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My Rocking Ruby Team (So far)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Yoshimitsu, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Actually 3 seperate Ruby teams which I alternate through.



    This is my Rocking Blaziken, who can cream nearly anything. Being level 50 doesn't hurt either.

    Personality: He's actually a Brave Blaziken, which I think lowers his attack...

    Held item: I wasn't sure about this. I settled with boosting his fire moves, the Charcoal

    Move 1: Blaze Kick

    Always useful, usually clears out most types quickly. High Critical-hit rate doesn't hurt either.

    Move 2: Brick Break

    Boosted by STAB helps. I can't be arsed getting Sky Uppercut, due to the Battle Tower. Its powerful, and clears out light screen and reflect, which helps.

    Move 3: Earthquake

    I was torn between this or Rock Slide, but the breeding is hard enough, so I chose this. Its useful, and clears out fire types and the like.

    Move 4: Bulk Up

    I wasn't sure here. I needed a move that'd help the attacks, and seeing as Blaze Kick has Charcoal, I picked Bulk Up for the others.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Looks like the type of Blaziken I'd have :)

    Lessee... Blaze Kick is good, but knowing myself I'd probably replace it with Flamethrower for accuracy reasons.

    Brick Break's perfect. A must have. Like you said, if you want this guy for L. 50 battles you can't wait to get Sky Uppercut.

    EQ - can't complain about that. I like Rockslide because it defeats Blaziken's Flying weakness but since you didn't breed yours, EQ is probably your next best choice. Besides... EQ's powerful and accurate. Who doesn't like that?

    Bulk Up... hmm... I don't have my list of Blaziken's moves here but it's probably not a bad choice. Every Pokemon should have at least one status effecting attack IMO, and Bulk Up will help both its weakness to Flying types and Boost its attacks.

    Not bad. I probably would've chosen a Torchic to raise with a Nature that didn't effect Attack/SP. Attack but what can ya do?
  3. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Heh. I can never be bothered with trying to get certain natures. Too much effort. Time for my... Gardevoir!


    My Gardevoir is great when it comes to Special Attacking, and defending against special attack. He sucks when it comes to physical stuffs though.

    Personality: Modest, I think. I'd have to check. I dunno what this does.

    Held item: I chose Lax Inscence because of the accuracy thing. Better than facing a really accurate foe.

    Move 1: Psychic

    Generally finishes oponents off first time, so I use him a lot. Psychic is boosted by STAB too. Bonus!

    Move 2: Thunderbolt

    Just in case. You never know when bird keepers will show up... Actually you do, but meh. Battle Tower springs random trainers at me.

    Move 3: Calm Mind

    I've always had a thing for boosting stuff. This is no exception. Boosts Psychic too, which is extra cool.

    Move 4: Secret Power

    A filler, really. The extra effect is cool, but not reallly useful. I usually ignore it.
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    No one's posted so I'll assume that my Gardevoir is perfect, eh? Now, onto...eh....Vilepume!


    My grass type. His moves are really useful, and take out most opponents quickly. Well, most watr/rock/grass/ground/etc.

    Personality: Frell.... I think Naive, but I can't remember. I'm no good wit natures.

    Held item: Miracle seed for obvious reasons.

    Move 1: Razor Leaf.

    Useful as hell and creams most types. I like my bred Vileplume.

    Move 2: Cut

    HM. Needed it to get everything. Plus its quite useful in itself. I'll shut up.

    Move 3: Sludge Bomb

    I think. Its either this or Acid. I can't be bothered checking.

    Move 4: Sleep powder

    Extra advantage = always good. Also good for catching that every elusive Latios (or is it Latias? I forget)
  5. Blaziken looks pretty good. BTW, Brave drops Speed to raise Attack. Not the best Nature for Blaziken (I'd say that that would be either Adamant or a neutral), but it'll do. Item can be Scope Lens, Leftovers, or Lum Berry. The moveset is one of a few that work well. Like Raichu said, Blaze Kick could become Flamethrower, but it's your call.

    Gardy looks nice, but drop Secret Power. Modest is the best possible Nature for Gardy -- drops Attack for Special Attack. If the Ability is Synchronize, give it a Lum Berry to hold, otherwise it can be Lum, Leftovers, or the Lax Incense. In Secret Power's place, I'd put either Double Team (if you have a Heart Scale for the Tutor), Reflect, or Rest.

    Vileplume looks a little too unfocused. If you got really lucky, you could make it a Sunnybeamer -- Sunny Day/Solarbeam/Hidden Power (that's where you need the luck)/filler (I'd say Synthesis, but you'd have to breed).

