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Ask to Join My Hero Academia: Remastered

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Since Gamma was alone, that made his onslaught easier, at this point, he had acquired some more villain and rescue points. He was starting to fire out, but regardless, he forced himself to continue. He ran into a Two Pointer again, this time, he had nowhere to run to, so he had to fight. He leapt on top of the Two Pointer and sent his green plasma, down to its systems, causing it to self destruct, the exam taker used the explosion to propel himself upwards and get a better view of his situation.
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  2. Daijiro heared an explosion. Maybe, someone's quirk? An robot exploding? Well, he'll never know. "Still, 46 is still a low score to get to U.A. I better get mov-" He was disrupted by a noise. A missile heading to his direction. He once again opened a book with blank pages. He trapped the missile again and realeased it to the 3 pointer. "Hey! Deja vu! Currently i have now 49 points." Daijiro said returning the book to his pocket library. I mean literally. Another 3 pointer came bursting in through a building at his side. he looked around and he was punched by it, and got launched into the building on his other side. "Ugh!" Daijoro painfully said. He took a book about medication and he put medicine on his back. He levitated his books and whirled it around like a tornado before he launched it. One of the books went through the robot's eye and jammed the inside, causing it to explode. "52. Way to go me..." He said breathing heavily.
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  3. Tella skid across the streets, riding across the walls and sky. "How much longer do we have for this?" She asked herself as she skid around upon the light. A few No.2s were laid across the ground, destroyed. "Not to many more left, so what now? If we don't end soon, we are going to be doing nothing?"She spoke quietly to herself as Tella ran right through a No.1 she found. The light just flowed up before her as she hit the impact. "And that makes me end up to 51 points." She said before landing on top of a roof. "Now, are there any other robots around?"
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  4. Two 3 pointers are near a tall building. including a 2 pointer, daijiro immediately stood up. "Jackpot!" He took one of his books and pulled out another one. He threw the first one open near the robots. Then, he opened a book near him. He made a book sharp enough. He went inside the book and traveled to the second book. he threw the sharpened book up. It probably hit the engine because the three pointer exploded along with the closest robots. A three pointer and the two pointer and a one pointer. "I didn't expect the one pointer exploding along with those three. but whatever. 61 Points for me!" Daijiro said climbing out of the book. he levitated the two books again to his hand and put it in his pocket library. Daijiro walks around finding a place to sit as he was getting dizzier and dizzier.
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  5. The shadowy figure watched the entrance exam go on through a giant screen alongside other shadowy figures. "Well, seeing the test is reaching its final stage, I suppose we should release our 'Distraction' into the fray." He said before pushing a button.

    On the exam ground, the ground suddenly started shacking before a giant robot showed up around the corner. Cody looked at the robot. "Yikes is that the Zero pointer? Now I see why that shadowy guy told us its best to avoid it if we encounter it." He said out loud.
  6. 32

    Elliot was bashing a 1 pointer when suddenly the ground shook and a gigantic robot arose from the ground. The impact of its awakening alone scattered countless debris to all direction, one of it squarely hit Elliot in the forehead.

    It's too close!

    She looked at the overwhelmingly huge robot. It blocked most of the sunlight around her, and even after she looked up she still couldn't saw its head. There's no way I fight this.

    Fortunately the robot wasn't looking at her direction so she tried to move away quckly. But the moment she tried to ran a scream tore the sky, Elliot spotted a girl fell on her knees. She was covering her ears with her hands while screaming hysterically.

    Move! Stupid!

    Of course she didn't said that out loud because the panicked screaming of another students follow suit. Elliot was prepared to fled when she noticed that the screaming girl didn't stop screaming, she just sat there in the ground.

    For a moment Elliot was torn between running away or dragging the stupid girl to safety first, but a huge robot foot over the girl fixed her decision. She dashed and tackled the girl right before the robot's foot slam the ground. Elliot was assaulted by a loud noise and lots of cement shards as she hugged tightly the girl and brought her to safety, the girl then gave Elliot her biggest gratitude and became her very first fan...

