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Ask to Join My Hero Academia RP 2(RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. (Discussion Thread here https://pokecharms.com/threads/my-hero-academia-rp-2.18217/)

    In a world where 80% of the Earth's population manifested powers called Quirks, many people who aspires to become heroes look for places to hone their skills and become proper Super Heroes. There is one place all aspiring heroes wishes to enter to learn to be heroes, U.A High! A school where they are taught each and every day in multiple departments - Heroics being the most popular. The day of the U.A Initiation is one week away. How will our young aspiring heroes prepare for the entrance exam?
  2. Everyone in the junior high class had been on edge, and really they had every reason to be. It was graduation day, and more importantly one week away form the start of the U.A. Initiation. The school that trained those with Quirks to become heroes.

    Takako had been sitting in his usual desk, in the back corner of the room, having doodled on his notepad as he tried to wait out the clock before the bell would ring, once it did he could begin preparations for the most important day of his life.

    The U.A....the world's greatest heroes came from that school, I don't know if I can live up to their standard but I will try. For my sake...and for yours...
  3. Artem was twitching. It was a strange mix of anticipation, fear, and for some strange reason nausea. He knew that he could probably meet the teachers expectations. It was a matter of whether or not he wouldn’t die of said strange feeling once he began speaking to them.

    He was currently practicing on pens. He usually focused on taking them apart. Despite it’s strange-sounding nature, it was still a good test of how quickly he could disassemble something, even though it took no time. During 6th grade and onwards he was always made the butt of some upperclassmen’s jokes because of his quirk, leading him to usually stay quiet.
  4. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Parker walked out of the front gates of his junior high, feeling confident and very full of himself. After all, he has passed at the top of his class and with highest honors. He looked out over the trees and small pond near the gates thinking of the soon to come U.A. Initiation and entrance exam.

    The sidewalk, worn from use, made a straight path to the nearest bus stop. As he sat and waited for the next arrival, he wondered how he would compare to the other students aiming for the hero course. He did come from a smaller town, but that didn't matter, did it? No, all that mattered was knowledge and skill and he was fairly sure he had at least some of both.
  5. Across the street from the bus stop, Senju finished up another piece of grafitti across the wall of a company building, smirking as he added the last touches. The colors were bold and popped out in contrast to the gray of the building, with carefully added contours and borders to add to the effect. The painting in of itself was the C.E.O. of the company who owned the building, only portrayed in a very grotesque and insulting manner. It wasn't long before a security guard came out of the building and approached the delinquent. "Hey! Step away from the building and drop the can, punk!" he shouted. With an annoyed expression, Senju dropped the can of spray paint and stepped toward the road. "Now, care to explain this mess?"

    "MESS?! Yo, buddy, don't go hatin' on my art, or I'll tear you apart!" Senju spat, glaring angrily at the adult. "And besides, the buildin's lookin' better already. All it needs is a couple more pieces of art with babes in bikinis and such, and people will look at this building and remember it forever. Hell, I know I would." A smirk came across his face when he saw the guard grow pale just from the mention of further defacing the building.

    "Look, brat, this office happens to belong to Takayaki Corp. Do you have any idea how Mr. Takayaki's gonna react when he sees this?!" The guard ranted.

    "Well, the truth hurts, pal. Now make like a log and split, or Imma mess up your face real bad." Senju said, waving his hand dismissively at the guard.

    "Okay, I tried to be nice, but I guess we'll have to do this the hard way." the security guard growled, taking out a taser and approaching Senju. Before he could take more than one step, though, he froze with fright. The guard was blocking the view, but Senju had lifted his shades, revealing his snake-like eyes to the guard, and staring straight into his. Smirking and taking the opportunity, Senju grabbed the guard's face, used a sweep kick maneuver to knock him off balance, and slammed his head into the concrete below. The guard didn't even move to resist. Standing up, Senju finished the job with a stomp on the face to knock the guard out (and give him a broken nose).

    "Drink it in, pal. That's how failure tastes." Senju laughed. "References aside, though, you really shoulda thought twice before messin' with a basilisk."
  6. "The U.A. Soon I'll walk through those halls and begin my path to being a pro hero, there's no doubt in my mind."

    Asami had sat beneath a tree on a hill that overlooked the facility known to all aspiring heroes as the U.A. In one week's time, she would be given the opportunity to partake in the U.A. Initiation and if she got in she would be able to learn from the school that has had some of the greatest heroes walk through their halls.

