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Ask to Join My Hero Academia: The Next Generation Of Heroes

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JayTaku, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke awoke from his deep sleep to the sound of his alarm clock, and the smell of toast. He then left his room to the bathroom, to brush his teeth. It was then time to go downstairs. He noticed his mom and brother were both not present. “I guess they’re both off to school and work then.” He thought to himself as he went to put on his clothes.

    After around five minutes Yusuke was ready to leave the house. Where was Yusuke off to? He was off to U.A to take part in the entrance exams. He finished off his toast and made his way out the door. “Can’t wait to see some of my potential classmates, and potential rivals.” He stated before grinning and setting off on the way to U.A.
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  2. Benjiro reluctantly opened his eyes to hear the annoying sound of his alarm go off, he always made his alarm clock have an annoying noise so that he had to get up and turn it off in case there was anything important, and there definitely was today. For today was the day where Benjiro would try and get into U.A. Academy so he could fulfill his dream of becoming a hero, ever since the day he first heard about U.A. he began to train in several classes of martial arts and work out so his chances of being accepted were easier and today was the day he put his skills to the test... right after he had a shower, got dressed and ate his breakfast of bacon, eggs and a side of toast, a rather large breakfast that his mother insisted he eat in order to keep his strength up.

    Before Benjiro left, he remembered to collect his bag with school stuff he prepared the week before alongside a hug and kiss from his mother, the rest of his family wanted to be there to see Benjiro off, but were unfortunately too busy to do so. After what seemed like an eternal walk down to the academy... which was just thirty minutes by foot from his house, Benjiro looked up in awe to see the very academy that children walked into and walked out as heroes that would protect the world. "Here we go..." He whispered to himself as he walked ever closer to the academy... in his awestruck state, he didn't see where he was going and seemed to trip on something, but as if by instinct, his body immediately poofed to form a small cloud of black smoke for a few seconds before it reverted back into Benjiro who got back on to his feet with slight embarrassment on his face. "That could've gone better..." He said as he brushed dust off his knees and adjusted his bag.
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  3. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Justin woke, but not because of an alarm clock. He had mentally trained to be able to wake up at the time most convenient to him for each day, considering it was almost certain that if he’d want to do hero work. Not that the standard “Save everyone” was really of interest to him. Of course, he’d still be taking the U.A. admission test, as getting into there would prove how top class he was, and the U.A. was the best hero school of them all, a necessity if he’d want training worth his time. He stepped into the shower and quickly washed up. After doing the rest of the morning necessities, he quickly put on his suit, tie, and shoes. The breakfast he’d made for himself was a medium omelette and a bit of tea, from a recipe that was for quick meals. He lived alone, as he was able to take care of himself, and his parents provided money for his meals and rent. He also lived alone by request, saying it would “better improve his hero skills.” He then grabbed his rather small leather satchel, his weapons, and he headed out the door.

    As he walked towards the academy, only the slightest bit nervous. Many other students glared at him, as he had one of if not the most expensive looking outfit there. But he didn’t care, because of course, it didn’t matter what others thought of him, at least not to him. Walking towards the building, he saw somebody trip and fall, only to get back up. It was obvious to Justin that this kid was either scared out of his mind, or just plain clumsy. But he didn’t care, at least, not a lot. He walked past them, and continued towards the building.
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  4. "Congratulations Yu on being the best looking, most powerful, coolest, smartest, most interesting, most likable, and funniest hero ever! i would like to present you this award!" Said Deku to which Yu replied, "REAALY?!" Said Yu eagerly in his chair looking at the large crowd of people. "Nah man! Sike! your a loser man! ha! Sike your a total noob loser! your not even funny! and far from good looking pink lookin goblin or something..." Izuku said with a sadistic grin snatching away the medal. as he did everyone began laughing. Yu woke up moments later "AAAHHHHHH!!! That was horrible... and the worst part was I didn't even get my medal!" Yelled Yu frantically looking around his room. Keiyo at this point was more than Irritated looked over at Yu, "Shutup loser! and stop talking in your sleep!" yelled Keiyo throwing his pillow at Yu ,but Yu caught it throwing it back and hitting him square in the face. As soon as the pillow landed on the ground he could see the anger and rage in Keiyo's face as he glared at him then pounced like a ferocious lion at Yu who now resembled a goofy looking zebra. Yu then kicked his brother knocking him against his bed. As keiyo and Yu got up the father kicked the door open and lifted them both up by the tops of their heads and glared at them both with the most frightening stare he could muster, "I guessing you two got up to hug each other and come down quietly for breakfast ya?" said Yakumo as the two nodded. Yakumo placed them down with a grin, "breakfast is getting cold... hurry up and eat. oh! morning Maya and Nia! breakfast is downstairs..." said Yakumo. "Wow... hurry up clowns its breakfast time, Yu your supposed to be getting ready for the UA entrance exam? you'll never be a hero if you keep acting like an idiot! and Keiyo! your just as bad as Yu... I don't know how your gonna become a lawyer at this rate." Said Maya with a look of disappointment. "Breakfast time! thanks daddy!" Yelled Nia. As soon as they went downstairs they ate breakfast ,and Yu just poured himself the last glass of white grape juice. Both Yu and Keiyo scowled at eachother ,but stopped immidiatly after their father Yakumo glanced over at them. The rest of breakfast ran smoothly. Yu grabbed his backpack then ran out the door, "Aren't you forgetting something son?..." Yakumo asked, "NO DAD!" Yu replied, "I'm not gonna repeat myself" Yakumo said smugly, "I love you dad...", said a reluctant Yu, "Louder..." said Yakumo as Yu's siblings began to laugh, "I HAA-...LOVE YOU DAD BYE!!" Yu said running down the sidewalk in hopes of not furthering conversation, "Good luck at the entrance Exam Yu!" yelled Yakumo as Yu left.


