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Private/Closed My Hero Academia! Nxt Gen.

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Platinum_, May 14, 2017.

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    Ever since 80% of the human population began starting to reveal of having all different types of super-abilities, "quirks" as their names, using these powers have become the center of life. People began becoming Heroes that fought for all that is good and just, or using their quirks to cause havoc and become Villains, while some simply remained neutral, but studied under Heroes to hone their abilities.

    There was one place where every aspiring super-hero went to train and learn how to master their powers and become the best that they could be -- U.A High. It is a school where all kinds of graduating Junior High students that wish to hone their quirks go, and there they are taught each and every day in multiple departments - Heroics being the most popular, where students that wish to become Heroes are tested vigorously on what the day-in-the-life of real battling and saving lives is like. Everyone in this department has one goal...to obtain their Hero License, which they may test for in their third and final year to go on and officially gain the status, titles, and occupation of a true Hero. Until then, there are first year students who must focus and give it their all just to even get in the school...


    It was insane. Everything about it, really. This was it - the time to prove yourself worthy of venturing on to your journey of becoming a Hero. The time to show yourself off to the Academy, and to see if you have what it takes to become a symbol of hope, peace, and protection within the city district. The "Entrance Exam" was a tough and rigorous both written and physical exam. An underweight, yet intelligent, pale blonde teen boy had managed to pass the written test along many other students trying to get into U.A Highschool, but now they stood in a large and empty replica of the city district, where several upon several types of large robots stood before them, ready to attack each of these students.

    "Oh....my...god." Horu sighed, staring up to one of the tallest mechanical beasts before him. "T-This....is unbelievable!"

    The point of the exam was to test not only the abilities, but also the character of each and every student in this portion. Some of the most respected heroes/professors of U.A High were sitting far off, watching each move the students made. The students were expected to battle these robots - the largest ones holding 3 points, medium sized ones holding 2, and the smallest holding 1. The Professors would tally up the student's respectable points depending on how many of each robots were taken down by an individual. They also gave points depending upon the actions of rescuing/aiding other students shown by another student.

    Overall, it was a giant test to see who was fit to learn to become a Hero, and who cant. Those who dont score enough points, or start battles with other students are disqualified. And that terrified Horu. The countdown began, and once it hit zero, each of the uniquely talented students started off, running full speed ahead and beginning to strike, dodge, and evade the large villain-bots.

    Horu managed to close his eyes and conjure up a long steel staff that emerged from both of his palms, forming into sharp ends on both sides - but since he didn't have any projectile attacks, he was heavily reliant on his close combat abilities this time around. He rushed forwards, slightly distracted by other students who happened to already be racking up points. He hoped he could keep up - he just had to pass. Attending U.A High and becoming an official Hero, like many of the other students, was his biggest dream so far.
  2. Under normal conditions, Akira would have been incredible nervous. All the heroes of the world were watching, and he needed to perform well or risk not getting into the U.A. which was NOT an option. However, this challenge favored his talents. Already he tapped into his Quirk: Magnet by slapping his hands together and saying the trigger word.


    Akira then extended his arms to two 3-point robots and gained hold over them, then he moved his arms to drag the robots towards him, moving out of the way just in time as the two robots slammed into each other, causing them to explode on impact.

    6 points...

    Akira then noticed three 2-point robots and slammed his hands against each other for his second trigger word.


    Akira then extended his arms forward and the three robots were sent flying away from him and sent them crashing into other robots, a couple more of the 3-point robots. Soon a giant explosion happened as Akira took a moment to hold his head, a headache starting already.

    Can't push it. Gotta keep myself together. Anyway if I remembered the point value correctly that was another 12 points. My total is at 18. If I keep this up I should be able to do this. I just can't go crazy...

    Akira then moved to find more robots to destroy.
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  3. Emi flew high in the sky, holding a broken piece of armor from a fallen robot. The kid who caused it blew them up without even touching them. Ignoring how unfair she felt that was, Emi focused on the task at hand. Her Quirk was not very suitable for this exam, but with a little creativity...

    "Eat this!"

    Emi dove down and drove the piece of armor across one of the 3-point robots, slicing it using momentum and velocity along with the tough piece of scrap-metal. Emi landed on the ground to take a breathe. After waiting for other students to blast some of the early robots, she used the spare parts as weapons to make up for the fact her Quirk couldn't smash them itself. Emi finished collecting her breathe to think over her performance so far.

    Alright, that's my second 3-point bot. Along with the two 2-point bots one one 1-point bot, that makes 11 points total. I've got to do better than that, I need to show the heroes what I can do!

    So Emi took a deep breathe and flew up in the air with her newfound weapon to go look for more robots.
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  4. Horu stopped in place as large pieces of other nearby robots had came crashing around him. He noticed another student around his age slinging the villain-bots with a breeze, although he did seem to be feeling some physical drawbacks with each attack - still, he was racking up points.

    "Thats crazy --- but!"

    He stopped himself as an idea sprung inside of him. Dematerializing his staff, Horu placed both arms out infront of him, concentrating deeply as iron began leaving his palms and forming into a structure in front of him. He could feel the ground around him begin to tremble a bit, and sure enough one of the larger robots was heading his way. The metal finally finished its expulsion from Horu's body, forming into a long waist-high, steel finished catapult, one of the defeated villain-bot's arms placed in the hold.

    "Alright, time to show the administration what I can do!" He called, just before the catapult released, launching the large mechanic arm straight into the 3-Pointed bot.