    No, Asami reminded herself, not if when she would get in. Asami needed to have that belief she could do this, not just she wanted to do this. Asami would pass the U.A. Initiation, she would be accepted into the U.A. and she would become a pro hero.

    I can be done, I can do this. I will do this!
  7. Grayson
    Gray groaned as he slid slightly back against his chair, feet now outstretched, his eyes turned towards them. It was impossibly boring, despite the talk of U.A. and graduation- none of that took away the fact they were still in school. Suffering in school. He eyes the teacher, who obviously didn't care whether the students were actually paying attention, before rolling his eyes and puffing out his cheeks. Gray's gaze went to the window in distant wonder, he watched the clouds form pictures and letters before hurriedly shaking his head and returning his absent stare to the classroom again. Soon, his powers would be put to good use.

    "There we go, all better." Sarah smiled as she finished freeing a small insect from a spider's deadly web. She watched the creature flutter away with a contempt smile before walking into the classroom- she bowed and apologized for being late, not that anyone cared. The room was more tense than usual, and it brought a smile to the girl's face. "So who's excited?" she asked the general room in an enthusiastic matter.

    Caleb's arms were crossed across his chest, eyes closed lightly as he snored. A sudden pound caused the boy to jerk awake, "Yo' doofus! You fell asleep again." one kid commented as he looked up form the bus. Shaking his head, Caleb glared at the boy before rubbing his messy hair- he then stood and stepped off at the school. His gaze said it all, school was the last place he wanted to be. Attempting to rub the sleep out of his eyes, Caleb then stretched his massive wings before retreating them before anyone could really notice.
    "Another day, another hell." he smirked to himself as he walked to class.
  8. A girl ran out of her junior high after getting some valuable news. The second semester of junior high had already ended, and, soon, most people would graduate and head off into high school. The person that ran out of the classroom was an eccentric girl named Yukino, and the news she received was that she was able to make it into the U.A.'s Initiation.

    There's no time to waste! Everyday, after school, Yukino would head into an abandoned gym she found in her town. The place was functional, enough, and Yukino mostly just used the left equipment to work out. Yukino this week, however, was training the hardest she had ever trained in her whole life. With so many powerful students going to the U.A., who knows what will happen.

    After 2 hours, Yukino finished with her exercising, and headed straight towards her house. With all of this training, there's no way I'll not get accepted! Yukino was the most excited she had ever been in a long time.
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  9. As he hovered by, a strange-looking creature looked at Yukino as she ran past him, watching her run off with a contempt gleam in his red eyes. Well, I best turn in. I need to be ready for my students. Oh boy, won't this semester be fun. He chuckled to himself as he thought this, though from where it came from was unknown. Making his way onward, he eventually reached a crystalline pod and entered it, eventually falling asleep once it sealed.


    "You sure you wanna stay here for the night, Senju? This could be the last time you get to see your moth-" One of many teenagers said, but a glare from Senju cut him off. "Alright, yeah, fair point. I guess you wouldn't want to see her now. Especially since you went behind her back to enroll for U.A. High..."

    "Why WOULD you want to join a heroes' school, anyways?" Another of them asked, tilting her head toward him. "I mean, that's no place for-"

    "Go ahead. Finish that sentence. I DARE you." Senju hissed. "'-misfits like us', is that it?"

    "Well, yeah. You're far from a goody-two-shoes, we know that much." The second teen replied, sighing. She then looked over to the first teen who had spoken, and got a shrug of his enormous shoulders in response. "It just seems wierd. Why would you want to be a hero?"

    "Since when did I say I wanted that? I could choose to be whatever the hell I want!" Senju said, chuckling. "I guess I'm just curious as to what it takes to play superhero for a career. That, and I'm hoping to find a lead."

    "...Right." The first teen muttered, knowing what he meant. "Gotta say, it's gonna be a little quiet here without you."