    Another set that could work is a drainer -- Giga Drain (or you can keep Razor Leaf -- it's a good move)/Toxic (or Poisonpowder, but Toxic's better)/Moonlight/stall move (Rest, Protect, or Double Team).
  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Interesting idea for Vilplume.... I might try it. Now onto my next pokemon.


    I found him difficult to give moves to. Sure, he's great with HMs and stuff, but otherwise I don't too much like him...Untill you come to TMs.... BWAHAHA!

    Personality: Modest, me thinks. Can't remember, but I'm 63.2 percent sure.

    Held item: Quick Claw. Didn't know here, so I gave him this.

    Move 1: Surf.

    Only slightly obvious....

    Move 2: Strength

    HM. Needed it.

    Move 3: Flamethrower

    Just a little randomness here and there...

    Move 4: Thunderbolt

    Even more randomness everywhere!
  7. Gyrados is saying to me: Kill me now, I'm useless and I suck.

    Gyrados's Attack is way higher than Sp.Att and who knows who the hell would be dumb enough to use it as a Sp.Attacker.

    I don't have a moveset at the moment, when I figure it out....i'll post it...
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    The biggest problem I see with your Gyarados is the fact that you've already used one of its key TMs: Earthquake. Since Gyarados' main weakness is electric-types EQ is perfect for it, and with a naturally high speed stat it can often pull off the attack before getting hit. Its high Attack stat makes it that much more deadly (although, since yours is Modest the attack'll be little less than I'm used to).

    In Colosseum a Gyarados I had a hard time beating had the moveset Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, and something else (can't remember). It would start off with Dragon Dance, making it faster than the majority of my team, then used EQ or Hydro Pump. Dragon Dance did leave it open to attacks for a turn, but since it had a Lightning-Rod Rhydon as a partner you couldn't kill it in one hit (unless, of course, you used a One Hit KO attack or had an extremely high attack stat). Anyways, I've never trained Gyarados before nor have really looked into its attacks/stats, but there's an idea for ya.
  9. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Gyarados are great for smashing. Bad for real strategy though. There are so many more Water and Dragon Pokemon that beat the crap out of Gyrados.

    Although the idea of a Lightning Rodder to go with it sounds great... *goes off to arrange that*
  10. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    *Shrug* I was being random with that thing, so meh.


    Oh god I hate how this thing looks. I almost puke every time I fight one *Steeeeeveeeeen*

    Personality: Oh hell...

    Held item: Mail. Yes, I suck at items.

    Move 1: Strength.

    Great fun.

    Move 2: Iron Tail

    Excuse the accuracy and its ok.

    Move 3: Rock Tomb

    I went for a STAB here. Its quite strong for a rock TM...

    Move 4: Iron Defense

    Oh lords above. This thing dosn't need a defence boost. But, I wen a little wacko with hm...
  11. *steals Gardevoir moveset for own Gardevoir*

    Will be posting mine soon, and we can compare. Although mine is t3h sux0rz. :p
  12. Blaziken-Lv.61
    Slash, Mirror Move, Sky uppercut, Blaze Kick
    Trained up from Lv.5

    Slash, Thunder bolt, Ice beam, Rest
    Trained up from Lv.4

    Leaf blade, Slam, Earthquake, Solar beam
    Beginer poke'mon

    Crunch, swagger, Shadow ball, Iron tail
    Trained up from Lv.3

    Grudge, Shadow ball, Double team, Return
    Trained up from Lv.4

    Slash, solarbeam, Eruption, Fissure

    Also has Rayquaza but switches out with other pokemon
    Outrage, Extremespeed, Dragon Dance, Fly
    Trained up from Lv.70

    :D WOW!!!! HARD WORK :shock:
  13. The best match up is
    Sceptile and Groudon
    They both know solarbeam and groudon's Drought helps out solarbeam

    Shedinja's Double Team helps out Shedinja from being hit by super effective moves

    Mightyena's swagger confuses the poke'mon but raises the attack
    Also have a berry that can heal confusen then you can keep on using swagger to raise the attack higher and higher.

    Blaziken's Blaze kick is very good move I agree with all of you also is Mirror Move and Sky uppercut I love how cheap my Blaziken is. :D

    Linoone isn't my best poke'mon but has high attack power almost above my Rayquaza!!!
  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator


    Don't double post, and don't dig up old topics if you have nothing productive to add. What you just posted has nothing to do with this. If you want to discuss your team, please start a new topic for it.

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