    The arm smashed into the robot's large head, knocking it straight off - colliding with a smaller bot behind it, causing it to be crushed as well. He did it! However, Horu knew that all together he had only gained up to 5 points now - but he hoped that stunt was enough to catch the attention of the spectating heroes.
  5. Davis Yuto had an idea, and you woudn't like his ideas. He was currently taking the exam for U.A. which in it's own right, was a big deal. And now the students had to fight giant robots. It sounds cool, but it was far from that. Waiting a second fr some students to break apart some bots, he ran around examining parts. Then after a second, he grabbed some scrap and began to build. This was his quirk after all. Within no time at all, he built himself a jetpack, and some kind of weird looking RPG. He took the the skies firing a few shots of molten metal at a few robot's heads. Then the jetpack exploded sending the boy skyrocketing towards the headless body of a 2 point robot. He landed and in a flurry of building, he took control of the robot, and swung the arms, smacking them into the bigger 3 point robot, who seemed to be causing trouble to a few students.

    At this point his number of points were a mystery. he had just started smashing stuff. Things seemed to be going well. And then, while he was on a rol, he lost motion in the entire left side of the bot. The robot collapsed, with Davis jumping off just in time.

    He landed on the shoulder of a 1 point robot, and raised his red metalic arm, and blasted the bot's head off before leaping off and landing on the ground.
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  6. Akira had nearly doubled his point value, currently at 32 points at the moment, as he had to stop to hold his head once again. Taking a moment to settle the headache.

    Can't stop now, I have to show these heroes what I can do!

    Akira then heard thunderous footsteps and saw it. The arena trap. The giant 0-point robot made its way towards Akira.

    So the rumors were true, they do sends these bots against people getting high scores. That means I must be doing well, but I can't stop now...

    By pure luck a couple more of the 3 point bots, three 2 point bots and four 1 point bots not too far behind the 0 point bot, alone and waiting for a hero to fight. This gave Akira an opportunity. Akira took a deep breathe and slammed his hands together.


    Akira extended his arms forward and focused on the large 0 point bot. Due to its size, Akira had to concentrate extensively, a vein visible on the side of his head. Soon his efforts produced a result, the 0 point bot stopped moving forward and began to wobble in place. Eventually the robot was pushed back just enough to cause it to topple over, falling backwards...right on top of the other robots. A thunderous explosion followed as each and every bot was crushed underneath the 0 point bot and exploded. Akira fell to his arms and knees, panting heavily and holding his head due to a massive headache. Akira would need a minute or so to recover, but Akira knew he had to have left a lasting impression. Not to mention...

    Oh god, my head hurts...but, that worked well enough. 16 points, that means my total is now...48 points...I need to rest...for a minute...
  7. "You've....you've got to be kidding me..."

    Those were the only words Emi could squeak out. From high in the air, Emi could a full view of a guy her age managing to topple over the giant 0 point bot and use to to crush the other villain robots underneath it.

    This guy...well I'm not getting first. No big deal, I can still show off to the heroes.

    Emi found her resolve and down down once more, using her broken piece of robot to decapitate three 2-point bots. Emi continued to sly as she tossed her piece of scrap metal like a frisbee sending it crashing into a 3-point bot. Emi continued to fly towards it and delivered a flying kick, sending the piece of lodged scrap metal through the 3-point bot destroying it. Emi landed on the ground and took several deep breathes, trying to regain her strength and stamina.

    That's another 9 points...making my total to 20 points. Good, but I can do better.

    Emi took a moment to regain her breathe before she flew up, grabbing a new piece of scrap metal, and looked for more villain bots.
  8. Kenny sat on top of a huge pile of 1, 2 and 3 points vilain robots as he watched the action in front of him. "Wow, there are some really powerful people here trying to get into U.A." HE said to himself. He tough about all the points he has already gotten. "Let's see I f I remember correctly. I have currently 42 points." He though as a 3 point robot charged at him. He easily avoided the incoming robot then enlarged his fist and punched the robot's head off, making it also fall on the pile. "That make 45." He said casually after sitting back on his pile of dead robots.
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  9. Katsuo walked among the wreckage with an interested look on his face as he leaned down to pick up small parts from the mutilated robot remains.
    "Well we're being watched by some of our superiors. They want us to take out these robots but this is more than a test of power." He thought to himself. Katsuo was determined to show he stuck out from the crowd, he refused to fall into the background. He ducked out of sight and stayed low when robots passed in hopes of continuing his search undetected.
    "Come on, should be here somewhere..." he said to himself while sifting through the remains of a 3 point robots head.
    "AHA! Found it!" He exclaimed while holding up a small computer chip. Katsuo pocketed the piece along with several others before making his way to one of the less habitable sectors.
    "Whoa, lots more robots over here, looks like this area is mostly untouched, perfect." He grinned while examining the area before dropping his pile of supplies on the floor.
    "Lets see....should have enough for 2." He spoke to himself while trying to piece small scraps together.
    "Never been much of a tech guy, better take my time..." As he finished he looked up to see a boy take the head off a giant robot.
    "Eh...maybe I shouldnt take my time..." He said jokingly while scrambling to finish the machine.
  10. Kenny got up on top of his pile of robots. "I should get more points, you can never go overboard with this kind of things." He looked around with more radius due to being standing on a mountain of robots and found one 2 point and two 1 point vilain robots not far from him. "Perfect." He though as he swung his arms around throwing a few slime balls that formed into puddles at the vilain bots' feet. When the robots stepped on the slime, they all tripped after the slime caused their legs to stick on the ground. "Now for the kill." He said as he threw more slime balls piercing the robots' heads. "That's 49." He said sitting down. Kenny then panted. "Phew, still need practice with that slime property thing." He said to himself.
  11. Katsuo dove to the side as a level 2 bot tried swinging at him. He rolled before skidding to a stop barely staying on his feet.
    "Well I guess I dont get time to test it out huh?!" He yelled while tightening two metallic straps to his hands, loose wires and such stuck out from the crude gadget, and a green square plate fashioned from the computer chip was attached to his palm.
    "Here we go..." He mumbled while barely dodging the charge of a robot. He spun around as the bot passed his and pointed his palm at the back of its head.
    "C'mon....please" He clenched his eyes shut as a blue light flickered to life in his palm. After a moment of build up a pulse shot from his hand directly into the back of the robots head. It froze in place for a moment as static danced along its metal frame before letting out a low buzz as it fell forward.
    "Yes! It works!" He exclaimed before turning his attention to the bigger robot approaching.
    "One down, hundreds to go..." He spoke quietly while charging up his gloves.
  12. "Yahoo!" Davis shouted as he fired off a cannon of junk. He had built himself a scrap launcher and was having some serious fun, firing scraps of metal at passing bots. It was things like this, that made him want to become a hero even more. The crazy awesome rush.