    Zasha laid in her bed pretending to play the drums as she listened to her music player, "Zasha! its time for breakfast!... Zasha!?... ZASHA?!?!?!" Said her Father Hizashi. Zasha turned her music player louder ,but each time he just yelled louder until the fourth time. He then marched up the stairs, "Young lady its breakfast time! and hurry up! the neighbors already called me five times about noise complaints... I am so lucky they never call the cops on us..." Said Hizashi as he let out a big sigh and collapsed on the floor. "Whatever..." said Zasha rolling her eyes then slamming the door. After she dressed and ate breakfast she smiled and hugged her father, "Thanks for breakfast dad i'm off to take the entrance exam wish me luck!" Said Zasha with a large grin as she walked out the door. Hizashi stood there stuttering to himself, "uhhh uhhh ooh! right! good luck on getting in UA!".
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  5. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke after about ten minutes of walking arrived at the entrance of U.A. He saw many students outside the school, all them looked worried yet excited. That’s how I’m feeling right, except less worried and a lot more excited.” He thought to himself, putting a grin on his face.

    He couldn’t wait to see his eventual classmates, if he wanted to he could go befriend people, he was in the mood to make a new friend. He walked further onto U.A campus. Yusuke definitely didn’t look out of place, much like everyone else he wore his training gear.
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  6. "Dude, you're getting toothpaste everywhere!"

    "Noht mah fauwt dat I have shawpened tweeth! Bwush youws, I can smewhl your bweath from hewe!"

    "Don't talk with your mouth full, you were raised better than that!"

    Zidane was brushing his teeth, or atleast he tried his best whilst his heads were bickering. He was far too used to it, it resembled a morning ritual of sorts. His heads rarely got along, which made regular tasks like brushing teeth or having breakfast surprisingly hard at times. Due to this constant bickering, he woke up way earlier than he wanted to. A plan that sounded good in theory, but in practice just made both heads more irritable and bicker even more.

    Eventually he got the teeth of both heads brushed, cleaned the mess that occurred every morning and went down to get breakfast. Having prepared some loafs of bread last night, he didn't have to worry about cutting his thumb when the other head distracted him. With both heads chewing on the last pieces of bread, he slung his bag over his shoulder and went towards U.A. Academy. A truly prestigious school, Zidane wanted to become a hero and become accepted by everyone. Having two bickering heads wasn't exactly appealing, and his gas screen didn't exactly scream 'Nice Guy.' It screamed more something like 'Rotting pile of garlic, eggs and onions.'

    After arriving on the school grounds, both heads noticed someone in an insanely expensive suit. Great, as if I didn't have enough worries about my appearance. The heads looked down and kept walking, hoping that no one would whisper about his appearance.

    Donia rose with the sun, a side effect of her quirk being powered by the sun. Feeling fully rested, she got dressed and brushed her teeth. After brushing her teeth, she went downstairs and grabbed some bread that she toasted with her quirk. Toasting the bread until she was satisfied and downing a cup of coffee, she waved her parents goodbye and made her way to U.A. Academy. She wasn't exactly worried about the exam, she knew what her quirk could and couldn't do and had a healthy dose of pride running through her veins. If push came to shove, she would do her best to reign supreme. Her quirk wasn't called Ra's Blessing for nothing, although some students might have been a bit less blessed than she was. One poor fellow had two heads! She could not imagine what daily life must be for him, but she wasn't going to be all friendly with him just yet. She had a reputation to make and uphold, and hanging around with that guy would not be the way to do it.
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  7. Yu was pretty lucky as he lived two blocks away from UA so he only had a ten minute walk ,and he enjoyed seeing the different vehicles drive by from fancy sports cars, to large public buses, and even the occasional police car. Yu smiled and waved as a squad car went by ,and soon enough he was at UA where he saw a bunch of students enter the building. He then Ran over and waved at some of the students.