    As if it would be that easy. The moment Elliot landed after she tackled the girl, her legs finally gave up and she hit the cement floor with a loud cracking sound. She could felt the blood dripping from her forehead, her swollen and might be broken legs and the painful bruises all over her body.

    And the girl still wouldn't stop screaming and crying in her embrace.

    Ah, I'm screwed.
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  7. Light seemed to streak around Tella's vision. She had been more of messing around instead of looking for robots to destroy. As she flipped around in the air above one of the buildings, Tella heard an ear piercing scream to her left.

    To that side, a giant robot stood there. "The heck..." Tella said before reading the arm. "Zero points, (0p) or OP. Overpowered." She thought aloud before it moved forward. Another round of screaming crying came forward. "Oh I really am an idiot." Tella said before doing a front flip off the side of the building.

    On the downhill dive, Tella formed a light beam to catch her glide down. Gravity wasn't fast enough, so the light propelled her forward. To people looking at her, Tella looked like a comet falling from the sky. The air pelted Tella in such a way it hurt, and she could tell it was her body that slowed down the decent. "Push through." Tella said before jumping off the light.

    Tella landed between the No.0 and the fallen girls. "Trust me, hold onto the purple light. And if you have a weak stomach, you've been warned." She threw her hand out, making a light strand with proportion away from the robot so when they touched it the two would be taken away. "I'm gonna see how strong this is."
  8. Ichiro unleashed his burst knocking a two-pointer into the world, destroying it. "Jeez, this...exhausting," Ichiro mumbled between him catching his breath. He wasn't used to using this power so much in so little time. But it was something that he needed to get used to in order to get far in this school, that's if he passes this exam. He heard a sound behind him, he swiveled around and noticed a three-pointer notice Ichiro and start to charge towards him. Ichiro needed a moment for his cooldown to finish so he started to move back hoping to time his attack, it'll be a close call though. He finally was able to charge up but to be able to do any damage to the bot, he'll have to charge up his burst longer than the time of the bot reaching him. "Oh crap!" He exclaimed. He started to think about how he can get around this situation, he couldn't use his freeze time ability since he already started to charge up his burst. He'd have to cancel his current charge which would be a massive waste. "I could probably only dodge one attack, then I can release my hands," Ichiro decided as the bot quickly approached. The bot shoed off the saw blade that it held out to the side of it, preparing for a horizontal slash at Ichiro. "Oh, Fu-!" Ichiro yelled as he leaped up making sure to keep his palms connected. The bot slashed its saw blade towards Ichiro barely missing him, the blade passing an inch underneath Ichiro who leaped upward and his body was vertical. As Ichiro fell down, landing on his back. He let out a smirk as he released his palms from each other. He shot towards the three-pointer with a lot of power and speed, feet first. Completely obliterating the bot.

    He flew around 20 feet, his body ragdolling, crashing into the ground, his momentum kept him rolling along the ground. "Ah, that...was awesome...and really painful," Ichiro grunted as he stood up. "Okay, that's like 13 points. I need to avoid fighting for a minute because of my cooldo-" He was interrupted by a shadow coming over him with a loud shudder. He looked towards the large robot around thirty foot tall. "oooooh...that's the fourth robot," Ichiro said to himself. He gulped as he looked up at the bot since he knew he couldn't really do much in this moment. He could take cover or avoid an attack but the bot looked too big to just simply avoid. Ichiro looked around for inspiration. "Now this...this is a predicament," Ichiro said to himself, as he struggled to process the urgency of the situation. The bot seemed to have its eyes on someone else, but Ichiro was still a sitting duck at this point.
  9. Elliot looked at the purple orb and the comet girl.

    "I won't be able to hold it properly." She showed her shaking hands. But suddenly she felt her body was lifted by... the screaming girl?! She had stop screaming though.