    He looked at a huge robot that seemed to be charging at a kid, and aimed his gun at it's head. Then he noticed that the kid was fiddling with something on his wrist. If he needed to he would blast the bit, but he watched to see what would happen.
  13. Kenny sat on his pile when he was suddenly confronted by four 1 point Vilain robots. "So you guys want to play huh." He said cracking his knuckles. One of the robots charged at him but Kenny swiftly dodged it, another shot a few missiles that Kenny also dodged. He then faced the one who charged him and extended his arm punching it into a wall. He turned to face the one who shot the missiles at him and jumped past it, slamming the robot into the ground while doing so. The two remaining robot charged at him from two different angles so Kenny slid past one of them and wrapped his arm around its leg. He then grabbed the strenches out arm with his other arm and swung the robot around slamming it into the other robot. Kenny then threw the robot into another 1 point who was chasing a girl. He then fell to the ground and sighed. "That's 54 I believe." He said to himself while laying on the ground.
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  14. Katsuo downed bot after bot without much effort, he felt on top of the world.
    "Perfect, I didnt expect the gloves to work so well." Just as he finished praising himself a level 3 bot slammed its foot into the ground next to Katsuo sending him flying. He skidded across the ground before slamming against a wall, a pained expression on his face.
    "No..." He spoke unsteadily while sliding down the wall. His gloves fizzled and sparked as they had been heavily damaged.
    "This uh....could be bad.." He said jokingly while trying charge his gloves.
  15. Davis watched as the kid, got on a roll, before he was knocked away, and his gadget was busted. "I guess I could give him a hand," He though to himself, firing at the ground to propel himself towards Katsuo. He swung the barrel against the wall allowing it to scrap against it, so he could slide down safely. "Mind if I see those? I could give 'em a boost," he said, offering a hand to help Katsuo up.
  16. Katsuo looked up at the boy in front of him. His ears were ringing and his vision was dazed from the impact but he got the gist of what the boy said.
    "Heh, normally id turn down help but sure, why not." He said grabbing Davis' hand, slowly getting to his feet.
    "Thanks for the help, im Katsuo." He said while holding his palms outwards.
    "Its kind of like an emp, the design is rough but I wanted to get creative, hehe" He grinned while sweat dropping, just now realizing the amount of damage done to the gloves while fighting. Not taking note of the large group of robots slowly making there way over to the two.
  17. Horu was in awe of the student he kept noticing with the Magnetism quirk. He had read upon the power a little while ago in attempt to prepare himself for whatever abilities he could potentially witness. He wasn't very surprised at the boy's success, after all, this event seemed to be the perfectly tailored surrounding for him. What better advantage than to stick a magnet in a pool full of metal?

    The sandy blonde tried his best to take out monsters, his catapult alone managing to rack him up to 15 points. Horu began to wish he could conjure up some larger materials that would be more proficient for these huge opponents, but his body's weight would only allow for so much production. Horu dematerialized his created launcher and began to run through alley ways, using a solid staff he had created to support him as he bounced off the side of buildings before finally scaling them and landing on the roof of a large one. He came eye to eye with a 3 Point Robot before he knew it, and had to quickly execute backflips to avoid the slashing of the beast's arm. He then knelt down and spread his arms out widely behind him amidst the smoke created by the robot's attack.

    He focused, straining a little as he mustered up as much power as he could before finally releasing it all. In result, a large and wide solid steel circular disk submerged from his back. Horu quickly grabbed hold of the disk, using his momentum to toss the disk forwards. The wide weapon spun rapidly and collided head-on with the monster, causing it to tumble over and fall into a nearby building. Horu continued this with several other bots, racking up to 25 points before his body began to slowly give out.
  18. Akira hated pushing himself, he thought 48 would be good enough, but there were some guys killing it out there and he needed to step up.

    Have to leave an impression...this challenge favors me. If I don't shine now...

    Akira then slammed his hands together and yelled a new trigger word.


    Hundreds of pieces of scram metal around him began to float in place, from robots Akira had already beaten, and he had his sights set on a large group of robots in front of him.