    Zasha was listening to her music player as she walked down the street and spotted a squad car drive by ,but ignored it as she was focused on getting to UA. She eventually got to UA where she paused and took a picture of the building with her phone before approaching the entrance.
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  8. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke then noticed someone enter the U.A grounds, the most unique looking person he’s seen. He then whispered to himself, “That guy has two heads, that’s insane, wonder what his quirk is?” The two heads freaked him out quite a bit, it made him uncomfortable, so he decided to move away and sit down. “All I need to do is make a good first impression with people, then maybe I can stand out, and stop standing in other’s shadows. And stop being compared to my brother.” Yusuke thought as he looked towards the the school building. “I wonder if I’ll get to meet Deku I know he’s a teacher here now.”
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  9. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    As Justin headed inside the building, he couldn't help but feel like he was being watched. The Assassin's Sense made this obvious, but he wasn't fully using it, so he couldn't tell completely. He turned his head to see another student with two heads. He was not surprised by this fact, as the many other heroes had mutant type abilities such as this, but it was a little unsettling to say the least. Seeing their mouths, he remembered at last minute to pull out a cigarette and light it. "That was a close call. Hopefully I don't forget about that again. It would be detrimental to everyone else saw that... at least, right now. Maybe they'll get to see it later." He thought to himself, not wanting to unleash the beast. The cigarettes he smoked were different than normal ones, as they helped him keep his Killer's Red under complete control. Many more students began to stare at him, but again, he was not phased. As he walked towards the building, he saw a no smoking sign, but alas, he had a special permit for safety reasons. Upon entering, he showed this permit to an adult, and they quickly handed him a medicinal looking wearable sticker. "You're gonna need to wear this so everyone knows that those cigarettes are for medicinal purposes. Also, when you need to release the smoke, be mindful of your classmates, please." The adult said. "Thank you." Justin replied. He then entered the building, and pulled out his phone, not in the mood to talk to anyone. He also quickly applied the sticker to his handkerchief pocket.
  10. Gosa really had no clue why he had chosen to become a hero. Sure, he wanted to help people, but there were other professions where he could do that. He shrugged to himself as he jogged towards the UA campus. Whatever. I can figure that out sometime in the future. For now, I'm gonna try to do my best! Today had been a good morning: his quirk had only caused him to lose his balance once, and he had managed to avoid freezing in place completely. As Gosa entered the building, awestruck at being somewhere so prestigious, he gazed around the room, taking in the sight of so many quirks in one place. I wonder who I should talk to first? Everyone looks so cool!
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  11. The morning sun peeked through the thin curtain's of Kazumi's room, the boy scowling and flipping over so it didn't shine in his face. Kaz's eyes opened slowly, allowing him to determine that he had exactly 3 minutes before his alarm would go off. The boy nestled his body further into the blankets, closing his eyes as if taking in one last moment of comfort before flinging all of his blankets off of him. Kazumi got up fairly quickly, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and standing up with a yawn. The boy immediately turned his alarm off and walked to the opposite side of his room where there was a large fish tank. Kazumi was especially proud of his fish collecting- a hobby he picked up in middle school- and he spent all of his allowance on the large tank, which was filled with colorful plants and fish. The boy first sprinkled some flakes into the tank, then followed with some pellets, and then a tablet for his bottom feeders. He took an extra moment to watch the small ecosystem come to life as all of the fish swam around to catch their food. Suddenly, without a warning, the boy's door slammed open. Letting out a surprised scream, Kazumi fell backwards and flinched as if somebody were going to come in and attack him. "I didn't hear your alarm go off- I just wanted to make sure you woke up." a kind face woman stated rather bluntly, but added a supportive smile when she found her son on the floor. The woman apologized softly before smiling a proud, silent smile.
    Kaz huffed as he stood and brushed himself off, "Yeah, sorry. I'll be out in a few minutes." the boy muttered as he waved his mother back out of the door. Kaz let out a long breath of air and looked up towards the ceiling- of course she was worried about him. Today, Kazumi was going to participate in the U.A. Entrance exam. Her shy little baby boy. Kaz rolled his eyes and continued to get dressed, brushing his hair and teeth before staring at his image in the mirror. Kaz couldn't help but frown as he brushed a strand of hair away form his eyes. He was so small and pale compared to some of the other students he knew where participating- and it wasn't just his appearance. Everyone that knew Kazumi knew that he didn't have what it took to be a hero- anytime he ever got close to anything scary he froze like a deer in headlights.
    Kazumi's mother drove him to the front of U.A. High school, the building catching him by surprise despite the many times he had seen it. The young male felt a lump in his throat as he got out of the car and waved goodbye to his mother. There were so many other students here. Some looked normal, others looked strong, some even looked like beasts. Kaz kept his gaze on the floor, sure to avoid any confrontation before the exam began- for now all he had to do was get through it.

