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Ask to Join My Hero Academia: Remastered

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. (Sign up and discussion here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/my-hero-academia-rp-remastered.19214/ )

    In a world where 80% of the Earth's population manifested powers called Quirks, many people who aspires to become heroes look for places to hone their skills and become proper Super Heroes. There is one place all aspiring heroes wishes to enter to learn to be heroes, U.A High! A school where they are taught each and every day in multiple departments - Heroics being the most popular. The day of the U.A Initiation has finally arrived. Outside the gates to the second part of the entrance exam, many young aspiring heroes stood waiting for the physical exam to start and to impress the judges.
  2. Norou leaned against the wall adjacent to the gates, fiddling with a small orb of blue electricity. Using several thin chains of electricity to suspend the sphere in the air, he snapped his fingers once, and the conjuration split into two pieces, morphing into two small die. Norou let the die fall into his palm and rolled them around in his hand as he looked around. Dozens of others his age were gathered in front of the gate to U.A., planning to participate in the entrance exam. Besides the obvious competition standing around him, Norou had to take into account the people who were watching. The pro Heroes. The die in his hand dissipated, and both of his forearms began to crackle with azure lightning. This should be fun.
  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    This was it: the pivotal moment. The first day of the rest of his life. The day that he'd decide what he'd become: A hero, or... Something else? Of course, the answer was obvious. He was going to be a hero, he was confident of that. No, he actually really wasn't, but if he was good at anything, it was fooling himself. So, he paced around the crowd, tail flicking this way and that, sizing up the competition. Jake was angling for a spot in the Support Class, where his mechanical skill would serve him well, but he wouldn't turn down Heroics if offered.

    Alongside his normal outfit, he was wearing a belt with two holsters, one on either side. His hands rested on the weapons within, twin electrolaser pistols of his own design, created using the skills his Quirk granted to him. The weather was good, but he'd taken the time to waterproof the weapons just in case, he'd had an odd dream, likely brought on by stress, of them jamming in the rain during the exam. Couldn't have that now, he'd basically be helpless without them.

    Things were moving slowly, was it just stress playing tricks on him? He would have thought they'd have started by now. He stopped his pacing and pivoted towards the gate: still closed. He wanted to stay close, his smaller size meant he could slip through the crack before most, if not all, of his potential classmates could, but it also meant he had to be careful not to get trampled. He needed to make sure he was at the front of the pack as the exam started. The raccoon moved several paces closer, putting some extra space between himself and most of the rest of the others, and resumed his pacing. He needed to keep ready.
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  4. Elliot walked to the gates while eating some carrots to calm her nerves. She still felt her cold hands even though she already wore thick gloves. She wondered how her brother felt when he entered the entrance exam. Did he felt as nervous as her?

    She scanned her surrounding and found a lot of people with uneasy expression. She exhaled a breath, at least she's not the only one. Of course, how silly am I? Then she let out a small laugh at herself.
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  5. Roxy was very nervous about the entrance exam to the U.A., and munched on some strawberrys to stay calm... at least for the time being. She was being insecure about her voice, but that was probably already know by the other people around her. Thing was, she was the one that looked like a bat. She didn’t like her quirk at all, even though it would be useful in the long run. Though, it wasn’t fun at all for her arms to be replace with bat wings. She still had hands... they were just difficult to use. So she folded her wings/arms up to make it look like she was in a cloak with no hood, which at the least made her more comfortable.

    I really shouldn’t be acting like this... I should be more brave and less silly about it.” thought Roxy, keeping her wings folded and her ears open in case something happened. She did see a girl with some sheep-like features, most notably wool, while waiting at the gates. Among other people.
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  6. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Proteus sat away from the large group of other exam takers, they were too rowdy for his liking. Most of his body was submerged into the shadow of a tree, only his shoulder and above were visible. The other kids looked interesting so far, most notably three of them he saw had animal traits. A raccoon, a sheep, and a bat.

    Interesting quirks... I wonder if those are considered creepy as well...

    He sighed a long sigh, and kept watch. What he was looking for was anybody with a light based quirk, mainly so he knew who to avoid in the exams. Their quirk would naturally cancel his out, making him basically useless.

    Guess there's nothing to do but wait...
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  7. To say that Asami had been nervous would have undersold her feelings to a rather insulting degree.