    Akira extended his arms forward and launched the pieces of scrap metal at the robots. Soon the scrap metal sliced through the robots like tissue paper and the robots were laid to waste. Akira fell to his knees and held his head again.

    Alright...56...56 points...that has to be good enough...it HAS to be...

    Akira noticed another boy his age not to far from him. Had some flashy moves and seemed to be doing well for himself. Akira focused on getting his head back in place.
  19. "David Yuto, with the Generator quirk. So let's see here," He said reviewing the gloves. "Here's the problem. The output capacitor is practically nonexistent. It will take a few hits and be destroyed." Then with incredible spped, and by grabbing parts from the layer of scattered bot partd and what he had, he upgraded the gloves giving them a more furnished look. Hoeven they still have a bit of a trashy look, but that how Davis liked his machines. He handed them back to Katsuo, and gave a mock salute.

    He then grabbed a few pieces of metal and began to build with them as he charged at a nearby robot. It seemed to be a 3 pointer, which would do wonders for his score. He built himself a grappling hook, and fired at the bot's neck. However the bot grabbed the tether and swung it, sending Davis barreling towards the ground. He hit hard and opened his eyes to see the robot's foot about to crush him. Well he had a good run.
  20. Emi saw a robot about to crush someone and decided to act. She quickly flew down and grabbed the guy before the robot's foot could crush him.

    "You okay?" Emi asked as she flew him a little bit away before she landed on the ground.
  21. Katsuo sighed in relief as Davis was rescued.
    "Well thats good." He breathed before jerking his head to the side, realizing the number of robots around him had increased drastically. He was surrounded. Katsuo crossed his arms over his chest, letting energy build as they closed in on him.
    "Wait for it....NOW! HA!" He roared letting the energy release, a dome of blue light expanded in every direction around him lighting up the entire field. After a moment the intense light faded and all robots in the nearby area stood frozen in place before simultaneously falling, causing a loud thump as they hit.
    "Hehe, generator huh?" He said looking down at the gloves.
  22. Up until now Niko had been lurking in the shadows, observing his fellow applicants and honestly he was impressed. There was one kid with something that was allowing him to tear the hulking machines apart without even touching them, telekinesis maybe? Then there were a couple using tech of some kind, a scrap launcher, a catapult and some kind of laser glove. What was most impressive of all was actually the act he had just seen between scrap boy and laser glove. They were actually helping one another. Smart really, show that your capable of working in a team even when you could just go for gold all by yourself.

    Anyway enough admiring, Niko had to get some points and be fast about it. A couple of 1 point robots had wandered into his little hiding place and had been swiftly dispatched but that only gave him a total of about 3 right now. Hardly eye opening for anybody watching. It was time to get a little more flashy.

    Steeping up to the nearest group of 2 point robots the brown haired boy's form suddenly shifted, his features replaced with emotionless black crystals with the only exception being his eyes which had taken the form of semi luminous yellow crystals. With his voice now taking an almost robotic tinge to it he smirked and decided to quip "Oh its on scrapheaps."

    The first robot swung a bulky metal fist at him with blinding speed, making solid impact with his torso. The boy didn't even flinch as his crystal body flexed and shifted to recover from the attack before he grabbed the robots arm with his own, tendrils of his black crystals probing inside the machine and cutting wires left and right. A few seconds later Niko had clearly found something a little more important within the 2 pointer, with one last sad beep it collapsed on its knees. The act had been relatively easy and filled Niko with a new found confidence. He could do this! He knew winning the round was impossible, he had taken far too long to actually get into the action and the kid just blowing bots apart was clearly going to win regardless but he could certainly try and pass. There would be other chances for him to shine.

    So as the other 2 pointer bots surrounded Niko he cracked his crystals knuckles and got to work, his arms shifting into large black blades that he used to slice and dice the closest of the machines whilst thick crystal tendrils shot from his back, sides, shoulders and pierced the bodies of anything trying to sneak up on him. The whole thing was over in a few seconds, he must have racked up at least 20 points though by now, maybe 21? It would have to be enough as surely this challenge was coming to an end...
  23. Ryouta simply sat quietly before they had opened up the gates and everyone rushed in to defeat those things. The written test? Yeah. That he could handle. In fact, that was a piece of cake. Being such a late bloomer with his quirk meant he’d had plenty of time to devote simply to studying, memorizing piece upon piece of important information. It was likely that the child could almost be considered prodigal in his knowledge. Of course though, knowledge was only one part of the whole ordeal. You could be as smart as you wanted to be, but that alone could never make a good hero. No. You also had to prove that you were capable of taking down villains, in one way or another. But this? This was insane! It proved literally nothing, and that was something that was a constant in Ryouta’s mind.

    “You have to think Ryouta. They have to be running on electricity of some kind, right? Meaning they can be short circuited. But at the same time, getting within 2 meters of those things would basically be suicide,” he thought to himself, running strings of scenarios through his head. To those with quirks suited to this kind of thing, this was no challenge at all. Hell, he was aware that he had the ability to take these things down, but this was clearly weighted in an unfair fashion.

    Ryouta had taken to calmly walking through the city, letting bitterness well up in his system, as dark clouds began to form over his head, “I mean. Come on. This doesn’t make any sense. Why would such a prestigious school create an entrance exam with such a huge flaw? This creates a huge disparity, and doesn’t allow a huge variety of people to stand out!” His thoughts had begun to break through to his voice, as that bitterness was beginning to become overwhelming. But at the same time, he needed to earn points, and this bitterness would be an important part of that.