    "Says the giant who tried to kick my ass the first second I came here." Senju pointed out, "Then again, I've yet to figure out what goes on through that thick skull o' yours." The two of them shared a laugh, then the two teenagers left the alley. Slowly, the place emptied out, leaving only Senju. Making his way toward the back of the alley, he moved aside a large crate, revealing a hidden bunk he made. Pulling it out and laying on his back, he watched the clouds as he drifted off to sleep...
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  10. Grayson
    Gray let out an exaggerated sigh of relief as the bell rang, which dismissed the class. He lowered his hands to shove them into his pockets before turning his gaze to the ground, it was so close to over. Honestly, part of him would miss the life he'd leave behind- that was of course, if he made it into U.A. Gray did his best not to set high expectations, but he'd been training so hard, it was impossible for him not to get in. Slinging his bag onto his shoulders, Gray shrugged "I guess I've just gotta keep training." he muttered before realizing he was one of the only kids left in the classroom. As a slight smirk spread across the boy's lips he walked out of the room; Training, yeah- that's all it takes.
    On his way home, Grayson clumped a group of clouds together to create a darker, large cloud which he moved away from the sun. Gray looked up, "There's still time." he muttered, before breaking into a sprint the opposite direction. Cutting through bushes and yards, Gray found himself in a large open field- the perfect spot to practice his quirk and train.


    Sarah tipped her head to one side as the bell shattered her attempt to make conversation. She pursed her lips before giggling, "Thankyou, have a nice day!" she acknowledged the rest of the class as she dashed out the door. Rushing up to a large building, Sarah's feet skidded to a halt, it was a small hospital... but the doctors always let Sarah practice her quirk there. Opening a door to a large room, Sarah smiled and nodded at a tall man in a suit- "Who needs help today?!" she panted with excitement, the man smiled before leading her to a very nervous child.
    Sarah placed a single hand on the kid's knee before closing her eyes, "Everything's gonna be alright." Sarah said in a sing-song voice as she closed her eyes and pressed forth her relaxing energy into the young patient.
    Sarah stayed at the hospital until late at night, despite the amount of energy she was giving away, her face brightened with every human she helped. Rubbing her eyes, Sarah smiled and waved her hand in a salute goodbye to the staff before beginning her long walk home.


    Caleb once again had fallen asleep, he woke abruptly at the sound of distant footsteps to see the same boy from the bus. "Hey Caleb, your training for U.A, right?" the boy asked causing Caleb to groan.
    "And why the hell would I do that?" Caleb asked with a cocked brow and groggy eyes.
    "Dude, we've been friends for years now. Remember, kindergarten we promised we'd try out together." the student's words sunk into Caleb's mind before the owl-boy just chuckled.
    "Damn, I've been trapped in this hell-hole since kindergarten. Alright, who-ever you are- maybe it would be a good idea to get out." Caleb shrugged as he stood. He then simply walked away from the other male and spread out his wings, as the sky darkened he became more lively- it was his time now.
  11. Ryuji Walked out of school as soon as class ended and headed to his aunt's house where he lived,due to the fact he dispised his parents since his mother payed him no attention and his father more often then not beat him and his mother didn't even try to help. he had separated himself from people because of this however he knew he could trust his aunt and uncle. Upon arriving at his Home he was greeted by his aunt's simile who then spoke softly, "Your uncle's in the dojo, and I do believe he is bored so go and practice with him after all you do want to get into UA."


    "Welcome back Ryuji," spoke his uncle as soon as he entered the dojo. "it is time to continue your training"

    "You got it uncle and there's no way I'm holding back since my quirk depends on martial arts and physical to be useful." Replied Ryuji as the two began to spare
  12. Class ended as Takako had been getting some supplies out of his locker. However...

    "So scales, you gonna try out the U.A. initiation?"

    Takako let out a sigh as over to his left where a trio of oh so familiar faces. A overly muscular boy for his age, a tall but lanky boy and a girl around his age in the middle. Takako let out a sigh.

    "H-hey Suzuka..." Takako started to say before the girl cut him off.

    "Told you before scales, the name is Ultra Sparx. Future #1 hero. Got it?" Suzuka said as Takako gave a quick nod in return.

    "R-right...sorry..." Takako said as Suzuka dropped her earlier anger and gave a smirk to him.

    "Don't know why you bother, with a Quirk as lame as yours you have no chance of becoming a pro. You're just wasting your time." Suzuka said as Takako balled his hands into fists. This was a rather common area of "teasing" from Suzuka and her cronies towards him, but it only seemed to hurt more as they got closer to the Initiation.

    "Y-your wrong, I will be a pro hero. I-I might not have as g-gifted a Quirk as you do..." Takako started to say before Suzuka let out a smirk, her hands had began to crackle with electricity and soon enough every light in the hallway shorted out.