    Asami had never felt the nerves she felt at this moment. As the Shark-girl in a hoodie approached the gates, those nerves only became tighter and tighter as she began to breath in and out as she took a moment to try and settle herself. Asami had to remind herself she was not just the daughter of a sailor and pro-hero now, she was an aspiring hero herself and could not allow herself to develop cold feet with her dream opportunity right before her eyes.

    Calm down Asami. Calm down. You can do this, you have to do this.

    And so, once Asami got her breathing under control, she began to move forward to the area. Her eyes nervously traced all those around her. A figure within the shadow of a tree, least that's what Asami assumed was there, along with some other students who seemed to share mutant quirks of different animals.

    Well, maybe I won't be the only one considered a bit of a freak here then...
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  8. Tella kneeled down near the left edge of the group before the gate. Gotta launch myself forward when it starts. Up 70° power 84%. She thought, running quite a few calculations in her head. What Tella needed to do was launch herself using a light strip and catch herself above ground inside where she could scope out the area. "Gotta move fast, gotta move fast." She mumbled to herself.

    Max had his wings folded back behind his shirt for the time being. No need to bother going rage until the games begin. To Max, this was no exam, but a game he knew he would win. A test is hard, a game is easy. "One, two, three, two, one." Max spoke to himself hoping to keep relaxed for the time being.
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  9. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Gamma Tripula ended up arriving slightly late, as per usual. However, he didn't even care, he started stretching and bouncing around, a carefree smile spread across his face.
    "Time to separate the failures from the prodigies, the dreamers from the pros," He confidently continued and gathered energy to use during the exams.
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  10. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    The moment had arrived. The one that would decide if he became a pro hero or got forgotten by everyone.

    At least that's how Manuel felt. Even though he was excited for the Entrance Exam, he couldn't deny that he was indeed nervous. He stood near the right edge of the gate, looking upwards and feeling tiny in comparison to the door. Still, he couldn't let his nerves get the best of him, even if he kept them well hidden. After all, he wasn't the only one who was nervous; he had already noticed that some of his future classmates were nervous as well, especially those with mutant-type Quirks.

    I'm gonna make it in. I'm not gonna give up now. Everything's gonna be just fine.

    The boy calmed himself down, giving himself some confidence. He looked around at the other people, specifically at the ones who seemed pumped up rather than nervous. These guys look good. Hope I don't fall behind... thought Manuel, as cold air began to gather around him without him noticing.
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  11. Ichiro calmly walked up to the gates with his hands in his pockets. He realized that many other candidates had arrived before him but he wasn't really that bothered. His jacket had covered up his tattoos and the tattoo on his hand was the only part of it that was visible, so he knew he wouldn't draw attention. He wanted to have a shot of whiskey or something before but he had to drive here on his moped so it's best to leave it.
    However, Ichiro did notice a...Raccoon? A Raccoon-like creature was standing away from the other candidates. This perked Ichiro's curiosity a little bit, but he shouldn't focus on others. He glanced around at everyone else for a brief moment to just scout the competition, before carefully inhaling and exhaling. "God, I hope that there's no fighting in this, there's no way I can qualify if that's everything. Anything else I think I can cope," Ichiro thought in his head as he mentally prepared himself for what could happen.
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  12. While Roxy was having her slight nervous breakdown, John walked up to the crowd, smiling a little. Among him were people that would be his soon to be classmates. There was what seemed to be a group of four people who had mutant type quirks, and some other people with interesting quirks. He gathered some energy for the Entrance Exam and walked around a bit until bumping into Manuel, and tripping over something shortly after. “Whoops, sorry!” exclaimed John, looking to Manuel and getting up.

    Roxy, however, was having some mixed feelings about the Entrance Exam. She didn’t seem to feel confident about her abilities and her quirk getting very far in the Entrance Exam, and didn’t expect to win the entrance exam.
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  13. As Asami glanced around, she took note of another girl who seemed to be a mutant like her; some sort of bat-girl and noticed she seemed nervous much as she had. The girl, Roxy not that she knew her name, and herself both seemed to be in need of a boost in morale. So Asami walked over to the girl and decided to walk over towards her while she kept the bulk of her shark-face obscured by the hoodie along with her upper body.