    "You must look confident in everything you do. They'll be watching you. Don't come off as too brash or reckless, but don't be timid either. If someone gets in your way, put them in their place." How long had it been since she began talking? Emily just smiled along pleasantly as he mother talked her ear off and brushed her hair. "Did you already pick out what your going to wear? Let me see it?" the woman promptly asked as she delicately tied Emily's hair into a high ponytail. Emily nodded slowly as she walked out of the bathroom and into her room, which was only a door away. Her room was a pale shade of pink, with mostly feminine furniture and expensive decorations. Emily pulled out a tank top as well as a short skirt from her closet, only to receive a fairly unpleasant glare from her mother. The girl, unsure of what she had done wrong began putting it back before her mother stopped her- "That's rather unsightly. Don't you want to wear a dress?" the woman asked.
    Emily let out a sigh before softly responding, "It will make it easier to move about. Also, none of my dresses have holes for my tendrils, so I'd just end up ripping a dress," Emily quietly added "It's just the entrance exam, nobody will even pay attention to how I look." a long silence followed the girl's answer before her mother just huffed and shrugged.
    "If you feel like that's what you need. Please hurry up, breakfast is waiting for you." Emily smiled as her mother left the room, after the woman was gone Emily's friendly facade dropped and she silently got dressed and began downstairs. "It appears your father alreayd left. I told you that you should have gotten up earlier. Whatever, you know what he'd say anyways." Emily's mother sighed as she served the girl a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast. Emily simply nodded and began eating. After finishing at her house, the girl and her mother drove to U.A. High. Emily gritted her teeth at the crowd of people already at the school. She had to get in- none for these people wanted it as badly as she did. "Honey-" Emily was caught by surprise when he mother spoke again, "We love you and are so proud of you. just do your best, okay?" Emily smiled and nodded before shutting the car door behind her and waving her mother off. Turning back towards the building, Emily tightened the satchel across her chest- a backpack would heart the buds on her back. The girl let out a reluctant breath before smiling widely, the show began now.
  12. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke saw a new person enter through the gates, he was a little on the shorter side compared to him. Yusuke decided that he was finally gonna approach someone, hopefully the guy was someone he could tolerate. “Remember Yusuke, you gotta make a good first impression.” Yusuke tapped Gosa on the shoulder, “Hey what’s your name, are you taking part in the exam?” Yusuke asked boy with a grin, he was hoping to make a friend here and Gosa seemed approachable.
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  13. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Manuel woke up abruptly, he forgot he set his alarm clock to an extremely annoying tone just to make sure he wake up. Getting up with a small groan, still glad he woke up on time for the entrance exams, he brushed his teeth and got dressed. Heading downstairs he saw his mother setting the table, and his father working on yet another invention. He sat to have breakfast, while taking an occasional glance at his busy dad. He quickly ate the two sandwiches his mother made him, while she asked him about his expectations for the day.

    "Ready for today? Think you'll get in U.A?" She asked with a smile.
    "Sure am, mom. Bet I'll get in!" He replied, although in truth he didn't know if he'd actually get in U.A. Still, he hoped for the best, and quickly went back upstairs to get his backpack and his katana, sheathing it as he thought he could need it for the exam. Waving his parents goodbye, he left the house and headed towards U.A, which was right around the corner. "Lucky me." He muttered, wondering if other people had to come from far away just to get to the school. As he arrived at U.A, he admired the massive building in front of him before going through the front gate, looking around at the other students with varying appereances. "I wonder if I should talk to someone... Making new friends shouldn't be that bad." He thought.
  14. Gosa was startled by the sudden tapping on his shoulder. "Oh! Hi the-" he froze for a moment while turning around, eyes flickering all different colors. "-re!" he finished, resuming his turn. "You surprised me! Did I get stuck a second ago? That sometimes happens when people surprise me." The short boy smiled happily. "My name's Gosa, and, yeah, I am participating in the entrance exam! What's your name?" Am I talking too fast? More to the point, do I care? "Nice to meet you!"
  15. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke was shocked by the boys sudden “malfunction” and stepped back a little. He then chuckled, “Yeah it was like you blew a fuse or something.” Yusuke thought for a second, “Maybe that’s something to do with his quirk, that sure was strange though.” He then grinned, “Yeah I’m taking part in it too, the names Yusuke Tanaka, but my friends and family just call me Yuu, nice me to meet you Gosa!” On the inside Yusuke was celebrating, he made a friend without losing his temper once.
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  16. Early in the morning, Kodi was already preparing to leave. After eating his breakfast, he bid his mom goodbye and took to the road in direction of UA, the prestigious school where many of the top pro heroes graduated from. This was the day of the entrance exam and the chance for spiting heroes like him to earn a place inside the academy. While on the road, Kodi held an open bag of pistachios. The nutlike snacks gradually flew into the boy’s mouth one by one as he walked, each one triggering after a tap on the bag from Kodi’s finger.

    Not long after, Kodi arrived on the school’s campus. He glanced around the place and saw a bunch of people present. “Sure are a lot of people here, I wonder how many are here to stay.” He said to himself in a nonchalant tone.
  17. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke noticed another person enter the scene, “I guess it’s really stating to fill up now isn’t it, I wonder when we’ll be going in.” Yusuke then started walking away from Gosa. “Hey Gosa, hopefully I’ll see you at U.A, see ya, I’m off to work out a bit before the exam starts.” He then proceeded to go onto the grass doing stretches. Yusuke remembered one move he had been practicing, the fire fist. He tried engulfing his fist in flames, but to no avail. He never really had any special moves for up close combat, and he thought he would need some for this exam. But instead he just resumed his fire breathing as he let out many flames into the air.
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  18. The sun shinned as it began to rise over the horizon, the early morning rays shinned on Asami as she felt the warmth of the light touch her skin while her feet dangled over the dock as they splashed along the surface of the water. This had been a bit of a routine for Asami, as she always enjoyed a morning swim before the events of the day though his faced showed little such relaxation and enjoyment. As one could practically sense the nerves the young girl in a hoodie had as she sighed a bit.

    Would she be able to make the cut? Was she prepared for what was to come? If she got in, would she be able to make friends? Could she handle the trials that the number one hero school in the world offered if she could make it? Would she live up to the standards of her mother, or would her status overshadow her? Would...

    "Are you okay hunny? You've been up for some time..." A large man said, a man who seemed to be large though he lacked noticably body fat as his figure appeared to be all muscle. He had an imposing frame and possessed a thick mustache. Asami's father and passionate fisherman cut the shark-girl from her thoughts as she glanced over and rubbed her head sheepishly while she had her hood covering herself.