    "Your right, this is the power of a hero!" Suzuka said as her friends laughed in suppor as Suzuka held up a fist of electric power which frightened Takako who fell on his backside. Suzuka could feel the power, could feel the sense of dominance...

    "My office. Now."

    ...and now felt a bone chilling fear as she and everyone else turned to the principle and let out sighs before they all walked to his office. What a way to end the school year Takako thought to himself.
  13. Artem walked down from the end of the hall, approaching Takako.

    “Sorry about that. I was planning to help you, but I wanted to end the year without a broken nose. He finished screwing the top onto a pen. “I heard you were entering U.A as well. I could use a friend, and it’s seeming like you do as well. I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m forcing you into this, but...your name?”

    It’s obvious he hadn’t had many friends prior to this meeting.
  14. Takako glanced up at Artem, a student he had not recalled seeing before. But then again, Takako did not have the best memory as he made his way back to his feet.

    "Oh don't apologize. I-I'm used to it. Suzuka and her friends never take it too far anyway." Takako said, though keeping details of what the trio usually did with him to himself.

    "S-sure, my name is Takako. And I don't m-mind. I mean my Quirk isn't the b-best but I think having a friend could be nice. I-I don't have many of those." Takako admitted, nerves clearly evident.
  15. “And what would that quirk be? I mean- -“ He puts his small notepad and the pen away. “I’m Boruto Artem. But I don’t like being called by the family name, Boruto, since people then begin comparing me to a fictional ninja that I somewhat despise.”

    He cut himself off and an awkward silence ensued.

    “I’ll see you at U.A, I guess. I’m looking forward to it.” Artem walked away with a red face.
  16. Grayson
    Gray groaned as he lazily pointed his finger to the sky and moved the clouds around. He sat criss-crossed and concentrated as much energy as he could to both his palms that faced each other until a faint cloud began to form, it grew quite thick before he released it into the air with a smirk. Side Kick Work he sighed as the words entered his brain, truth be told he never had much confidence in his quirk- and the other students made sure to keep it that way. What are you gonna do? Make me a nice soft bed? he clenched his fist as the flashbacks flooded his brain, it was true. You can't do anything without anyone's help. If you were attacked you've got no defense! they were all right. But he had hope, the faintest bit of hope that drove him to try out for U.A. when even his parents told him he wasn't cut out for it. Standing, the boy brushed himself off, he then dragged his feet back to a small, cozy home with all of the lights off. He rested his hand on the door-knob before closing his eyes in a moment of peaceful thought, then entering the house.
    Gray winced as he closed his door, he was immediately greeted by a small figure. Grinning as he keeled down to pet the small animal it came out of the shadows to reveal a ginger tabby cat with large, round brown eyes. "Hey Jingi," Gray cooed as the cat flipped over and he rubbed it's under-belly. Standing, Grayson turned away from his pet who pursued him even as he trekked across the house. He knew his parents were asleep, and expected a lecture about staying out to late the next morning. Sighing the boy walked into his own room and flopped onto the bed, "I'll shower in the morning-" he groaned slightly as Jingi curled up beside him on the bed.

    Sarah walked silently with her head down, the streets were quiet. Near her neighbor they usually were, not much crime in her parts. She zipped up the pink jacket that loosely hugged her body before coming across a house. Her house. Part of her struggled to step inside, she hated her house. Nobody understood anything that she said. They just didn't care, he father was in jail and her mother was always drunk. Her younger brothers were too young to know anything about anything- then there was Zues. Zues is her older brother, he's a pro hero; but he hadn't been home in years. Just after his introduction as a hero, he went missing. But Sarah didn't like to talk about that, walking into the house her gaze immediately went to a family portrait that hung on the wall. They all looked so happy, maybe if she brought Zues back, it would be like that again. Maybe.
    Shaking her head, Sarah walked up to her room- she peered into her mother's room. The absence of anyone else in the house cause relief to Sarah- they probably were at a family member's place. She crossed her legs before bowing her head and muttering a pray for her folk. Sarah then continued to shower and get changed in pajamas, she clicked on the TV that was pinned against the wall across form her bed before climbing under the sheets and smiling.