    "H-hello there. Big day huh?" Asami asked Roxy, though she had quickly cursed herself as she felt that was an awkward lead in and would make trying to make this easier for them both all the harder.
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  14. Norou yawned and looked around. Some seemed excited and ready to go, while others looked downright terrified. The lightning user was neither. He was calm and collected, but also almost bored. I wonder when the exam's going to start. In reality, this entrance exam was a very small obstacle that merely needed to be cleared in Norou's journey to the seat of the Top Hero. Contrary to his normal attitude, in his mind, friends weren't really necessary during the exam, but he would definitely attempt to befriend some of his classmates at U.A.
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  15. Roxy acknowledged Asami’s presence immediately, responding with “Well, I dunno. I just don’t feel like I’m gonna do well... at all...” She wanted the entrance exam to start soon but not too soon. “Wait, um... What is your name?” asked Roxy, trying to make more conversation. She wanted to know her name because she thought maybe they could work together in the Entrance Exam, and such. Which sort-of helped lighten the mood, at least in her head.
  16. Asami gave a nod. She understood how Roxy felt and if nothing else had been quick she acknowledged her rather quickly. Asami figured that had to be a good sign but then blushed a little as she was asked of her name but quickly settled herself while she kept her figure hidden in the hoodie though she did try to look at Roxy before she spoke up.

    "A-Asami. Asami Natsuko. N-nice to meet you." Asami, the tall yet clearly shy shark-girl said as the thought of perhaps knowing this girl to work with her during the exam had crossed her mind herself but Asami had not pressed it just yet in the event Roxy did not want that.
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  17. “Asami... Okay. Well, I’m... uh... Roxy Jackel?” spoke Roxy to Asami. She was shorter than Asami in height, but height didn’t concern her at the moment. Maybe it would later. “So... um... I thought of the possibility of us working together in the Exam or something, maybe.” mentioned Roxy, descending farther into silence with each word. “God, this is probably gonna be a horrible idea...” she thought, considering that maybe she’d fail the test anyways, and the thought of Asami’s quirk being more useful in the entrance exam.
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  18. "Oh, well...I think that idea sounds great." Asami said, and in truth the idea seemed like a good enough one to consider anyway. Asami had her concerns over her capabilities, and she figured Roxy had been in the same situation she was so an alliance seemed advantageous.

    "I would...be h-happy to work with you Roxy." Asami said, though she had a brush as she quickly tried to mask it with her hoodie. The older girl had to get over this shy bug she was hit with even if she had been nervous over the exams. Roxy counted on her help and Asami could not afford to let her down.
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  19. The giant screen above the gate suddenly turned on. A shadowy figure appeared on the screen. "Welcome all aspiring heroes to the entrance exam!" The shadow exclaimed. "Now the test is simple, inside the gates, there is a large empty city. There are many villain bots roaming the place." He explained. "There are 3 kind of robots and they all give you different amount of points as you can see here." He said showing onscreen a graph of 4 different robots. " Robot 1 will give you one point, robot 2 will give two and robot 3 will score you three. As some of you may have noticed, there are actually 4 kinds of robots on this diagram. That is because the fourth one is a distraction, a zero pointer if you will. If you do encounter it, its best to try and avoid it" He explained. "Now that I have explained the event, the test will now begin." He said as all the gates opened. "Good luck to you all, we will be watching." He figure said before the screen turned off.
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  20. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Veno had been mostly silent for most of the time waiting, though he was very excited to begin inside. Not nervous at all, but on the outside he seemed calm. At least, he hoped so. He saw some other excited person bumping into others and smiled at that. Most were either nervous or excited like him, he observed, but there were also some that were either calm like he was pretending to be or emotionless from a visible standpoint. When the screen appeared, Veno immediately focused on it and listened carefully to everything the shadow was saying. Then the doors opened.

