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Open My Hero Academia RP 2

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Since my previous My Hero Academia RP died when it was doin pretty well, I decided to make a new one Months later(Cause that makes sense) the setting will be the same, as is the lack of plot.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    1- Follow Pokecharms rules
    2- the usual, no one liners and such
    3- Shippings is allowed but nothing too mature
    4- Use Grammar and punctuations
    5- No OP powers
    6- Have fun

    Quirk Weakness:
    Costume: (optional):
  2. oh boy
    Name: Boruto Artem (not the ninja.)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He has a large head of jet black and curly hair, almost like an afro. It isn’t really noticeable, but Artem has two groups of freckles on his cheeks with even more in his arm. He also usually has on goggles, with costume and without. He stands at 5’3.
    Personality: He has developed a very cynical and analytical personality, due to him aspiring to become almost a dozen types of scientists and engineers all at a young age. He has always been more invested into robotics, building small machines becoming his only hobby. This doesn’t mean that he is always this way, with him secretly being very interested in the current japanese idol culture.
    Quirk: Screw On: He can place nuts and bolts into objects. Once unscrewing them, he can disassemble the object. This can be used to remove objects from heavy machinery, take apart body parts, all with the help of these artificial joints. Speaking of taking apart body parts, this isn’t actually tearing off limbs and such, as no blood comes out when it is removed but simply leaving a dark space where the limb was. With enough willpower, the victim can move the body part, even if that be their head. He can even screw together two objects. During times of extreme stress, Artem can even separate physical and metaphysical properties.
    Quirk Weakness: This quirk is not meant for combat, and he is at an extreme disadvantage against a very determined opponent.
    Costume: He does nothing too interesting with his costume, only with regular looking clothes with extra features. He has on a white lab coat with a black turtleneck at the bottom. It has been shown to be somewhat resistant to extreme temperatures. He also wears a separate pair of goggles, with them now increasing his vision. Besides that, he only has on dark pants and boots.
  3. Name: Ryuji Shoku
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is tall for his age with straight brown hair and blue eyes, he is often wearing a blue jacket with a red t-shirt and snow white jeans.
    Personality: Loves a good fight but he also would do anything for friends and family but at times can be hot headed.
    Quirk: Dragon bone armor- His body generates an armor from the nearby materials making them like bone, rising his strength and defense.
    Quirk Weakness: Fossilization- Eventully when a part of the armor is hit to much it becomes fossilised so Ryuji must rest so it can recover.
    Costume: His armour is his costume.

    Name: Tsuragi Shoku
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Has short green hair and red eyes, wears a a bland red hoodie and gray jogging bottoms and sandles.
    Personality: He hates people after he was thrown out but is good tricking into thinking that he's cute.
    Quirk: Pheonix Bone Armour - Similar to ryuji's quirk but it doesn't increase defense it instead allow's him to fly and can stop time for five seconds.
    Quirk Weakness: It has the same weakness as ryuji's quirk.
    Costume: His armour is his costume.
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  4. Both accepted