    She picked up Elliot and put her on her shoulder like a sack of potato. She then grabbed both Elliot and the orb tightly before taken away by the orb away from the bot.

    Elliot couldn't said anything because the events happened so fast, but she managed to gave the comet girl a thumb up when the orb sent them away.
  10. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Just as Manuel was ready to go again, the ground shook and the boy lost his balance ad the edge of the building. He fell down at a high speed, as a huge robot appeared from underground a few streets away. "That's the zero-pointer? It's gigantic!" He exclaimed, as he managed to stabilize himself and create an ice slide to land safely. "I'm at 27 points right now. I need to speed up..." He muttered, as a three-pointer ran at him. The robot did a downwards slash right on top of Manuel, who barely managed to dodge in time. The boy jumped on top of the blade, as the robot pulled it back up after it got stuck on the ground. He jumped at the robot's head, encasing himself in a big ice arrow, piercing through it, followed by an explosion. The explosion propelled him diagonally upwards, melting the ice, and Manuel scoped out the situation.

    Alright, let's see. Getting near the zero-pointer would be suicidal, so I have to make sure I stay a safe distance away from it. There's some two-pointers over there, so I'll get them before anybody else does.

    Manuel made an ice skateboard of sorts, the ice also covering his feet, keeping his momentum going. He made another ice path over to the two-pointers, landing smoothly without breaking the skateboard. As he faced the robots, he heard something behind him, turning around to discover a bird-kid being attacked by a three pointer. He broke the ice covering his feet, and ran over to the kid. He threw the skateboard at the robot, stunning it briefly, before positioning himself below it and splitting it in half with an ice lance that he shot from his hand. The bird-kid thanked him and went flying in another direction, leaving Manuel to dispose of the other robots. The boy ran over to the two two-pointers and froze them from the neck up, before tearing them apart with two more ice lances.

    37 points.
  11. Asami and Roxy had been quietly working on various two-point and three-point bots. They were at around 30 and 28 points respectively. They had no way to know if they had been wit the general pack or had fallen behind. Nor did it matter, as they simply desired to get as many points as they could.

    That was, till the 0-point bot had shown up. The giant had been quite the imposing figure to have said the least, and naturally the two desired to stay far away from it. After all there had been no incentive to fight it given it had no value and far too much risk involved.

    Though one thing stopped them. Another competitor, Ichiro, who seemed to be close to the 0-point bot and in trouble. Again, there had been no incentive to get involved in this as it had been another competitor's problem. Which is why Roxy was stunned to see Asami charge forward. Asami herself had no idea why she did it, but something just urged her to help and in spite of Roxy's own reluctance she flew over and aimed to distract the bot as she flew around its face while Asami got next to Ichiro.

    "H-hey, let's get out of here." Asami urged Ichiro as she aimed to lead him away from the bot while Roxy tried to distract it.
  12. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Gamma had a rough landing but regardless, he survived. However, his premature celebration was interrupted by him noticing a Zero Pointer in the distance. It happened to be the one that Asami, Roxy, and Ichiro were fighting.
    "Maybe there are some people over there, lemme see," Gamma ran over to the Zero Pointer curiously, wondering if anyone needed some assistance. He saw Roxy Trying to distract the Zero Pointer and Asami trying to get Ichiro away.
    "Need some help?"
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  13. Ichiro heard a voice telling him to get away, but he was a bit distracted by his own thought. He didn't pay any attention to who said that but he he decided to flee from the 0 pointer since that's the only logical thing to do. It seemed distracted so he'll get away. "I second that" Ichiro said as he swivelled around and sprinted towards some of the other bots.

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  14. Asami made sure to keep pace with Ichiro while Roxy kept the 0-point bot distracted as she saw them approach some other robots ahead of them.

    Fantastic, just what is needed.