    Before anyone could get a point, Veno hoped to get "First Blood" and began using his super speed to go through the crowd quickly and look for robots. He found a three pointer and before it could see him he jumped on top of it and landed multiple punches, breaking it. "This is fun," he said with a grin.
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  21. Norou directed his gaze to the large screen above the game as an announcement rang out. He listened to the directions of the exam and nodded, watching the gates slowly open. With two clenched fists, Norou harnessed his Quirk, Spirit of Thunder, as chains of bright blue electricity began to dance around him. The blue flecks in his deep green eyes began to glow as he directed his electrical aura to his feet and lunged forward, bursting through the cluster of students bustling through the gates. Norou emerged into the area and immediately ran throughout the streets, looking for any robots to destroy. Suddenly, a large tank-like figure appeared around the corner, three red circular lights on its head shining brightly. The teen grinned and rushed toward it, leaping into the air right in front of the robot's head. Norou aimed an electrified fist at it as the robot exploded upon impact. He ran down the smoking debris and landed on the ground, continuing to search for more. Three points.
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  22. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Proteus's top half zoomed down a street, he was still mostly submerged in shadows which made his appearance rather shocking. He rounded the corner stopping suddenly at the sight in front of him. The street he had just come to face was filled with robots. Three one-pointers, two two-pointers, and a single three-pointer.

    Well there's some easy points.

    He pulled himself out of the shadow, and in doing so somewhat resembled a demon crawling it's way out of hell... at least that's what the kids in his previous school said it looked like. As his full body took form in front of the robots, they simultaneously turned in his direction. Proteus simply sighed before taking a deep breath, preparing his lungs for the speech he was about to give.

    "Unholy shadows, I beseech you! Come to aid me in this frivolous combat! My black soul hungers! Run through my enemies! Invade their bodies as you have invaded my heart! Pillars of Pain!"

    Suddenly the shadows of the building around Proteus seemed to solidify, turning into massive spikes of black matter. Even though they had a definite shape they still seemed to warp and shift, like they were in constant agony. The robots in the road were impaled almost instantly, small explosions filled the area and the robots themselves crumbled to the ground in pieces.

    10 points.
  23. Tella watched as the games began. As soon as it began, the light beam appeared before her. She fell onto it, launching herself into the air. At the apex of the launch, another beam caught her, letting her slide across it over to the far end of the battle field with the fewest other people. Being as she moved fast, Tella made it there before most others.

    Tella raced across the road of the far left corner. Whenever a robot came close, Tella waved her arm which sent a light beam forward right into the robot. Each one tore the robot out from the inside out. "Three, four, six, eight, nine, eleven." She counted as she drilled each one through.

    Mike's wings blasted back when it began. The burst sent him ahead of the people without speed based quirks. The moment a robot came to sight, a fireball was sent blasting forward. Each enemy killed, the more rage fuelled Mike. He flew around road by road, sending one after another into walls or big firey explosions. Some Mike didn't even bother fighting and just flew right through it as his horns grew out way longer than normal.
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  24. The announcer declared the test finally beginning. As it explained the rules, Ichiro was just trying to hype himself up, or maybe just trying to convince himself he'll be fine. The buzzer went off and the gates opened. He sprinted and started looking around for robots to give him points.

    He started thinking of the best way to find and destroy the robots, there was no point using his Index finger - Looking through walls since they're not lifeforms and so he'll only be able to see other candidates and that would be pointless. "I need to be wary not to leave myself open when using my powers," Ichiro said to himself as he turned a corner. He saw a level 1 bot blindly walking and so he sprinted towards it connecting his palms together. His tattoo started to glow bright but his hands were the only skin showing that his tattoo was on. After a couple of seconds, he got close to the bot and released his palms, he fired himself through the bot completely obliterating it. He charged a bit longer then he intended and hit a level 2 bot over causing damage to it. "Uhh, I meant to do that," He said.

    Ichiro looked forward to see many bots get impaled by dark, shadowy spikes. He noticed the bloke who's quirk was doing that. "There's no point going that way, he'll clean all of them up before I could charge back up," He thought aloud. He heard an incredibly loud thud from behind him which Ichiro instinctively spun around towards. It was a 10-foot robot, with its eyes on Ichiro. "oh...that's the 3-pointer," Ichiro sighed as he lowkey was scared to death. "Okay guess I am going this way," He said as he sprinted away from the robot and towards Proteus.

    He sprinted past Proteus and yelled at him. "Yo! Shadowy bloke! You might want to leg it," Ichiro yelled as he connected his palms to charge up his burst again.
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  25. Elliot had taken a spot on a three-story building. She didn't like crowded place that much so she planned to scout for a bit. She could spot some robots in the distance, most of them were running into the area where most students gathered.