    @PumperPenny your ability makes me think of a stand ability from Jojo's bizarre adventures
  5. It basically is Nut King Call. You, my friend, have gained my respect. I downgraded the separation and severely downgraded the fusion, however. I just thought this would be somewhat too OP for a role play like this.
  6. Name: Takako Hajime
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Short for his age with messy blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. Wears a black t-shirt with white long sleeves and a pair of old blue jeans along with a pair of white tennis shoes.
    Personality: Anti-social and quite, Takako is rather soft spoken and uncomfortable around social situations. However, he does have a kind heart and a strong desire to help others.
    Quirk: Reptilian Evolution (Body transforms into a humanoid lizard beast with two stages. Stage one being one where Takako is simply covered in scales, his eyes become reptilian and he gains the capabilities of wall crawling, night vision, small scale healing factor and acid spit. His second stage he becomes the full beast. Standing at 10 feet tall with sharpened claws, elongated snout and a talk. His strength increases 10 fold and his healing factor improves to the point where severed limbs can regrow...though that takes time.)
    Quirk Weakness: The cold. Being exposed to cold temperatures will cause Takato great discomfort, pain and if temperatures are cold enough will shut his body down. Also he is unable to control the second stage of his powers and can lose himself to primal instincts if his emotions run wild.
    Costume: (optional): TBD
  7. Accepted
    Btw @Tlord22 ss-i never said your lack of grammar is bothering her so she doesn't want to join this yet, could you help with that?
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  8. Name: Daigo Taruga
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Appearance: has spiky white hair with a ice blue headband,he has blackish blue eyes,and ice blue hoodie and black jeans
    Personality: Daigo has normal white skin he has a fairly normal body he acts like the cool kid and is somewhat expereanced and is suprisingly friendly once you get to know him
    Quirk: Cryokinesis (control ice and frost)
    Quirk Weakness: intense heat can render Daigo's powers useless
  9. gotta get that ss-i never machine working again
  10. accepted
  11. Name: Grayson (Gray) Livo
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Grayson is slightly smaller than the average 14 year old male, he stands at 5'2 and is fairly muscled. His skin is clean and shiny with a sun-kissed coloring, as well as the tanned appearance. Gray's eyes are a dull, stormy blue coloring with dark grey specs that swirl around like a depressed galaxy. His hair is also a dreary gray coloring, smokey with lighter highlights- it is trimmed cleanly and short spiked slightly at the top.
    Personality: Grayson is in the simplest words; witty and egotistic. He is a quick thinker, very punctual and has a talent with his words. He is extremely clever in his deceptive ways and tends to get what he wants even though he doesn't really want anything more than amusement most of the time. He is an energetic and excitable person with an unfavorable lack of self-control, despite his astute ways he arrogant nature and rashness can get him into a considerable amount of trouble. Gray is extremely curious as well, he loves to learn new things- yet once he masters a skill he becomes quite cocky and his ego grows even more. In ways he is very capable of many things; due to his sharp-wits and adaptability; yet his immaturity and ignorance tends to slow him down.
    Quirk: Cloud Wield- Can manipulate the clouds in the sky. Making them darker, or moving them around. He can also create his own clouds/fog but only if there is a decent amount of moisture in the air already.
    Weakness: The lack of ability to due any damage in battle is a major downfall to Gray's ability. He can blind and stall the foe, but his power has no real way to hurt the enemy. He also can't do anything if the air is too dry and there is no clouds in the sky.

    Name: Sarah Hawk
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Sarah has a lithe, almost fragile build and is average height. Her skin is a pale coloring, in the winter she looks almost white, and barely visible freckles dot her cheeks; forehead; neck; arms; and shoulders. Sarah's eyes are two different color, as a result of mutated genes her left eye is a hazel color while the right is a bright green, however she is blind on the right side. Her hair is simple, straight and dark brown with uneven tips that end at her shoulders.
    Personality: Sarah can be described, more or less as caring. She is extremely compassionate and her power makes her very empathetic . She doesn't like causing trouble or pain for anyone else, however she is very wise in figuring out the best solution to fulfill everyone's needs. She is a motherly and gentle person with an surprisingly strong will, that may be her most intimidating feature. Sarah is known to bring in lost animal to her home, she is always open to help someone and doesn't understand anyone who would reject a soul in need of assistance. Despite her sweet ways and disfavor for bringing harm upon others, she is quite witty and skilled in battle- though she would prefer to use her ability in rescue missions or healing methods.
    Quirk: Voodoo- Can turn herslef into a human Voodoo. So long as she touches the other person she can link their sense. Anything that happens to Sarah's body would happen to her opponents. Meaning that if she punched herself, her opponent would receive the bruise as well- but if she was in good health and linked to something the victim would be healed.
    Weakness: Sarah would have to touch her foe before being able to affect him. Also she must cause pain to herself in order to harm anyone else.