    "S-sorry dad. Just uh...lot on the mind..." Asami said in apology as the man chuckled as he moved to sit next to her as Asami stared at the ocean below them.

    "You know, your mother was even more of a nervous wreck before she took her entrance exam." The sailor explained as Asami's eyes widened and she looked at him in shock.

    "M-mom? Nervous. No way!" Asami cried in shock, her mother had frankly been an embodiment of confidence and self assuredness; admirable qualities she seemed to be the total opposite of, so to hear she was ever at one point nervous shocked her. Her father had a good chuckle at the almost comical overreaction to this.

    "Oh yes, her own words. She felt she was vomit over herself before that opening bell sounded. It's perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous sweetie, it would be weird if you hadn't felt this way about it. But the important thing is to trust yourself and go in giving your absolute best. That way you cannot have any regrets. You will do fine, you just need to trust yourself and have fun with it." The sailor advised as Asami thought over his words of encouragement before she smiled back at him and nodded.

    "I-I will!" Asami assured him as the two embraced, before Asami had some breakfast and left the port with her backpack in toe. This was the biggest day of her life, but Asami had been determined to face it no matter what. She would not have regrets!
  19. Some of the children began to converse, others stretched or practiced their quirks, some meditated and others appeared to be hyping themselves up. Kaz sat in the middle of everything- doing absolutely nothing. Of course, it wasn't too awkward because he was surrounding by people who looked just as confused as he did- but the boy couldn't stop thinking about it. He began to fidget with his thumb nails, nervously looking up before bringing his gaze back to the floor. Were they staring at him? Were they talking about him? He probably looked so weak and pathetic right now. What if he couldn't do it? What if he didn't pass the test? What if it was just too much for him? Kazumi eventually just let out a long sigh, letting his hand fall to his sides. The boy furrowed his brows, mustering the most courageous look that he could- he would ass this exam, even if it took all he had.

    Emily immediately turned away from the crowd of students. She had no time to socialize or act friendly, now was the only chance she had to prepare herself for what was to come. Emily took a seat on the grass to the side of where most of the children were gathered, she sat criss-crossed on the field and took a deep breath. In a slow and almost graceful manner, her body lifted from the floor as her tendrils danced about and acted as legs that held her above the grass. She moved herself about in a circle before relaxing and allowing the tendirls to shrink back into their buds. The girl looked up at the sky and began whispering to herself "Be calm. Be beautiful. Be confident. Stand out. Win."
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  20. Yu paused and wondered how he would introduce himself, "Hello! how are you today! no... to over friendly. wuuussup... no! to weird. howdy yall! no! I've never even been to a farm! good evening. no too formal. whats up? maybe?... aaahhhh! I guess I'll just wing it..." Yu thought to himself. Yu then checked to see if his pockets were in and if his shirt was clean to which they were. He looked around as he was very nervous about the exam since Yu wasn't exactly certain what it was as it could be anything from a written exam to fighting giant robots. Yu sat down and twisted his thumb around and around as he pondered what the exam was going to be.


    Zasha sat on one of the benches on the courtyard listening to her music player and looked around as some of the others were talking. She didn't know who any of them were ,but she decided to sit there and lower the volume so she could eavesdrop ,and still hear the music. She then glanced at her phone, "Hmph..." she said quietly so not to draw a large crowd.
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  21. After that embarrassing little performance, Benjiro shrugged it off and saw where several of the other new students went to sit and decided to join them. He hoped he would make several friends during his time here and one part deep down hoped this would be where he would find a girlfriend, but his main priority was to get accepted into U.A. so he could become a strong hero and make his parents proud... and finally get them to stop looking down on him.
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  22. Yu let go of his thumb causing it to spin like a helicopter propeller for a few seconds. He then noticed the fire ,and curious as he was he decided to go over there. He walked halfway there then stretched his leg the remaining distance and leaned into it then stretched his other leg to step foward. As he did he it his head on a light causing his head to tilt all the way back looking like his head was missing. He then stretched down to normal size and leaned his head back forward, "oopsies! I hit my head on signs and stuff a lot when I do that... my dad always says look before you leap though the fact that I keep doing that means I haven't learned anything... anywho... cool quirk! my names Yu!... nice to meet you!" Yu said awkwardly trying not to look stupid.


    Zasha heard Yu hit his head and chuckled ,but tried not to look over like she didn't see it. She continued listening to her music ,and eavesdropping on people's conversations. zasha felt a sneeze about to happen then she then rubbed the top of her nose to prevent it. Luckily she managed to catch it this time.
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  23. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke was then put off his fire breathing “training”, He thinks my quirk is cool! This is a good chance to make another friend.” Yusuke put his hand behind his head looking flattered. “My names Yusuke, Yusuke Tanaka.” He revealed as he walked over to Yu. “It’s funny actually my family calls me Yu as a nickname.” He told you before giggling. “Yeah my quirk is pretty cool, I can do all sorts of things with it. Everybody else always says it cool as well.” Yusuke was lying, he had to hide his insecurity as well as he could, he couldn’t seem to weak to others.
    The man pleaded for his life before sliced right across the chest. This man was the final member of his “gang”, the rest had been slaughtered, torn to pieces. The man who killed them was a mysterious figure, dressed in black, donning a traditional Japanese kabuki mask. “That’s why you should think twice before calling me a freak.” He said staring down at the massacre in front of him. He then fled the scene.
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  24. Asami eventually made it to the site of the famous UA, a site which caused her to look upon the school in aww. This had been the first time she saw the school up close like this, the very place where some of the world's greatest heroes got their start....it had all been a lot to take in for the young aspiring student.

