mika are a little rough. But the Cosplayer is done well.

    I know the hair is Flannery...
    Are the trousers possibly Steven?

    That's all I recognize, though. :-\

  28. They were spliced. a little editting on pose 2.

    and Hair is Flannery's hair.
    oh, and before I forget, *hands AL a Cookie of Doom*

    EDIT: New Stuff, because a Day old post isn't double post worthy right?

    Found some old, cruddy cosplayers. :p

    I need to go on my other computer and post her other pose...
    I updated the old ones:

    This was me, going crazy
    Caspuppet. Shuppet/Castform fusion. More cookies of Doom to figure out which parts are from Castform.

    Shiny Latias Cosplayer. I suck at editting, but Rule at Splicing.

    Large, so a link. Click to go. The wording and stuff is about her team.

    Mika's 3 poses

    Hint:all trainers used were from emerald and female. New pose had a FR/LG trainer. (Far left is new pose)
  29. Very nice sprites. For the revamps, you should probably recolor the outlines. It looks more realistic. The outlines stopped being black in Generation 3, which I think, you are revamping to. Now, with your Ringlet, I feel like breeding my Buizels. Too bad it's not real... BURN DOWN THE DAY-CARE CENTER. What? They don't choose evolutions and pre-evolutions? BURN DOWN SATORU IWATA'S HOUSE! He doesn't choose either? Oh, just forget it.
  30. They are going for Gold to R/S Shading.

    i'll post more tomorrow.
  31. Yeah, then recolor the outlines for your next ones.
  32. Bump, again.

    Digbit. >>
    The eye HAS shading... Its just to light.
    scratched as well.
  33. Looks good!

    Although, I think the drill on Digbit (If that is a drill) Could use a darker couple of lines through it, like on those giant drills. They have these... lines in them, like a screw.

    Other than that, the shading, idea, and the cosplayers are good!

    Oh, and on the Kecleon... DAHNCE LEETLE KECLEON, DAHNCE!!! :D

  34. I did try lines on that, it didn't look too good AL.



    Stellar (Stel-er)
    The Star Pokémon
    This pokémon is said to live among the stars. It descends from its Celestial home on the night of the Lunar New Year. It stays on Earth for a week before returning to the Stars. Few people have seen this pokémon, but it is VERY hard to spot, as it can turn invisible at will.

    There IS shading on it, you know.
    #35 112% Elusive, Jun 21, 2008
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  35. BUMP


    Lucario-Skarmory Fusion
  36. Ooh... well, thanks for clearing that up. Stellar looks good, and I can see the shading, but is there a different way to say it other than Stell-AR?

    But the fusion works quite well. I see no flaws. The lines appear to blend nicely.
    Nicely done.

  37. [​IMG]

    Celestria (cell-es-tree-a)
    The Moon Pokémon
    This pokémon is rumored to live on Earth's moon. It descends On the Chinese New Year for a week before returing to it's home in space. This pokémon can make anyone forget anything, so most of the people who have seen it get their memories wiped.

    i'm too lazy to edit the brightest shade of Blue right now.
    #38 112% Elusive, Jun 24, 2008
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  38. Bumpie.


    My attempt at a Weavile pokemorph. I couldn't fit the head crest on. With and without Claws.


    Cerbius (Cer-bee-us)
    The Underworld Dog Poké0mon
    Cerbius is said to guard the entrance to the Underworld, which resembles the Torn World* in appearence. It is said to breathe flames as hot as 2,000 degrees Farenheit.

    One of those 'one shot at capture' pokémon (Like Sudowoodo in G/S/C and legendaries).

    *Go to Serebii and look it up. NOW.
    This one was on paper first, but as I don't have a scanner, I had to splice it using 2 Houndoom.


    A Gardevoir pokemorph
    Gardevoir DOES hove leglike apppendages! (Those of you with the Gardevoir Trophy on brawl will know what I mean) pfft.

    It was originally going to be a female Gallade Pokemorph, just for giggles.
    #39 112% Elusive, Jun 25, 2008
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  39. BUMP

    Nidoking Revamp for Ruko:

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