    She decided to go into some 2 pointer robots that were just moving aimlessly. She stalked them for a moment before charging straight at them. Two of them noticed her and start attacking her, but she easily dodged the attack and position herself in the middle before dodge their next attack. Two robots down after their attack hits each other.

    A 1 point and a 2 point came running at her. Elliot ready her stance before delivering a kick forward. The kick collides with the 1 point, destroying it immediately. She then jump onto the 2 point and tied a prepared lasso wool before get down to lure the robot. The robot tried to attack her but the wool was tied to a fragile building, resulting in the building collapsed onto the bot.

    Not enough. Elliot climbed another building with her lasso wool to scout for another robots.
  26. Norou looked around and saw others tearing through robots with ease, racking up much more points than he. He chuckled to himself and said to himself in a singsong voice. "Well, I guess I'll just have to step up my game." He leaped into the air once more and scanned the vicinity. In one street, an array of two and three point robots roamed through the stretch of concrete. Three 2-pointers, three 3-pointers. Eh, good enough. Norou's palms sparked with blue lightning as he propelled himself forward with small beams of electricity towards the robots. He landed on the ground in front of the line of robots and grinned at them before leaping upward again far above them and making a finger gun shape with his right hand that sat on the open palm of his left. Norou aimed with one eye, and his grin grew wider as a single word was uttered from his lips. "Railgun." A single, dense, giant blast of bright blue lightning was fired from the tip of his index and middle finger, hurtling toward the automatons. Suddenly, the blast of electricity split into several large threads that rained down like hellfire onto the robots, blowing them up upon contact. 18 points total. Still gotta keep moving.

    After landing on the ground, Norou noticed a two others running along the street perpendicular to the one he was on and looked in the opposite direction. Ah. It was one of those 4th robots, and they were absolutely massive. He stepped into the street and turned to face the obstacle robot, looking up at its huge chassis (his neck would probably hurt if he tried to look at the head). "You're a big one."
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  27. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Veno saw others using things like Shadows and fireballs and just sighed. "I'll show them how it's done," he muttered. He grabbed one of the three pointer's arms and swung it at a two pointer, destroying it. Then he grabbed it's tail and began throwing it at a one pointer, repeating the tear and throw process on each of the robots he had killed. He knew his muscles would start to hurt soon, but until then he had to go all out. He used his heightened eyesight to find a one pointer and began the process once more, currently have a dozen points.
  28. A bit more optimistic after what Asami had responded with, Roxy responded with “Cool. Let’s go, then!” She took off with her quirk, Flying Fox, which was her personal name for her bat quirk, and found a robot that according to the screen’s explanation, was most likely worth one point. She then continued to screech at the robot, at least trying to stun it. It was working somewhat, but not very well. Roxy was probably hopeless, but that didn’t stop her from trying. She did punch it as well. Eventually it did explode, and she earned one point. Confident, she went and did the same to another two robots, both still worth one point, and punched it, and attacked it anyway she could until it exploded. The total of points she’d gotten so far was three. And she continued to get six points as her total and then nine.

    As for John, since Manuel didn’t say anything or acknowledge his presence next to him, he ran into the said cityscape and started generating vines from his bare hands, and stretching and growing them with his quirk. He wrapped about three robots in the vines, and once they all seemed sandwiched into each other and exploded from the sheer pressure the vines that John had created, he gave a bit of a smirk.
    Six points.
    Whenever a group of robots approached him, he’d simply wrap them in the vines and would try to get them to collapse into each other and create a domino effect. He took a break and then calculated his points in his head. “Twelve, fifteen... Eighteen points.” thought John, happy with that.
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  29. "R-right!" Asami said before she charged through the gates after Roxy. Asami was amazed at the way the girl flew through the air, she felt that was pretty cool. Asami lacked water to swim.

    By a nearby water fountain and a pair of one point robots had given her an idea. Asami dashed over and began to drink as much water as she could. Once Asami had filled her large lunges, she held the water in before she turned to the pair and sprayed them with water; it shot out of her mouth like a high powered hose as the robots had been pushed back and took some damage before they fell over said water on the ground and crumbled along the ground.

    O-okay. Two points.

    Asami then saw a two point bot as she jumped in the air and delivered a pair of powerful tail slaps across its face. This staggered the bot, which allowed Asami to get behind it before she jumped up and used her razor sharp teeth to bite into the robot and rip up its shoulder. Then the back of its neck till she managed to get to the wiring as she ripped that apart with her teeth which caused the robot to shut down before Asami jumped off.