    Thens he noticed a lot of people who already gathered. And the nerves had hit in full force, as she quickly buried into her hoodie and sheepishly moved to the area though tried to avoid drawing attention to herself. Maybe she'd get lucky and the 5'11 shark guy hiding in a hoodie would have gone unnoticed to the people here.

    It proved this would be a bit of a struggle to try and warm herself up to talk to what could be her future classmates.
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  25. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke was all we kk and fine showing off about his quirk to Yu, until he noticed something in the corner of his eye. He started to shudder and shiver. “It’s a shark, but a human! This can’t he happening!” Yusuke started to walk backwards slowly before finally stopping and then wiping the sweat from his brow. Yusuke’s biggest fear: Sharks, and pretty much everything else the deep blue sea had to offer.
  26. As Benjiro sat down at a nearly free space, he looked around while he waited for the introduction to begin and looked around to see some interesting looking characters, one such person who had two heads instead of one, this didn't surprise him as he knew someone from lower school who had four eyes and a female who had the characteristics like that of a shark. Benjiro simply gave a friendly smile and wave to the latter, part of him could see the anxiety but put on a quiet yet friendly demeanor despite the lack of knowledge of whom she really was and patted the side of the chair next to him.
  27. Asami glanced around as she tried to look at some of the students present, more so to see if anyone noticed her or if she managed to slip by unnoticed which would have made things easier.

    Which proved to be an impossibility. As one student seemed to even back away in fear of her, which caused her to frown. She was worried how her appearance would come off to some of the students, but had she given such body language to stir such a reaction? Asami considered what she had done wrong when another student who seemed to offer a wave and even a seat next to him. Asami had a blush as she had not expected this, really beyond her parents she had not had much social interaction with others. But...she took a deep breath and told herself she needed to do this kind of stuff. If she wanted to be a pro hero, how could she when the "daunting" task of sitting next to an invited seat had been too much to overcome?

    Asami sheepishly made he way to the open seat. She had been careful to adjust her tail so it would have avoided smacking anyone. Asami avoided eye contact as she kept the hoodie over her face but felt she should have said something. "H-hey uh...t-thanks..."
  28. Benjiro nodded. "No problem, figured you might as well get it before someone else did." Benjiro said nonchalantly. "Those appendages of yours wouldn't happen to be like that of a shark now... would they? 'Cause I think they look kinda cool; never see that many animal like people around." He added before he looked around to see the other students, the fact quirks offered strange abilities meant there must be other people with interesting characteristics.
  29. "this guys actually cool! the fact that his friends that I never met think he's cool is enough validation for me... guess I'm gonna have to step up my game if I'm gonna wanna keep up!" Yu thought to himself, "Thats funny because when I was a kid my dad and older sister used to call me Yu Yu... but you didn't come here to talk about that. Were here to by heroes... My dad's a lawyer ,but for some reason I decided I'd rather be a pro hero!... thats my story though... nothing complex. what about you?" Yu said wondering how he was going to respond ,but before Yusuke could answer the students were talking about a shark man? Sharkwoman? Yu wasn't really phased as his three fears were the dark, snails/slugs, and pain. Surprisingly enough Yu hardly reacted when he saw the shark girl in a hoodie, "A shark man! I... ugh... shark girl? Wait! Sharks aren't female are they?! No... that's stupid... of course there are female sharks..." Yu thought as he smiled and waved at her while slightly looking over at Yusuke.


    Zasha sat there on the bench and almost burped but stopped herself before she could. She would have felt super embarrassed if she burped in front of everyone. When she was a kid her and her father would have burping contests ,but she hasn't had one of those in over ten years as she thought she was too old and proper to do them. Sadly she didn't expect the sneeze that came moments later, "AaaaasaCHOOOOOOO. CHOO-CHOO-CHOO" Zashi sneezed which caused an echo. She turned her head and stared at the tree pretending she was interested in trees to hide the fact that her face was now red like a tomato.
  30. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke noticed the shark girl became visibly upset. He then proceeded to face palm himself. “Now I’ve really blew it, I made myself look like a massive wuss and a dick, I really should apologise to her.” Yusuke really didn’t want another reason to feel bad about himself. “Maybe I’ll talk to her during the exam, introduce myself and stuff.”
    A member of the public stumbled into the alleyway where the previous “accident” happened. As they went to put the trash in the trash can, they noticed something. He went pale and froze, body parts scattered across the ground, blood splattered on the walls. There was a note on the ground, “Sorry for the mess.” The man screamed dropped his trash and ran to find the authorities.
  31. Asami froze a bit when the guy correctly pointed out she had the characteristics of a shark girl; granted, it had not been much of a secret in honest. What with her tail and skin color even as she tried to mask her figure with the hooded jacket, but to hear this guy call it "cool" had her taken aback. Asami glanced his way as he complimented her Quirk as she was unsure what to say; though she noticed another student in a different seat wave to her as she awkwardly waved back; before she focused back on Benjiro.