    Caleb's wings steadied as he glided through the air, he preferred the slow flying much more than having to flap at rapid speeds. He flew as high as possible to prevent drawing attention to himself, "Hmmm... U.A." he pondered to himself. What a thought, "Sounds like a lot of work." he then pouted slightly. Suddenly Caleb jerked his head around at a distant sound, it sounded like it came from quite a ways away, however someone was in trouble. Smirking the boy tucked his wings in and began to free-fall, then the feathered limbs broke out once more and he flew at high speeds across the sky getting closer and closer to his target which sounded like a woman in distress. Twisting his body slightly, Caleb's eyes focused on to examine the scene. Looked like an average robbing- the guy didn't seem to strong and honestly if the woman gave more effort she probably could've gotten away herself.
    With no warning, Caleb swooped down and picked up the guy. "Oh boy, you're heavier than you look-" he groaned as he hoisted the male into the air. The man let out a growl before begging to slash away with knife-like hands, luckily Caleb could hear the wind and evade each of his opponents attacks. He then pressed downwards , diving with the male's body first and hitting the floor with a loud impact, of course his opponent took all the damage. "Guess I didn't think that one through," Caleb shrugged nonchalantly he looked at the robber, blacked out and bloody but breathing before shrugging. He then tossed the purse to the woman who was frozen with fear, "Do me a favor and don't call the cops." Caleb winked before launching himself into the air once more.
  17. Once the mess at school had ended, Takako had been walking down the sidewalk in the direction of the local hospital. Takako glanced over and saw a nearby flower shop.

    Probably should get something for her, that would be nice....

    And Takako would enter said flower shop and began to browse around, trying to find the "right" one to bring with him. However, Takako had to admit the sheer number of choices made it hard to find that "right" one.
  18. Asami had already left her hilltop hangout and made it back to the city when she saw a kid around her age walk into a flower shop. As she walked by the store, she took note that he seemed to be having a hard time picking something. This caused Asami to grin.

    I know I can help with this.

    Asami smiled as he walked into the flower up and behind the kid in question.

    "Having trouble there." Asami asked the kid with a smile, as she hoped to get the stranger's attention.
  19. Yukino was jogging all the way to her house, but, before she went to her house, she would always go to the flower shop and buy something nice for the little garden she made at her house. She entered the shop, still sweating a bit, and she walked up straight to the shop's clerk.

    "Ms. Yukino! Back from your afternoon exercise I see," exclaimed the shop clerk, "How is my most loyal costumer doing today?"
    "I'm doing well, Mr. Aster," responded Yukino with a smile.
    "Good, good!" exclaimed the clerk, "So what would you like to buy today?"
    Yukino thought it over a bit, but then asked, "What do you have in store today, Mr. Aster?"
    "Well, we just got some Daffodils in storage currently," responded Mr. Aster, "If you'd like, I could give you some for free."
    "Thank you, Mr. Aster," Yukino said as she was handed the Daffodils.

    Yukino noticed two other kids, around her age, standing around. Yukino then walked up towards the two stangers, and said, "Hello there. So, what might bring both of you into this lovely establishment?" Yukino always liked to pretend she was an employee, even though she didn't really look like it, but Mr. Aster didn't mind because Yukino was always ready to help out costumers who were in search of flowers.
  20. Takako was taken out of his thoughts when a pair of girls around his age, one who seemed to act like some worker here, asked about him.

    "O-oh, well I'm just...l-looking for the "right" flower for someone I care greatly for and am having a bit of trouble is all." Takako explained, not putting in any more detail than that as he faced the pair.
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  21. Yukino chuckled, and then said, "The romantic type, huh? Just kidding, the shop might have what you're looking for."

    Yukino then walked around the store, and picked three different kinds of flowers. Yukino then showed the guy all the flowers, and said, "These are personally my favorite flowers, but they just might be what you're looking for." The flowers that Yukino showed Takako were a Carnation, Sacred Lotus, and Camellia.
  22. Asami grinned at this, finding it sweet the guy wanted flowers for someone he cared for. Then she viewed the flowers Yukino brought out and had to admit, the girl had an eye as all three selections were so beautiful.

    "Those are really good, however for this special someone you should probably consider what she likes and her personality type. That way you are bound to get the perfect flower to win her heart...I joke with that last part but my main point remains the same." Asami advised, though she figured one of the three Yukino picked and waited for Takako to make his choice.
  23. Takako blushed a bit, obviously flustered a bit from the implication of the girls.