    Four points.

    Asami kept this pace, as she knocked down four more one points robots which brought her total to eight before she took note of a big bot that came before her and Roxy. A three-point bot. Asami moved to her newfound ally.

    "S-say, mind working together to split these points?" Asami asked as the three-point bot and several other lower point bots began stared the two down while Asami assumed a battle stance.
  30. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Dammit, it's already started!

    Manuel had sort of dozed off, and though he had payed attention to the big screen, hadn't realized that the test would start so soon. Using the cold air he accidentally gathered before, he jumped and then used the cold air to propel himself upwards, away from the initial group of students and landing on top of a three-story building. He scoped out where to find a group of robots far away from where most students gathered. He eventually found a group with two one pointers, one two pointer and one three pointer. The boy created an ice path, sliding down near the robots.

    "Circle Moon Ring!" He called out, as he generated ice chakrams that cut through the one and two pointers, the three pointer resisting the attack. Manuel jumped from the ice path near the robot, and created an ice sword that cut through the robot, leaving a wall of ice that broke shortly afterwards, just like the robot.

    Seven points. I'm off to a good start.

    As he ran through the streets, he noticed a building collapsing on top of a robot, the student who did that dissapearing from his sight a few moments later. Whoa, what was that? The boy thought, before shaking his head and continuing on. He froze a few one and two-pointers, slashing through like he did before. That makes eleven. Gotta keep this up!
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  31. Tella stopped doing the solo light beam travel and began using it like roller skates. The light appeared beneath her feet so she kinda just glided across the air without much problems. By the time she reached somewhere around 20 points, all that was left was a few one pointers. "Heh, not worth it." She said to herself before skidding off to find some more robots. Along the way, one spot seemed to gain quite the commotion. Tella quickly shifted directions to see what was up.

    The first thing Tella saw just happened to be a kid with some kind of dog mutation struggling with a duo of no.3s. "Need some help?" She asked while riding over. What she did was kick off the ground into a flip, defying gravity with the momentum of the sling. Two light beams slammed into the robots, sending both slamming into the ground as the lights propelled them into it. "Aim a little lower, dog-boy."
  32. 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15.

    Elliot took a little rest. She checked her legs, only to found it slightly red. Tomorrow will be a painful day. She sighed before climbing another building to scout. Looks like most of the students had dispersed. Oh, there's some bots there.

    She jumped onto the bot and kicked its main engine. The bots dropped immediately.

    "AAAaaaahhH!!" A scream pulled her attention to a boy who had been cornered by a 2 pointer. She quickly approach the bot and destroy it with two kicks to the main engine.

    She looked at the boy who seems to have peed himself. Oops better pretends to not saw it. She left the boy without saying a thing. Though it made her thinking: contrary to her nervousness before, she had been pretty calm since the exam started, just as her brother said.
  33. As Norou looked up at the obstacle robot, he also heard a shrill cry in front of him. A kid had tripped and scraped his knee, now limping as fast as he could away from the mechanical menace that loomed over him. Norou's eyes widened, and he dashed forward and jumped into the air, directing his electric aura to his hands and feet. He unleashed a flurry of attacks upon the robot, creating several dents in the robot's metal torso, which exploded from the sheer power from the blows. The automaton toppled backward and exploded once more upon impact with the ground. Norou landed back on the ground and ran over to the kid with the injured knee. He helped the poor guy sit against the wall of a nearby building and tore off a piece of his white shirt, tying it around the bloody cut in an attempt to staunch the bleeding. Norou flashed a friendly grin and a thumbs up. "Get some rest." He stood back up and dashed off.
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  34. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Proteus heard the other boy yell at him from some distance away.

    Shadowy bloke huh? That's a new one I guess...

    Proteus stood still, his hand on his chin contemplating the creativeness of the insult. It was just then that he noticed the enormous shadow looming over him.

    Heh, so the shadow god himself has finally come to pay me a visit. Not to say I wasn't expecting it, just a rather odd time to do so...

    The shadow got bigger and bigger, finally reaching it's maximum size as the large 3-pointer robot stood directly behind Proteus.

