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Ask to Join My Hero Academia: Remastered

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Daijiro heared an eruption and looked at the direction and saw a boy infront of a flaming 2 pointer robot "sigh. attention seeker" 3 pointers can be heard from a distance. daijiro opens a book. its all about demolition. "WRECKING BALL!" the threw the book open in the ground and a wrecking ball emegred from the book. he climbed inside the wrecking ball and hit three 3 pointer robots including a one pointer. "18! this is really a nice start!"
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  2. David continued along his path of destruction, fully utilizing the city based landscape to his advantage as he took out ones and twos by crashing them together when they were nearby. He eventually sat down and took a breath, recounting his points. “All together, I believe I’m at 17 now. It’s likely I’ll stop now, considering how the others need to get points too!” He chuckled to himself as he formed a lawn chair out of part of a nearby building, and began to relax in it.


    Riley got up from the most recent one pointer she had found, her face covered in oil. She stared blankly for a moment, but then dashed down the road with her arms out st her side. “Fifteen! Fifteen and I’ve yet to feel the burn!” She laughed ludicrously, jumping up on a three pointer and tearing its eye out. She hopped off the robot as it was about to explode, and trashed two more one pointers in the explosion’s wake. “Wahahahaha! Twenty! I’ve officially earned my place in the top chaaaarts! Time to aim for number O-“ Riley passed out, falling back and hitting her head slightly on a fallen one pointer’s leg.
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  3. A girl fell. daijiro went to her to see if shes okay. daijiro opened a book. its all about health kits. he took one out and covered the head of the girl with bandages. "that should hold it. you ok?" daijiro asked. daijiro asked again. no answer. "what am i doing? she fainted." daijiro asked himself. he opened a book. its all about water. he opened the book infront of thevgirl. its in the page of arctic water. "WATER!" cold water got poured down from the book. "please wake up." he said after closing the book.
  4. A three pointer suddenly arrived on the scene behind Daijiro and Riley and shot a missile at them. However, the missile suddenly changed trajectory and blew up its sender. Cody casually walked up to Daijiro with his hands in his pockets through the explosion. "Hey, if you're going to help someone in need, better make sure you pay attention to any danger around you." He said. "Won't be much help if you're taken out too would it?" He added.
  5. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    As of now, Gamma currently had 8 villain points and 5 rescue points, and he had no intentions of stopping there. However, he came across a zero pointer, and this time, there was no one to rescue. Young Tripula considered running, there was no point in wasting precious energy on a enemy who would give him no points as well as there being no one to rescue. So he took an alternate path, finding the two pointers and one three pointer. Naturally, he leapt atop the three pointer and discharged his plasma, sending an electric wave in a 1 mile radius.
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  6. Riley stood up from where she had flame asleep, drenched in water.she looked forward, staring right through Daijiro, and punched him in the gut. “...Was that the best damn wake up you could give?” She said, almost in a growl, before absorbing most of the water on her into her body. “Next time I catch you near my body, I’ll kick your ass.” Riley said, before jumping upward and onto a nearby street light.
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  7. A chuckle could be heard from the right of Riley, who was currently perched on a street light. Norou was balancing on the thin pole with ease, arms folded across his chest. "You have quite the attitude." The statement wasn't said with any hostility, but rather with a joking manner. Norou smiled and hopped onto the street light Riley was on and offered his hand for her to shake. "Norou Hideki."
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  8. Riley looked up to the man who had offered her the handshake with a smile on her face. “Heh, I like the way you said that. Name’s Riley Faye.” She took the handshake and stood up, easily standing on the pole.


    David noticed the commotion happening somewhat close to him, and moved his newly made chair with ease as it slid across the ground. He skid to a stop where the small group was forming, and frowned a bit at the two on top of the street light. “What do we have here..?” He mumbled to himself.
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  9. Norou chuckled once more and put his hands in his pockets. He looked around, watching others race to destroy robots as fast as possible. "You know, I didn't expect to make a friend so early into my time here. I thought that at least I would meet new friends during the school year, assuming I do get in. Well, anyway, maybe it would be beneficial to us both if we had somewhat of an alliance, hm?" He grinned and turned back to face Riley. "Well, Ms. Faye?"
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  10. 27

    Elliot was limping through the area she hadn't checked. She never strained her legs this much, even when the crazy Master Ryu told her to drill her technique for hours. But kicking robots was just a different thing.

