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Open My Hero Academia RP 2

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Nice. When are you planing on starting?
  2. Hopefully today. Or tommorow.
    Oh, who am I kidding? @Koopa6000, are you there?
  3. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_


    Name: Parker (Armageddon)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Medium length black hair and brown eyes, stands about 5'10'' and around 155 lbs. When not in a school uniform he wears black jeans and a leather jacket over a dark purple t-shirt. Has burn marks and scars all up and down his arms.

    Personality: Very nice and friendly, cares deeply for the people around him. He has problems with fairly severe depression so he can get pretty down on himself, which is why he tries to cheer others up and make them as happy as possible. Can sometimes be shy and reclusive due to his introverted nature, but when he comes out of his shell to friends he's really great to be around.

    Quirk: Apocalypse - His left arm can produce and control poison gas and his right arm can produce and control flames, mixes these things with martial arts to create a unique fighting style.

    Quirk Weakness: The poison gas and flames can still effect him, so he has to take precautions to make sure he doesn't get hurt, as well as the innocent people around him.

    Costume: (optional): Wears a flame resistant black suit with purple highlights as well as a plaque doctor style mask that protects him from poison gases.
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  4. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    When are we planning on getting this started?
  5. He was lazy yesterday. So it depends. But there are so many joins as of now, so we might as well open the flood gates.
  6. Sorry, couldn't help myself. I’m adding one more character; thought the power would be cool. And I can RP 3 characters easy so don't worry about that!

    Name: Caleb Clock
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Jason has a rather average look to him. He is medium height and weight, with sandy, tanned skin and white dots under his eyes. His hair is dark brown, speckled with lighter shades that match his sandy brown wings, and black tips.
    Personality: Jason doesn't talk much, he isn't shy, but he doesn’t talk much. Jason’s always tired during the day, so he’s typically asleep during the day. Besides when he's asleep, Jason sees no need to waste his breath socializing. He doesn't take time to learn people's names, and can come off as quite rude at first. But he is a determined soul, and wants nothing more than to silently help people.
    Quirk: Owl sense- Has all the abilities of owls. His most prominent feature are the wings attached to his back which enable him to glide through the air slowly or rapidly dive down on a foe. He also has intense sight and hearing abilities, he can hear sounds up to 50 miles away and locate them- while his sight is normal expect him having night-vision.
    Weakness: Jason can't pick and chose when his abilities are put to use, he simply always has them on which can be quite distracting at times he's not using them. He also is nocturnal making him rather tired during the day, and restless at night.
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  7. no we should actually open the roleplay and maybe even make it private. These seem like a lot of joins.
  8. I agree, I think we have enough people. If we need more characters, I can make more.
  9. Yea, also can I make another character as an OC teacher?
  10. If Koopa agrees, I don't see why not.
  11. I’m hoping that this will be the last join or that the RP will be made private. Hopefully both. This is already a pretty big roleplay
  12. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Yeah RP's with too many people just tire me out
  13. Bios:
    Name: Suzanne Zeppelin
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Has chin length blonde hair, is average size with above average chest(The important info right here). When not in uniform. Wears a white v-neck t-shirt with a blue jacket over it, wears white shorts and blue sneakers
    Personality: Is calm and strategic, loyal and kind of a flirt
    Quirk: Bubbles, Able to create bubbles from her hands, They release an water impact when they pop(Basically, they hurt if they pop on you)
    Quirk Weakness: The Bubbles have the same resilience as normal bubbles so they can be popped easily
    Costume: (optional):
  14. We are a week away from the U.A. Initiation, unless your character is at the school for a different reason.
  15. Sorry, it's late. Might delete the post and start over tomorrow. Thanks.
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  16. Name: Senju Tokugawa (Hero Name: Basilisk)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Senju has brown hair that's been half-shaven off and droops in messy bangs over the right side of his head, yellow, snake-like eyes, a fair skin tone with a very slight tan, lanky body frame. His most frequent outfit is a black leather jacket decorated in large spikes over the shoulders, a pair of jeans with a tear in the left knee, and a pair of boots, also decorated with spikes. Around his waist, he wears a large belt with a chain on it. He also wears a pair of shades to hide his eyes, since he doesn't know how to control his quirk quite yet.