    "So you've come, Erebus! God of all shadow and darkness! I must admit master," Proteus spun around, finally coming face to face with the robot. "I wasn't expecting a visit from you at this time... Oh, that must have been what the boy was yelling at me about huh?"

    He melted himself into the shadow under him just in time to avoid a massive fist crashing down on the street. The impact created an enormous crater that Proteus used to move into the shadow of the buildings, escaping the area and moving away from the massive mechanical menace.
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  35. "Oh IM LATE! did i also forget my phone? good lord!" said Daijiro as he ran through the metal gates. he went inside the stadium and saw it already started. "aww!" daijiro took a book and make it larger to make it as a Hoverboard. once he took off theres a three pointer near him. he levitated books and looked at the titles "Knives and swords? nope. Guns and ammo? also nope. How to survive 101? could be usefull but, nah. this is all garbage!" he launched the hard books to the robot and it hit the neck and it broke the wires. "OOH GIANT HAMMERS!" he opened the book and he put his hand inside and pulled out a giant warhammer "i better be fast this wont hold long!" he swung the hammer and hit it into the head. he saw it launching in the air. "homerun!"
  36. Ichiro glanced back as 3-pointer bot punched the ground where the shadowy bloke causing a crater. Ichiro didn't notice Proteus avoid the attack so he assumed the worst. "Oh...he dead. To be fair I did warn him. That's his own fault," Ichiro said to himself as he turned the corner. "I only have three points so far. I need to rack up some more. My best bet is to line up some bots and burst through them," He thought aloud. There was a couple of 1-pointers and a 3-pointer that seemed to have gone unnoticed so far. "Okay this can work," Ichiro murmured to himself as he ran past the bots, getting their attention. They followed Ichiro blindly causing them to be clumped together. Ichiro turned sharply towards the bots and released his palms. He shot through the bots leaving an Ichiro shaped hole in them.

    "8 points, okay," Ichiro whispered as he caught his breath. He then stopped and looked at someone destroying bots with their hammer and yelling cliche lines as they hit them. "Oh...I didn't know weapons were allowed. If that was the case, I would have bought an axe or somin." Ichiro complained.
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  37. "Wow, i made a lot of clichés." Daijiro tought "three points!" he can see 3 and 2 pointers. "nice!" he took a book and opened it and a lot of words came out it turns out it was a dictionary he was holding. words was launched into the air including the words, internet, hiatus, bombs, and so much more. he launched word into the robot like a solid thing and it peirced trough the robots. but his eyes are getting blurry. "i should get bigger tarhets or ill get blinded!" daijiro said with a sigh. "8 points is a good start"
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  38. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    As he continued on, Manuel noticed the unusually huge 3-pointer in the street. "Wonder if this huge 3-pointer is worth 6 points... Nah, still a 3-pointer." He muttered. "Looks like I'll have to get through to keep going." He added, as he ran over to the robot's position. He jumped and made ice platforms in the air, going upwards an then landing on top of the bot. "Nice meeting you. Ciao!" He said to the robot, as he put his hand on its head. Ice began to envelop the huge bot's head, freezing it. The boy jumped off the bot, then landed on another ice platform.
    "Frosted Burst!" He called out, then jumped from the platform onto the neck, summoning two ice swords and slashing repeatedly, then finishing it with a final thrust. The neck fell to the ground, creating a crater the same size of the one it had made before with a punch.

    "And that makes fifteen points. Hope I didn't really overdo it..." The boy said, as some cold air could be seen coming from his mouth.
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    Crap, the exams started! Gamma panic was short lived, as he knew that heroes don't have time to wet their pants. He ran from the starting point and tried to find a large field of robots. Fortunately, he found some 2 pointers, which were reduced to scrap thanks to his plasma. Gamma ran to get some more points, unaware of the other person that he rescued.
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  40. David seemed to be one of the last few people to arrive, though he certainly wasn’t too late. He found a cluster of one pointers, and simply threw the ground on top of them, turning the, to shreds. “Late? No, I’m just making a noticeable entrance!” He glided down a path made of the concrete below him, making a rail protruding off the ground. He found a two-pointer, and dropped the rail he was grinding on below toward the bot. The bot was split in half, and erupted in a blazing fire behind David as he posed with the scenery. “Five points...beautiful! My, how I’m suited for an even like this!”
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