    In an effort to clear a path, and perhaps get some points even if it had not been her main goal, Asami propelled herself forward as she jumped on one 2-point robot and began to chew on its wiring on the back of the "neck" as she ripped cheweed threw the wires and shut it down. Asami then jumped across and smacked a 1-point bot with her tail that caused it to crash into a car as her total had increased to 33 and she began to make a path for herself and Ichiro; her focus on the 0-point bot behind them that Roxy had distracted to this point.
  15. Tella skidded around the large No.0. Some people seemed to be running, while others distracting. "Yo, I got this thing under control!" She called seconds before the robot attempted to hit her away, missing by only centimeters. Tella lost her concentration, removing the light trail. She had just caught her self about two feet from the ground before catching another light beam. "You see, I got this!"
  16. "You okay?" The screaming girl was surprisingly fast. She had reached the edge of arena in just a minutes. She then put down Elliot on the ground.

    "I'm quite okay. The medic will fix me." Elliot straighten her legs. "How about you?"

    "I-I'm fine... Sorry for the sudden outburst before." She glanced at the ground, clearly embarassed of herself. "My quirk is called Emotion Surge, I get power depends of how strong the emotion felt by people around me. But the surprised emotion felt by the participants when that titan appear is strong enough to threw me into brief painful hysteria."

    "I see." Elliot nods. "So, what are you planning now?"

    "My power is on the peak now. So I think I will go back there and help people. I only gained 3 points so I already failed anyway, but at least I want to become a hero, if only for 5 minutes." She answered while giving Elliot a warm smile. "I.. should go now."

    Elliot gave her a thumb up. This girl reminds her so much of her friend Chio. Stupidly heroic. The girl ran back to the arena with incredible speed.

    Crap, I forgot to ask her name.
  17. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Proteus lowered himself into the shadow of a building as the 0-Pointer emerged and began to terrorize the surrounding area. He maneuvered swiftly between the shadows, getting farther and farther away from the massive machine. Conjuring a shadow blade, Proteus leapt out at a 2 pointer, severing it's arm and causing it to come crashing onto the ground.

    33 points, good but I could do better.

    He once again submerged himself into the void of darkness, this time moving to his left. He saw a girl cornered by a pair of 3-Pointers, she clearly had no way of defending herself and appeared distressed. Proteus grinned, a rather even looking grin, and made his way over to the 3-Pointers. He increased speed as he got closer, pouncing from the shadows near the last second and cleaving through both robots. His menacing grin remained on his face, he bent slightly backwards to face the girl.

    "Don't get me wrong, you clearly needed the help... but this was more for the points than for saving you. Don't need other people slowing me down, although you did a good job of holding them in place for me. Thanks for that."

    Now as long as I don't run into that disgusting light user, I should be fine at this rate.
  18. The Zero pointer raised it arm and was about to attack before two missiles suddenly flew at him and hit its arms. Cody was standing on the ground a bit further away from the zero pointer with a three pointer behind him. A one pointer was beside Cody and was seemingly thrown as it ran into the three pointer. “Seem I got it’s attention.” He said as the Zero pointer turned its gaze on Cody. The two remaining missiles in the three pointer would then get thrown at the Zeropointer an hit one of its eye, cracking it. “I expected you would be a whole lot thougher that the rest.” Cody said as he saw the Zero Pointer throw a piece of a building at him. Cody would then swing his arms forward and the reckage of the two robot he destroyed would fly towards the debris, blowing it up.
  19. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Gamma nodded as he moved on, can't ask for help or to help in situations like this, else people will swoop in and take the opportunity that you missed. A two pointer and three pointer appeared in front of his path, which Gamma disposed of by generating an electric wave and paralyzing them, however, this turned his lightning Blue, which was waker that his green.
    Crap, it looks like I'm getting weaker, I can't take a Zero Pointer by myself unless I waste another level, so I guess I gotta settle for defeating the three pointers.
  20. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    After Manuel destroyed another three-pointer, he noticed quite some commotion near the Zero-Pointer. Even though he knew that getting near it was dangerous, the sight of an explosion finally convinced him to rush in to help. He noticed some people trying to escape from the huge robot, and a few of them were actually fighting back, which was pretty impressive. "Guess you need some help?" He asked, as ran behind the robot. He put his hands on the ground, freezing the floor around the robot.