    Personality: Senju is a loud-mouthed, rambunctious, slightly arrogant and hotheaded troublemaker, much like Team Skull's grunts. This might make him difficult to people around him, but deep down he wants people to respect and acknowledge him. He's also very cunning, and since his father's an assassin, he thinks in very similar ways...

    Quirk: Serpentine Stare: Anyone unfortunate enough to make eye contact with Senju finds themself seizing up and unable to move. This lasts as long as Senju maintains eye contact with his target, though it slowly weakens with prolonged use.

    Quirk Weakness: Senju still hasn't learned to control this quirk, and so to avoid harming or inconveniencing allies, he started wearing shades. As stated above, the quirk weakens the longer it's consecutively used. Also, his power only activates with direct eye contact, and can be blocked by anything that hides his or his target's eyes from his sight, such as a pair of shades (hence why he wears them).

    Costume: (optional): Undetermined, though he doesn't seem interested in using one. As mentioned before, he'd rather look like a commoner for his own reasons.

    Name: Unknown (Goes by the pseudonym "Prometheus")

    Age: Unknown (Presumed to be centuries old)

    Gender: Unknown (Presumably Male from the voice)

    Appearance: "Prometheus", as he goes by, is an entity from deep outer space, and he looks the part too. With his pale blue skin, oversized red eyes, and swollen cranium, he looks like a classic sci-fi horror alien. His legs end in points instead of feet, and his hands each have three fingers. He has no visible mouth, but he says it's hidden elsewhere on his head. He also has a long, reptilian tail ending in a segment of bone that's shaped like a diamond. He's also quite short, "standing" (since he hovers everywhere he goes) at a height of three feet.

    Personality: Prometheus is a very wise individual, making him a valuable member of U.A. High's staff (even if he's openly admitted he plans to invade the planet when his collegues arrive). He shows patience and kindness with others, though he still has a breaking point, at which his skin turns darker and his eyes glow fiercely. While he does hold hostile intentions towards Earth, or so it seems, he clearly seems to enjoy it, and often tours it in his free time. This often includes places where there's a lot of women, for reasons Prometheus would rather not say.

    Quirk: Telekinesis: The power to interact with his surroundings with only his mind. This is how he remains floating in the air.

    Quirk Weaknesses: "While yes, telekinesis might seem overpowered, let me assure you, students, that I do in fact have my share of flaws. For example, the further away someone or something is, the weaker my telekinetic influence over them. I believe it starts getting weaker after a radius of around 15 feet. I can expand this range if I really exert myself, but pushing myself too far will result in a heavy backlash and damage my body. Trust me, last time I went over the limit, I couldn't float right for a week!" -Prometheus

    Costume: N.A.
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  17. Alright, now I think we have enough RPers for this. I'd suggest you make this private to avoid becoming overcrowded.
  18. I agree. This will soon be a very cluttered RP.
  19. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    @SS-I Never I was thinking of having Parker go to a gym because he does martial arts stuff, wanna have them go to the same gym?
  20. I have been getting notifications popping up
  21. Whether Suzuka remains just a background extra for the U.A. Initiation, is a member of the other hero class for the Sports Festival or even joins the main class with our other characters is up to you guys. No wimpy kid is complete without a bully either way :)
  22. Sorry, but I think we need to communicate a bit more. We've got some people going to bed, and some people still in school right now. What's happening, maybe if we plan it out more there will be more cross-character interactions.
  23. Yeah, you make a fair point. As far as I know my character and Penny's characters just got out of school. What are the others doing at the moment?
  24. I'm waiting for the UA test.
  25. That's a week from now, according to the first post.
  26. I followed some other post and just made my characters turning in for the night, but I can change that according to whatever everyone else thinks. I say that we should have it bed-time for now, so then the next morning everyone will be at school at the same time.
  27. Well, my character just graduated junior high school and this week-period "break" is being used for preparation for the Initiation.

    I can edit my post if you want junior high to last till the Initiation.
  28. I honestly don't know XD. I'm just gonna do whatever I do, then follow whatever @Koopa6000 says to do
  29. I can time skip whenever you guys are ready
  30. Am busy shopping for turkey. Though I am thinking of how to interact with someone before time skip.
  31. I thought @Top_Smug_ wanted his character to interact with mine.
  32. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Yeah that's what I kind of planned on, but I guess it doesn't really matter. We can time skip whenever
  33. How about we time skip to the next morning now?
  34. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    That works for me, maybe set up some friendships before U.A. stuff

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