    "Y-yes they would. My Quirk grants me the physiology of a shark on top of my h-human biology. T....t-thank you. Not used to p-praise for t-that. Are you by any chance Quirk curious?" Asami asked, as she noted this guy seemed to scan the room as he observed other students after he talked about her Quirk.
  32. Benjiro shrugged. "I guess you could say I'm just curious in general, characters, quirks, hero ideas. There's a lot to happen at U.A. and I wanna learn as much as I can as well as make some good friends." He said. "All my quirk simply does it turn my entire body into a gas." He added, he wanted to give a demonstration, but he felt like at the academy, there were rules on quirk usage even if the quirk itself wasn't destructive, which reminded him of a certain hotheaded individual who could make explosions.
  33. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold


    Yusuke clenched his fists, “It won’t be long till we start the exam, I gotta get in some last minute push ups!” He exclaimed before then looking towards Asami, she actually seemed nice, she was waving at people. He tried his luck with grinning and waving at her, Is it too late now, is she mad at me?” Yusuke then started doing push ups.
  34. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    The rather rich and spoiled looking kid overheard many kids talking, but he tried not to get involved, not even interested in the slightest. But, alas, his curiosity got the best of him. As he looked up from his phone, he looked at some of the other students. One had a shark head, one seemed to be in control of flames and- and then he heard a rather loud and echoing sneeze. Using his Assasains Sense, which emitted a red aura as he used it, he deducted that the sneeze came from a girl that was looking away from the crowd. It was obvious she must’ve been embarrassed, and so he walked towards her, pulling out his handkerchief. “Hey, you might want this. It’s made especially for muffling sound. Don’t worry about taking it back, I have plenty of these.” He offered to her.
  35. Mitsuru

    In an old and abandoned warehouse, a boy in a bright beige coat casually walked with hands in his pockets toward a tattooed adult man who wore a tank top crawl away in utter terror with several whimpers in his voice, surrounded by strange red and pink puddles with clothes littered around them.

    "You shouldn't have gone and tried to steal my wallet like that, nor should you have tried to hurt me... and now look, you've gotten blood on my favorite coat." Mitsuru said in an eerily nonchalant tone of voice. "Please..." The man muttered as he continued to crawl away, but Mitsuru seemed to get closer and closer to him with every second.

    "Your friends already paid the price for getting me angry... it's only fair that I 'even things out' don't you agree?" The pale boy asked rhetorically as he began to hold his hand out and slowly began to reach for the man who stood up against the wall. "Please, no! I won't hurt you again, I won't hurt anyone, I-"

    "You're absolutely right!" Mitsuru interrupted as he placed his hand on the man's forehead which caused the latter to jump in terror. "You won't..." Mitsuru said before the man began to scream out in terror as his skin started to melt, followed by his bones and splatted on to the floor until he was another red and pink puddle just like the other ones that coated the warehouse floors.

    "What a mess..." Mitsuru said before he smiled and let out a faint chuckle as he held up his hand against the wall and caused it to melt into a new opening for him, he walked through and back into the sunlight once more, ready to go wherever he so desired.
  36. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Liam Goodson
    Liam woke up to his sister practically jumping onto his gelatinous body. “AH! Mandy why the heck would you do that? That was terrifying.”

    “Oh come on, it’s not like it hurt you. Besides today is your big day, and your about to sleep through the whole thing. Come out, I made your favorite green pancakes”

    She was right of course. Today was the day he took the entrance exam for UA. His classmates didn’t think he had any hope of getting in. While his quirk was interesting, he was such a shy timid kid that there was no way he could cut it as a hero. Despite their doubts, he wanted to go to U.A. and be a rescue hero just like his favorite hero Uravity, and show he wasn’t anything like a certain someone in his life. He put on his favorite Uravity T-Shirt, and some jeans and went to the dining room of his small apartment.

    “Ok here you go, some green pancakes and a sprite, just like you like.” As Liam started digging in, his sister looked at him with a more serious expression. “Now you know I am so proud of you and know you are going to do great, but you know he won’t be happy about it. I’ve always got your back, that’s what big sisters are for after all, I just want to make sure you know what you are getting into.

    Liam almost froze mid-nite when his sister said this. He couldn’t stand it when he was mentioned. So much was riding on today, and he might mess it up, but he couldn’t think about that. He ate his last bite and said with a determined look in his eye, “I know Sis, but I have to do this. I’m scared, and I probably won’t get in, but I can’t just give up.”

    His sister looked at him with a proud look. “Well then why are you still here, go out there and knock ‘em dead.” She hugged Liam and he went straight out the door towards his future. Of course when he got there he went straight back to his usual timid demeanor. There were people with all kinds of cool looking quirks and confident attitudes. He opened up the doors slowly and tried to keep his head down and out of the spot light until the exam started.


    Hisako Shimizu

    Hisako was rushing through her morning routine while her father was trying to calm her down. “If you go this fast your going to forget something on your way to UA.”

    “Oh please dad, I’ve got everything I need, I’m just so excited to take the exam. I just know I’m gonna get in, and nothing could stop me.”