    Is this enough? Should I just stop and rest?

    She sat down on the floor and leaning on the crumbled wall of a ruined building. She was thinking about different things. Is this what she want? Why? For who?

    She reached into her pocket, where she kept a unopened letter from her best friend Chio. She really wants to be a hero, she was quirkless though so her aspiration didn't even matter. Before Elliot enter the exam Chio gave the letter to her. She carefully opened it. There's only two words and a smiley on the letter:

    Plus Ultra! ;)

    Elliot burst into laughter. She then slowly got up with a renewed determination. Allright Chio, I'll give you your go beyond.
  11. “Ha! You seem like someone I’d ally with!” Riley had a menacing grin on er face as she looked down at the destruction happening around her. “So, Norou, how’s your quirk work? I gotta feeling we can make some sort of combo happen between us.”
  12. Norou smiled and held up his right hand. "This should give you quite a good idea." The small blue spots in his green eyes glowed brightly as neon blue lightning crackled around his arm, an azure aura surrounding him like trails of fog. "I call it Spirit of Thunder. It might seem a bit cheesy, but I think it rather fits well." The electricity fizzed out in small wisps of blue smoke as Norou chuckled. "So, what about your Quirk?"
  13. “Heh, I think this should give you a good idea.” Riley said, grabbing an orange from her pocket and consuming it almost instantly, and then kicked the pole downwards, causing it to collapse in on itself. Riley jumped as the pole fell, and landed with a smirk on her face. “I get energy from the things I eat. So long as it can make a change in the body and I can swallow it, I can use it to my advantage.”
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  14. Daijiro looked around "Wow. i attracted alot of people!" Daijiro looked at Riley "Im sorry" he said with a sigh. "well, trying to help is a pretty good idea considering rescue points are included" Daijiro said looking at the 2 pointers. he picked up a book. its pretty thick and heavy. he launched it to the two pointers and it jammed the inside of the robot causing it to explode. it also made 2 three pointers exploded then he looked at the boy who warned him. "26 points.im sorry im not paying attention to anything. and, by the way whats your name and quirk? im Daijiro Tatsuki.my quirk is literature manipulation. i can control books and also use the items inside the books. only that i get blinder and blinder everytime i use it." daijiro said with a sigh.
  15. Norou whistled as he dropped down to the ground, landing with ease. He chuckled and raised his eyebrows, turning to face Riley. "Quite interesting, I must say. I wonder what kind of combos we could do... Perhaps you would have an idea?" The two had to think quick. Compared to some others, Norou was quite behind in the exam.
  16. “Hmm...I know! I could toss you into the air, and you could come down and spark one of these bastards! Or I could carry you arround, and you could spark the bad guys as we run past? Our quirks ain’t that compatible, but we can make this work!” Riley thought about potential combos, outright ignoring Dajiro.
  17. Norou smirked and nodded. "Great. If you can make a solid enough platform with your hands, then you can launch me into one of those clankers and let me do what I do best." He chuckled, ignoring the other kid as well. "So, I hope you've got enough oranges in your pocket. You ready?" His body started to crackle with electricity as he braced himself, the smirk still on his face as he waited for Riley. That second option would be... really embarrassing.
  18. “Hell yeah! Let’s roll out!” Riley slammed her fist into her hand and started running towards a three pointer, not hesitating to get a beat down in. She skidded to a halt near the machine’s foot, and prepped her hands for a bounce pad. “Oi! Don’t forget your part half way and make me half to carry your sorry ass!” Riley taunted her new ally a bit as she anticipated his jump, grinning as the robot looked over head.
  19. Norou matched Riley's pace and chuckled to himself, amused by the girl's excitement. "I was about to say the same!" He ran at the back of his ally and jumped, doing a front flip before descending quickly on a path to Riley's two palms. "Let's go!" He shouted as he fell, aura flared up at high strength and eyes crackling with bright blue electricity.
  20. “Yeah! Let’s rock out!” She slammed her legs into the ground, rocketing Norou into the air. “Play It off good, kid! This is the big moment!” Riley yelled up above to her partner, but then turned to see the holes in the street she made with her thrust.