    He still had nowhere near the amount of control over his quirk that others did. The other side-effect to being such a late bloomer with his quirk, and quite a detrimental one at that. But he’d realized quickly that if he attempted to force emotions, though it was exhausting on a mental level, and his quirk coupled that into exhaustion onto a physical level as well, he could at least somewhat control his quirk. Though it was unfortunately his negative emotions that fueled the most powerful of his techniques involving his own atmosphere, meaning he had to deal with even further emotional exhaustion.

    That was when the first robot attacked him. It was a three point robot, and as his body dropped down to the ground, Ryouta growled and his frustration spiked.

    Suddenly, a rumble went through the dark grey cloud above him, and from the cloud, a bolt of lightning came down, striking the robot. It immediately blew off a chunk of the droid’s armor, but the more important thing was that the electricity coursed through the thing’s systems, and effectively shut it down, earning him those three points. His ONLY three points.

    The weather above his head was draining him. He knew it, but he had to keep it going. There’d be time to rest after this, but for now, he had to destroy more of those robots.

    It seemed as though, for a brief moment, luck was on his side, as the sound of the thunder and subsequent thud of the three pointer had managed to attract more of the faux villains in the area. In total he counted two more three pointers, two two pointers, and a one pointer. And they were closing in on him. Quickly.

    “I guess I have to, huh? There’s too many to deal with individually. Man, I hate this sometimes…”

    And so, he closed his eyes. Shapes flew by. People he thought he knew, changing everything. The realization that he was going to be quirkless for quite some time, due to something he didn’t even understand. Horrible, awful memories. Sorrow. Anger. Frustration. He’d let it all culminate into something greater, as he was near driven to tears in the face of everything around him. The pressure in his atmosphere shifted. Things briefly grew calm. And then they kicked up, all at once. The dust and dirt around him beginning to swirl, until he could no longer be seen through it all. He fell to his knees within, wanting to sob, but he couldn’t. Now was neither the time nor the place. He couldn’t show any weakness here.

    The robots were still advancing, not willing to give up on their target, as the winds around Ryouta finally began to pick up some of the larger rubble, rocks and small pieces of metal from his broken surroundings being pulled in. It was small compared to what he knew was his upper limits, but he couldn’t afford physical injuries on top of exhaustion, so he had to settle for this.

    And finally, he began to calm himself, and as a result, the storm around him. He saw through the tornado from the inside, and tried to direct where it would be flinging the rubble, and to his own shock, he’d managed to puncture each of the bots. Leaving him with a grand total of…fourteen. All that effort, and he had fourteen points to show for it.

    He sat for a few seconds, catching his breath before standing shakily, and preparing to move on. He couldn’t do that again. He knew it. But hell, he could still do more if he found bots on their own. The lightning still took something out of him, but it wouldn’t be enough to floor him. He’d get through this. He would get into UA.
  24. Katsuo had since moved away from the wreckage of his EMP wave and continued his hunt for more bots. He walked through a narrow side street, beads of sweat ran down his forehead as he trudged along. He stopped and looked into the shattered pane of a window at his reflection.
    "Man...youve seen better days." He joked scanning over the fresh cuts and bruises that scattered his body. Katsuo knew if he used his powers this exam would be far easier, but that wasnt his goal, he didnt want it to be easy, he wanted to show his skill without relying on a quirk. He grinned while straightening up.
    "Well, lets hope I dont die!" As he finished his statement a level 1 bot ran around the corner. He sprinted forward at the mechanical beast, ready to face any challenge ahead.
  25. Horuto was beginning to feel exhausted. He managed to smash up enough monsters to gain him a good 34 points up until he had to take rest, leaning up against a mock-air shaft on top of a building. His breaths were heavy, and he could hardly feel his arms - and materializing became a strain on his frail body - but he stood back to his feet anyways. The judges were watching, and having the character to persevere within exhausting times is just as important as fighting the villain-bots. He examined the Sector horizontally, seeing all kinds of students wreaking havoc upon the robots. Horu figured he should jump in - 34 was a stable number, but he had promised himself to go beyond just qualifying for the Heroics course of U.A, but he wanted to aim for the top...even if he did already know that 1st place was out of reach.

    The skinny teen leaped down from atop of the buildings roof, a curved rubber material emerging from the bottoms of his feet, acting as a sled while he slid down the side of the building. Once he hit the ground he continued to slide down the road, using his momentum from the building to build speed, basically snowboarding on cement. He pressed on as he came up to a triplet set of small 1 Point bots. Sticking his arm out, rows of rough and spiked black diamonds shot out, hurling towards the set of 3, piercing completely through each of them.

    Finally he ran out of speed due to friction and rubble on the road. Horu leaped from his makeshift board as it dematerialized. He stopped in his tracks as he noticed quite the storm of lightning bolts were shot out across the street from him. He saw the source of it, a seemingly moody boy around his age causing it all. Even a tornado sprung up out of no where, demolishing most of the surrounding bots. He panted, sighing at the unfairness of power-house moves in which he was yet able to produce. But, Horu continued running. He managed to form a grippy cleat-like material underneath his feet, allowing him to run up and latch on to a 3 Point villain-bot. He made it all the way up to its neck before taking a giant jump in to the air, summersaulting as he produced and shot forth several steel sharpened pipes from his palms. Those weapons too sunk into the machine's skull, causing it to tumble as soon as he landed back on its head. He gripped the bot's head with his hands, that now produced the same grip material that formed on his feet. He held on for dear life as the large bot crashed in to yet another 2 Point bot.

