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DPPt/HGSS My soon-to-be Johto Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Tangrow, May 31, 2009.

  1. Well, I know that HG and SS won't be out for a while now, but remembering that GSC existed brought back some memories of my old favorites, and so now I want to run through my Platinum with a team of only Johto Pokemon~ Also, I'm not going to be posting items, as they are rather limited for most of Platinum.

    252 Atk/252 Def/6 Er, something else >>

    -Dragon Dance
    -Ice Punch
    -Brick Break

    Feraligatr is my heavy hitter here. I realize the Nature kind of counteracts against Dragon Dance, but I just took a quick glimpse before picking Natures. I just set up with Dragon Dance and smash most things in my way, hopefully including a certain someone's Garchomp. If someone had a nice replacement for Brick Break I'd enjoy it. And yes, I already have the egg with Dragon Dance bred on.

    252 HP/252 Speed/6 Attack

    -Heal Bell
    -Milk Drink
    -Body Slam

    Miltank is my little support Pokemon for when my little friends get crippled or if they need some time to heal. Body Slam works well with Scrappy, along with the Paralysis chance being nice. As for Earthquake, it was just a move I threw in, so if there are any better ideas, I'm totally open to them.

    252 Speed/Well, actually I'm not sure about the others...

    -Leech Seed
    -Bounce/Giga Drain?

    I am a total fan of the combination of Substitute and Leech Seed, if none of you knew. If I tun into a Grass type or something that will totally destroy Jumpy, I U-Turn to someone more manageable and continue from there. As for Bounce and Giga Drain, they really are filler, as I just want a nice move to hit something with.

    252 Def/252 Sp. Def/6 Atk


    It's pretty much a set centered around the use of Toxic. I just switch in, Toxic them, and start cursing and Protecting every other turn or so to prolong damage. Once they faint of poisoning or when Curse is at its maximum, I Payback in their faces~

    252 Atk/252 Sp. Def/6 HP

    -Triple Kick
    -Fake Out
    -Bullet Punch
    -Aerial Ace

    This set is simply designed to take TOTAL advantage of Technician to the maximum. I Fake Out, and then use whatever works well accordingly. I can't help but think there is something better than Triple Kick, though...

    And that's about it, I think. I do plan on using a Pineco, but I haven't thought out anything for it yet, so if someone could help me out on that, I'd be happy.
  2. Stark

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    Earthquake, or Crunch are options. Brick Break is nice still too.

    [quote author=Tangrow link=topic=6199.msg103901#msg103901 date=1243746487]
    [/quote]I think Jeydis has an awesome Miltank set, so its worth asking her about this one :)

    [quote author=Tangrow link=topic=6199.msg103901#msg103901 date=1243746487]
    I can't help but think there is something better than Triple Kick, though...
    [/quote]Mach Punch :)

    And for Pineco, I looked at one for my Crystal but they can't do much besides Spikes and Explosion :-\

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