    "N-now hold on a second, it's j-just a gift for a friend. That's all, she's just a friend." Takako said trying to quell the implications before a frown came on his face and he glanced away form the pair.

    "A friend of mine in the hospital right now, just figured it would be something nice to liven her room." Takako said with a tone of sorrow before he noticed he was being a downer and turned to the pair with an apologetic expression.

    "N-not that I could blame you both for thinking this. A-anyway these flowers are nice, I'll go with this one." Takako said as he picked out the Camellia and gave a respectful bow.

    "T-thank you both." Takako said as he would go to the counter to make his purchase.
  24. Asami's early teases were vanished at this revelation, and she already felt bad for making him reveal that to her.

    "Oh, I'm...sorry." Asami said before she decided to do something nice, Asami went up to the counter and provided the exact money needed for the flower.

    "Here, this one is on me." Asami said with a smile to Takako.
  25. Artem sat in an empty warehouse, cocking the bolt of a small robot and poking a pellet into the breech.

    “Haha! I’m finished!” He wiped the sweat off his head. He had been working on it nonstop for the past two days once he got from school. This was an oddly specific perk of having our parents on a vacation.
    “With the pneumatics. Back to work.”
    It didn’t take long for him to finish speaking before his phone began ringing.

    “Honey, I’m tracking your phone, and your not home. Are you okay? Have you been kidnapped? I hope your not doing anything bad! Answer me.” It was his mother, currently sipping from a cocktail as his father sat at a beach.

    “Mom, I’m busy building a legion of automata to aid me in world domination.” She was about to say something before he muttered “I was kidding. I’m fine and your phone is probably acting up.”

    “Okay then, honey! See you soon!” She hung up, as Artem chuckled and got back to his ‘project’.
  26. Smokey ran on the sidewalk for moment before he stopped by a flower shop. "Hey they look like their my age.." Smokey then stopped himself as he continue to run as he soon find himself at a bike rack. "My bike" Akio told himself as he got his bike and rode back to the flower shop before he walked in.
  27. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Parker stepped into the gym, took of his headphones, and looked around. The place was the same as always, but something seemed off today... Nobody was here, After a few seconds he realized that the gym had closed today because the owner had a family emergency.

    "Oh well, he probably won't mind if I use it today." Parker stripped the hoodie off of his body and hung it up near the entrance. He walked farther into the gym and reached the back corner where he always was. The sandbag hung limply from the ceiling waiting for his fists and legs to make contact. He always felt kind of bad seeing it, it existed to be beaten up. What am I thinking? It's an object, why do I feel bad for it?

    Parker finished wrapping his hands and began to crush the sandbag with a flurry of punches and kicks. No wonder they're always replacing these, maybe I should go a little easier on them...
  28. Takako glanced over at the girl, Asami, as she offered to pay. Takako would have made a word of protest, but the owner already accepted the money and handed the recite.

    "T-thanks..." Takako said as he took the potted plant and faced Asami and was about to leave before he glanced back at her.

    "Y-you didn't have to do that." Takako clarified, as he felt this act of kindness was undeserved.
  29. After the graduation ceremony finished, Ken walked out of school and started to walk home. He took a deep breath. "One week from now will be the time for U.A. initiation exam." He said to himself. "I better get some studying done for the time being." He added quietly as he walked.

    Back at the school, two girls with blonde hair walked out. "That guy, I think I heard him say he's also aiming for U.A.?" Said Suzanne. The other girl put her hands on her hips and smirked. "Well good luck to him because I'm sure we are definitely getting into U.A." She said confidently. Suzanne looked back at her friend. "You're adorable when you act cool Holly." She said with a flirty smirk. A Blush suddenly formed on Holly's face as he held her hands together in front of her and too a step back. "Oh... Well... Uh..." She stuttered. Suzanne began laughing. "There's the Holly I know." She said while laughing. Holly let out a shy laugh. "Well I'm going to the library to study, you wanna come?" Asked Suzanne. Holly shook her head. "No, I would like to try to do things by myself without your help incase we don't get into the same class." She said. Suzanne smiled. "Suit yourself. See ya." She said as she walked away. Holly waved goodbye before walking off in a different direction.
  30. Asami would simply smile at Takako.

    "Oh, I didn't have to. That much is true. But I wanted to, and that's the difference. Besides, helping someone in need is just the way of the hero." Asami said with a smile.