    Rising from the rubble, Horu noticed some of his clothes tattered and cloudy dirt stains on his face. He rolled his eyes, hating any form of uncleanliness. But the 42 Points was worth it.
  26. Kenny stood infront of a 3 point robot and a 2 point robot that have moved into his area. "You want to go too heh." He said as the 2 point robot charged at him. Kenny easily stopped it and held onto it but the 3 point in the back shot a missile at him. He didn't have the room to dodge so he extended his leg to kick it away but the missile exploded on contact. "Damn! Burns." He said retracting his leg. The 3 point robot shot two more missiles so he moved the 2 point robot infront of him to block the shots. He then extended his arm into the 3 point robot's fourth missile cannon before it was shot and made the missile explode, blowing the 3 pointer up. Kenny then retracted his arm with a groan. "Ow that burns." He said holding his arm. His left leg and right arm were burned by the explosion. "Well at least is nothing to serious, that brings me up to 59 points now I believe." He said going back to sit on his pile of robot scrap.
  27. "I'm fine. Thanks for making me, not dead," Davis said giving a thumb up. Then, he ran ahead, and said, "C'mon, we should probably try to get some more points."

    The boy jumped into a pile of scrap parts and there was a rumble from inside. His quirk was activating once more. Then he emerged, wearing a wired scrap suit of sorts. "Fire away!" He called out firing a blast of scrap at a robot, knocking it's head clean off. Then he launched himself towards the dismembered robot and climbed into the neck, and did some rewriting, before creating another giant robot that he could control. He swung wild punches at neighboring robots, breaking pieces off them, and leaving substantial dents. Then with a quick motion, he jumped out of the robot, letting it fall to the ground, and firing in a circle percise shots at the dents he had made, which were there to weaken the armor. The shots made their marks, ripping through the robots as he landed on his feel, on a pile of scrap.
  28. With no end to the challenge in sight Niko simply shrugged, he hadn't expected it to continue for so long. But hey that just meant there was more time to be had having fun with these robots, not every day you got a chance to play with such high tech toys....speaking of which..

    Standing amongst the debris of his last victims Niko smiled his all too dark smile, eying up a group of one point droids about 30 meters away from him, poor beggars were just milling around aimlessly seemingly unable to locate a target. Of course Niko was perfectly happy to supply them with one. Walking towards them his crystal form began to shift and grow, expanding until he stood at about 5 meters tall. It wasn't a trick he often used but today he had to try and look impressive, no point in being subtle about his quirk and its limitations.

    Due to his increased size Niko reached the robots fairly quickly, brushing the first wave of the large group aside with ease he laughed loudly, his voice much louder now thanks to his increased size. The rest of the robots were on him now, a wave of metal pushing back against the mass of crystal. Unfortunately for the one point bots this little game they were currently playing would soon be coming to an end.

    A single extension shot from Niko's back and wrapped around the cluster of machines, grouping them and pushing them against each other in an symphony of metallic screeching. In one swift movement the tendril suddenly contracted, slicing through the robots with ease and decapitating each and every one of them in a flurry of sparks. With his work done Niko released the now lifeless bodies and took a step back to admire his work. What a mess! He loved it.

    Looking around from his new height he spotted a few other people battling inside the fake city, somebody was giving quite the lighting show infact, might be worth keeping an eye on that one.....other than that some kid nearby was surfing on concrete? Pretty cool.
  29. A cloud of blue gas was moving around the facility destroying robot after robot, the cloud stopped suddenly and began to move and spin as if it were dancing, slowly the cloud of gas moved away to reveal Eliza dancing in the centre with her head set over her green hair "damn I thought this would be more of a challenge but I guess not. Without her noticing four 1 point robots, two 2 point robots and two three point robots surrounded Eliza, when Eliza looked up she jumped back at the sight of the robots surrounding her "damn! Really I was in the middle of a killer dance routine. Ugh to be expected robots just don't understand" Eliza said angrily as a blue gas began to appear from her hands and feet "I'll show these rust buckets to respect an artist when she's working" Eliza said as she dropped to the ground and began to do the helicopter, spreading the gas around in a circle causing it to cover the robots "now time for the final" Eliza said as she jumped onto and off the robots knocking them down when she does until none are left standing "ugh 26 huh well better get to work" Eliza said to her self as she ran off to find more robots.
  30. Emi gave a nod before, grabbing two pieces of scrap metal, she flew up and aimed for a pair of 2-point villain bots. Performing an elegant spin, Emi sliced their mechanical "heads" off destroying them. Emi used her newfound weapons and aimed for a group of robots, trying to score some last minute points before the exam ended so she would not fall to the back of the pack.

    I have to show these heroes what I can do. I have to get into the U.A. Hero Class, I just have to!
  31. A stocky girl waited patiently for the second portion of the U.A. Entrance exam to begin, not sharing the intensity of many of the other applicants. She was too busy wondering how the hell a single school could have afforded so many miles of empty roads and buildings specifically for training grounds. That...and how the hell she passed the written exam. It was so boringly pointless that she slept for over half the time frame before throwing some bull together near the end.