    “Well you might need these if you’re planning on passing this test.” As he said this he held up her backpack with her stuffed animals in it.

    “OH YEAH, thanks dad. I guess I’m in a bit of a rush, but now I’m sure I’m ready.” Hisako was excited for her day, so she rushed straight out of her house and took the train to UA high. She saw all kinds of people with cool quirks. She saw one slime kid and one guy with two heads. She then heard the announcement and saw people Like the slime kid start heading to the exam room, so she followed suit.
  37. Yu jumped when he heard the sneeze and looked around. moments later he heard that he had 5 minutes to get to the lecture hall. He clapped his hands then held up his thumbs,Yippee yay im gonna be a hero today!" Yu said excitedly. Yu was surprised how was and felt lucky to know a cool future hero. He then looked up with a clenched fist and a goofy grin as he knew it was now or never to take the entrance exam. he sat on the ground and checked if he had all the needed items in his backpack, "lunch... check!, paper... check!, snacks... check!, pencils... check!, drinks... check!, notebook... check!, candy... check!,ultimate list of pickup lines and catch phrases... definitely check." Yu said quietly looking through his backpack. In the meantime before that 5 minutes was up Yu was going to drink some soda before leaving, "coka nola... really dad... aaahhh... I hate when dad buys the off brands." Yu mumbled to himself though reluctantly he drank it anyways ,and actually enjoyed it a lot more than he thought he would. Yu still hated off brands even if he couldn't taste the difference.


    Zasha held her cell phone up to see if her face was still red to her satisfaction as it wasn't ,and as she turned her head to see a guy in a bright red suit holding a handkerchief, "Uhm... oh! for me? thankyou! I already blew my nose on a kleenex ,but I really appreciate this... Thankyou... my names Zasha, nice to meet you. umm, whats your name?" Zasha said as she held the handkerchief she noticed it had the letter "J" on it. Zasha wasn't sure what to think ,but two things were clear; he seemed like a very friendly helpful person and judging by his suit he clearly came from a prestigious family.


    As Konju walked down the street a strong burly man with various bruises walked over to him, "sensei! are you teaching today?" said the man, "I'll think about it ,but I make no promises..."Konju said as he walked past him as the man then followed him. Once they arrived at the building they walked down a dark alleyway that smelled horrible and inside a dark building. Konju turned on the lights revealing the place to actually be a decent looking dojo that looked somewhat out of place in the poorly looking neighborhood it was in ,but Konju liked the place because the cops hated that part of town. He wasn't all too concerned with the students he was teaching, but they brought in money. A small lumpsom as the people there had little money and couldn't afford to pay to attend any other school. Konju enjoyed teaching them even if a large portion of them would inevitably quit. The ones that stayed were truly tough as konju didn't waste time going easy. Konju looked over to see the large man cleaning the floor as in many schools the top students would often come early and clean the floor out of respect. As he finished cleaning and began exercising moments later, "Liu?" Said Konju. Liu looked over surprised as this was the first time Konju actually referred to him by his name, "Yes sensei! Liu said firmly, "how long have you been loyal to me?" Konju said calmly, "Three years sir!" Said Liu as he stood in attention stance, "where are the others?" Said Konju, "most likely they are either at work or on their way." Said Liu, "hmmm how about we begin training... when the others come they can do 50 pushups for being late..." Said Konju as he looked over at liu. As class continued a few others showed up ,and class went as usual ,and nobody got injured aside from bruises here and there.
  38. "A-all it does? That sounds pretty amazing from where I am stand..." Asami had began to say before the announcement played. Five minutes, five minutes stood between herself and what had been set as the biggest test of her entire life. The shark-girl tried to steady her breathing, and even had gone the extra mile to grab a water bottle from her backpack which she used for first drink then she splashed some on her gills. Being hydrated helped to settle the nerves and her breathing she had been certain of.

    Still, Asami felt she had to do one thing as she turned to her seat partner.

    "B-best of luck in the exam. Asami. N-nice to meet you..." Asami said as she introduced herself proper to him before she focused on getting herself mentally ready for whatever was to come once those five-minutes had passed.
  39. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke laughed in a friendly way, “Hey Yu, aren’t you gonna get some sort of work out in before the exam starts, it’s in five minutes man.” Yusuke then went closer to Yu, whispering “It can also attract some of the ladies y’know, working out in public like this makes you seem strong.” Yusuke then proceed to do his push ups. He was really serious about this exam, like very serious. His older brother attended U.A. Ryonuske (his brother) had everything over him: his quirk was cooler, he was popular with girls, and even got the respect of their father, where as Yusuke had none of those things.

    If Yusuke got into U.A he could prove everyone wrong and prove that he does stand out. But as he continued working out he made sure people were watching.
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  40. Benjiro smiled as Asami complimented his quirk, this caused him to blush without his notice before he exhaled faintly after he heard about what was to happen in five minutes. "Nice to meet you too, Asami. My name's Benjiro Shinigami and I hope you do well in this test as well, you'd make a great friend when we get accepted." He said nonchalantly as he looked around and heard someone say something about a last five minute workout to attract women. Benjiro knew the reality of attention from the ladies, and as a man who greatly preferred peace and quiet, he wouldn't enjoy a crowd that would likely get him flustered.

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