  21. Norou grinned. "Of course!" He shouted back as he was flung into the air. He twisted in the air and unleashed a powerful kick to the side of the 3-pointer's head. The head was knocked straight off and crashed into a nearby building as the headless robot toppled backward and fell to the ground. Norou chuckled and fell back to the concrete, landing easily despite a small crater made in the ground upon impact. He smiled and flashed a thumbs up at Riley before saying, "Let's keep going."
  22. “Alright! You wanna try the electro ball one, or work with what’s workin’?” Riley seemed pleased that their first combo went off well, and was glad that she had already formed something of an alliance.
  23. Norou started running once more, pondering for a moment before answering. "Let's go with the latter. I think I'll come up with something better as we go along." His run gradually increased in pace, and Norou looked back and flashed a taunting grin at Riley. "I hope you can catch up!"
  24. “You can bet ‘yer ass I can keep up!” Riley hardly finished her sentence before biting into a granola bar, and she very quickly caught up to Norou and started outpacing him, running toward a group of two pointers.
  25. Norou laughed and picked up the pace as well, catching up to Riley. "Your turn!" He called out to her before dashing past her in the blink of an eye and waiting at the foot of one two-pointer, another behind it. He made a platform with his hands, palms facing upward, and reinforced his feet and arms with his aura, bracing himself to fling Riley in the air. "This one's all yours!"
  26. “Awwright!” Riley dashed to where Norou was in a very similar amount of time that he did, and jumped into the air. “I gotta go all out, but save my force for later! Push me up!” She called down to her partner, nearly arriving faster than her words.
  27. Norou grinned as he looked up at her, waiting for that perfect second where his ally would get the most airtime. He flared up his aura and directed a higher concentrated amount to his hands before feeling the bottom of Riley's shoes press against his palms. Grunting softly, Norou flung Riley straight upward, launching her quite high. Perfect. "Don't mess this up, Riley!" He shouted up at her, grinning.
  28. Tella skid around the entire city, searching for no.2 robots. They seemed to be the easiest to destroy along the way. "30 points." She said before taking a sharp right turn. On the turn, a duo seemed to be tag teaming together to kill a set of two no.2s "Sorry!" She said as she skidded by, sending two light bars to the two robots. The lights, after they hit the robots, dissapeared as Tella raced away still upon her light ride.
  29. Cody looked around him. "Well see ya, points aren't going to be gained by standing around." He said before running off. Cody then encountered a 3 pointer not long after. He then noticed a 1 pointer coming up behind him. "Attacks from two different sides huh. No problem." He said to himself. The 3 pointer shot 2 missiles Cody's way, Cody swung his arm sideway and one of the missiles flew above him and destroyed the charging 1 pointer while the other one curved back right in front of Cody and destroyed the 3 pointer. "And that makes 29" Cody counted.
  30. "wow. ignorance is bliss" daijiro said he ran to 2 pointers and threw an open book to the two pointers sucking it inside. he took it and closed the book. the took a match and burned the book. "34! were going somewhere" he happily said. a missile is coming to him. he heared the missile so he opened a book and the missile went inside. he opened the book to the three pointer that launched the missile. the missile went to the direction of the three pointer and the robot exploded. "that was close. 36 points. Augh. my eyes! i cant see so much." he opened a door to building and opened a book inside. its all about beds. he closed the book and relaxed. he waited for a minute for his vision to come back.
  31. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Proteus had kept running for a while, down the streets and alleys of the mock city. He quickly came upon more robots, they seemed to be flooding the area around him. He dove into the shadow of a 3-pointer robot as it swung an arm at him. Moving his way up the shadow, he ended up inside of the robots. The 3-pointer ceased movement for a moment before shadow spikes erupted from inside of it's mechanical shell.

    28, and if I keep up this pace that number will only keep growing.

    Before he could start moving again he saw a large beam of purple light, he knew that couldn't come from a robot.

