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Open My Hero Academia RP 2

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Bios:
    Name: Holly Gallop
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Appearance: has long light blonde hair, is average height.
    Personality: is kind of shy, tries to act cool but easily gets flustered
    Quirk: summon gun: able to summon a pistol into her hands
    Quirk Weakness: can only shoots as fast as she can pull the trigger, gun has recoil like a real gun
    Costume: (optional):
  2. Gonna wait for Yukino to chime in before I have Asami do, she is the "flower worker" after all LOL
  3. Correcting me if I'm wrong, but I'm just clearing this up for myself.

    1. U.A Initiation is 1 week away
    2. There will be at least 1 more day of school before the year ends
    3. We are going to time-skip as soon as everyone's characters make it to there own bed
    4. Everyone will be at school the next morning (Unless they are skipping)
    Is that alright ^^^
  4. nah school already ended, the initiation is in one week and we can skip when everyone is ready
  5. so is anyone going to add anything or do I skip one week, because I think there are a few unfinished conversation
  6. Oh crabs I'll go post ASAP.
  7. so who else has something to do before I [King Crimson]! a week?
  8. Just gotta wait for Sarah's character to respond. Maybe I Never's as well since she's at the shop to. But at least Sarah.

    Other than that nothing much.
  9. Oh man I missed so much!

    Give me a minute to reply.
  10. so who still need to finich their conversation before I Skip?
  11. Oh, I forgot this LOL

    I'll just have my character finish his convo then you can post. Give me one second. Sorry.
  12. So are we skipping now?
  13. I’m waiting to see if anyone has any objections
  14. activate King Crimson, Koopa. Just do it.
  15. Alright I did it! I used King Crimson!
  16. I think I'm gonna introduce my OC now. (Sorry, haven't gotten any alerts from this for some reason. Am I still in?)
  17. yes you are
  18. Nice and thanks. Making post now.
  19. Could we start the entrance exam soon?
  20. yeah, I'm just waiting to see if anyone else wants to post something
  21. I would like PumperPenny to post for some banter between his character, mine and Sarah's.

    But we can just skip whenever I guess.
  22. so if everyone is ready then I'll start the exam
  23. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Sure, go ahead
  24. hey Blitz-wolf is only 29
  25. Name: Misa Una
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Misa has blonde hair which is a darker brown towards the top, which falls just past her shoulders. Her eyes are an emerald green color, and she has a small nose. She wears jeans that are ripped off at the thighs, and wears a denim vest with a black and white striped undershirt.
    Personality: never wanting to play by the rules, Misa often tries to find ways to cheat in anything she does, thus leading her to make a lot of bets. She does tend to get s little mad when she loses, but doesn’t let it get out of control. She often goes out to parties and tends to get along with people well
    Quirk: Now you see me: allows Misa to make her body invisible as well as let her pass through walls and other physical objects.
    Quirk Weakness: she must hold her breath when passing through things.
    Costume: (optional): none (at the moment.)
  26. sourpatchgrapes

    sourpatchgrapes Previously ValiantVictini_161

    Name: Akane Tatsuma
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She stands at 5’8, has a fair skin complexion, orange, slit eyes, has wild pale blonde hair parted to the right.
    Personality: Akane has a mischievous personality, and likes showing off and being cheeky. She’s kind of a bad influence, and a hot head to say the least, being arrogant and immature, but not a horrible person. She’s a good person altogether and has good intentions, she enjoys making friends and helping them.
    Quirk: Dragon Shift: This allows her to turn into a dragon. granting her the abilities commonly associated with dragons, among which are flight, breathing fire, durability, and superhuman strength. She can only turn into a dragon if she’s excited or angered enough.
    - Her dragon form is large, long, slender and purple all over, except for her underbelly, which is lavender. She has massive purple wings, sharp, curved black horns and claws, and the orange slits in her eyes enlargen.
    Quirk Weakness: She absolutely HATES being cold. Even breezes of wind can weaken her. She’ll transform back into a human and her powers will shut down if she finds herself in a frigid environment. During the winter time, her powers are incredibly weakened but not totally revoked, making her vulnerable to attack. She can only spew small bursts of weak fire and her wings can only go about 20-30 feet in the air. She also can’t always breathe fire, she saves breathing fire for when she really needs it, like when fighting a super villain.
    Costume: She wears a tight lavender suit and black armor that covers most of the suit but not all of it. She wears gloves that resemble dragon claws and a black dragon helmet that covers the top part of her face. Her hair is put into a wild ponytail and the back of her suit is made adjustable to where she can sprout her wings.
  27. sourpatchgrapes

    sourpatchgrapes Previously ValiantVictini_161

    To clarify, what’s going on atm? So I can have an idea how to start. I don’t feel like reading and playing catch-up :p
  28. In the U.A presentation room, my teacher character is explaining the rules of the entrance exam, you should understand if you read the latest post

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