    "Thanks for waking me up, nobody..." She mumbled quietly to herself, annoyed. Her thoughts faded at the sight of the rest of the wannabe heroes readying themselves, hinting at Kanki to do the same. Her straight bronze hair began to lengthen, eventually transforming into a long sort of "limb" three meters in length, entirely covered in armor made of sharp, layered scales, looking like that of the tail of a Ground Pangolin. It hung on the ground for a second before twitching and picking itself up. Now, Kanki was typically only capable of handling a two-meter member without beginning to decrease her top running speed. During the last few months of training for this moment, however, she had discovered and practiced an alternative way to travel, one that favored a longer limb...

    "GO!" Echoed in the air. Kanki needed to have a good start. Jumping forward and crouching into a tumbling position, the pangolin-girl front flipped, her scaley hair trailing her curled body and overlapped itself. She had turned into a wheel. Rolling up to speed fairly quickly, Kanki had fortunately accelerated ahead of most of the competition early on, an exception being a flying winged boy she had not noticed. Of course, she couldn't see while in "ball" form, so she had to plan her trajectory ahead of time. Some of the robots were already visible in the distance, and she figured most would head toward them. Even if Kanki got to them first, she's not sure if she'd be able to defeat any of them before others would finish the job, albeit at all, perhaps. So, a seemingly uninhabited block caught her fancy, and she headed into it.

    After rolling for a little bit, Kanki was disappointed yet not surprised. Her vibration-sensitive scales, while unable to detect the positions of buildings, could detect moving objects, and presumably any robots. Yet, she sensed nothing, and when uncurled spotted nothing but a lone one-pointer in the distance. Shrugging and taking what she could get, Kanki began heading toward it...

    That is, until a lanky steel arm shot out from the corner of her eye and grabbed her leg. As she was being lifted upside down, she instinctively lashed out with her hair, the sharp edges of the prodruding side scales slashing through the robot's wrist and freeing her. Flipping back to the ground, she took a quick glance at her enemy: A three-pointer emerging from a tight alleyway. It was small for its value, yet it seemed to make up for it with its mobility and plethora of legs, appearing somewhat like an insect. The fact that it gripped the walls of neighboring buildings explained why she hadn't sensed it on the ground. Kanki decided to leave it for now and focus on the one-pointer, reasoning that it would be best to test the waters before tackling a larger wave.

    She curled back up and charged towards her target, able to track the villain bot as she neared it this time around due to it being grounded. Behind her, the three-pointer leaped from the alleyway onto the road, one arm of many extended, and fired two homing missiles back to back. Hearing a roaring behind her, she was a bit worried. If she smashed into the one-pointer, she would slow her own momentum and get struck by the missile/s(she still didn't know how many there were). So, having an idea, she rushed underneath the one-pointers legs before uncurling and launching off of the ground with the end of her hair. The first missile rose up as well--only to collide into the one-pointer and create an explosion. The second missile emerged from the cloud of debris and straight towards Kanki. All she could do was curl up once again as she was struck midair. She was propelled several meters before landing and dragging herself to a halt and unraveling her limb to inspect it. The impact had rattled her, but other than a few cracked scales the armor sustained minimal damage, which surprised her. Kanki laid her hair onto the ground to locate the three-pointer behind the cloud, noticing that it had advanced further than expected. Kanki viewed this as an opportunity: if the bot had remained far away, it would have been difficult to approach it in ball form if it kept launching missiles she couldn't see. Fortunately, it wouldn't need to come to that if she used the debris cloud as cover, and that's exactly what she did. She curled up once again and gyrated into the cloud before jumping with the same technique as before. The villain bot wasn't able to react in time to the surprise attack, and Kanki thrusted the jagged end scales of her hair into its neck, really digging in there before yanking as hard as she could, shredding the head clean off.

    She dropped along with the metal corpse before smoothly hopping off at the last second, confidence filling her from the fact that she had taken down a three-pointer. She was at 4 points now, but she had a long way to go, and she feared that straying away from most of the action would cause her to fall behind. Urgently but calmly, she rolled toward more populated areas, relying on her speed to hopefully not lag behind the more destructive powerhouses.
  32. Eliza continued to speed through the city one by one destroying robots until she landed on the ground "ok 34 good job" Eliza said before engulfing her hands and feet with blue gas "ok now let's see where next" she asked her self looking around her to see destroyed robots and other students that are trying to rack up points "ok this wa-" Eliza cut off her own scentance as she quickly spun around to kick a robot that tried to sneak up on her "36" she said quickly before running off to fight more robots.
  33. The top right side of the sector was quiet, many robots moved silently through alley's waiting for a target to approach. Katsuo jumped onto a 1 point bot intending to deactivate it with his glove when another bot took note of Katsuo and attacked, fortunately enough he saw the attack coming and leaned to the left at the last second. The punch barely missed Katsuo and went through the back of the other bots head, causing an explosion that sent Katsuo soaring through the air above the 'town'. All the bots near by taking note of the explosion and some of them seeing Katsuo fly by.
    "Woooo!" He yelled while soaring through the air. But the moment of excitement quickly faded as he began falling towards the ground, several bots stood watching and waiting to attack. He clenched his body into a tight ball and just a few seconds before hitting the ground he threw his arms and legs out, freezing in place. He sighed in relief while staring at the floor which was only a few short inches away from his face.
    "That couldve been really bad." He said with a slight smirk before floating up a few feet off the ground. He looked around at the approaching robots.
    "Hm, I really didnt wanna use my quirk but I didnt have much of a choice there..." He thought to himself before shooting forward onto the back of a bot. He pressed his palm against the back of its head and a bright blue light flashed for a moment, the robot shook violently as sparks danced over its body before simply falling over, unresponsive.
    "Wow, seems like these gloves are more than just EMP's now..." He said while dashing towards another bot.
  34. A loud bell could be heard from above all the areas signifying the end of the entrance exam. Kenny heard the bell. "Seems like the entrance exams are finally over, now all that's left is to wait." He said as he got up. Many people rushed into the exam areas to seek out injured peoples as many walked out, Kenny being one of them. All of the potential students moved into a large gathering room. "So I guess we'll be staying here for a bit." Kenny though.
  35. Akira sat alone in the waiting room. Akira thought about his performance. He had a lot to be proud of; this challenge was seemingly made for him and he knew he would finish as one of the higher scoring students. So his admission into the U.A. Hero Course seemed certain. However, Akira wouldn't believe it till it happened.