    "I wish you friend the best. And my name is Asami, nice to meet you." Asami said to Takako.
  31. Takako could only smile at this as he gave Asami a nod.

    "Thank you, and the name is Takako. I wish you nothing but the best." Takako said as he would leave the flower shop and began to make his way towards the hospital. Along the way, he could not help but think over the upcoming Initiation and the implications behind what it would mean should he be accepted.

    I promise I will become the hero you always dreamed of. I'll be a hero worth admiration, one that you could never be. It's the...the only thing I can do to make this up to you...
  32. One week later, the day of the U.A Initiation exam has finally arrived. Outside the gates to the school, many young aspiring heroes were walking, heading towards the U.A. main building to take part in the initiation exam.
  33. Asami grinned at she arrived at the entrance of the U.A. Should she pass the initiation, this would be where she would learn to become a proper hero and become one step closer to realizing her lifelong dream.

    I'll show you father, I will make this world a better place. It's time to make an unforgettable first impression and show these heroes who I am!
  34. Takako arrived at the entrance of the U.A., taking a moment to admire the view and just let the emotions he felt sink through. Takako was really a step away from getting accepted into the #1 Hero school in the world. Takako took a moment to glance at a handkerchief, a parting gift from his friend who he had visited the day before, and remember her parting words.

    Just remember that I believe you can become a great hero, you just need to believe you can become a great hero. Once you do that, the sky's the limit. So take this as a symbol of good luck. And I look forward to hearing about the good news once you've been accepted.

    Takako set the handkerchief aside and nodded to himself. Yes, he could do this. Out of the corner of his eyes he noticed the girl who helped him yesterday, Asami, walk inside and as such followed her lead.
  35. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Parker stepped up the front entrance of U.A. where the crowd of fellow potential students was forming. After months of rigorous training of his quirk and combat he was confident that he was as strong, if not stronger, than most of the people here. He did hope for some competition though.

    I have to do this, it's been my dream forever and I've come this far. I'm not gonna fail and I'm not gonna give up!
  36. Yukino stood in front of the school she had been dreaming of joining for a long time, U.A. She had on her casual work-out clothing, and looked more determined then she had ever been.

    There's no way I can fail this test!

    Yukino then looked off at the distance, and noticed the guy and the girl that were at the flower shop last week. Woah! Those guys were trying to join the hero course as well!? Well...good for them! I'm going to try my hardest, and I'll show everyone my true skills!

    Yukino then started doing stretches, and, for her body figure, was extremely flexible.
  37. Artem was pretty much crawling through the crowd. The last thing he wanted to do was draw attention, saying that he was a scrawny child surrounded by others who could shoot laser beams from their eyes
    and lift cars. He was also afraid, for the preliminaries may involve said people fighting. And the last thing he currently wanted was conflict with these people.

    He eventually spotted a familiar face. Takako...tailing a girl? ‘Somebody’s been busy..’ He thought as he crouched. A smug smile reached across his face. His crawl turned ito a low sprint, and at the expense of bumping into a few people, Artem made it to the boy he met about a week before, and the only person who he actually didn’t feel would sock him in the group.

    Boruto finally made it over, and popped out from seemingly nowhere, his hand immediately on your shoulder.
    “Here there, Takako! Rough week, huh? I mean..I’m really not all that surprised to see you here.” He flinched.
  38. Grayson
    Gray woke up to an odd sensation, sticking out his tounge in distaste of the feeling he looked up slightly to make out the striped figure of Jingi. "Ewe gross! Get off." he shoved the cat aside, who had been licking his face, "Now I smell like fish-" the boy groaned in complaint. However at the tip of his cat's head, he couldn't help but to smile. He patted the animal before grabbing a set off clothes form his closet and walking to the shower. He knew his family was awake, because they weren't the quietest people int he world. His siblings fighting, mother scolding, father complaining- they all had there own way of making themselves annoying when Gray wanted to concentrate.
    With the roll of his eyes, Gray stepped out of the bathroom. Of course with out school his house would be full, and it was just as loud now as it was when he got into the shower. Having to dance around his room to avoid stepping on Jingi who, for whatever reason, decided it would be fun to dart around frantically, circling Gray's room.
    Gray changed into a simple outfit of jeans and a black shirt before running a hand through his dull hair. He then walked down the steps and was immediately bombarded with questions. His mother's usual "Where were you last night?", then his siblings taking guesses and so forth. He just rolled his eyes, "Training, I do it every night. You don't have to interrogate me" he said simply "Did you know that clouds can trap energy?" he asked knowing he wouldn't get a response. He knew all about clouds, he had too. They weren't exactly powerful, but he could surprise one with some pretty useful tricks he had found out that clouds could do. With a grin, Gray clenched his fist- "And today is the day that I am going to show everyone how strong I truly am!" he said with determination- before his parents could respond, Gray was out the door and sprinting off towards the U.A. initiation facility.

