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My Non Pokemon Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Jappio, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Well I have made my first custom sprite. I happen to like it, but I know it isn't that good. In the future I'll have to learn to use more colors. I would love comments, and I could also use a few suggestions. I have no other ideas for poses to do, and would love more. Also I'll put the GIF's I made from these. So please comments and suggestions are welcomed, negative or positive.

    Oh and a little about the character. He is a warrior who died in battle. He went to the realm of Asgard and started to study under the god Thor. Thor now sends him to different universes to fight, since he is a battle god. As his master, he uses electricity. Unlike some electricity users, he uses it defensively. He will wait for the enemy to touch him, and shock them back. His weapons are in the shape of lightning most of the time. He uses an axe as his main weapon, he is a defensive power type. He has gauntlets that have spikes on them for getting his enemies stuck on them. He has a crossbow for dealing with people too far away. His last equipment is a shield, it can alter its size and can work well against magic. All his equipment is conductive.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Shiny Pyxis

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    Your sprite lacks shading, but other than that, it looks pretty cool! Did you scratch that sprite?
  3. I'm sorry, what do you mean by "Scratch that sprite". If you mean make from scratch, yes I did. Also thank you for the shading tip. I did try to shade, but it isn't right yet. I think I only have like three of each color, I will have to learn to use at least 5 or something for each color, so for my future ones I'll work on that, thank you for the helpful comment.
  4. Shiny Pyxis

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    Actually, I meant make the colors a bit more prominent. How do I put this... Make the shadow or shaded part actually darker than the actual color. Take Nintendo's Piplup sprite:


    See the brighter part on top? compare it to the rest of the bue surrounding it. It's definetly brighter, right? That's what I mean. Also, keep a constant light sorce, something that I, myself, fail to do. And remember perspective.

    Also, I recomend your people to have obviouse knees and elbows and other joints. Like, slightly bended knees, are a curved arm holding a Pokeball or something.
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  5. Wow, I didn't know I'd end up making too little of a difference. I guess I was probably getting use to being up close with the pictures and zoomed in. I will add the darker shading as soon as I can and see how it turns out. I probably won't fix the GIF's though, since that would be a longer process I don't want to do. I am also working on a sprite for my RP character. The custom one of it is looking pretty bad, but I made one from the sprite in my signature. They though use pieces from DP sprites, but I did a lot of reworking with them, like color and I had to add longer sleeves and hair.
  6. Cool sprites,Scratching is good.Nice sprites.Fun to look at.
  7. Have my newest sprite. For this one I took the suggestions of making more prominent colors. I didn't do too many shades, I wanted to try just darker for now. I had a problem with this one's poses, all my first ones were pretty cruddy, but this one I liked. Also the original one I made had some hight problems, it was disproportional, this one I think is a load better. It's the same character as the one before, but this time its from scratch. It depicts the character better, since it has the proper sleeve length. I didn't do the buttons because the ones I did didn't look too great, so I might just drop them, the character doesn't use them anyways. Still hoping for suggestions and tips if you can. Also just a comment in general if fine with me.

    And without further ado, here it is:
  8. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    That's pretty good, Jappio. Better than your first few, at least. Try using some more shading colors, not just two. Oh, and shade the shoes a bit more. But I like your sprites! They're pretty good as first-time scratched sprites!
  9. I now have made some changes to Vector. I have added more shades now, and made a few small changes. I can't really tell which is better though. What do you all think, the old one or the new one? The new one is on the right. I think I'm getting better, but there are other details I need to work on, like the shoes, which I don't know how to start yet, so next time I get to spriting I'll either edit Raizou, or I'll work on Vector's shoes.

  10. I think it looks nice shaded, but there are two things I can knit-pick.

    He's really wide. Is he a very muscular dude, or a fat dude? Or maybe you just made him a bit wide on accident. Whichever one it is, you might want to thin him out a little bit.

    Also, you didn't shade his face, hair, or glasses.

  11. Ok those changes were easy to do, so I did them right away. I do think it looks better skinnier. I can't really see the shading on the glasses, they are only two pixels big. The hair was already shaded, it might actually be one of my better shades in my opinion, I could be wrong though. I can't see the changes in the face when its far away, but up close its ok. Any more suggestions of opinions, if not I'll go to do Raizou next I think.

  12. Better, much much better.

    About the face, maybe you should make the face's darker shades darker. ^_^
  13. Ok I tried the darker shades on the face, thats as dark as I can get it now. I also went back and worked on Raizou. I don't know where to go from this point, so I won't be working on it for awhile, unless someone else has a big suggestion. I am currently working on a friends sprite, he wanted me to do one of his characters from scratch, so I have that. I might show it later if he is ok with it. Right now it looks bad, but its still pretty bad.


  14. Ok I finally finished the sprite for my friend. It took me awhile because I've just been much too lazy. It is a sprite of a Pokemon Trainer that I did from scratch. Well not much more to say about it. I would love comments and suggestions and whatever about it.


    Next I am going to work on one for another friend. He didn't know what he wanted, so I said I would draw him a monkey (inside joke). I wanted to try an animal, and then I also decided I'll add a cape to it. Why a cape, because so many things have capes, I best get my practice in. After the monkey I plan on doing a character from in a book my friend is writing.
  15. No comments on my last? That's a sad shame, well here is some new work I've done.