    Besides, life won't always work in my favor like this challenge did today.
  36. "Alrighttttttt examinee's! That is the official end of the overall Entrance Exam into U.A High!" An announcer spoke, being hallographed through a big screen in front of all the hopeful students. The male announcer continued speaking.

    "So if you could just all give our judges a couple more minutes, results will be directly sent to you via our wonderful Principle Hiruma's Teleportation Quirk!"

    As the announcer finished, Horu worried as he waited. He ended up standing directly beside the 'Magnet boy', or so that was the nickname he had made up for the guy since he hadn't yet learned his name, as he and the several other students filled the waiting room. It was without a doubt that the Magnet user was probably the highest scoring students - possibly one of the highest U.A has seen in this program aside from All Might himself. Horu decided to speak up to the Magnet user, noticing how he seemed a bit uneasy.

    "You know...you have a lot to be confident about. I noticed you wrecking them pretty easily out there..." The blonde attempted to reassure. "You almost crushed me with one of the parts you destroyed, but you ultimately ended up helping me - so thank you for that." He finished, adding a small friendly smile to his sentence. "Im Hor-"

    But just as the teen went on to introduce himself, the announcer re-appeared, shouting excitedly into the microphone. His voice echoed twice as loud as before.

    "OKAYYYY KIDS. THE TIME HAS COME! Your final results of the students who have made it into U.A AS WELL as the Top 10 scorers will be revealed on the digital results you will be receiving! Alright kiddies, hold out your hands!"

    Then, suddenly, mini tablet-like devices appeared out of thin air and into each of the exam taker's grasps. As they scrolled down they saw the list of students that had passed the exam, some who immediately bursted into dances of joy and celebration. At the top of the digital screen held the Top 10 scorers. Horu's arms began slightly trembling as he read through the list, not yet seeing his name as one of the advancing students. The Top 10 was full of familiar faces and names, but some were strangers. It read as follows:


    1st Place - Akira Minamoto - 65 Combat Points + 20 Rescue Points!
    2nd Place - Niko Alasire - 44 Combat Points + 30 Rescue Points!
    3rd Place - Kenny Blake - 60 Combat Points + 20 Rescue Points!
    4th Place - Katsuo Hiroshi - 30 Combat Points + 40 Rescue Points!
    5th Place - Horuto Maiziyoki - 45 Combat Points + 10 Rescue Points!
    6th Place - Davis Yuto - 18 Combat Points + 30 Rescue Points!
    7th Place - Eliza Delvie - 36 Combat Points + 10 Rescue Points!
    8th Place - Emiko Kazumi 30 Combat Points + 20 Rescue Points!
    9th Place - Kanki Sekuru - 35 Combat Points + 10 Rescue Points!
    10th Place - Ryouta Amai - 20 Combat Points + 20 Rescue Points!


    Horu absolutely couldn't believe it. He had managed to do it! He was far from first, but Top 10 was good enough for now -- he had qualified for Class 1-A! Although he maintained a calm, level-headed outside look - he inwardly trembled with relief, excitement, and nervousness. He wasn't sure what was to come, but whatever it was he felt ready.
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  37. Kenny saw his name come up in the top 10 list. "Third place!? All right!" He said in joy. "I was just aiming to get into U.A. but being on the top 10 definitely gave me some extra credit." He though.
  38. Eliza scanned the leader board hopping to see her name until she saw it "number 7!" She yelled "wow" she said as her voice lowered "just imagine what I could have gotten if I didn't spend most the time showing off some sweet moves" Eliza then grinned and went into a hand-stand "who am I kidding that was totally worth it" she said while getting back on her feet
  39. Akira let out a sigh. Well, he finished first like he thought he might. Now he had all the pressure on his shoulders. Not like this mattered, it was a leveled playing field in the U.A., still it felt good to know he did well. However, Akira knew what this really meant...

    Everyone's gonna want to knock the guy at the top down. I wonder if this is what All Might has to live with. And to think, he's the true number 1 hero. Not just a guy who won a game that worked completely in his favor.
  40. Katsuo scanned the bored, a wide grin spreading across his face.
    "Ha! Top 5 and I only used my powers once. Hopefully that got the teachers attention. Looks like Davis made it to, nice." He thought to himself before letting his eyes trail up to 1st place.
    "Hm, Akira Minamoto....wonder what his quirk is. Well it clearly helped him out in this round that's for sure..."
    Katsuo looked down at his upward facing palm, a small ring of white energy expanded outward in a ripple before he clenched his hand closed making dissipate.
    "Next time I won't hold back, my goal is 1st place."
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