    Name: Caleb Clock
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Jason has a rather average look to him. He is medium height and weight, with sandy, tanned skin and white dots under his eyes. His hair is dark brown, speckled with lighter shades that match his sandy brown wings, and black tips.
    Personality: Jason doesn't talk much, he isn't shy, but he doesn’t talk much. Jason’s always tired during the day, so he’s typically asleep during the day. Besides when he's asleep, Jason sees no need to waste his breath socializing. He doesn't take time to learn people's names, and can come off as quite rude at first. But he is a determined soul, and wants nothing more than to silently help people.
    Quirk: Owl sense- Has all the abilities of owls.
    Silent Flight: His most prominent feature are the wings attached to his back which enable him to glide through the air slowly or rapidly dive down on a foe without making a single sound.
    Enhanced Senses: He also has intense sight and hearing abilities, he can hear sounds up to 50 miles away and locate them- while his sight enhanced, he also has night-vision.
    Quick Digestion: Although it isn't exactly a super-power, Caleb and sallow his food whole and digest it rather rapidly.
    Neck Flexibility: He can turn his head almost all the way around, as well as bending his neck to see upside down.
    Acute Memory: He can memorize paths he had taken to make mental maths or simply use his memory to remember facts and figures quite well.
    Weakness: Caleb can't pick and chose when his abilities are put to use, he simply always has them on which can be quite distracting at times he's not using them. He also is nocturnal making him rather tired during the day, and restless at night.
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  12. I edited my post... sorry, I decided I wanted 2 characters. And now it's not an all male schools XD
  13. Acceptable, but don’t make the Voodoo touch universal, as in once she touches you, your bound for life, and happiness son limit how many can be bound to her
  14. Alright then. I'll edit it so that the last person she touches is the only person she can voodoo, so once in battle she must make contact with the person before anything else.
  15. Name: Yukino Miyamoto
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long, white hair, golden eyes, and decently toned skin. Stands at 5'07", and is decently built in shape. When she isn't in her school uniform, she likes to wear a loose, pink tank top and tight sweatpants. She has a scar on the right side of her face that goes down all of her cheek.
    Personality: Rash, and fooldhardy.
    Quirk: Quirk Absorption- Is able to absorb the impact of quirk attacks, and send the same force back at the opponent.
    Quirk Weakness: If Yukino absorbs way too much force from the quirk attacks, then she experiences bad stomach aches.
  16. Name: Akize Momoto
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (Similar to Profile Picture) Shaggy blonde hair, and a golden-hued eye color. He has light skin, and is not the biggest of kids around his age. He is 5'7 in height and of 125 lb. Normally wears U.A uniform in school of course, or a casual sleeveless grey hoodie and joggers outside of school with multiple thin black bracelets on his left wrist.
    Personality: Akize can be a bit of an over-lax, show off kind of person. He likes to impress people whenever he can and make people smile. He is an overall nice but self-indulged person. Most of the time he tried putting other's needs before his own - something he attempts to keep consistent in order to fulfill his desire to be a Pro-Hero.

    Quirk: Jinx Quirk :: A Quirk based on the essence of bad luck. He can release pink/red-hued energy from his body as projectiles and shields. When in contact to inanimate objects, the Quirk can release "bad luck", causing any malfunction issues that could go wrong to happen within that object.
    Quirk Weakness: Akize can only use his Jinx a certain amount of times - if he releases too much of the energy pulses to the point of exhaustion, he could risk hurting himself and nearly going temporarily braindead.

    Costume: A skin-tight, full body, sleeveless maroon and violet spandex suit with a hood. Two fingerless gloves that cover the palms of his hands. A dark purple mask that covers his eyes.
  17. ‘Miraculous, show me your best...’
    Any news on the RP or do you want more people?
  18. Are you waiting on more people to join? I think 8 OC's is good enough to start the RP.

    And, we don't have to start this RP with the preliminary exams (like every single MHA/BNHA RP on this site). We could start up with something fresh.
  19. Well, the last couple MHA RPs I was in died early deaths. Hopefully third time is the charm!