    It's been awhile. There was a long period where I was too lazy and too busy to be able to do a sprite, but in the last like three days I've whipped up a new one. Although it was so quickly done (sooner than the others) it maybe might be some of my best work (I can't fully tell, it isn't fine tuned, but it uses a lot of old tips I've gotten). It is of a monkey. It actually based off of a friend of mine (sideburns, sandals, and the orange). I sort of rushed this I feel, but maybe I've just learned to go quicker. The purpose of this sprite was to practice sprites in general and to try an animal. I felt I did pretty good. I would still greatly appreciate suggestions and tips though. The cape was for the sake to practice making a cape, a probably common sprite drawing I'll have to do.

  16. Yea, the look pretty cool!

    Mod Edit (Pix): I think he means THEY look pretty cool. And that he sees you put alot of effort into the scratch sprites and compliments your shading. Surely that is what he wished to convey in his originally SPAMmy lil' message. Fear not, for if he 'forgets' to give constructive comments again, it shall be a warning.
  17. Yes, it was from scratch. I do not mark a light source, that I just wing it as I got, but I guess if anywhere it would be to the left and up. The unibrow has no specific origin story (my friend doesn't have a unibrow). I suppose when I was first drawing it I put it there since that is a stereotypical primate type feature (I suppose more so for apes and cavemen). I might just have to use your idea with the dot and all, it sounds useful.
  18. Wow, before I hadn't been posting anything in this topic it laster on the front page for like 2 months or something. Then its only been about a few weeks and it dropped back two pages. Well nothing new really, just that I worked on the monkey sprite. I tried the light source tip I got and made a dot (upper right hand corner area). I worked on shading and smoothed a few things out. I think I made enough improvements that I can show it to the friend I made it for now. Of course I woulds till love and could use tips and suggestions.

  19. I say that the scratch spriting is really good. As for shading, I admire it since these are like, your first sprites. Also, I think the shading is super good on that last monkey sprite since you put a light source in. Awesome job!
  20. Hmm... so admire it as a newbie to shading. Any tips on how to make the shading better? Also thanks for the comments.
  21. Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way, I mean that your shading is super good even though you are a newbie, I mean, my shading totally sucks because I am a newbie. I can't give advice on the shading, seeing as my shading sucks, but if you look through the other threads (I suggest Snapdragon's and Pixelchu's) you should be able to get great ideas for shading through those threads, their sprites totally rule. And I am hoping to see more awesome sprites from you, too!
  22. I know, I didn't think you were saying it was bad. Yet good shading for a newbie is different then good shading in general, and I would like to improve, and become a good spriter, not a good spriter newbie. Thanks for the suggestion.
  23. This has been a project I've been working on. A few months back I was just messing around in paint, drawing a cloud or something. My friend than says I should put Thor onto the cloud or something. I then got a little too much into the whole drawing Thor. I than decided it would be my next sprite project (not including splicing and fakemon). I decided to do it as a job for this friend. While I was doing the pose, I told my friend I was going to put a rock or something under his foot, but he suggested I make it a zombie, hence the zombie. I am quite proud of how well I've done, I know it's not great or anything, but I think I've improved a good amount. Please do let me know how I did. I don't mind most comments, just please, if you are going to say "Work on the shading" at least tell me what to do better about it, I know I suck at shading.

  24. Well didn't actually plan on making this. I was sort of just messing around and then this happened. I think it turned out really well. My only problem with it is the sword, a little misshaped and missing the 4 spikes on the sides, but it's too tiny for those. And of course I did his Brawl pose.

  25. No comments, that makes me sad :(

    Another thing I did for a friend. In case you don't know, a ghillie suit is a this thing that snipers and stuff put on to blend into their surrounds, like forests and grass and stuff. I'm not too happy with the gun itself, but thats because I rushed it a bit since that wasn't really all the important to me. Also I'm quite happy with how long it took to make this. My friend requested me to do this since he likes sniping and is a COD4 fan.

  26. Well here is my latest request I did for a friend. He is big guy himself, and everyone always jokes about him being the Hulk, so for him I made the Hulk. The reason for the two different colors is that I couldn't decide and which shade, so I went with both radioactive comic book green and realistic camo green. Comments and critique highly welcomed.

  27. Well done, I personally like the brighter one much better than the camo one, but either way, well done. ;D
  28. That Hulk sprite is VERY well done, Jappio, I like the lighter shade better.

    Great job! Can't wait to see more.
  29. T'is very nice. I'm going with the brighter one, since it's easier to tell where everything is (anatomically) and it looks more like the Hulk.

    Nice Job...I can't wait to see more.
  30. [​IMG]

    This is my friend's current main role play character (the one who requests stupid things like Blastoise+F-Zero machines, and splicing the 4 Elemental fiends from FF4. Also the one who made the Starmie+Electrode). His name is Shun-Yu, he is a Chinese hopping vampire, or a Jiang-Shi to some. A little about his character:

    -His arms are suppose to look like that, they are longer than a normal persons due to rigor mortise. Basically he is suppose to be in the shape of a "hairless, scrawny, gorilla with good posture."
    -Hair should be a lot lighter, but it didn't look good so I darkened it.
    -Boots are kind of boring and all, but he doesn't even know what they really should look like himself.

    Anymore questions, feel free to ask, also critique and comments happily welcomed.

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