    Ah gross, that means there really is one here.
  32. “You can bet your ass I’m doing this one good!” Riley shot down, her arms extended in front of her. She tore the robot clean in half, and she stood in the dead center of where it used to be, arms crossed in triumph as it exploded around her.
  33. Norou chuckled to himself as he saw Riley rip through the robot, standing in the midst of the wreckage triumphantly. He flashed a thumbs up and beckoned with his arm. "Let's keep moving!" He ran through the streets, knowing full well that his ally would be able to keep up. This is going quite well. If we keep the pace or even increase it, we'll definitely get in U.A.
  34. "My visions back." Daijiro said as he opened the book. he made the book dissapear like a bubble. "better get moving!" he took a book. and climbed on it. it was his Hoverboard from earlier. two 3 pointers can be seen at the horizon. he made a book so sharp and threw it really hard on the first robot. it cut in half and exploded along with the second. "42 almost there!"
  35. "Alright, let's do this!"


    Asami grabbed onto Roxy's legs, as the bat-girl took a deep breath and began to fly through the air above the incoming metalic forces. Roxy tossed Asami right at the three point robot as Asami delivered a diving tail strike to the bot before she jumped on its back and began to chew at it with her razor sharp teeth. Roxy had been quick to provide aid as she delivered a powerful screech attack which shorted out the robot's circuts which made Asami's efforts to chew through the wires as before long the pair had defeated the three point robot.

    Though they had been far from done. Given they needed to catch up the pair began to smash through as many bots as they could. Mostly one point or two point bots as they began to claw their way back up closer to the competition.

    It had not been easy, and at one point both Roxy and Asami needed to save the other from the mechanical swarm, though between Roxy's airborne support combined with Asami's metal munching jaws they had began to make progress. Soon their points totaled 24 for Asami and 20 points for Roxy. Better than they had been to start off, but another three point robot appeared as Roxy held Asami high in the air above while they avoided some strikes as they wondered what they were to do not given this robot seemed perceptive of their strategy of tossing Asami at the robots to bite them up before Roxy joined in with sonic screams.
  36. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Manuel kept running and freezing robots, slashing at them with ice swords. His score had rosen to 27, and then he decided to take a break. After all, if he didn't recover he could begin to freeze himself. He already felt an excess of cold air around him, and his body temperature was lower than usual. He created ice platforms and positioned himself on top of a building, sitting at the very edge. The boy shivered due to the cold around him, and tried to keep himself warm by moving constantly. He watched the other students showing off their Quirks, all of them being equally impressive to him.

    Can't wait for some of them to become my classmates! He thought, excited about getting into U.A.
  37. “Yeah! Keep rockin’ out till we’re in the top 3!” Riley dashed along side Norou, biting down on an apple as she ran. Nearby she spotted two-two pointers, and pointed them out to Norou. “Oi! How about a Little one on one action, huh?”
  38. Norou grinned and nodded. "Let's do it." His eyes crackled with blue lightning as he sprinted towards one of the two pointers and extended his right hand. In what seemed like a blur, Norou lunged forward and stopped a few meters behind the robot, a smirk on his face. A few seconds later, a joint in one of the two-pointer's legs exploded, and the robot collapsed to the ground in an blast of fire and debris. He turned to see how Riley was doing, trusting she could pull her own weight.
  39. “Awww yeah! Time to rock out, bozo!”she charged at the robot and jumped into the air, her knee extended. Riley connected the knee into the robot’s eye, tearing through it and landing on the other side. “Boom! We’re all about power here, baby!” Riley said, cheering herself on.
  40. Eventually, both Asami and Roxy had come up with a silent agreement on how to proceed with this. Rather than toss Asami right at the three-point bot, Roxy dropped Asami behind the bot before she flew up with the intent to distract it which seemed to work well enough. Asami used this time to gather some water from a nearby fountain. Once Asami had stored enough water, she took aim at the back of the three-point bot as Roxy took aim from above and they launched their double attack; a sonic screech from Roxy and a hydro stream from Asami as the bot was based from both sides and damaged from the attacks. Eventually it was unable to handle the pressure as it was broken and blew to bits as Roxy took a moment to catch her breath much as Asami did before the pair noticed form more robots.

    one-point and two-point bots had been based by the pair as their team work strategy seemed to be working well. As Asami raised her score to 28 while Roxy had moved to 26. Good, but they sensed it was not good enough yet as they needed to do more to ensure they got in as they had no knowledge of the hero points they had obtained or even if they did whether they had enough to put them over the top. So they had to just keep going and hope that the would make the progress needed to pass.

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