    Just give me a sec to see which characters have which Quirks and I'll make mine. If I can join of course.
  20. And we need more females btw
  21. Name: Asami Madoka
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Fair skin with orange hair and blue eyes. Slender, yet athletic build of average height for a girl her age. Wears a rainbow colored tie die shirt, with one long sleeve with old blue jeans. Barefoot.
    Personality: A free spirit who loves the outdoors and the beauty of nature. Thinks the best of everybody and always has a positive attitude. Can be a bit of a ditz and doesn't understand personal boundaries sometimes. Is a meat lover, to the surprise of most people.
    Quirk: Overgrow (Allows her to generate vines, roots, flowers & other planets from her body. Can also channel sunlight into energy that can be used for attacks).
    Quirk Weakness: Fire & ice.
    Costume: (optional): TBD
  22. Name: Ken Yuma
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Wears a black jacket over a green t-shirt, a black fedora. Has short black hair. on the tall side and pretty fit
    Personality Traits: usually Laid back but very serious when needed, very kind and loyal to those he trust.
    Quirk: Slimefication (Ability to turn into slime and shapeshift, stretch, grow in size. etc.)
    Quirk Weakness: Like normal slime, is vulnerable to cold and the gravel thing they use in cat litter boxes. Detaching slime from his body dehydrates him
    Costume: black sport legging with green lines down the sides, a long sleeved skin tight shirt that also has green stipes on it, an assault vest over his shirt and black boots, a belt with a few pockets attached to them, a baseball hat that had ear warmers on the side that can be pushed onto the side of the cap and black wrist guard thing with a small cannon on top of each.
  23. How about we have...the preliminaries get attack by a villain or two?
    Sorry, the freshest thing I can think of besides Will Smith at the moment.
  24. Nah, introducing a villain this early isn't really that good of an idea.

    I was thinking more on the lines of actually building character before the prelims instead of just being like "WE HAVE SUPER-POWERS! HADINGADINGERDIRGEN!"

    I think Godjacob was the only one who pulled it off with his character in the last RP
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  25. So, we would introduce the characters prior to a preliminary?
    Kudos to Godjacob.
  26. Why I'm flattered :blush:
  27. Yeah, that's basically what I had in mind. Maybe introduce our characters in junior high/middle school.
  28. So, begin the RP with middle school graduation or something like that?
  29. That's what I'm hoping
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  30. Name: Tina Rethor
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Shortish and petite. She has long blonde hair with crystal blue eyes. She wears a bubble gum pink t-shirt and a bright blue skirt with pink leggings.
    Personality: Tina is an easy person to please. She likes almost everyone before she meets them, and tries to be liked. Tina is nice, but has a soft heart, and takes everything strongly. She wouldn't bat an eye at someone who insulted her.
    Quirk: Mind scape (She can create mental images real enough to cause physical happenings using thoughts. Form of telekinesis, but different. Kinda like in Doctor Strange)
    Quirk Weakness: Tina's body is fine after extended use of her power, but her mind would be in a state of weakness, causing thought process to prove difficult.
    Costume: (optional):TBD, but something cute.
  31. Name: Smokey Nakamura
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Smokey is tall at 6'0 and weight 120 pounds but tries to work out whenever he can. He has Black hair and light brown skin. Smokey's outfit contains of a Red v-neck with a pair of white shorts and Red shoes.
    Personality: Smokey is a hot head teen that can be gullible at time's. But when put in a serious situation Smokey will put a side all emotions and go full force when he needs to.
    Quirk: Install- is able to install any type of electronics into his body which can enhance his skills and create new weapons.
    Quirk Weakness: when a electronic is install Smokey is vulnerable to any type of virus like any regular electronic
    Costume: (optional): Smokey wears a White jacket with the hood on at all time with black shades and blue shorts with black boots. On his wrists are two brace's with the buttons that can create a power up for Smokey.

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