    Hope this works... It'll buy them some time.

    "And... Rise!" The boy called out, as he made a rising motion with his hands. The layer of ice that covered the ground suddenly rose up, covering around an eight of the robot. Then he created some more ice and used it to cover the robot's hands. "That'll slow it down a bit." He stated, as he did his best to keep the robot frozen.
  21. Cody looked at Manuel who froze the robot and smirked. “Great, hold it like that for a bit!” Cody shouted as the debris of a one pointer suddenly sor from the ground. “Go!” Cody shouted as he swung his arm ta the Zero pointer and the hunk of metal flew at it. The Zero pointer had just broken the ice on its arm before it was hit directly in the face by Cody’s projectile and stumbled backwards.
  22. Tella saw as the others attacked as well. Seeing how they both were stuck on the ground, she decided to offer her assistance and slid down to them. "You guys need to keep moving. I think it has some sort of tracker on it. Its already taken down one person I know about!" She said as her light slowed her down to a near halt. "So, wanna ride?"
  23. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Two. Four. Seven. Nine. Ten.

    He'd split off from the main pack of students early on, picking a spot where the bots seemed plentiful and his competitors sparse. Finding the space had cost him some time, but his extended range thanks to his weapons was allowing him to make it up relatively quickly. Heat radiated from the barrels of his twin pistols, one in either hand. He hadn't optimized their cooling systems yet, it had honestly fallen by the wayside after he was struck by the desire to waterproof them. Still, they were built from good materials, they'd burn his hands long before their insides melted from overheating. He spun on his heel, blasting an approaching one pointer's wheel out with one gun before destroying its head with the other.

    Eleven. Fourteen. Fifteen. Seventeen.

    Jake noted with some displeasure that he was being driven closer and closer to where the main horde of students were gathered. It was simple logistics: the majority of the robots were being thrown where the majority of students were gathered. Presumably, the ones he'd been finding so far were simply on the way from wherever they were released towards that main group. Still, the raccoon made sure to travel around that main cluster of students, doing his best to catch more of these approaching bots before they'd get lost in that sea of superpowers. He ducked into a narrow alleyway, traveling through it to a different avenue.

    There was a two pointer bot here. They required a bit of a different approach to destroy. One shot to either front joint to disable the front limbs, that would cause it to crumple. Then it was an easy shot to destroy their head. They were more dangerous than the one point bots, as suited their higher point total. They were built like scorpions though, so long as Jake watched their stinger tail he was fine. Still, if he was ever going to be taken by surprise, it was due to one of these, one got close enough to just brush the fur on his ear before he dodged out of its way. He destroyed that one too.

    Nineteen. Twenty-one. Twenty-two. Twenty-three.

    Three pointers were big, noisy. He could hear them approaching over the sounds of the other bots. Whereas the one point bots were vaguely humanoid, and the two point bots were scorpions, the three point bots were effectively tanks with arms. They required the most concentrated fire to take down, and even shooting out their treads wasn't a guarantee of victory. They took longer to destroy, and every time Jake saw one he had to weigh the wasted time vs. the high point potential. Still, he was playing gatekeeper now, and though he couldn't be everywhere at once he certainly didn't want to knowingly let any of the robots get past him to the student horde some blocks behind him. He riddled it with shots until it stopped moving.

    Twenty-six. Twenty-eight. Thirty-one. Thirty-two.

    The ground shook beneath his feet. Someone's quirk perhaps? Jake looked back, the main group of contestants had gotten closer. Well, more like he'd gotten closer to them, he'd been slowly backing up to keep space between himself and the bots he was catching, and hadn't reclaimed any lost ground since the first time he entered this boulevard. He soon saw what it was that had caused that little earthquake, and it was no quirk.