    Gray looked up at the scene around him, U.A. students- or at least some of them would be. Gray wasn't surprised by the mass number of people trying to get in, but it did kinda scare him. He would have to work extra hard to get in.


    Sarah hummed as she brushed her hair, pulling it up into a stub-of-a-ponytail and checking herself in the mirror again. She then pushed off of the counter and smiled, twirling as she closed her door behind her and walked down the cozy corridor of her house. "Mother?" Sarah inquired before listening to her own echo, they still weren't home. With a sigh she wrote a note and pinned it neatly onto the refrigerator, she then packed herself a lunch. The hospital was a great way for her to hone her skills, and help others- she wouldn't want to be anywhere else before the U.A. initiation. But now would be the true test, now would be when she would know if all her hard work would pay off. She wasn't really sure how it would go down though, fighting robots would not end well with a girl who's quirk was so centered on other life-forces.
    Taking a step outside, she breathed slowly and basked in the sun for a second, reveling in the peace before making her way down the road.

    Sarah smiled as she rocked back and forth on her heels, she spent some time watching a girl (Yukino) before tipping her head and deciding to introduce herself. "Hey!" she gave a friendly wave before walking up to the female.

    "U.A. What a joke-" Caleb snickered as he scrolled through the feed on his phone, he had only gotten home an hour earlier, and it was almost lunch time already. Rubbing his eyes, Caleb then stretched both of his arms behind his head and closed his eyes lightly, suddenly though his door crashed open.
    "What are you doing? It's already 12." exclaimed a tall, slender woman with wings similar to Caleb's. "Maybe if you didn't stay up so damn late, I wouldn't have to drag you out of bed every morning." the woman, Caleb's mother, huffed. Caleb opened an eye to look at her before shrugging and going back to sleep.
    "You're crazy woman, don't come yelling up here like I force you to do stuff. School's ended, and you're still on my a**" but at her menacing glare, Caleb rolled his eyes. He ran a hand through his shaggy, sandy-colored hair before stretching his wings out.
    As he stood, Caleb looked back at his mother. "Hey, what do you think about me submitting into U.A High?" he then asked nonchalantly. But the only response he received from the woman was a chuckle. Face red, he snapped back, "What? You think I can't get in!?" growling he slammed the door behind him. Sure he wasn't a dream child, but she could've at least been a little bit supportive.
    Walking out of the home, Caleb immediately sunk under a shady tree and fell asleep with his arms crossed over his chest, and eyes lightly shut- per usual. There was always time to squeeze in a nap before anything big happened to Claeb, and the U.A. initiation was no different. At first he thought it as a joke, but at this point Caleb really thought about it. A hero was someone who everyone liked and looked up to, pretty cool, why wouldn't he be able to fulfill such a role? "Who cares about being a hero anyway?" Caleb muttered while shaking his head, honestly it seemed like such a pain in the neck.

    "Just as I thought." Caleb scoffed as he flew over the group of students at the gate. "What losers!" he chuckled before landing, he then tucked his wings in. A smirk drew itself across the boy's lips, it was gonna be easy.
  39. Takako turned and saw what he believed was the student he talked with on the last day of school.

    "Oh, the week hasn't been so bad. Though I am a bit nervous about today. Just gotta do my best and hope for the best I suppose." Takako said, which masked his desires to not just "do his best" but do good enough to get accepted. For his sake, and the sake of his friend...
  40. Asami turned and caught sight of another would be student talking to a familiar face. With a smile she walked up to the pair.

    "Hey Takako! How are you doing, and I'm sorry who might you be. A friend of his?" Asami asked. Asami was glad to see Takako, it was better she knew somebody here by name rather than some strangers. She had also caught sight of the other girl from the shop doing some stretches, she'd have to make time to talk to her as well.

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