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My poems

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by dented.converse, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Wasn't sure where to put these. Hope you like...

    Tearing me apart

    ...So there's this boy and he kinda has my heart.
    Do you know how it feels? It's tearing me apart.

    It hurts when he's not here, but then,
    How would you feel to have your heart taken
    Away? Could you trust him to keep it safe,
    To keep it close and never betray it?

    I can.

    I sleep at night, knowing I will wake to see
    Him again, for there is this place in me,
    Where I can still feel his touch on my skin,
    His kiss on my lips, his words in my heart.

    He'll forever be a part of me.

    Don't ask me why I trust him so; you say
    They could be lies, the sweet somethings
    He has whispered in my ear when he holds
    Me in his loving arms. I scorn your words,
    He is mine, I am his; fate will always find
    A way to make things right. When he is
    Here I feel right. I feel wanted, I feel needed,
    I feel like I never want to breathe again so
    That time can stand still in the moment
    When he tells me he loves me.

    But still I am waiting to see him again.
    Inside, I am crying, dying without my heart.
    My soul is trapped beneath the sorrow,
    The pain that love causes. But it's worth it
    For the beautiful moments we spend together.

    I can't be the only girl who feels like this:
    Like I can't keep going if he's not at my side.
    I guess this is what happens when you let
    Someone take out your heart.

    Just because I'm not crying doesn't mean I'm ok

    You came to me like an angel
    Saving me from my suicide. You
    Said I was meant to be alive,
    Just so you could love me, as
    No one did, or does anymore.
    I felt my soul lift up, be a part
    Of yours for that blessed time
    Of our lives. One whole, happy
    Year before you shot that arrow
    Through my heart, ripping it in two
    And tearing through my soul
    Which had once been blissfully
    Entwined with yours. You could
    Have been gentle, but I do not
    Shed tears. I keep it inside,
    Eating away at me, chewing up
    The already broken pieces of
    My heart. Life without you is
    Unthinkable, I can't do it.
    So I take the easy way out.
    If I can't live without you,
    I just can't live.

    Barbed Wire

    There's barbed wire constricting my heart,
    And it binds tighter every day. It latches on
    To the most tender part of my soul, and
    Opens it up for you to see. I don't mean
    To share my deepest desires, but from
    You I cannot hide. Every time I part my lips
    This wire tugs at me, and makes me spill
    Out my heart for you to examine. This wire
    Binds me to you, and if I have to pull away
    It cuts me up and makes me cry from the
    Pain. I know what this burden is, because
    It slices into you too. It's love. Like a snake,
    Curled around our hearts and biting,
    Uncontrollable, and tempting us to be
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