    The zero point bot had arrived. Whether it had been deployed near here or had been drawn by the students as the other bots were being, Jake did not know. The diagrams of these robots they'd been shown had severely understated the sheer scale of the zero point bot, it towered over many of the nearby buildings. It was easily a couple blocks from Jake and he could still see it. They'd been encouraged to avoid this particular bot, and the raccoon saw the wisdom in that. Snapping back to his senses, the raccoon sniped a pair of two pointers that were getting dangerously close to a student still enraptured by the zero pointer. No one important looking by Jake's estimation, still, better he have the points than they get them.

    The raccoon ducked into a new alleyway, heading perpendicular to the direction the zero pointer had appeared in. There were a couple one point bots on this street. He quickly blasted them all. Were students going to approach the zero-point robot or keep away, he wondered. Certainly, some hotshots with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove would find the idea of 'killing the unkillable bot' a suitable challenge for them to inflate their egos on. More weak-willed students would likely clear the area entirely, while more realistically minded heroes-to-be, like himself, would hang nearby enough to catch any action, but outside of the bot's aggro range.

    Thirty-four. Thirty-six. Thirty-seven. Thirty-eight. Thirty-nine.

    He wondered if the weaker bots would be drawn to their oversized compatriot for its protection. He allowed himself to drift closer, weaving a jagged spiral path down roads and alleys, killing bots where he could still find them. In the center of his little vortex of destruction was the zero pointer. Before long, he exited onto the road the bot itself was on - though it was still some distance away from him. His original thought was correct, there were a number of students making a play for the giant robot. This unfortunately meant that any smaller bots that might have been near it were long since gone.

    He turned his back on the zero pointer. It was a risky proposition, but it was still a ways down the road and presumably occupied with all the other students buzzing around it. Still, he turned an ear back towards the fight, paying attention to the sounds of battle while his eyes scanned the road for any remaining robots. He was soon rewarded when a new one pointer turned around a corner. Looked like there was still a few of these guys left.

    Forty. Forty-one. Forty-three. Forty-four.
  24. Asami had been working on the bots to clear a path, when she saw Tella offer a ride to her and other people who tried to flee the 0-point bot. Something Asami had appreciated a fair deal as she seemed eager to take that invitation.

    "Gah! I'm stuck!"

    Asami however had been cut off however, as she glanced behind her and saw a male student who seemed to have tripped over some debris and injured his ankle. The 0-point bot, in spite of other distractions from other students the robot still advanced forward. Asami began to think about what to do when she saw a fire hydrant nearby. Asami considered her options.

    H-he'll get out of there. O-or the robot will stop. They won't actually program these things to kill anyone here....


    I-I mean just being realistic if I went there I could get injured and I don't know if I have enough points to pass. It's too big a risk...


    B-besides I'm sure if he was really in trouble someone else would get involved. R-right, there are others fighting it and....


    "HELP ME!"

    Even as Asami had spoken her mental protests for getting involved, it appeared on insintct her body had already taken action. Moving away from Tella Asami had moved to the fire hydrant and bite the top of it off with her sharp and quickly began to gulp up the water for storage. Once Asami had gotten enough of them she moved to the side and sprayed some of it against the ground as she propelled herself in the air and charged at the robot just as the robot lifted one foot; ready to stomp on the helpless student beneath where its foot would land. Asami quickly spun around as she used the speed and the power of her tail to smack the robot in its face which, given one foot of its was already off the ground, caused it to tilt back as sparks flew from the small but powerful impact spot.

    Can't stop, gotta give it everything I've got!

    Asami sprayed the remaining amount of water inside her right into the robot as the sheer force of the blast along with the earlier imbalance and tail strike had done just enough to knock the robot back as it was sent crashing to the ground. The bot appeared down but as Asami landed she took no chances as she quickly grabbed the damaged student and ran over towards Tella's light and got on before she faced her.

    "L-let's go!" Asami pleaded as while the bot appeared down and out she wanted to ensure she got the student to safety as he clutched his damaged ankle.

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